Chapter 390: Huge City

Chapter 390: Huge City

A moment later, the black dot in the distance gradually grew larger as he approached, slowly revealing a vast black shadow. Although he still couldn’t see it clearly, its prominent silhouette left Han Li awed by its astonishing magnificence.

When Han Li flew somewhat closer, he was able to roughly make out the contents of the shadow. It was a city, an enormous city that spanned the entire island.

But what caused Han Li the greatest astonishment was that the city was entirely different than those he had seen before. It wasn’t laid out on flat land; instead, the sky towering mountain at the center of the island serve as the foundation and the buildings were built in concentric circles around it.

The bottom of the huge mountain had rows and rows of buildings that spanned to the very edges of the island without a single gap.

This was without a doubt Heavenly Star City, the largest city in the Scattered Star Seas.

From the sky, the densely packed buildings appeared as small as ants. The scene left him shocked until he was about twenty kilometers away from the island, at which point he was forced to slow down his Divine Wind Boat.

Han Li was no longer alone in the nearby sky. Streaks of light far and near started to occasionally appear, flying towards Heavenly Star City.

Han Li inwardly sighed. Heavenly Star City’s reputation was well deserved. Even at such a far distance away, he saw many cultivators.

Once he was about ten kilometers away, there were an even greater number of various colored lights flying about. He even saw a few huge ships beneath him, cutting through the wind and waves.

But what rendered him speechless were the cultivators that chose to sail on small boats or even ride on low grade demon beasts on the sea instead of flying on a magic tool.

Han Li shook his head. After recovering from his awe, he accelerated into a streak of light. After a short moment, arrived at the shore of Heavenly Star Island.

He had now discovered that the island was surrounded by a lofty stone wall about a hundred meters high. Han Li was also able to make out that the expansive sea walls had over a dozen gates of various sizes.

While there were ports intended for mortal ships and bays for resting demon beasts, the obvious majority of incoming traffic, the lone cultivators, entered the city through the small gates. As such, Han Li flew towards a small city gate in a streak of azure light.

Although it was one of the smaller gates, when Han Li neared it, he saw that the gate was over twenty four meters tall and couldn’t help but laugh at himself with a faint smile.

In front of Han Li stood a dignified, azure-clothed woman whose cultivation seemed to be mid Foundation Establishment. Standing beneath the city gate, she was elegantly speaking to two white-clothed cultivators. After she handed over a few spirit stones, she casually donned a blue ring they had given her and entered the city with light steps.

Han Li then calmly walked over with Crooked Soul.

“Do you two plan to temporarily stay here or do you plan to take long term residence? If... Huh! So it turned out to be a senior! Senior, welcome to Heavenly Star City! According to the laws of the city, Core Formation cultivators are allowed free long term residence in the city. This is an identity ring. Please carefully hold onto it!”

The white clothed cultivator started speaking without blinking, but halfway through, he realized Crooked Soul was a Core Formation cultivator and hastily took something out from his sleeve. After sizing up Crooked Soul in surprise, he hastily spoke with a respectful tone and handed a red ring over to him.

“This is my first time coming to Heavenly Star City. What is this ring for?” Crooked Soul said with a coarse voice.

“The spirit ring is the certification of your status. Cultivators that only stay here temporarily wear a blue ring and only have to pay three spirit stones for entry. The spirit light on a blue ring only persists for seven days. Afterwards, the ring’s wearer would have to leave Heavenly Star City or go to the city gates and get a new one. Red rings are for cultivators that take permanent residence. Ordinary cultivators are required to pay eight hundred spirit stones for it. The red ring’s spirit light is everlasting and will memorize its owner once it absorbs their blood essence. As it will only shine for its owner, there is no need to worry that others might steal it.” The white-clothed early Foundation Establishment cultivator gave Crooked Soul a neutral explanation and raised his hand to reveal a shining red ring on his finger similar to the one in his palm.

Crooked Soul silently nodded his head and took the ring, he then dripped his blood essence on it after some slight hesitation and placed it on his finger.

“I must trouble Fellow Daoist to give me a red ring! I also plan on staying in this city for quite some time.” With a smile, Han Li took out eight hundred spirit stones from his storage pouch and offered it to one of the cultivators.

The two white-clothed cultivators appeared somewhat surprised, but wordlessly took the spirit stones and handed Han Li a red ring.

Han Li also dripped his blood essence onto the ring and wore it before entering the city with Crooked Soul.

The streets past the gate couldn’t be considered either narrow or wide. It was more than wide enough for four people to walk through at once or perhaps two carriages. The side of the streets were lined with rows of limestone buildings. From a glance, one could tell they were mortal stores, and they had nothing worth seeing.

There didn’t seem to be any cultivators on the streets with only a few mortals shopping and chatting; there was nothing present caught Han Li’s interest.

After a quick examination, he casually lifted his head to look at the sky and saw that a great number of lights were flying about, each indicating a cultivator soaring on their magic tool.

The largest city in the Scattered Star Seas actually didn’t have any air restrictions! It was going to make things quite easy for him and Crooked Soul. Han Li then took out his Divine Wind Boat and intended to take off before being interrupted.

“Sir Immortals, please wait!” A man from the side of the street shouted out, walking out from a store and respectfully saluting them. He was a lean man with a slanted mustache.

The two took a thorough look at him but found that he was a mortal that completely lacked magic power fluctuations.

Han Li revealed slight astonishment and asked with a slight frown, “What’s the matter? Have I met you before?”

The lean man spoke with a wide smile, “Hehe! My name is Lu Er, and this is my first time meeting these two Immortal Masters.”

Having heard this, Han Li’s expression darkened as he revealed displeasure. But without waiting for Han Li to speak, Lu Er hastily said, “This is your first time arriving at Heavenly Star City, yes? Certainly, these Immortal Masters are quite unfamiliar with the roads and circumstances of the city. Since I am a native, I know this city as well as the back of my hand. If these two Immortal Masters want to go somewhere or want to know where to handle their business, I could save Immortal Masters quite some trouble if I were to guide the way. My assistance only requires the payment of two spirit stones.”

With that said, Lu Er gazed at Han Li with an expectant expression. He seemed to have already made out that the youth was the master of the two.

Han Li faintly smiled and replied, “So it’s Lu Er? If your assistance is to my satisfaction, I will give you five spirit stones! But if you waste my time, I won’t give you a single one!” Then with a mysterious smile, Han Li boarded the Divine Wind Boat without paying Lu Er any further attention.

As Han Li stood on his boat, he gazed at Lu Er to the side.

At this moment, the mortal’s face incessantly shifted between dark and clear. After he saw Han Li gazing at him, he silently gritted his teeth and said, “Alright! I will follow Immortal Master! I will definitely satisfy the Immortal Masters’ expectations.”

Han Li faintly nodded his head indifferently and tapped his Divine Wind Boat, immediately sinking it close to the ground. Having seen this, Lu Er hastily boarded and carefully stood on it.

Soon after, the Divine Wind Boat slowly soared and flew towards the huge mountain at the center of the island.

After flying for about a hundred meters through the sky, Han Li turned his head towards Lu Er. He saw that although his face revealed slight fear, he didn’t show any signs of difficulty or intolerance. Inwardly nodding his head, Han Li casually asked, “It seems this isn’t the first time you’ve flown on a magic tool. Do you frequently act as a guide for foreign cultivators?”

“Previously, I’ve assisted six Immortal Masters. However, this is only my second time flying.” Lu Er spoke with a forced smile. The wind at a hundred meters in the air proved to be a bit too strong for a mortal.

Having seen that Lu Er’s expression had turned slightly green, Han Li faintly smiled and raised his hand. With a flash of blue light, a layer of blue mist covered the entirety of the Divine Wind Boat, protecting the three. Lu Er’s complexion immediately improved afterwards.

But without waiting for Lu Er to say any thanks, Han Li inquired, “First of all, tell me where I can find a place to cultivate in peace.”