Chapter 226 - Five Elements Reversal Formation

Chapter 226 Five Elements Reversal Formation.

Chapter 226: Five Elements Reversal Formation

A few cultivators quickly ran out of spirit stones on hand, and one by one, they started to put up a few rare goods as collateral. In addition, each item became increasingly expensive and rare, causing Han Li to feel overwhelmed!

“I’ll use my Five Elements Reversal Formation establishment set in exchange for that spiritual herb!”

It was unknown who suddenly said those nervous words that caused the rowdy and disorderly cultivators to become quiet.

It wasn’t because this person voice was loud, but because he uttered the truly famous name of “Reversal Five Elements Formation”. It was a name known to nearly everyone that there were few who did not know! In a few aspects, this formation was absolutely more valuable to a few cultivator clans and cultivator sects than the thousand year-old spiritual medicine.

Apart from covering a small area and having no offensive power, this reputed restrictive formation spell could transform and conceal a sect mountain, confusing and trapping enemies. It wasn’t weaker than the large protective formations of those great sects in the slightest.

If their own clan or sect had such a wondrous formation, they would have no reason not to use it.

However, it was said that if one were not a great formation spell master experienced with this kind of impressive restrictive spell, one would have to spend about a year of hard work and a great amount of labor and resources and still not be able to set it up, not to mention turning such a wondrous formation into a magic tool!

If this were true, this auction would be a truly wondrous matter that would greatly broaden one’s horizons!

When Han Li heard this, a lively expression flashed through his eyes, and his spirit was moved. He then turned his head to look at the person who spoke those words.

It was an extremely unremarkable Qi Condensation disciple with a short and thick stature wearing a tiger mask. It was truly not the person one would expect of someone that would possess such a wondrous item! However, a bit of anxiety could be seen from his eye.

“Your esteemed self possesses a Five Elements Reversal Formation establishment set?” After a moment of surprise, the tall and thin man asked this calmly as he sized up the youth with a gaze full of suspicion. Although he didn’t seem very convinced, if the other party truly possessed this formation spell magic tool, the thousand year-old medicine herb would naturally go uncontested to this person.

When the other cultivators heard this, they all waited to hear the youth’s reply.

“I have it, but as of now, it is incomplete. It can only bring out a tenth of the spell formation’s strength. But if you were to agree to give this one the medicine herb, this one will guarantee that within several years, he will be able to multiply the might of the formation establishment tools to at least half of its proper strength.”  When the youth saw so many people look at him, he could not help but panic a bit, As a result, he stuttered out the true matter with regards to the thousand year-old medicine herb.

“So it wasn’t true and was instead a defective experiment!” When the many cultivators heard this, they were greatly disappointed. Originally, if he truly had this magic tool, they would have bid even greater amounts of spirit stones for it. But now that that it was known to be defective, there was naturally no interest!

The formation masters of the cultivation world were far rarer than pill and tool-refining experts! This was because one must decide to deeply study formations to the point where one would even abandon the Great Dao! After all, a person had limited energy. Within a finite amount of time, it was impossible to simultaneously cultivate and delve into the profoundness of formation spells.

Thus, there were people who decided to the find the spell formation master backing the youth after the termination of the trade fair.

After all, a spell formation master capable of researching such a wondrous formation spell magic tool would certainly be capable of laying out a spell formation on site! As for those from a few clans and small sects, so long as they were able to protect a few vital areas with this wondrous formation, even if it wasn’t in the form of a mobile magic tool, it made no difference!

“Could it be that your esteemed self is joking!? We are an auction. Who has any reason to wait several years for results! Since I see that you are young, I will drop it this time! The next time you carelessly bid falsely, do not blame this store’s representatives for being impolite!” When the thin and tall man heard those empty words, his face immediately sunk, and he replied harshly.

When the short, coarse youth saw this, his exposed mouth quivered as if he wanted to say something. However, the man in charge of the action paid him no more heed and turned his head, causing the youth to let out a long sigh and helplessly sit back down.

When Han Li saw this, he narrowed his eyes. After carefully looking at the youth several times, he firmly memorized the youth’s manner of dress and figure.

At this moment, the thousand year-old herb had reached the price of two thousand spirit stones with the addition of several false moonstones from a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

That tall and sturdy man who exchanged the iron essence for the puppet beast did not immediately leave. He actually sat leisurely in his chair as if he wanted to participate in the free trade. But instead, the strange person concealed underneath the hood immediately hurried out as soon as the stone doors opened. This caused a few who were observing from the side to be puzzled.

Han Li didn’t trouble himself over this matter and instead looked after matters pertaining to himself! He originally planned to wait until the period of free trade to look for the short, coarse youth and see whether or not he could acquire the formation establishment magic tool.

Although the “Five Elements Reversal Formation” establishment tool could only recreate a tenth of its original strength, It was enough for Han Li’s purposes.

After all, he had heard of the grand reputation of this wondrous formation and was convinced that Immortal’s cave.

But Han Li did not expect that when he looked in the direction of the youth, he would be immediately surrounded by four to five cultivators wanting to discuss some matters with him.

This unexpected situation caused Han Li to feel a bit annoyed. At the same time, he was a bit anxious. Could it be that they were the same as him, also wanting to purchase that incomplete formation establishment set?

However, Han Li’s worry was unfounded!

After those people chatted a bit with the youth, they looked at each other in dismay, immediately shaking their heads and leaving. The only person who remained was the short, coarse youth, dejectedly standing there with a hung head.

Han Li grew greatly delighted and walked several steps forward. He then coughed and thought of what to say. However, without waiting for him to speak or even taking a look at him, the short, coarse youth dejectedly said, “If you do not have a thousand year-old spiritual medicine, then please do not disturb me! The spell formation master backing me immediately requires a spiritual medicine to save his life! Currently, we cannot give you any large formations!”

When Han Li heard this, he felt greatly surprised. But then he said this with a light smile, “What if I have a thousand year-old spiritual medicine but do not wish to find a spell formation master to set down a formation?” He said this with a joking chuckle.

This youth was only a Qi Condensation at the beginning of the tenth layer. Han Li had no need to be wary of him and thus spoke as he wished.

“Senior has spiritual medicine?” This youths consciousness was immediately roused and looked happily toward Han Li.

Han Li did not immediately reply and instead looked in every direction.

It seemed as if no one was paying attention to this location. The other cultivators were looking at the others displaying their magic tools for trade.

“Shall we go somewhere else to have a chat? There are too many people here!” Han Li softly said, pointing to an unremarkable corner.

“Yes, of course!”

The short, coarse youth agreed without the slightest hesitation. They walked over to the nearby corner and were twenty meters away from the nearest cultivator. After Han Li set up a soundproof barrier with ease, they didn’t need to worry about others eavesdropping.

With this said, ever since Han LI reached Foundation Establishment, he immediately mastered the minor magic techniques he previously couldn’t use in the slightest! He had transcended realms from his previously clumsy and slow incapabilities, causing Han Li to feel happy for a long while. This soundproof barrier was a minor magic technique he learned in passing.

“Senior truly has a spiritual medicine? It must be a thousand years old or higher! Seven to eight hundred year-old medicine ingredients are not enough!” When the youth saw Han Li set up the barrier, he spouted this out impatiently. It seemed he was very worried!

Han Li looked at him indifferently and didn’t say anything. Instead, he directly took out the case that was holding the spiritual medicine from his storage pouch.

Although it wasn’t the thousand year-old Yellow Essence Mushroom that had been sold, it was an equivalently aged thousand year-old Violet Osmanthus Flowers. Since he didn’t specify a particular medicine ingredient, it seemed that so long as the medicinal herb was at least a thousand years old, it should be fine. According to Han Li’s estimates, the youth most likely wanted a thousand year-old medicinal herb to extend someone’s life. As a result, he wasn’t particularly fussy.

“This is...” The youth fixedly stared at the case, his face full of expectation.

“Your perception is not wrong. It truly is a thousand year old medicinal herb. However, before I open it, shouldn’t we have a chat about what item Your Highness will be using to exchange for this medicinal herb!?” Han Li asked coldly. Since the other party demanded it from him, it was only natural he would have them bleed for a moment! These rarely seen formation establishing magic tools, Han Li wanted to have a few more on hand as it was always good to have spares.

“What does Senior wish for? Apart from the magic tools Junior has on hand, there is nothing else worth trading!” After the youth heard Han Li’s words, he was startled for a moment before saying these words with slight embarrassment.

“Do you feel that a badly damaged formation establishment magic tool can be exchanged for this thousand year-old spiritual medicine?” When Han Li heard his words, he did not reveal any expression of disappointment and instead replied with an indifferent voice.


The short, coarse youth scratched his head in puzzlement. He strongly felt such an exchange wasn’t suitable.