Chapter 443: Ghost King (5)

Chapter 443: Ghost King (5)

Despite being startled by the strange transformation, Han Li took a quick glance behind him and sneered at what he saw.

A majority of the grey ghost shadow had already been devoured, and the last third of its ruined body was on the verge of being consumed. Han Li reckoned that even if it were to now escape, its origin Qi would be immensely damaged, rendering it incapable of further attacking.

The Gold Devouring Beetles truly deserved their high ranking among exotic insects. Regardless of whether they were devouring spiritual Qi or Yin ghosts, they were immensely vicious. But, they were slightly slower when they were devouring the latter.

As Han Li thought this, the man-faced tiger abomination was at a loss for a short moment before revealing pleasant surprise at being awakened. It looked at Han Li, the ghost shadow being devoured behind him, and then looked at his own body.

It started laughing with an extremely hoarse voice and a freakish smile. The laughter gradually grew louder and continued as if there were no end. The nearby ghost mist eventually started to roil from the laugh’s vibrations.

Han Li didn’t seem to mind this and only focused his cold eyes on the tiger abomination’s movements. But after a short moment, Han Li’s face grew pale, and his expression became grave.

The tiger abomination’s weird laughter not only grew increasingly louder, but it also became more resounding and filled with Qi. Even after using the Great Development Technique to guard his mind, Han Li began to feel dizzy as if countless claps of thunder roared past his ears.

‘Not good!’ As Han Li was carefully observing the abomination, he seemed to have recalled something and his expression greatly changed.

Han Li hastily turned his head to find an alarming scene. The grey ghost shadow had unexpectedly disappeared without a trace, and his thousands of Gold Devouring Beetles were powerlessly lying on the ground, occasionally flapping their wings. They no longer had the vigor to continue devouring ghosts.

In his annoyance, Han Li hastily took out several spirit beast pouches and quickly stored the incapacitated Gold Devouring Beetles into them. While still enduring the deafening laughter, he turned his head to look at the others’ fight.

He was initially astonished by what he saw, but soon grew relieved.

Fairy Violet Spirit and that black-robed man were in a fierce battle against the phantoms. Although the black-robed man’s cultivation was far superior to the ghosts, he didn’t have an overwhelming advantage due to the nature of his techniques and his greatly weakened magic treasure.

As for Fairy Violet Spirit, she had concealed herself away in a glow of radiance by using a stone tablet and was only attempting to defend herself.

Han Li was slightly baffled when the two were unaffected by the strange laughter. But after some consideration, Han Li realized why.

It seemed that the power of the two-headed abomination’s strange laughter was limited to a small area. As a result, it was able to exert such an astonishing amount of power that his incredibly durable Gold Devouring Beetles were incapacitated, causing them to fall off the grey ghost shadow.

Although these exotic insects had yet to reached their full potential, the might of the strange light could clearly be seen.

Were it not for the soul concentrating effect of the Great Development Technique, Han Li feared he would’ve also become incapacitated by the strange laughter, only able to await his inevitable death.

The more he thought of it, the more he became aghast. Han Li had already determined that despite not being at the Nascent Soul stage, it was definitely no weaker than a late Core Formation cultivator. Han Li suspected that this being was a so-called ghost king.

At that moment, the abomination seemed to notice that the strange laughter had no effect on Han Li, who was still steadily standing. It eventually stopped and eerily stared at Han Li with its two heads.

Han Li felt uneasy upon looking at it, but he narrowed his eyes and boldly met its gaze.

At that moment, the badly damaged grey shadow appeared behind the abomination and shot straight towards the two headed abomination without any signs of stopping.

Han Li was at a loss from the sight, and his gaze continuously shifted.

‘The ghost shadow has already transformed. Why wasn’t it hiding from a distance? Why did it come back?’

While Han Li was bewildered, he saw something he was incapable of imagining. The eyes of the abomination strangely glinted and it grabbed ahold of the grey ghost shadow. The black tiger head then widely opened its mouth and quickly swallowed down the grey shadow.

Han Li watched with complete astonishment. But what occurred next immediately dispelled Han Li’s doubts.

As the abomination roared to the sky, another protrusion appeared at its neck. It emerged to reveal a tiger head with a grey human face. The face of the third tiger head resembled that of an average woman.

After a moment of shock, Han Li quickly restored his calm expression.

After the grey tiger head appeared, it narrowed its eyes, and its face became deathly pale as if it were heavily injured. But not long after, it opened its blood-red eyes and stared at Han Li with an expression of deep resentment. When Han Li saw this, his heart trembled, and he felt goosebumps arise all over his body.

At this moment, the head with the man’s face at the center let out a fierce hiss. Afterwards, the abomination started to fearlessly approach Han Li with large strides.

A black light flashed from its body with every step, causing its body to swell. After about a dozen steps, the abomination was as tall as a three story building. The sight caused Han Li to blanch.

Without taking the time to think, Han Li waved his arms, summoning over a hundred huge ape puppets around him. The puppets simultaneously opened their mouths and flooded the sky with beams of various colored light.

Han Li then pointed at the huge azure sword, having it join the assault as a long blur of frightening speed and astonishing pressure.

When the three headed abomination saw this, the middle head revealed a trace of astonishment, but it soon sneered.

The left and right head widely opened their mouths. While the pure tiger head began spouting out orbs of black light, the grey woman’s head filled the entire area with wisps of grey ghost flames.

The combined attack of the flame wisps and light orbs managed to forcibly block the many light beams. Although a few of the beams managed to pierce through, the few staggered light beams were completely ineffective.

Han Li unconsciously frowned. With a cold glint in his eyes, he suddenly cast a sword incantation seal. Shining with even brighter radiance, the azure streak traveled with increased speed.

Under the cover of the huge ape puppet’s attacks, the huge sword instantly pierced through the flame wisps and light orbs with unchallenged momentum. It flew around the waist of the beast and attempted to slash through it with a flash of brilliance.

But what Han Li saw next left him at a loss for words.

The three heads of the abomination simultaneously released a bizarre roar and swiped its two claws at a speed Han Li couldn’t perceive, resulting in the huge sword being trapped in its grasp.

The two hairy tiger claws seemed unaffected by the sharpness of the swordlight. Although the sword continuously swayed in its grasp, it was unable to break free. Han Li wasn’t sure what to do.

Although the Bamboo Cloudsword wasn’t refined for long and didn’t contain much power, it was inconceivable for it to be caught with mere claws. Could it be that their claws had been refined into a magic treasure?

Han Li’s thoughts went off on a tangent.

When the abomination had restrained Han Li’s flying swords, the three heads revealed a malicious expression. The middle head smiled sinisterly before opening its mouth and releasing a dense, black Yin Qi towards the struggling flying sword, gradually whittling away the intensity of its light.

Han Li’s heart dropped upon seeing this.

The abomination’s methods were ruthless, and its cultivation was immense. If he allowed this drag on, it wouldn’t end well. He had to take a risk and end this as soon as possible!

With that thought in mind, Han Li couldn’t help but turn his head towards the other group. The black-robed man and Fairy Violet Spirit were completely focused on fighting the demon beasts and had no time to look in Han Li’s direction.

With that, a strange expression flickered through Han Li’s eyes, and he slowly turned his head back.

The abomination’s left and right heads were still busy dealing with the intense barrage of his huge ape puppets, and the middle head was fully focused on spouting out black Qi to corrupt his Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.

‘You’re courting death!’ Han Li’s heart soared with killing intent. Without any further hesitation, he formed an odd sword incantation gesture and fiercely pointed at his flying sword.