Chapter 588: Sensual Kiss

Han Li was surprised that the woman had spoken so bluntly. However, his surprise only lasted for a moment before his expression quickly returned to normal. “The Umbra Realm is extremely dangerous, and surprises are almost certain to happen. It would be best that I immediately recover magic power so that I may take out a few treasures. Otherwise, we may be unprepared when danger comes knocking.”

Whe Mei Ning heard Han Li, she nodded without the slightest surprise, but she soon thought of something and a slight blush appeared on her face. She whispered, “If I still had magic power, I would be able to easily give you the Transient Spirit Qi with a mere touch of the hand. But under these circumstances, I am only able to transfer it to you through... through mouth to mouth contact.” When Mei Ning said ‘mouth to mouth contact’, she lowered her head and her voice grew nearly indiscernible.

Han Li was startled, but upon seeing her heart-wrenching bashfulness, his heartbeat quickened. In order to restore his magic power, he would have to kiss this beautiful woman. This was an alluring affair that Han Li wouldn’t even have thought of, arousing a strange sensation in his heart. The air in the room became obscurely warm.

Seeing Mei Ning silently lower her head, Han Li knew that she wouldn’t take the initiative despite having little experience in this regard. After all, they didn’t have a particularly intimate relationship.

With that thought, Han Li wordlessly stood up and arrived at the stone bed’s side with a blur, sitting closely at the woman’s side.

Mei Ning unconsciously pulled back, but Han Li’s arm was wrapped around her waist, holding her in place.

The woman’s heart began to heavily thump as she raised her head. When she saw Han Li’s mysterious smile, she bowed her head again with a blush. However, Han Li raised her head with his free hand and prevented her from turning away. Mei Ning felt her mind grew completely blank as her heart fluttered. Han Li took a deep breath and smelled her faint fragrance. Then when he saw the bashful charm that exuded from her eyes, his heart grew fervent and he could no longer restrain himself. He lowered his head and fiercely pressed his lips onto hers. 

It was warm, fragrant, and even a little sweet, arousing a feeling of ecstacy. As this occurred, Mei Ning’s eyes grew weak and despondent. But a short moment later, she regained her bearings and she weakly attempted to push Han Li away.

Although she had already made preparations for Han Li’s advance, she became overwhelmed with shyness as she faced the real thing and became completely flustered. Although this woman had many suitors, she had never been intimate with any of them.

The kiss sent waves of ecstasy throughout Han Li, leaving him filled with desire.

When she pushed her hands against Han Li, he boorishly pressed against her soft body. Taking advantage of the fact they were on the bed, he greedily grasped her lips with his own as if they were ambrosia.

Given Mei Ning’s inferior strength, she had lost hope of breaking free once she entered his embrace. Although she had weakly struggled for a moment, she had eventually given up all resistance and closed her eyes, taking in the dense masculine scent that surrounded her. Her cheeks were flushed red as her long eyelashes fluttered, and her mind grew confused and lost.

For a time, the woman had completely forgotten to bestow the Transient Spirit Qi.

However, due to Han Li’s exceedingly staunch will, he was able to regain clarity from his crazed passion after a short moment.

Han Li parted lips with Mei Ning for the time being and brought his mouth to her fine small ears. He chuckled and said, “Lady Mei, although the feeling of a man and a woman being together is truly wonderful, don’t forget to bestow the Transient Spirit Qi to me.”

When she heard this, her body trembled and her face grew to an even deeper shade of scarlet.

Han Li’s boorish behavior from before had now disappeared. He gently pressed his lips against her small mouth and began to feel a cold sensation slowly enter his body from their lips.

Han Li didn’t dare to be negligent and hastily climbed off Mei Ning and sat down cross-legged to the side as he began to circulate the spiritual Qi throughout his body.

Soon after, Mei Ning sat upright on the bed and flusteredly straightened out her disheveled robes with a scarlet face. For a time, she was incapable to regaining her bearings. The woman hesitantly stole a quick peek at Han Li and saw that his eyes were closed, causing her to unconsciously sigh in relief.

She then stood up from the bed and walked over to the chair that Han Li originally sat in. A complicated expression appeared on her face as she began to stare at Han Li’s tranquil expression.

After an unknown amount of time, Han Li eventually opened his eyes and saw the worried expression in Mei Ning’s eyes. In that instant, she hastily turned her face away, not daring to meet his gaze.

Han Li smiled upon seeing that the woman was at a loss. However, his smile immediately disappeared as he slapped his storage pouch. Items began to continuously emerge with flashes of white light, appearing at Han Li’s side. Not longer after, a large pile had formed.

There were materials such as demon beast hides among these items. It was unknown what Han Li intended to use them for.

“You can use magic power!” Although Mei Ning held confidence in her Transient Spirit Qi, she had shouted in joy upon seeing that Han Li was truly able to use his storage pouch.

Han Li smiled and said, “I don’t possess enough magic power to even cast low grade magic techniques, but opening a storage pouch shouldn’t be a problem.” After making sure that he had everything he needed, he put away the ancient treasures such as the golden mirrors, the flower basket, and the silver bell into the storage pouch with a wave of his sleeve.

When Mei Ning saw this, she was overwhelmed for a moment. An odd expression appeared on her face when she glanced at the pile of items at Han Li’s side.

Feeling that something was amiss, she hesitantly asked,“Brother Han, I haven’t asked you this yet. Are you a Foundation Establishment cultivator?” 

Han Li had no intention of concealing anything and openly replied, “Of course not. I am a Core Formation cultivator!”

“What!” Although Mei Ning had suspected this, she couldn’t but cry out in surprise.

Han Li chuckled and paid no further heed to the woman’s sudden change in expression. He slapped the spirit beast pouch at his side, summoning a small monkey in a flash of brilliance. Surprisingly, the Weeping Soul Beast was extremely excited once it appeared.  It sniffed around Han Li several times before frequently hopping around him.

Han Li’s heart stirred at the sight.

Having yet to recognize this famed beast, Mei Ning merely glanced at the monkey with a curious expression.

“Lady Mei, stay here for a moment. I wish to take advantage of my remaining magic power and attend to a few matters,” Han Li calmly said.

“A few matters?” The woman blinked in slight confusion.

Without saying anything further, Han Li began to store various items amongst his robes and departed from the room without paying any heed to the items he left behind.

Upon leaving the room, Han Li glanced around. The sky appeared the same as always since there was differentiation of day or night, but regardless, there was far less movement in the village. It was likely that a majority of people had fallen asleep.

Han Li beckoned to the Weeping Soul Beast, and had it enter his sleeve with a quick scamper. He then smiled at Mei Ning before confidently walking off. 

As for Mei Ning, she merely remained in the room with  blank confusion on her face.

Han Li walked through the village with extremely nimble movements, avoiding the gaze of others. In an instant, he stopped in front of one of the larger buildings in the village. After taking a quick glance around, he pushed open the door without any hesitation and walked inside. Han Li’s expression then revealed joy. As expected, this was one of the buildings that stored “dark water”.

Han Li took out several large capacity void containers that he early grabbed from his storage pouch and filled up about half of the building’s reserves before leaving.

Then after turning a few corners, he spotted a rather unusually fashioned stone building. His expression stirred and he stopped in place. If hadn’t guessed incorrectly, this should be the residence of the middle-aged man surnamed Feng.

At that moment, he felt his meager magic power begin to fade away.