Chapter 355: The Redthread Shadowchaser Needles

Chapter 355: Redthread Shadowchaser Needles

To tell the truth, Han Li was quite curious about the sixth floor’s shopkeeper. The fifth floor shopkeeper was a late Foundation Establishment cultivator. Could the sixth floor cultivator be a Core Formation expert?

Han Li felt slightly excited.

Then Han Li glanced at the young, seventeen-year-old woman that stood behind Madam Lan and was left dumbfounded.

The young woman was dressed rather simply, and her beauty was merely above average. However, for this young mortal woman who was lacking even the slightest magic power to be the sixth floor shopkeeper was truly beyond Han Li’s expectations.

But what was particularly unusual was what happened when the young woman saw Madam Lan climb to the sixth floor. She continously called out, “Aunty Lan! Aunty Lan!” with much intimacy. At the same time, she completely overlooked Han Li, causing him to feel sullen.

“That’s enough, Xiu’er! There is a guest here!” Although Madam Lan’s words were harsh, her tone was filled with obvious affection.

“Guest?” The young woman indifferently glanced at Han Li without the slightest of care.

“Yes. This Fellow Daoist Han wishes to buy pill formulas and the set of magic tools we previously acquired. Thus, I am bringing him to the sixth floor and having you receive him. I have to go back down. There may be more guests arriving at the fifth floor!” Madam Lan spoke with great warmth.

“So it's like that. But the next time Aunty Lan is free, she must definitely come up and keep me company.” The young woman spoke with reluctance.

Madam Lan gave a kind smile in response before heading back down. The young woman gazed at her as she descended.

She eventually turned her head to glance at Han Li and spoke coldly, “What sort of pill formulas does your esteemed self want? We possess eight pill formulas, but only two are useful to Foundation Establishment cultivators. In addition, the prices for them are astonishingly high. It won’t just cost several hundred spirit stones.”

When Han Li heard the tone of her voice, he smiled instead of becoming angry.

“So long as the pill formulas are genuine, price is of no concern.” Han Li’s tone was exceptionally grand. The young woman was surprised by his response and earnestly sized him up.

“Then please wait a moment. I will call for people to bring out the pill formulas and the set of magic tools.” The young woman’s expression softened. It was only natural that she acted more pleasantly around a magnanimous guest.

She merely took out a small bell and lightly tapped it with a rhythm. Then, she casually sat in her chair without the slightest intention of entertaining Han Li.

Han Li felt somewhat amazed at this. Still, he calmly pulled out a chair and sat across from the young woman. The only thing separating the two was a wooden table.

Han Li’s action caused the young woman’s graceful brow to lightly crease. Although her expression wasn’t very happy, she ultimately didn’t say anything.

A short moment later, a young female cultivator walked in, grasping two jade boxes: one large and one small.

“Place them there.” The young woman spoke indifferently as she pointed to the side of the table.

“Yes, Young Madam!” The female cultivator respectfully replied before placing the jade boxes down on the table. She then took the initiative to withdraw.

Han Li’s eyes flashed with surprise upon seeing the female cultivator speak so respectfully to a young female mortal.

“The pill formulas and the magic tools are here. Your esteemed self should have a look. If they are to your satisfaction, then I will tell you the price.” The young woman lightly pushed the jade boxes toward Han Li.

Since she insisted, Han Li didn’t act with the slightest politeness. He took the small jade box and opened the lid, revealing a red and white jade talisman.

Han Li touched the two jade talismans and closed his eyes, slowly submerging his spiritual sense within them.

When the young woman saw that Han Li was inspecting the pill formulas, she took out a thin, white book and started to read through it without the slightest of concern.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Han Li withdrew his spiritual sense and wore an expression of contemplation.

One of the formulas was similar to the Qi Gathering Pill that Lei Wanhe had previously given him. It was useless to him. As for the other, it wasn’t an ancient pill formula. It was for a pill called the “True Essence Pill”. Apart from the required age of the ingredients used, it was rather easy to refine. It was very suitable for his use.

However, the cost of this pill formula was unexpectedly several times greater than the “Qi Gathering Pill” formula. Even Han Li understood the difference in value between ancient formulas and ordinary formulas that were currently used in the cultivation world.

With that thought, Han Li returned the jade slips to their boxes with an indifferent expression. Then he took the larger box and opened it.

The magic tools in the box caused Han Li to become stunned from a single glance. The jade box actually contained a set of thirteen fine needles sparkling with red light. Each of the needles were only about an inch long, but their fire-red bodies emitted a fluctuating glow.

“Flying needle magic tools?” Han Li couldn’t help but mutter in astonishment.

Even with Han Li’s vast experience with magic tools, this was the first time he had seen flying needle magic tools such as these. He suddenly grew very excited. He previously hadn’t seen anyone make full use of them either.

When the young woman heard Han Li’s murmurs, she couldn’t help but turn her head to look at him with a trace of displeasure. She then continued to read the book without paying him any further attention.

At that moment, Han Li was carefully examining one of the red needles as he held it in a pinch without paying any attention to the young woman’s displeasure. Naturally, he was aware of her displeasure, but he wasn’t about to accommodate her aloof, arrogant attitude.  

He was now staring at the needle with squinted eyes and a serious expression.

Although Han Li hadn’t seen any needle-type magic tools previously, he had heard many rumors with regards to the stealthy viciousness of flying needles.

He had heard that while their offensive power were slightly inferior to ordinary magic tools, their bodies were small, and their flight was quick, thereby being the most suitable weapon to launch an ambush with. As such, many cultivators praised the flying needles to be a ‘hidden weapon’, causing flying needles to possess quite the reputation in the cultivation world.

Naturally, there were many reasons as to why flying needle magic tools were so thin. Not only were they refined using peculiar materials, they were also several times more difficult to refine. Because of this, they were rarely seen in the cultivation world. In addition, users of flying needles would often only use them as a last resort since they were unwilling to allow others to know of their existence.

This was why Han Li received such a shock when he saw a set of thirteen such magic tools unexpectedly appear before him.

“Young Miss, does this set of flying needles have a name?” Han Li felt very pleasantly surprised, but his expression remained calm when he asked the young woman.

When the young woman heard Han Li, she put down the book and indifferently said, “The Redthread Shadowchaser Needles!”

“Good. I wish to acquire the True Essence Pill along with the set of flying needles!” Han Li spoke without the slightest hesitation.

The young woman revealed a strange expression as she asked with disbelief, “Yi! You truly want that set of magic tools?”

“What is it? Does this set of magic tools have some sort of defect or is your esteemed pavilion unwilling to sell it?” Han Li raised his eyebrows in dissatisfaction.

“Your esteemed self is mistaken. Although the Redthread Shadowchaser Needles are extremely precious, our Stardust Pavilion does not wish to keep it. I merely ask this because there is something I must first tell you. This set of flying needles is substantially different from ordinary sets of magic tools. There is no origin controller, nor any child-mother pieces. If you wish to activate them, you must simultaneously control all thirteen needles. Otherwise, they would be useless.” The young woman’s eyes and tone were both ice-cold.

“I must simultaneously control them?” Han Li came to a suddenly realization. It was no wonder that these rare flying needles had yet to be purchased. It held such a high requirement for one’s spiritual sense.

The young woman continued without the slightest of humor, “That’s right. Originally, Aunt Lan and a few others fancied this set of magic tools, but because they were only able to control up to nine needles, they have given up on it.”

“So, all thirteen needles then?” Han Li chuckled before suddenly raising his hand, beckoning to the rest of the needles in the box. With a flash of red light, all of the flying needles simultaneously floated. The red needles quickly revolved around Han Li, transforming into thirteen red threads that were difficult for the naked eye to see, creating a finely woven red net in an instant.

The young woman’s small mouth gaped, revealing an appearance of surprise to Han Li for the first time.

Han Li soon waved his hand once more, returning the red threads to the jade box which once again revealed their original appearance as needles.

With an unchanged expression, Han Li asked with a deep voice, “Am I able to purchase these magic tools now?”

“Since your esteemed self is able to use them, of course you can! Together with the True Essence Pill Formula, it will come to a total of four thousand spirit stones.” The young woman regained her calm and once again spoke without the slightest humor.

“Four thousand spirit stones!” Han Li looked at the young woman while rubbing his nose. That price had exceeded his expectations.

“The pill formula is one thousand five hundred spirit stones! The flying needles are two thousand five hundred!” The young woman listed the price without the slightest hesitation.

To tell the truth, the woman didn’t see the four thousand spirit stones as overly expensive. After all, these items were rarely seen within the cultivation world. Were it not for the defeat of the three allied countries against the Devil Dao, they would’ve never sold such valuable items!

At that moment, Han Li suddenly took a seat and assumed a solemn expression, “At what price does your esteemed pavilion purchase thousand-year-old spiritual medicine?”