Chapter 408: Demon Corpse

Chapter 408: Demon Corpse

Just as Han Li was lost in thought, his expression changed, and he stopped in the sky with Crooked Soul.

The originally empty area ahead of him had suddenly become vaguely distorted. With a hum, a human-like demon climbed out of the distortion and smiled at them, revealing its vicious, rotten teeth.

“What!?” Han Li couldn’t help but shout upon seeing this.

Its body was dark green and covered in shiny, black armor. While it was unarmed, it had extremely sharp, inch-long fingernails.

‘A refined corpse?’ The strong, putrid smell of a corpse came from the demon, allowing Han Li to recognize its true identity, much to his dismay.

From its appearance, it couldn’t possibly be the low grade “Armored Corpse”. It was most likely a corpse refined by Grandmaster Zenith Yin using some extraordinary method.

With that it mind, Han Li waved his hand, causing his Green Brilliance Dagger to transform into a ten meter long flood dragon and fiercely charge forward. At the same time, Crooked Soul silently raised his finger and shot out a fine beam of bloody light that faded away in the blink of an eye, a Blood Spirit Drill that Crooked Soul had arduously refined..

With the sound of a splatter, the Blood Spirit Drill pierced through the refined corpse’s lower chest and left a small hole, causing the refined corpse to look down at it in surprise.

Han Li rejoiced and willed the green flood dragon to follow through.

The flood dragon scattered into green brilliance, throwing the refined corpse back by ten meters. The corpse then let out a low roar and immediately stood up, glancing at Han Li with an ominous glint.

‘Not good! This refined corpse isn’t affected by the attacks of common magic treasures?” Han Li hastily recalled his Green Brilliance Dagger with a sunken heart.

The corpse was completely unaffected by Han Li’s strike. Even the small wound it received from the Blood Spirit Drill was healing at a visible rate.

Han Li’s expression darkened and he joined together with Crooked Soul, flying out in a single streak of light, wanting to slip past the side of the corpse.

Han Li wasn’t scared of any danger the refined corpse may pose to him, but the time it would take away would allow Grandmaster Zenith Yin to catch up to him. Han Li stole a glance behind him afterwards. He saw that the other fleeing cultivators were also blocked by a greatnumber of refined corpses.

As Han Li’s heart trembled, he and Crooked Soul propelled their streak of light using the entirety of their power, soon passing the refined corpse.

The eyes of the corpse then flashed with green light, and its body suddenly blurred, disappearing from sight!

Seeing this incredibly familiar scene, Han Li suddenly dodged to the side out of reflex, dodging a five clawed streak of black swordlight. The attack whistled past him until it dispersed about forty meters away.

Han Li inhaled a breath of cold air and turned his head away from the swordlight. As expected, the refined corpse was standing not far behind him with two sharp claws, extended by several inches of black light.

What speed! The corpse had traveled no less than a hundred meters from its original location in a mere instant!

That was nearly as fast and stealthy as Han Li’s own movements when he used the Shifting Smoke Steps on land! The demon had even used it in the air! That was truly beyond reason.

Han Li’s complexion grew ashen.

He knew that he would no longer be able to escape from the refined corpse. Was this the reason why Grandmaster Zenith Yin had so calmly ignored them as they fled?

Now knowing this, Han Li’s expression grew harsh and he patted his storage pouch. In an instant, a hundred azure lights along with two red lights flew out, densely surrounding him.

After the lights faded away, two Bloodjade Spiders and over a hundred of huge, six-meter-tall azure apes were revealed. The huge apes raised their arms as soon as they appeared and shot out ten beams of azure light from their fingers towards the refined corpse, encompassing the sky in light beams.

Unable to avoid such a dense barrage of attacks, the demon corpse’s eye gave off a vicious glint, and it spat out a ball of black Qi to face the barrage of fine azure beams of light. He then crossed his arms in front of his body to block the attack and closely followed after the black Qi.

The black Qi managed to disperse a majority of the azure light, but those that managed to strike its body merely dispersed into azure smoke and scattered radiance. The demon corpse revealed a trace of a grimace, slightly baring its teeth before taking tyrannical strides toward the huge apes.

With a series of cracks, a few of the nearby puppets were ripped apart by the claws of black light. Han Li frowned upon seeing this and Crooked Soul immediately released a hundred meter high blood light and condensed it into a huge blood-red saber before fiercely chopping down towards the refined corpse.

Clang. The blood saber chopped down onto the demon corpse’s head, but it produced only the sound of struck metal, seemingly unable to be damaged by the slashes. The slash appeared to have only attracted the corpse’s fury. It grabbed the blood saber with one hand and swung down the other as if wanting to destroy the saber to vent its fury.

Han Li couldn’t help but reveal calm joy at the sight!

With an incantation gesture, Crooked Soul’s blood saber turned into violet flames. In an instant, the refined corpse was engulfed in wild flames, causing it to shriek out in panic and flap its hands onto its body.

However, the demon corpse quickly discovered that although the violet flames were difficult to extinguish, they didn’t cause it any injuries and could be ignored. It then sought to find the culprit of the flames.

But as soon as it raised its head, two huge white nets silently covered it, sturdily entrapping it as it was caught unaware. They were the spiderwebs of the Bloodjade spiders.

The demon corpse was greatly alarmed and hastily attempted to break free with all of its strength, but at this same time, the purple flames turned into a bowl-thick serpent of purple flames and firmly wrapped around its body.

With the spider webs and the flame serpent binding its body, it would be unable to escape for a while.

Then without the slightest hesitation, Han Li and Crooked Soul turned into a streak of light, retrieved his spiders and puppets, and immediately flew off without any thoughts of looking behind them.

If he hadn’t heard incorrectly, there had been a third wretched scream from Grandmaster Zenith’s direction. If he didn’t take the opportunity to escape now, he’d definitely turn into the old devil’s slave.

Han Li’s and Crooked Soul’s joined powers allowed them to fly over fifty kilometers away in a single breath. After shifting their direction several times, they came across a small nameless island.

The two immediately descended onto the island and buried themselves over forty meters deep. They then wrapped themselves with the aura severing muslin cloth and used the nameless incantation to restrain their Qi.

Even after performing all of this, Han Li still felt apprehensive, not knowing if he would be able to escape detection from the two devil’s spiritual sense. After all, a Nascent Soul cultivator was certain to have far greater spiritual sense than an average Core Formation cultivator.

Unfortunately, Han Li had no way of knowing that over fifty kilometers away, Grandmaster Zenith Yin was standing in his original position with a leisurely expression, seeming to have given up his chase on the runaways. Additionally, there was a large red-robed, purple-faced man next to him along with over a dozen dark-green refined corpses.

In front of Grandmaster Zenith Yin and the purple-faced man was an unconscious middle-aged man floating in midair; he was being held up by strange needles emitting blue light that were stabbed into his body.

As for Elder Zhao and the others, they were behind the two, prostrated with fear, not daring to breathe too loudly. Even the Core Formation cultivators lacked the slightest trace of pride.

“I truly didn’t expect that Violet Spirit girl would actually escape! I had originally thought to hand her over to Fellow Daoist Scarletflame. It seems we’ll only be able to look for an opportunity in the future!” Grandmaster Zenith Yin said with a calm expression.

“Please don’t be disheartened, Senior Wu. Although that Violet Spirit girl is among the top ten furnace cauldrons I would consider, your grandson seems to have taken quite an interest in her. How about we leave her for him?” The large, purple-faced man chuckled.

“Then many thanks to Fellow Daoist Scarletflame! After we return, I’ll send twenty acceptable female cultivators to Turtle Source Island as compensation. Besides, your master can be considered my Senior. Please send him my respects!” After Grandmaster Zenith Yin heard this, his face revealed a rarely seen trace of a smile.

“Senior, I also haven’t seen my master for quite some time. If I see him, I will definitely mention you.” Eccentric Scarletflame spoke with an extremely polite tone before rolling his eyes and continued, “However, now that the Violet Spirit girl has escaped, she may contact the Star Palace. Are there any problems we should worry about?” Scarletflame revealed a trace of worry.

“The Star Palace? Hehe! There are no problems to be had.” Grandmaster Zenith Yin casually sneered.

“As far as I know, the Heavenly Star Palace’s elders are all in seclusion. Currently, they definitely won’t deal with any minor, trivial matters. Those two old bastards of the Star Palace are refining some technique called the Divine Essencefused Light for no reason. As a result, the two can only leave Heavenly Star City for half a month on a fixed date every year, otherwise their cultivation will greatly decline. It seems that during the next trip to the Heavenvoid Hall, we will have far less enemies to worry about.” Grandmaster Zenith Yin’s tone was laced with schadenfreude. The corner of Scarletflame’s mouth twitched.

“However, my master had mentioned this before. So long as the Heavenly Star City Sages remain in Heavenly Star City and draw the support of their essencefuses Mountain, they are an unstoppable existence. In addition, if they managed to cultivate to the great success stage of Divine Essencefused Light, they would no longer be confined to Heavenly Star City and would reign supreme in the Scattered Star Seas!” Scarletflame said with deep worry.