Chapter 314 - Meeting Together

Chapter 314: Meeting Together

When Han Li said this, Zhong Weiniang beamed with joy and couldn’t help but praise Han Li. Liu Jing also revealed a grateful expression.

As for Song Meng, he stepped forward and firmly patted Han Li on the shoulder two times. With a large smile, he said, “If I hadn’t already met you and you were actually unwilling to go, I certainly would have had a falling out with you. However, I already know Junior Martial Brother is a valiant figure!”

With that said, Song Meng glared coldly at Wu Xuan. It seemed that Wu Xuan truly did not have a good relationship with his fellow martial brothers!

When Wu Xuan saw this, he snorted and said, “Since it is like this, I will find a peaceful place and won’t disturb your grand event. I will tell Master everything that happened and hope that he doesn’t blame you!” Having said this, Wu Xuan expressionlessly walked out of the room and left the Qin Residence on his flying magic tool.

“Sixth Senior Martial Brother is truly outrageous. He actually ran away as soon as a battle approached. It’s unfortunate that he is my Senior Martial Brother!” Zhong Weiniang grumbled with great dissatisfaction.

“Enough. Everyone has their own ambitions, so don’t force him! We must make our plans and arrangements as soon as possible. The faster we move, the safer we will be. After all, who knows if the Black Fiend School Master is able to leave seclusion earlier than we originally thought,” Liu Jing solemnly added.

“Senior Martial Brother has much experience in exterminating degenerate cultivators.You plan it! We will act as you say. In any case, when the time comes, I am fine so long as I take part in the fighting!” Song Meng exclaimed with an excited appearance.

“Junior Martial Brother Song, you—!”

Liu Jing was rendered speechless by Song Meng’s complete lack of plans and was left not knowing whether to laugh or to cry.

Zhong Weiniang’s eyes became crescent moons as she smiled sweetly.

Han Li also faintly smiled and did not speak.

“Seventh Junior Martial Sister, you are quite familiar with Martial Senior Huiming’s disciple, Junior Martial Sister Chen. As such, it would be better if you were the one to go. Right now, she is at South Crow City. Please go and request their assistance!” After Liu Jing regained his composure, he calmly asked this of Zhong Weiniang.

“Junior Martial Sister Chen is also here? I haven’t seen her for some time. However, we have quite a good relationship. There should be no question about her assistance,” Zhong Weiniang replied with complete confidence.

When Han Li heard the words “Junior Martial Sister Chen”, his heart shook. He thought to himself in confusion, ‘What a coincidence! Is it really her?’

While Han Li was in doubt, he heard Liu Jing say something to him.

“Junior Martial Brother Han, I fear we will have to stay at the Qin Residence for a while longer. We will require you to contact the members of the Qin Residence and arrange a quiet residence for us, allowing for peaceful cultivation.” The Third Senior Martial Brother spoke calmly.

Han Li naturally agreed.

“Then what should I do?” Song Meng couldn’t help but impatiently ask.

“You will remain here and properly take care of the Qin Residence in case the Black Fiend School suddenly launches an attack. I will go to the streets from time to time and look for any movements from the Black Fiend School. Since Junior Martial Brother Han has already revealed their faces, it’ll be harder for us to find them in public,” Liu Ming answered indifferently.

“I understand!” When he heard this, Song Meng dispiritedly agreed.

The following days were extremely peaceful.

Apart from Zhong Weiniang departing for Nanwu City to request assistance, the others generally remained at the Qin Residence and cultivated. As for Third Martial Brother Liu Jing, he went out several times in accordance with his previous words. However, he didn’t acquire any useful information; it seemed as if all the Black Fiend School disciples had completely withdrawn themselves and went into hiding.

Wu Xuan was staying at an inn in Yuejing. Nobody knew what he wrote in his letter to Li Huayuan, but once he sent the letter, he casually and leisurely strolled through the bustling, lively parts of Yuejing without any thought of returning to the Qin Residence.

Nanwu City wasn’t very far from Yuejing, so in less than three days, Senior Martial Sister Zhong returned with three men and two women in tow.

Among these was an exceptionally cool and elegant woman whom Han Li recognized to be “Junior Martial Sister Chen”, Chen Qiaoqian. This caused Han Li’s heart to be on edge.

When Chen Qiaoqian saw Han Li, she revealed slight shock, but she didn’t say anything.

Even if they hadn’t spoken to one another, she was unable to consider Han Li to be a stranger.

The other three men and one woman were Chen Qiaoqian’s fellow apprentices. Two were at mid Foundation Establishment and two were at early Foundation Establishment. When they saw Liu Jing, they appeared very cordial. It seemed they all recognized him.

Zhong Weiniang introduced Han Li to everyone present as her newly accepted Junior Apprentice Brother. But after hearing Han Li’s name, the new arrivals apart from Chen Qiaoqian revealed expressions of amazement.

“You are Junior Martial Brother Han? You truly are quite young! We’ve all heard of Junior Martial Brother Han’s great reputation. A single person at the frontlines was able to kill over ten Foundation Establishment cultivators from the Devil Dao. Truly amazing!” Chen Qiaoqian’s Senior Apprentice Sister shouted with a sweet smile.

This beautiful twenty-seven year old woman appeared to greatly admire Han Li.

When these words left her lips, Liu Jing and Zhong Weiniang were greatly shocked.

These two had been earlier dispatched on assignments and didn’t participate in the second campaign between the Seven Sects and the Devil Dao. Naturally, they hadn’t heard of Han Li’s “great acts” in the slightest.

Now that they heard their acquaintances say this, they felt greatly shocked.

It should be known that although Third Senior Martial Brother had killed countless degenerate cultivators, he only killed two or three Foundation Establishment cultivators, each time being a bitter and long struggle for victory.

However, Han Li had unexpectedly accomplished the “great act” of killing over ten such Foundation Establishment cultivators, causing these two to feel astonished. They couldn’t help but size up this unremarkable Junior Martial Brother Han once more and feel far more respect toward him.

“Fourth Senior Martial Brother, we didn’t know about Junior Martial Brother Han’s accomplishments. Could you clearly explain why you never told me this?” After she recovered her shock, Zhong Weiniang suddenly thought of something and loudly scolded Song Meng, who was standing to the side, concealing his laughter with his sleeve. It was a rather harsh criticism!

“Junior Martial Sister, you never asked me. You only asked about Junior Martial Brother’s cultivation. I believed that Junior Martial Sister already knew about this,” Song Meng proudly huffed.

He had long since anticipated seeing the flabbergasted faces of his two fellow apprentices upon discovering this. As he expected, it was quite the view.

How could Zhong Weiniang not hear the half-heartedness contained in those words? She gave him a fierce glance. Even though she was unwilling to let the matter drop, Liu Jing stepped in and said with a large smile, “Good! I didn’t think that Junior Martial Brother Han was so exceptional! Like this, we should be able to handle the Black Fiend School Master with greater certainty.”

When he spoke these words, his face appeared overjoyed. However, Han Li felt a chill down his back. With great apprehension, he couldn’t help but think to himself, ‘Surely this Third Senior Martial Brother doesn’t want to have me duel the Black Fiend School Master by myself?’

Han Li immediately mocked himself for thinking such a ridiculous thought and threw it to the back of his mind.

Following that, Han Li and his Senior Martial Brothers feasted with Junior Martial Sister Chen and her fellow apprentices. Although they all had similar cultivation bases and could abstain from eating for long periods of time, they were now in the mortal world. Naturally, they would enjoy their present circumstances and satisfy their desire for good food.

After they finished eating, Han Li called for Qin Residence servants to clean up the feast. The group then started to discuss how to deal with the Black Fiend School and how to charge into the Imperial City.

Liu Jing immediately made it clear that he was willing to assume complete responsibility for violating the Seven Sects’ prohibition. Thus, Junior Martial Sister Chen and the others were relieved of their misgivings and agreed to go along with them.

Based on the intelligence Han Li acquired, apart from the four so-called Great Blood Servants, the odds of the other Altar Masters being present at the Imperial Palace were quite low since they were stationed in various parts of the State of Yue where they managed school affairs.

Thus, Liu Jing believed that with their current manpower, they were more than enough to handle the Black Fiend School, but they should nonetheless strike as soon as possible to prevent any future mishaps from emerging.

The others that heard this felt this was reasonable and proceeded to cultivate the entire following day as they were weary from travel. On the night of the second day, taking advantage of the mortals’ need to sleep, they would infiltrate the Imperial Palace in their plan to purge evil.

At this moment, Han Li looked at everyone talking excitedly with a smile on his face, but he couldn’t help but sneer in his heart.

These people truly believed the Black Fiend School was feeble and weak! How could this possibly end well!

After this great battle was concluded, it was hard to say how many of these people would still be left alive!

Were it not for the secrets he obtained from the young prince and the usefulness it would have toward his chances of entering Core Formation in the future, he absolutely wouldn’t make such a dangerous charge into the Imperial Palace. After all, he had no grudges against those who used the evil blood sacrifice technique to cultivate. All he had to do was leak information to the victims’ clans and friends; in turn, they would take revenge and completely settle this matter.

As for the principles of punishing the wicked, exterminating evil, and upholding justice, Han Li had always believed that acting in accordance to one’s capabilities was enough.

If there was no danger and he wouldn’t have to waste too much energy, he would be happy to act. But if his opponents were too strong and they had nothing to do with him, to risk his own life to handle someone else’s affairs made absolutely no sense!

Although the actions of his Sixth Senior Martial Brother Wu Xuan invited loathing from others, they weren’t disagreeable. Leaving aside his methods, his decision was truly wise. Else, one may act with hot-blooded passion and recklessly brave terrible dangers.

This time, Han Li had forced himself to agree to their charge into the Black Fiend School’s nest, violating his own principle of self-preservation. However, Han Li felt that this danger was worth braving.

Because Han Li’s spiritual roots were truly inferior, so long as there was something he could do to increase his chances of entering Core Formation, he was unwilling to let such a boon slip by his fingers. Furthermore, he was somewhat certain of his safe return.

This is because he had prepared a special trump card that could guarantee his own well-being. Otherwise, with Han Li’s meticulous caution, how else could he possibly agree?!