Chapter 249 - Competition

Chapter 249: Competition

With every wave of the fan, dense green fog shot out from the fan, directly heading toward the green-robed eccentric in front. With these seven to eight fan waves, the purple fog had long become incredibly thick and tightly enveloped the other person, forming a large purple sphere!

The green-robed eccentric was enshrouded in a sphere of black Qi, which blocked the green fog from entering it.

The black Qi and the green fog incessantly roiled and bit at each other, as if they were both alive. But regardless of how it was seen, under the control of the Yan Clan disciple, the green fog had a large advantage and was steadily suppressing the black Qi further and further.

“My cousin’s Bone Rotting Treasure Fan is an extremely well-known top-grade magic tool; if one comes into contact with even a tiny amount of the poisonous fog it releases, it will definitely melt away one’s flesh. However, my cousin always used to believe that this fan is too vicious, and so he was unwilling to use it lightly. But now that he is taking this seriously and has used it immediately, it is apparent that he has already determined not to allow the other person to retreat with their entire body intact!”

Seeing this, Yan Yu smiled exuberantly, explaining to the Dong Xuan’er standing to the side.

“Whoa! Is this fan really so well known? Do you know how it would compare to the famous Wind Lightning Fan? Which one is more powerful?” Dong Xuan’er lightly smiled, and the corner of her mouth raised slightly, putting on an exciting, foxy charm.

“Based on power alone, this fan may not be as strong as the Wind Lightning Fan. But as long as a cultivator with wood attribute spiritual roots uses it, the magic tool can be easily controlled unlike the Wind Lightning Fan; Unless one has both wind and thunder attribute spiritual roots, one cannot release the Wind Lightning Fan’s full power! Thus, this Bone Rotting Fan’s value is even above that of the Wind Lightning Fan!” Yan Yu was barely able to suppress the fantasies in his thoughts and carefully explained it, his heart beating wildly upon seeing Dong Xuan’er’s enchanting smile.

“What rubbish! This kind of a common top-grade magic tool, how can you even compare it to the Wind Lightning Fan? To have even one-tenth of its power would already be considered decent! In reality, I think that this fan is not even as powerful as the magic tool I possess, the Purple Light Cymbals.” A jealous expression surfaced on Senior Martial Brother Feng. Dong Xuan’er and Yan Yu were talking and laughing with one another, so he intentionally spoke sardonically.

“You dare to look down upon the magic tools that my Yan Clan refines? Good! Let me see the power of your Purple Light Cymbals, then!” Yan Yu, hearing the other person belittle the Bone Rotting Fan’s power like that, couldn’t help but want to test the other person a little out of anger.

“Good, I was just wanting to experience the magic power of the Yan Clan’s gifted disciple anyways!” Senior Martial Brother Feng heard the other person’s words, then coldly laughed once and immediately agreed.

The two had seemingly forgotten all about their common enemy Han Li for the moment.

“Ah, forget about it, this junior sister was only carelessly asking! Why is it necessary to become so enraged? The two Senior Martial Brothers should each take a step back; is this not possible?” Dong Xuan’er seemed as if she was discouraging them, but in reality this caused the two people to be unwilling to show weakness in front of their sweetheart. Neither of them was willing to lose face in front of Dong Xuan’er.

Of course, for these two people to immediately begin fighting was also not entirely likely! After all, the two of them were only jealous of each other; what they said earlier was all only said in a moment of anger! They were still aware of the misgivings in their heart. However, if Dong Xuan’er were to tease both sides with a few more sentences, the outcome would be difficult to predict!

Although Han Li did not care about this conflict, he still heard the things going on beside him very clearly and couldn’t help but secretly shake his head. He felt that this wicked and unruly woman was truly a demon who stirred up trouble; sure enough, there would be disturbances no matter where they went. No wonder that Hong Fu always wanted him to control this little girl.

Even so, both the one surnamed Feng and Yan Yu both did not appear to be stupid people, so how come now they seemed to be so impulsive and aggressive? Could this Dong Xuan’er’s seductive technique actually be so powerful? Would even late Foundation Establishment cultivators unwittingly have their mental states affected?

After Han Li thought about it again, he couldn’t help but feel inwardly shocked!

However, Han Li was disinclined to ask these two muddled people! As for which one of them survived, what did it matter to him?

But Han Li also felt that it was somewhat strange. No matter how this flirtatious Dong Xuan’er could bewitch people into falling head over heels for her, in his eyes, Dong Xuan’er had no charm whatsoever, nor did he get aroused.

In reality, Han Li wasn’t the only one who wondered about this matter, Dong Xuan’er was even more depressed! Her seduction technique, for some unknown reason, was actually completely ineffective against the most annoying person. Otherwise, she would’ve sent him turning about in circles; how could she let him be such threat on the journey here?

Just when Han Li and Dong Xuan’er were both thinking about such things, the situation in the arena suddenly drastically changed.

The black Qi enveloped by the green fog suddenly contracted and began to thinly spread out; in the blink of an eye, the green-robed person who was deeply hidden suddenly came into view. The few skulls surrounding him opened their mouths and began to furiously suck in the black Qi all around, causing the black Qi to thin.

Although the opposing Yan Clan member did not know what the other person intended to do, since the other person had destroyed his own defenses, he naturally would not be polite. He immediately pointed the fan in his hands, and the green fog immediately surged forwards just when the black Qi had no power to respond!

“Brat, you want to show off in front of me just based on some poisonous fog? You are acting quite recklessly! You still don’t know yet that we are all Martial Ancestors who play with poison!” the green-robed person guffawed, laughing strangely a few times.

Next, he stretched out a palm and quickly tapped the top of those skulls. These skulls immediately expanded to the size of chariot wheels. Their ghastly white exterior was then covered in a layer of black Qi, appearing even more strange and malevolent.

Suddenly, they sucked in all of the remaining black Qi and abruptly opened their large mouths, absorbing the green fog that had originally been blocked outside into their mouths. In addition, with every breath they sucked in, they expanded slightly as if they were eating.

Across from him, Yan Yu’s elder cousin was shocked. He hurriedly directed the treasure fan in his hand, wanting to retrieve the green fog, but clearly he was already too late. Only one-third of the original poisonous fog could retreat; the majority was all swallowed up by the opponent’s skulls.

The yellow-green surface of the fan became pitch black, causing all the members of the Yan Clan to feel pain in their hearts; they knew that from today onwards, the power of this Bone Rotting Fan would be greatly reduced!

This Yan Clan disciple had yet to pull himself together from the destruction of his magic tool when the aggressively expanding huge skulls, under the control of the green-robed person, flew towards him making “wu wu” noises. In a flash, they appeared before his eyes, causing him to be greatly frightened, hurriedly reaching his hand towards his storage pouch.

However, those skulls simultaneously opened their mouths, and numerous streaks of pitch-black columns of light simultaneously shot out, converging into a huge column of light. It actually instantaneously broke a hole in the Yan Clan member’s protective yellow wind, knocking him out. He lost consciousness and fell through the air with a “gudong”.

A Yan Clan disciple standing to the side, seeing that the victor had already been determined, was naturally unwilling to see a member of his clan fall and be severely injured, so he immediately flew out alone to catch Yan Yu’s cousin, then flew back.

“The Ghost Spirit Sect’s profound techniques are, as expected, peerless and exquisite; our Yan clan actually lost four out of five of the matches. Should we begin the sixth match next?” a Yan Clan elder stepped out and said coldly to those who called themselves the Ghost Spirit Sect. Despite his aged appearance, his eyes shone brightly.

“Let’s forget about it! It’s not too late to hold the remaining five matches after the Yan Clan’s Life and Death Hall’s disciple comes. I have long heard of the great reputation of the Yan Clan’s blood cultivator!” A mysterious person wearing a silver demonic mask stepped out from the group of Ghost Spirit Sect disciples. From his gentle, refined, and rich voice, he seemed to be a very young male.

“Okay! Since the young Sect Master really has such refined interest, my Yan Clan is naturally willing to accommodate! Then, today’s competition will temporarily end here!” The elder was first shocked upon hearing this; however, unwilling to show weakness, he agreed, then waved his sleeve, turned around, and left.

The young Sect Master did not mind. He gently laughed, then elegantly turned around and brought his men, leaving the area.

The other onlooking cultivators, after taking in this treat for their eyes, also silently began to disappear.

Han Li gently shook his head when he suddenly heard the sound of Yan Yu muttering to himself, “How is this possible, my cousin actually also lost? He is an expert of our Martial Arms Hall!”

“What expert, wasn’t he still easily defeated by the opponent?” Senior Martial Brother Feng curled his lips; he naturally would not easily let an opportunity to attack his love rival  slip by.

“You?” Yan Yu’s face revealed an expression of rage which was about to flare up, but Dong Xuan’er’s following sentence immediately delighted him.

“Senior Martial Brother Yan Yu, I have been traveling for numerous days and am somewhat tired; can you arrange for a suitable room to allow this junior sister to rest a moment? Any other exchange activities can wait until tomorrow!” Dong Xuan’er said lazily, suddenly stretching her lithe waist.

“Of course I can! Junior Martial Sister Dong, I will bring you to a room specifically prepared for female cultivators. Junior Martial Brother Han and others, do as you please!” Yan Yu happily said, appearing as if he were putting on a show.

Han Li lightly laughed; he didn’t have any objections.

He had already safely brought Dong Xuan’er to Yan Ling Castle, thus successfully finishing his duty. As for any other matters, he couldn’t worry about them, and he didn’t want to worry about them! This being the case, he lightly mentioned that he wanted to take a look at the surroundings, then left the group of people.