Chapter 433: Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng

Chapter 433: Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng

As Han Li pondered about the information he had just received, he was also wondering whether or not he wanted to wade through these muddy waters.

Although he didn’t know what was about to come, this strange palace in the sky seemed similar to the State of Yue’s Trial by Blood and Fire and had been completely constructed by ancient cultivators. Although it contained many treasures, its dangers were quite plentiful as well.

Grandmaster Zenith Yin’s unexplainable expression had scared him quite a bit. Could he be plotting something? Regardless of anything else going on, it would be wiser for Han Li to immediately withdraw.

However, he had gathered from those old eccentrics’ words that this place only opened once every three hundred years. If he were to turn back now, he’d never have another chance. This was enough cause for further hesitation.

While Han Li was lost in thought, he suddenly heard the Bone Sage’s voice.

“Youngster, do you have anything on you that Zenith Yin might want, by any chance? I can’t think of another reason that he would look at you like that. If I guessed correctly, he wants to dispose of you!” Although the Bone Sage spoke indifferently, his words obviously contained a trace of mockery.

Han Li mentally snorted and replied, “If Island Lord Zenith Yin were to learn that your esteemed self is here, he’d probably be very interested. He’d almost certainly want to have a proper chat with his long lost master.”

“You dare threaten me?” The Bone Sage asked sinisterly.

“I wouldn’t dare! Given Senior’s status and abilities, how could I ever dare to do so? However, it’s probably in Senior’s best interest to not take delight in other’s misfortune. Else, I might accidentally have a slip of the tongue when my life is in danger and unintentionally implicate Senior.” Han Li replied expressionlessly.

The Bone Sage remained silent for some time.

Han Li believed he had flown into a rage from embarrassment and didn’t wish to speak with Han Li any further. But that had only been greater cause of shock when he suddenly heard a string of icy words that left him pleasantly surprised.

“Do you wish to form a Nascent Soul?

“Senior, what are you getting at?” Han Li asked, forcefully restraining the excitement within his heart.

“Hehe, what do I mean? My words were quite simple. I know of an item that will double your chances of forming a Nascent Soul. It’s located in Heavenvoid Hall. There’s no other item that can do this. If you join hands with me and seize the opportunity to eliminate my traitorous disciple Zenith Yin, I will tell you the method for acquiring it. How about it? Since I cultivated the Dao of the demon ghost, I can’t use this item. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have even mentioned it to you. And even if you do not agree to join hands with me, it seems that Zenith Yin will take the initiative to find you either way. When that time comes, hehe...” The Bone Sage made use of the carrot and the stick while expressing his unconcealed malice towards Grandmaster Zenith Yin.

Han Li didn’t immediately decide. He instead sat in silence and frowned, deep in thought.

The Bone Sage’s youthly incarnation also appeared quite calm and unhurried. He believed a Core Formation cultivator was incapable of refusing such a huge offer. He just needed to calmly wait for Han Li’s eventual agreement.

At that moment, Grandmaster Zenith Yin and Wu Chou flew to the old Confucian scholar’s pillar and chatted intermittently, occasionally saying something to the beautiful woman surnamed Wen.

However, the beautiful woman closed her eyes after she finished polishing her sword. It seemed she didn’t pay them any attention.

Grandmaster Zenith Yin didn’t appear angry or embarrassed at this cold treatment and continued to speak with a smile. It was clear he’s the shrewd type.

Han Li slightly brought these people into his gaze and grew increasingly fearful of Grandmaster Zenith Yin. Not only was this person's cultivation deep, but his wits far exceeded that of ordinary cultivators. What else could have forced the Bone Sage to tread the Dao of a demon ghost and abandon his path to reincarnation? The Bone Sage clearly hated not being able to grind his traitorous disciples bones and scatter their ashes.

However, regardless of the resentment between the old devils Bone Sage and Zenith Yin, Zenith Yin’s gaze towards Han Li was far from friendly.

Although it can’t be said that he had no chance of escaping from a Nascent Soul cultivator, in a true confrontation that possibility was pathetically small.

After all, there was too great of a difference between early Core Formation and the Nascent Soul stage. Even if his magic treasure and Gold Devouring Beetles were even more powerful, he would still be slaughtered without much effort on their part.

After some consideration, Han Li eventually responded to the Bone Sage, “Give me an explanation of that item you mentioned. Does it have anything to do with what you said about becoming a Nascent Soul cultivator?”

“Of course. So long as you are willing to join hands with me, I will unquestionably divulge a few things to you.” The Bone Sage was slightly delighted and stealthily replied.

Han Li didn’t immediately respond and bluntly closed his eyes, pretending to refine Qi.

“The item is called Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng. It is an item of transformed Heaven-Earth Spiritual Qi. Although its main body is a spiritual herb, its pure spiritual nature causes it to transform into an animal or insect, allowing it to move about on their own. It is quite good at hiding. Many years ago, I saw this item in the Heavenvoid Hall. At the time, my cultivation was far too low, and I didn’t have any appropriate magic tools on hand. As such, I was forced to let it go. The second time I came here, I was at the Nascent Soul stage and no longer needed to waste the effort to acquire it. But it should prove quite useful to you.” The Bone Sage spoke as if he had been unwilling to let it go.

“Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng?” Han Li took a cold breath.

Han Li had long known of this legendary immortal herb. Although Han Li had often seen this herb mentioned in ancient medicine herb records, he believed this item had appeared in the mortal world during times of antiquity. Could this item actually exist in Heavenvoid Hall?

Nevertheless, discovering one or two stalks of such an immortal herb wasn’t impossible.

However, this was that first time that he heard the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng was useful in condensing a Nascent Soul. The records had always been vague about its specific uses and hardly mentioned them.

‘Could this old devil have lied to me so that I would cooperate with him?’ Han Li suspected.

Perhaps having guessed Han Li’s doubt, the Bone Sage continued, “Be at ease! When we break through the barrier, I will first help you acquire this item at the second pass. Then after we eliminate my traitorous disciple, I will give you a secret recipe. So long as you create the medicine pill in accordance to its instructions, it will greatly increase your odds of condensing a Nascent Soul. However, I’ve also come to Heavenvoid Hall in search of useful cultivation materials. When the time comes, you will have to lend me your assistance so that I might prove more successful.” The Bone Sage took the initiative to eliminate Han Li’s doubts and raised a condition that answered a majority of Han Li’s suspicions.

“Fine! If you’re truly certain about being able to kill Zenith Yin, I might lend my assistance.” Han Li eventually agreed to forming a temporary alliance with the Bone Sage.

In truth, this alliance was quite weak, and it was quite difficult to say how long it would last. Perhaps it would even fracture immediately after Grandmaster Zenith Yin had been killed.

Han Li inwardly let out a long sigh.

From the old devil’s tone, this actually wasn’t his first time here. Having an experienced ally was far better than fumbling around on his own. At the very least, he could learn a bit about the basics of Heavenvoid Hall and unquestionably trust the Bone Sage’s desire to kill Grandmaster Zenith Yin.

With that, Han Li and the Bone Sage came to an agreement, and Han Li started to make some indirect inquiries about the Heavenvoid Hall.

After having a long, stealthy chat with the Bone Sage, Han Li’s expression became unsightly. It seemed that opportunity and danger walked hand in hand. This trip to the Heavenvoid Hall in particular would prove to be extremely dangerous.

He couldn’t help but sigh. Soon after, his mind drifted and he began to refine Qi in meditation.

Inside the hall, Han Li didn’t need to worry about any sudden attacks. From his earlier tests,apart from some floating techniques and other such minor magic techniques, any other techniques couldn’t be cast. Any magic power used past a certain point would dissolve. Even the magic treasures contained in one's body would be like a dead, magicless object.

These restrictions were amazing!

In the following week, the cultivators in the hall grew more and more numerous, eventually gathering over a hundred people.

The jade pillars had long been filled by other cultivators. Those that came later could only find a spot to sit on the floor and rest there for the time being.