Chapter 571: Disciple of Archsaint Six Paths

After Han Li’s spiritual sense was repelled, he naturally concluded that these arrivals weren’t ordinary cultivators. With the sneaky white silhouette easily dealt with by his Gold Devouring Beetles, Han Li could now focus the entirety of his attention on the newly arrived late Core Formation cultivator.

Han Li turned his gaze back into the valley and saw that the spell formation had become covered in an impenetrable barrier of pitch-black Yin Qi. He reckoned that Yuan Yao was at a crucial moment of the Soulrise Technique. If she were to be disturbed at this point, not only would Yan Li doomed to forever be nothing more than a disembodied soul, but Yan Yao would also receive terrible a backlash and injury.

Han Li frowned and turned his head around with a pensive expression.

Although he didn’t know where this youth had suddenly appeared from, he didn’t dare to underestimate him. Of course, Han Li wasn’t afraid of him in the slightest, either. Confident in his fantastical magic treasures, Han Li viewed no Core Formation cultivator as a threat.

He then pondered about whether or not he should take the initiative to eliminate him. After all, the new arrival appeared to be a rather problematic individual and if he were to join hands with other cultivators, it could prove extremely troublesome. With a sudden change of expression, Han Li immediately stood up with narrowed eyes.

The man had departed the carriage and was now flying towards Han Li with the beautiful young woman in tow.

Han Li’s expression grew solemn and raised his hands, releasing over ten of his huge puppets to protect the valley while he was gone. He then stamped his foot without any further hesitation and flew towards the man and woman in a streak of azure light.

If he had a confrontation with cultivators near the valley, it could disrupt Yuan Yao’s ritual. From how strong the enemy appeared, he reckoned it would take some time to kill him. As such, he could only take the opportunity to approach him and force him to stay away from the valley.

The elegant youth didn’t fly particularly fast and after a moment, Han Li met him at the edge of the island.

Han Li had already changed his appearance long before assuming the role of protector. As a result, he had no fear of being recognized as the one who had seized the Heavenvoid Cauldron. 

With about four hundred meters separating them, Han Li expressionly gazed at the elegant man and the beautiful woman following him. A trace of astonishment flickered within his eyes after he examined them.

Although the golden light glowing from his forehead was eye-catching, it merely showed that his cultivation art was somewhat peculiar. However, Han Li couldn’t help but look at the astonishingly beautiful woman at his side in awe.

For some unknown reason, Han Li felt a trace of familiarity towards her as if he had seen them somewhere before, especially with her clear eyes.

However, Han Li was positive that this was the first time he had seen the gorgeous young woman. Had he seen her before, she definitely would’ve left an impression.

At that moment, both of them were glancing at Han Li.

Wen Tianren held his arms behind his back and a strange expression flickered within his eyes. He then smiled and said, “Might I know your esteemed name? Is the one performing the heaven-defying technique your Dao Companion?” 

When Han Li heard this, he felt his heart tremble. The elegant man obviously knew the origins of the heavenly omen, revealing that he was far more fearsome than he had imagined.

“My name isn’t anything important. However, I must insist that you Fellow Daoists turn back! Since you already know that the heavenly omen isn’t a sign of a treasure emerging, then why have you two come to this island?” Han Li emotionlessly asked.

The young man indifferently said, “I’m not here for the heavenly omen, but for you!”

“For me?” Han Li frowned. This was beyond what he had expected.

A trace of hostility appeared on Wen Tianren’s elegant face as he icily said, “That’s right! If your esteemed self is unwilling to tell me your name, then I won’t demand it. However, I do have some knowledge of the Core Formation cultivators in each sect, and from your unfamiliar appearance, it appears that you are a vagrant cultivator. Since that is the case, I will give you and your Dao companion two choices. You either enter the coalition, and become an enforcer of my Divine Dove Hall, following all of my commands. Or you will die here by my hand.”

“Listen to your orders? Enter your coalition? You’re a member of the Starfall Coalition?” When Han Li heard him, he was stunned, but soon reexamined the man with gaze of doubt.

The young woman said with a neutral tone, “Young Master Wen is a brilliant student of the Starfall Coalition’s Archsaint Six Paths. It wouldn’t be considered a disgrace if you were to swear allegiance to him. Additionally, with Fellow Daoist’s cultivation, you will be placed in an important position within the coalition.” 

“You’re a disciple of Archsaint Six Paths?” Han Li’s expression stirred. Although he knew the man’s identity had to be unordinary, he hadn’t expected it to be shocking to this degree.

When Wen Tianren saw Han Li’s shock, his expression remained the same despite a trace of pride appearing in his eyes. He happily enjoyed the amazement he saw from Han Li when he heard of his identity. He didn’t feel any shame in using his identity as Archsaint Six Paths’ disciple, as he considered one’s identity to be a resource.

However, Wen Tianren’s spirits quickly fell when Han Li’s expression turned into a sneer.

Using a derisive tone, Han Li said, “So it turned out to be a young master of the Starfall Coalition. I apologize for my lack of manners! However, I don’t possess the slightest intention of entering your esteemed coalition, nor do I have any intention of dying. Rather, I have another proposal. How about I take Young Master Wen’s life instead?” 

From Wen Tianren’s overbearing manner, he clearly understood that this man wasn’t benevolent in the slightest. Not only did he feel a trace of killing intent from his spiritual sense, but he faintly felt that the young master planned on killing him regardless of whether or not he surrendered. Since Han Li was going to end up fighting him either way, he saw little reason to bother entertaining him. Others might hold the enormous Starfall Alliance in fear, but Han Li held it in little regard. After all, with the Heavenvoid Cauldron in his possession, he may as well be a fugitive from everyone in the Inner Star Seas.

“Good, very good!” Wen Tianren furiously smiled and stared at Han Li with an increasingly icy gaze. In the instant, he finished speaking, he spat out a streak of blue light.

Just as the blue light left his mouth, it burst with dazzling light and disappeared from sight.

Han Li’s face grew stern, and he unconsciously waved the jade scepter in his hand, causing a barrier of red and yellow light to instantly cover him.

In the moment the barrier appeared, the blue light had struck the light barrier with a muffled thump.

Han Li’s expression faintly changed after being pushed back ten meters by the strike.

At that moment, he clearly saw that the blue streak was a peculiar awl that was several inches long. It crackled with blue light and had talisman characters winding around it. 

Without any further thought, Han Li flicked his fingers, sending ten streaks of azure sword Qi in the direction of the blue awl.

Without any further reservations, Han Li slapped his storage pouch and took out his Five Element Bands. They immediately shined a rainbow light and hummed. With his other hand, he flung out over twenty flying swords in the direction of Wen Tiannren.

Wen Tianren didn’t appear surprised in the slightest at having his attack blocked. Instead, he calmly pressed his hands together and summoned a small flag. The four-inch long flag flickered with purple light and possessed an astonishing spiritual Qi.

At that same moment, he glanced in front of him to see a swarm of flying swords and revealed an expression of surprise. He didn’t dare to be negligent and quickly waved the purple flag in his hand, causing countless purple clouds to be spurt out. They completely enveloped him and hid him from view.

A trace of annoyance appeared in Han Li’s eyes, as he had wanted to use the Five Element Bands to restrain Wen Tianren. Instead, he had the bands combine into one huge ring and protect his body. At that same moment, he formed an incantation gesture with his hands, activating the Swordshadow Phantasm Technique.

The twenty four azure swords suddenly blurred and multiplied into a swarm of ninety-six azure streaks, piercing though the azure cloud in an overbearing assault.

When the gorgeous young woman saw this from a distance, she revealed astonishment and her expression paled from shock and disbelief. Soon, a complicated expression flickered across her face.

The azure streaks of light were like countless wasps as they continuously pierced through the clouds. However, their countless strikes passed through the cloud as if nothing were there.

When Han Li saw this, he unconsciously frowned and his expression turned grim. Although he knew that he wouldn’t so easily rid himself of Wen Tianren, this person had yet again exceeded his expectations.

With that thought, he pointed to his flying swords and had them revolve once more around the azure clouds as they hummed, transforming into ten-meter-long swords that emitted a suffocating pressure.

At that same moment, Han Li slapped the spirit beast pouch at his waist.