Chapter 246: Dong Xuan’er

Chapter 246: Dong Xuan’er

This Martial Aunt Hong Fu brought the young woman to the back room and had her examine the flawless arm of the deeply blushing Dong Xuan’er. The gecko cinnabar on it revealed that her chastity was shown to actually be intact. This caused Han Li’s Master’s Wife to be greatly shocked!

(TL: Gecko cinnabar supposedly tells if you’re a virgin.)

From the appearance of her flirtatious behavior, how could this Dong Xuan’er possibility not have had intercourse! On the day that the couple tried to renege on the matter of pair cultivation, they had pretended to not know of the rumors and remained ambiguous.

However, they completely didn’t expect that the girl’s reputation had long been common knowledge. This very matter was what drove the couple to renege on their agreement for the sake of their reputation.

While the young woman was astonished, Hong Fu explained to her. Because her disciple desired the wondrous effect of preserving her appearance, she had first cultivated the top-grade magic technique she had on hand, the “Spring Transformation Art”, which altered the bearing of her appearance though cultivation. A few cultivators with women essence identification techniques had seen Dong Xuan’er and assumed she had already lost her virginity, giving birth to many unflattering rumors.

(TL: the Spring 春 in Spring Transformation Art can also mean joy, lust, and youth)

It was without a doubt that this disciple truly did not care much for her own reputation and actually had a rather familiar relationship with many male cultivators. However, because of the seductive effect of the Spring Transformation Arts along with her extraordinary status, to have no illicit affairs with any of the male cultivators who were circling around her was a truly remarkable and unexpected matter.

However, the male cultivators who stayed by her side grew more numerous as Dong Xuan’er gradually formed a habit of shooting flirty looks at young men, immediately planting the strange notion that she wanted them to get underneath her skirt. This even went far enough as to cause discord between a few men, all rivals for her affection!

Fortunately, as a prerequisite for Hong Fu allowing this girl to cultivating the Spring Transformation Art, she was not allowed to throw away her chastity. If she didn’t find any trace of the gecko cinnabar, Master Hong Fu would have immediately dispersed her magic power and would have forced her to live on as a mortal. This was to prevent Dong Xuan’er, who had bewitchment techniques from cultivating the Spring Transformation Art, from ruining the principles of the Dong Clan.

Underneath very restrictive conditions, although Dong Xuan’er had often sent flirting glances at these young men, she hadn’t dared to step too far out of line!

However, these small antics slowly reached Hong Fu’s ears and caused this female Core Formation cultivator to become furious. She firmly punished Dong Xuan’er and immediately confined her in a restrictive formation for a period of time.

But it was already too late, and Dong Xuan’er terrible reputation had already spread throughout Yellow Maple Valley. This rumor had quickly spread and was fundamentally impossible to stifle. Even the Core Formation cultivator Hong Fu was unable to do anything about this!

Currently, even if those cultivators who knew of her reputation found out that Dong Xuan’er had truly remained chaste, they wouldn’t dare to become pair cultivation companions for the sake of preserving their own reputation.

However, she had reached a stage of cultivation for Spring Transformation where she was required to pair cultivate in order to progress her magic power, else it would regress.

As for those cultivators who still sought Dong Xuan’er, Hong Fu did not find any that satisfied her, finding faults in their moral character and lewd attempts. But eventually she made a trip to Li Huayuan’s Immortal’s cave and chose Han Li.

Having heard all of this, the young woman wore a very embarrassed expression and returned to Li Huayuan’s side. After she told her husband, they both remained silent for a good amount of time.

=Although the couple had truly mistaken Dong Xuan’er’s purity, it was as Hong Fu had said. Even if she had remained truly chaste, her reputation was truly spoiled, preventing Li Huayuan from willingly allowing his own disciple from being pair cultivation companions with her since the damage to his own reputation would be far too great. Thus he could only feel guilt toward this Martial Aunt Hong Fu.

In order to make up for his guilt toward Hong Fu, Li Huayuan naturally didn’t obstruct Han Li’s trip to the Treasure Seizing Assembly in the slightest. Instead, he spared no effort to facilitate this long trip for Han Li and Dong Xuan’er.

In Li Huayuan’s mind, with regards toward Han Li’s terrible impression toward Dong Xuan’er, this long trip would change nothing. In truth, ever since his seventh disciple  Wu Xuan had first seen Dong Xuan’er, that girl had constantly remained in his mind. Several days before, he had actually summoned to courage to ask Li Huayuan whether or not he could raise the issue to Hong Fu to see if she would reconsider  Wu Xuan.

Naturally, Li Huayuan couldn’t agree to such an absurd action. After fiercely rebuking this disciple, he sent the disciple out to handle external affairs to avoid having  Wu Xuan stir up trouble within the mountain.

After the strict scolding,  Wu Xuan became much more obedient and obeyed orders to handle matters, but Li Huayuan was still clearly able to feel this disciple’s wily thoughts were still present He couldn’t help but sense an oncoming headache.

After seeing off the two young cultivators, Female Immortal Hong Fu chatted with the husband and wife a bit more before departing.  Li Huayuan and the young woman entered Green Ripple Cave and started their daily cultivation as the matter of Han Li and Dong Xuan’er had been set aside for the time being.


The number one clan of the State of Yue, the Yan Clan, had its foundation in the unremarkable Lin Province. Not only was the area of this province ordinary, but the population was also of an average number. It could be said to be a completely ordinary land.

Qing Liang Town was a common small town of the Lin Province. Were it not for the exceptional scenery of Yan Liang Mountian, there wasn’t anything that the population could have said to distinguish this place from any other. The Yan Clan’s most important location, Yan Ling Castle, was located within Yan Liang Mountain.

Currently, Han Li held a sheet of paper in his hand. This was the invitation letter to the Treasure Seizing Assembly. The location of the assembly’s meeting place was written on it, Yan Ling Castle.

After taking another look at the invitation letter and seeing that he wasn’t mistaken, Han Li calmly put it away. Then he heard mocking words of ridicule from the girl at his side.

“You really are a blockhead! You actually read the invitation letter five or six times through and still don’t feel ease. You truly have no small amount of shortcomings!”

This young woman’s voice was very soft, yet it contained a deep allure. It was very capable of charming males and would even drive younger men wilder.

However, Han Li’s expression didn’t change in the slightest; it was as if he hadn’t heard her. He unexpectedly raised his hand and shot three bowl-sized fireballs to the sky, erupting when they were high enough. He then insipidly said, “If the Yan Clan still doesn’t send people to us after another moment, then we will leave and wait until tomorrow. Junior Martial Sister, since you have enough energy to quarrel, you may as well keep an eye out at a higher area and see if there is anyone else nearby just in case.“

“Senior Martial Brother Han’s guts are truly very small! We are at the entrance of the Yan Clan and you still believe there are any dangers? I see that you are a completely foolish and paranoid person!” Dong Xuan’er slanted her red lips and lazily said this. She leaned against a pine tree without the slightest intent of obeying.

At this moment, Han Li and the young woman stood at the peak of a somewhat small mountain, waiting for something to happen.

This was where the invitation letter indicated they would pick up guests. However, the two had arrived a while ago but they still hadn’t seen anyone from the Yan Clan. Han Li couldn’t help but grow greatly alert for fear there would be some mishap.

However, this little “princess” Dong viewed Han Li’s cautiousness with contempt, believing Han Li was merely cowardly!

It has already been seven or eight days since they left Green Ripple Cave.

But on the journey, perhaps due to having inharmonious dispositions, the two found each other rather displeasing to the eye. A man and a woman would have some have feelings toward each other during such a long journey, but with them, not the slightest feeling had developed.

Dong Xuan’er did not know why her bewitching flirts that had charmed hundreds of male cultivators hadn’t the slightest effect on Han Li. Because of her wicked disposition, not long after she failed to control Han Li, she burst out, releasing a great temper.

However, Han Li didn’t pay attention to the young girl and fundamentally ignored her rudeness. He only uttered one sentence: I can tell Martial Aunt Hong Fu the exact words you just said. This immediately stifled Dong Xuan’er.

Although the young woman was accustomed to being spoiled with affection, she knew that Hong Fu was truly furious regarding her own reputation.

She truly took to heart the warning she was given when she had departed! If the loathable man before her truly told her master a few unpleasant words, heavy criticism would be unavoidable. Even locking her up again wouldn’t be out of the question.

Recalling her last period of confinement, Dong Xuan’er couldn’t help but shiver. Although she wasn’t willing to be completely subdued, she didn’t dare to act as recklessly as before.

However, Han Li didn’t make it too difficult for her, even allowing the girl to have cheap victories in verbal exchanges, not caring in the least. But if Dong Xuan’er was the slightest bit excessive, he would bluntly bring up Martial Senior Hong Fu, immediately rigidly suppressing Dong Xuan’er without the slightest leeway. After all, before departure, Hong Fu had spoken to the two, allowing Han Li to hear her stern warning.

On the journey, as this girl eloquently mocked and taunted him without end, as if he hadn’t heard her words, Han Li only hurried on the journey. But when he insipidly mentioned Hong Fu’s words, the originally eloquent Xuan’er’s expression greatly changed, and she didn’t dare to be so impudent.

Thus, the two hurried on their journey as they clashed during the day and slept during the night. Several days later, they eventually reached the peak of Yan Liang Mountain.

However, they were greeted by unexpected silence. The people from the Yan Clan should have already appeared, but the two of them have had the to wait for over half a day, causing them to be a bit impatient.