Chapter 445: Yuan Yao

Chapter 445: Yuan Yao

Just as the black-robed woman was about to grow furious, Han Li’s smile faded and he earnestly said, “I didn’t expect that after a mere hundred years, Lady Yuan would enter Core Formation. You have my sincere congratulations!”

When Han Li addressed her as ‘Lady Yuan’, the woman’s angry, embarrassed expression immediately disappeared. She hastily attempted to refute him with panic, “Lady Yuan? You’re mistaken. My surname is Ruan.”

This situation was the exact opposite of what Han Li had expected. He couldn’t help but stare at the woman’s flickering eyes.

At the moment, the gorgeous woman’s complexion had paled, and her hand was placed on her storage pouch. Her eyes were wide open and carried unmistakable hostility.

The mood suddenly became strained! All of which originated from Han Li addressing her as ‘Lady Yuan’ with a casual tone.

While Han Li wore a slight smile on his face, he actually felt truly puzzled.

As for Fairy Violet Spirit, the current situation was even more of a surprise. Without even thinking, she took a half step closer towards Han Li, making her standing clear. In terms of both familiarity and might, Han Li was the obvious choice.

With an unchanged expression, Han Li slowly said, “It seems there is a misunderstanding! Fellow Daoist Yuan most likely doesn’t remember me. After all, we had only met once before over a hundred years ago.”

“We’ve only met once? Over a hundred years ago?” The woman’s expression slightly relaxed, but her eyes were still vigilant and she expressed doubt.

The tension had been greatly eased!

But after looking at Han Li for a moment, she doubtfully asked, “I’ve taken a good look at you, but I don’t remember ever seeing you. Are you attempting to dupe me?” With that said, the woman’s eyes flickered with cold intent, faintly revealing a trace enmity.

Han Li felt at a loss, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry.

He didn’t bother playing coy and directly asked, “Over a hundred years ago, did Lady Yuan go to the Sky Capital Market at Stalwart Star Island?”

The black robed woman blankly stared for a moment before nodding her head in recollection. After looking intensely at Han Li’s face, she revealed a pensive expression. “Stalwart Star Island’s Sky Capital Market? I’ve been there many times. Could it be that you saw me there?”

She seemed to have recalled something.

“That’s right. At the time, you were together with a beautiful friend. My Martial Uncle Crooked Soul and I met you at the edge of the market city.” When he mentioned Crooked Soul, Han Li unconsciously glanced at Fairy Violet Spirit who was aware that Crooked Soul had been his avatar.

Naturally, when Fairy Violet Spirit heard Han Li mention Crooked Soul as his Martial Uncle, she revealed a mysterious smile. Although she didn’t know the circumstances at the time, she was sure that Han Li must have been playing out an elaborate scheme. She couldn’t help but find it ridiculous! But naturally, she wasn’t going to talk about this matter without cause.

Speaking of Crooked Soul, Fairy Violet Spirit had been wondering for quite a while why his avatar wasn’t present at his side. Crooked Soul would’ve been of great assistance to them.

After blinking her eyes several times, the black-robed woman came to a sudden realization and revealed an expression of disbelief. “Fellow Daoist’s words feel quite familiar to me. Could it be that your esteemed self was at the entrance of the Sky Capital Market and was accompanied by a Core Formation Senior?”

Han Li bitterly smiled.

“Lady Yuan has finally remembered. It seemed that I had given you quite an ordinary impression. Han Li spoke with a chuckle.

The black-robed woman deeply blushed upon hearing Han Li. But now that she recognized him, she completely relaxed and self consciously said, “Please don’t take offense, Fellow Daoist Han! At the time, Fellow Daoist was truly...” The woman found it difficult to continue.

Han Li replied with laughter, “Wasn’t it because my appearance and cultivation were too ordinary? It’s no surprise you two ladies didn’t take note of me!” Han Li was calm and didn’t display the slightest annoyance.

“It seems I’ve made a fool of myself!” Han Li’s attitude had greatly eased the black-robed woman. After all, Han Li’s current abilities were impressive, and she was fearful that Han Li had been offended over being forgotten. With her magic treasure greatly damaged, she was unwilling to casually offend him.

With that thought, she continued, “I must also congratulate Fellow Daoist! In these hundred years, Fellow Daoist also cultivated to Core Formation from Qi Refinement! Your magic power is also so profound that you are actually capable of eliminating the ghost king level fiend!”

Han Li inwardly shook his head in response to the woman’s friendly words. He wasn’t at Qi Condensation stage at the time. He had been at late Foundation Establishment. Had he not refined the “Three Essence Revolutions” along with the “Great Development Technique”, he feared he wouldn’t have entered Core Formation.

However, this woman had truly cultivated from Qi Condensation to Core formation in that timespan. When he recognized the black-robed woman, he was truly shocked!

This woman didn’t possess particularly impressive aptitude, so Han Li inwardly guessed that she must’ve had a fortuitous encounter during those hundred years. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for an ordinary cultivator like her to have improved so quickly.

Although he had carefully examined her previously, he was unable to see the spiritual roots of a fellow early Core Formation cultivator as their body’s magic power blocked his sight.

With that thought, Han Li didn’t stare at the woman any longer and turned his eyes towards the ghost mist surrounding them.

Han Li smiled and thought to say something, but Fairy Violet Spirit spoke first with a slight frown, “Fellow Daoists, let us set off! It would be best to not stay here for too long. It would be troublesome if another fearsome phantom were to appear.”

Han Li silently agreed with a smile. The black-robed woman Yuan Yao had no objections, and the three set off into the ghost mist after confirming their direction.


There was a place that appeared similar to a garden, but it contained nameless, rare flowers and plants. It had eight pavilions finely carved from jade with thirty cultivators distributed sparsely among them.

A majority of these cultivators had pale complexions and were stained with blood as if they had arrived here after a bitter struggle. However, their faces revealed unconcealable excitement. There were even a few cultivators that were whispering to one another.

Grandmaster Zenith Yin, Wan Tianming and the other Nascent Soul cultivators were at this location. The two factions were meditating at two different pavilions.

As for the two Star Palace elders, they were floating at some place in midair. They were expressionlessly sitting cross legged in meditation, appearing as if they were statues.

A dense, pitch-black ghost fog rolled around vigorously four hundred meters away from where the garden laid. It was obstructed by an invisible wall, appearing as if they were two entirely different worlds.

Suddenly, the fog separated to reveal a male cultivator calmly walking through it.

This male cultivator wore green robes, appeared youthful, and had a refined appearance. But what was most odd was that there wasn’t any abnormalities on his body, and his appearance was serene as if he hadn’t experienced any battles on his way there.

This strange scene attracted the amazement of the nearby cultivators. They looked at him with complicated expressions.

At that moment, Grandmaster Zenith Yin opened his eyes and glanced at the male cultivator before revealing a disappointed expression. He shut his eyes once more and didn’t pay any further attention to the male cultivator.

When this male cultivator looked at Grandmaster Zenith Yin, his face revealed a trace of resentment during a moment of carelessness. However, his calm appearance quickly returned and he walked forward with large strides.

He didn’t enter any of the pavilions to take a seat. Instead, he found a remote corner and stood there with hands behind his back, indifferently examining the cultivators that were there. Seeing that Han Li had yet to appear, his delicate face lightly frowned, but he soon became expressionless.

At that moment, unbeknownst to anyone else, a deep resounding man’s voice could be heard in the youth’s mind.

‘What? That assistant of yours isn’t here? Could he have fallen to a malicious spirit? Hehe! It seems the person you sought wasn’t particularly worthy of note.’ The voice lazily said.

The youth grew angry and he used his spiritual sense to strictly rebuke it, ‘Silence! Don’t casually speak inside my body! There are many Nascent Soul cultivators here. If one or two of them were to hear you, what do you think will happen?’