Chapter 239 - Choice

Chapter 239 Choice.

Chapter 239: Choice

After a day in the Immortal’s cave, Han Li stood in front of his Master Li Huayuan and his wife. He then heard his master indifferently say, “Han Li, have you finished thinking about what you want your Master to give you? You can say it now!”

“Disciple wants a cultivation art compatible with him. He hopes Master can give one or two of them!” This didn’t need to be deeply thought about. Han Li, who had long known this answer, immediately blurted it out.

When Li Huayuan heard this, he didn’t show any surprise and instead faintly smiled to his wife at the side. He seemed to be saying, ‘How about it? I wasn’t wrong. He wanted a cultivation art, as expected!’

Then he returned his gaze to Han Li and calmly said, “En, your choice isn’t bad!  First, let Master examine your spiritual roots and then I will decide what cultivation art to give you.” 

When Han Li heard this, he didn’t dare to hesitate and immediately approached him. His master grabbed his wrist and quickly circulated energy around his meridians. 

“Apart from metal cultivation techniques, all other attributes can be cultivated! You actually had four attribute spiritual roots, how shocking! On that day, I only saw that you had false spiritual roots but I didn’t think it’d be to such a degree!” After a moment of examination,  Li Huayuan’s expression grew slightly strange, and he sighed.

When the young woman at the side heard this, she also revealed an expression of slight surprise. She remained silent and could not help but size up Han Li.

“Disciple’s aptitude is inferior and has disappointed Master!” Han Li’s face was a bit red as he replied this with slight shame.

“This is nothing. Since the Heavens have allowed you to reach Foundation Establishment, you surely have your own luck. But since it is like this, your choices for cultivation are a bit troublesome!”

“What do you mean?

When Han Li heard this, he blinked. Although Han Li did not take the initiative to ask, he displayed great doubt!

“Really! Give disciple a proper explanation. You are always so vague! Actually, what your Master means was that he originally wanted to let you choose a decent cultivation art, but now that he has seen your spiritual root attributes, he’s hesitant! After all, the better the cultivation art, the harder it is to cultivate! It would be better to let you cultivate a simpler cultivation art so that you advance a bit more quickly!” The young woman rebuked Li Huayuan and gave Han Li an explanation with a warm tone.

“That’s right. My wife read my thoughts.” Li Huayuan repeatedly nodded his head. He then continued to explain, “The cultivation arts of Immortal cultivators can generally be classified into three main types in accordance with speed and effects! For the first time, after it is cultivated, one’s magic power progresses at a speed that is similar to that of inferior cultivation arts. However, it grants an supplementary divine ability that can suppress enemies and seize victory; it’s power is likely to be outstanding and extremely suitable for combat. If one’s magic power is at a lower layer, they will be able to, with slight difficulty,  prevail against cultivators of a higher layer. Thus, cultivators who know they are unable to enter Core Formation most likely choose this type of cultivation art.”

“The second type of cultivation technique is the exact opposite. These cultivation techniques progress one’s magic powers at an astonishing rate and are easy to cultivate. But naturally there is a flaw; the advantage of the first type of cultivation technique is precisely this type’s fatal flaw. Furthermore, although those who cultivate the second type come across far fewer bottlenecks than those who use the first type of cultivation techniques, this kind of cultivation art has no powerful self-defense methods, and their divine abilities are pathetic! Those who choose this method are doomed to spend their life cultivating and are the weaker among cultivators of the same grade. But similarly, they wish to cultivate to the highest layer in vain pursuit of the Heavenly Dao. Those who choose this path are not few. After all, this is the easiest method to approach Core Formation.”

 After Li Huayuan said this, he stopped for a moment and then looked at Han Li with a smile, “What kind of magic technique does disciple wish to use? Perhaps there is a type between these two that fits you?” 

When Han Li heard this, he paused for a moment and couldn’t help but hesitate; he asked, “Master, were there not three kinds? Why have you only explained two?”

When they both heard Han Li’s question, the young woman gave a knowing smile. Li Huayuan faced Han Li and answered, “Apart from the first two types, there are the extraordinarily few cultivation arts that exist of the third type. Many cultivators pursue these top-grade cultivation arts. However, as your master, I do not recommend you cultivate these! Furthermore, none of your seven Senior Martial Brothers chose to cultivate these cultivation arts! Although they combine the several strong aspects of the first two type of cultivation arts, having both great power and astonishing magic progression, they have many restrictions. They are increasingly difficult as one progresses, and they are very dangerous to cultivate. If one is not careful, they will be beyond hope! Your Master’s wife cultivates such a top-grade cultivation art but she was not careful and nearly died. Thus, if one cultivates these cultivation arts without transcendent aptitude, it would be a near equivalent to suicide!”

“Although I have two or three of such top-grade cultivation arts, would you be able to succeed with them? Naturally, because I do owe you compensation, if you must choose these top-grade cultivation methods, Master will give them to you. However, if you encounter dangers or difficulties in the future, you will only be able to rely on yourself!”

Li Huayuan clearly did not approve of Han Li selecting these last types of cultivation arts and warned Han Li in advance.

Han Li wrinkled his brow and sunk his head in thought. This was a truly hard decision.

But not long after, Han Li lifted his head with clear eyes. It was obvious that he made his decision.

“Master, please forgive this disciple’s rudeness! Disciple wishes to ask in advance, what cultivation art did Master cultivate?” Han Li suddenly asked.

“Hehe! Your master cultivated the top-grade cultivation technique 《True Sun Arts》. However, your master has a body only second to that of heavenly spiritual poots, a ‘Three Yang Body’. Cultivating this art suited me like a fish to water and was far superior to other cultivation arts! Otherwise, how could Master form his Golden Core?” Although Li Huayuan did not predict Han Li’s question, he had still arrogantly replied.

“Disciple understands. Then disciple will select the second type of magic techniques!” Han Li said with a peaceful expression.

“The second type?”

Li Huayuan’s expression slightly changed, but after a second, it returned to normal. Under the appearance of deep thought, he reexamined Han Li. When the young woman at the side heard this, she also wore a rather interested expression. 

“You chose the second choice, so how could Master say anything against this? If your cultivator’s heart is resolute, then Master will truly be grateful. However, you should know the so-called easy refinement of magic power only applies to those with rather good aptitudes. Furthermore, even if they have outstanding aptitudes, only a few of them will be able to cultivate to the peak of Foundation Establishment. Thus, your master leans toward you choosing the first type of cultivation arts. With your prospects of achieving Core Formation so uncertain, at the very least, you’ll be able to hold your head high among your fellow Foundation Establishment cultivators and accept no humiliation. In truth, regardless of what type of cultivation art is chosen, those who achieve Core Formation are few in number! Originally...”

Li HuaYuan originally thought to give Han Li a few words of advice, but as he said this, he seemed to have recalled something. With his mood serious, he actually remained silent!

When the young woman to the side saw this, she lightly sighed and said to Han Li, “Han Li, think of this well: What kind of cultivation art do you truly want? Although your choice does not match our thoughts, if your cultivator’s heart is truly resolute, your Master will naturally not oppose you. If you overestimate your own abilities and absolutely insist on choosing the top-grade magic techniques, although we as husband and wife will not object, we will be greatly troubled. After all, it would no longer be a question of the resolution of one’s cultivator’s heart but rather that of biting off far more than one can chew.”

“Correct. Your Master’s wife has spoken your Master’s thoughts. Your Master will not say more. I will only ask you once more, is that your final decision?” Li Huayuan’s attention returned just as the young woman finished speaking, and he nodded his head in approval.

“Yes, Disciple has firmly decided!” After Han Li calmly listened to Li Huayuan’s wife’s words, he replied with a deep tone.

“En, since you’ve made up your mind, follow me to my library. Madame, please wait here. Han Li and I will return in a moment.” When Li Huayuan heard this, he said no more and stood up, bringing Han Li out and leaving the young woman to wait behind.

The library room wasn’t far away from the main hall and also wasn’t very large. It was only a normal-looking short stone room. However, the stone room had a flaming barrier protecting it, denying entry to outsiders.

Li Huayuan stood in front of the barrier. Without care, he extended his finger toward the surface of the barrier and casually swiped, causing the barrier to immediately open a three-meter gap, just enough for two people to enter through.

He then easily pushed open the stone door and led Han Li in.

After Han Li entered, his eyes greatly widened. Inside the room, all sorts of jade slips, book pages, boxes, and collections were suspended in midair, displaying strange lights of all colors. There were more than sixty items; they were Li Huayuan’s collection of cultivation techniques that he had gathered over several hundred years. 

“All the items here are under my restrictions. If someone aside from me or my wife personally reaches within, the formation spell within the stone room will immediately activate, and they will be completely trapped inside.” Li Huayuan explained to Han Li with satisfaction. However, Han Li heard the trace of warning within those words, so he repeatedly nodded his head, expressing his understanding.