Chapter 431: Heavenvoid Hall

Chapter 431: Heavenvoid Hall

After muttering to himself, Han Li slowly replied while Wen Qiang watched expectantly, “Since Brother Wen is also an Exquisite Sound Sect member, he should know I am a member only in name. I have never involved myself with the inner affairs of the sect. However, if this matter is as Brother Wen described and Fellow Daoist Siyue has been greatly wronged, I will mention this matter to Fairy Violet Spirit the next time I see her. But if she doesn’t do anything about this, I’m not quite sure what can be done.”

Having heard that Han Li was unwilling to personally take matters into his own hands, Wen Qiang felt slightly disappointed.

He also knew that his friendship with Han Li wasn’t deep. Even saving him and his daughter could already be considered as cherishing their old friendship. He repeatedly expressed his thanks without any complaints and had Wen Siyue kowtow in respect to Han Li, but Han Li had refused with a smile.

However, Han Li then asked with slight confusion, “Isn’t Fellow Daoist Siyue the personal disciple of the Envoy of the Right? Why don’t you raise this matter to her?”

Wen Siyue appeared even sadder and explained with a soft voice, “Senior Han doesn’t know this but this mission was assigned by a close relative of my master. My master had wished for us to become Dao companions, but my refusal caused her to become very angry!”

With that said, the woman wore a helpless expression, revealing an appearance of tragic beauty. Han Li couldn’t help but stare for a moment before forcing himself to turn his head towards Wen Qiang for fear of looking longer. He said, “I am here on an important matter and cannot journey together with you. I will be taking my leave!”

Han Li cupped his hands towards them. The pair naturally refrained from making any unpleasant requests for him to stay and hastily said words of thanks. Han Li then faintly smiled and shot through the sky as an azure streak of light.

The father-daughter pair looked in the direction that the azure streak disappeared. After a long while, Wen Siyue spoke in an angry, cute voice, “Father, you never told me that you were actually old friends with our sect’s Elder Han! From your chat, you also seemed to have met him before he entered Core Formation. Could you tell your daughter about it? Elder Han is actually quite a mystery to us!”

Near the end, her angry voice had turned to one of strong curiosity.

Wen Qiang sighed and lovingly said, “Your father and Senior Han had only met several times. We don’t have a deep relationship. In addition, I had met him when our cultivations were quite low. When I suddenly saw him in the offerings hall, I was truly shocked, and felt restless several days later. For this person to actually enter Core Formation and become our sect Elder, is a truly inconceivable affair!”

Wen Qiang couldn’t help but then recall the moment when Han Li recognized him. He then stopped talking and became absent-minded for a short time.

Wen Siyue saw that her father was thinking of something and silently waited at his side. The father and daughter peacefully floated in the sky with their clothes fluttering in the wind.


The nearby empty oceans suddenly flooded with activity. Every few days, cultivators hurriedly flew across this location high above with pleasant surprise.

At this location, there was a huge palace floating in the sky without the slightest movement.

The palace was about four hundred meters tall and was crafted from flawless white jade. It was exquisitely beautiful and released sparkling twinkles of light. Surrounding it was a layer of dense golden light that encompassed about four thousand meters in height.

The cultivators that were traveling to it flew into the palace without any hesitation and easily passed through the barrier with a flash of white light.

One day, a streak of azure light arrived below the palace and came to a sudden stop. The azure light faded away to reveal a youth with a common appearance, Han Li who had followed the direction of his map.

He looked at the embroidered clothed map with slight hesitation and glanced around, ensuring that nothing else was nearby. He had found nothing after looking down at the sea for a long time.

Han Li’s hesitation only grew stronger. With a sudden thought coming to mind, he abruptly raised his head.

Upon seeing the exquisite jade palace floating among the clouds, Han Li gasped with surprise.

He blankly stared at the palace for a long while before he recovered from his shock. He didn’t immediately approach the palace hall, instead deciding to deliberate for a moment. But suddenly, his expression stirred and his body flashed with azure light, causing him to disappear without a trace.

A short moment later, a scarlet cloud rushed over and stopped close to where Han Li had just been. The red cloud scattered to reveal a red-haired old man with an embroidered cloth in hand.

He looked at the embroidered cloth in his hand and coldly examined his surroundings. When he turned his head to the sky and saw the palace, he couldn’t help but reveal joy. Soon after, the red haired old man flew up into the sky in a red cloud without a second thought.

Then with a flash of white light, the old man passed through the gold light barrier. Han Li reappeared nearby shortly after. With a creased brow, his expression began incessantly shifting.

In the following week, Han Li patiently concealed himself nearby and saw two other Core Formation cultivators enter the palace’s light barrier. They also had an embroidered cloth map.

One day, Han Li’s patience had finally run dry, and he flew towards the golden barrier. With a flip of his hand, he took out his map and slowly poured spiritual power into it. The map then released a white spiritual light and wrapped Han Li within it. Taking a step forward, Han Li easily passed through the barrier as if nothing was there.

After turning his head back toward the light barrier, Han Li flew towards the beautiful palace without any lingering hesitation.

After flying closer to the palace, Han Li became aware of the huge, silver ancient characters that hung forty meters above the entrance of the palace, “Heavenvoid Hall”.

Not only were these characters grand and imposing, but the stroke edges were extremely incisive. After only a quick glance, his eyes felt a faint, dull ache.

He hastily lowered his head in fright, not daring to look any further!

With gritted teeth, Han Li then carefully walked into the palace as he gazed into its depths.

Han Li was amazed once he entered. He saw a straight, narrow passage made completely of translucent, fine jade. He couldn’t see its end. It was nine meters wide and twelve meters tall, causing those who walked through it to feel an uncomfortable mental pressure.

Han Li frowned and released his spiritual sense after some thought, but his expression immediately revealed surprise as his spiritual sense met a wall in every direction and was forcibly bounced back. He couldn’t even spread out his spiritual sense, let alone search the palace with it.

Han Li’s eyes flashed with spirited light, and he attentively examined a jade wall, discovering a flicker of faint sparkling light. He would’ve missed it had he not been paying close attention. It seemed this entire passage restricted those with great capabilities.

Han Li then extended his finger and lightly stroked the fine jade. Although he couldn’t recognize the exact type of restrictions, he knew they contained deep and immeasurable spiritual power, causing Han Li’s heart to slightly tremble.

He silently withdrew his finger and pondered for a moment with chin in hand before raising his head and deciding to walk forward.

With narrowed eyes, Han Li calmly looked around the interior of the passage as he walked through.

Since there were restrictions in place, he didn’t have to be fearful that someone was concealed nearby and was about to ambush him, allowing him to continue on without fear.

However, this ravine-like passage was truly long. He walked for the time it took to finish a meal, before finally reaching its end where an exit made of water-blue radiance appeared before his eyes.

With roused spirits, Han Li hurriedly walked through it.

Han Li’s eyes shrunk and he instantly grew alarmed. The blue radiance revealed huge hall. The hall spanned fifteen hundred meters and was extremely imposing. Even if several thousand people were present, it wouldn’t be crowded in the slightest.

But even odder was that several tens of huge jade pillars were evenly distributed throughout the hall. Not only was the jade pillar several meters thick, but it was also exquisitely carved with all sorts of rare, strange beasts that some of which he had never seen before. Each one was vivid and lifelike, containing their own unique Spiritual Qi.

At the very top of these pillars were several tens of cultivators, each wearing their own clothes and standing or sitting at their own volition.

Apart from a few cultivators, each of them were monopolizing a single pillar. Furthermore, there was nobody loudly talking; they were all minding their own business.

Han Li’s arrival had lazily drawn the attention of a small portion of the cultivators. However, a few of them revealed shock upon seeing him.

Han Li revealed a bitter smile as he had also recognized them!