Chapter 550: Helplessness in a Crisis

Chapter 550: Helplessness in a Crisis

The Venomous Flood Dragon bellowed and his body flourished with scarlet light as he thought to immediately attack Han Li. But at nearly the same time, the demon’s face immediately grimaced and he fell to his knees with a bang. He helplessly stared at the swelling in his body and remained still in his powerlessness.

“You’re courting death!” Feng Xi furiously yelled. A flash of white light flickered from his face; his body then disappearing from sight. A moment later, he appeared behind Han Li, and fiercely swiped down with a black claw.

His movements were near instantaneous. Although Han Li had already prepared himself, he still wasn’t able to keep up with his movements. He could only do his utmost to throw his body to the side.

Clang! Han Li was pushed away by a huge force and was thrown over thirty meters away. Han Li then stood back up with obvious difficulty.

The single strike of the grade nine demon beast’s claw wasn’t able to immediately kill Han Li. The demon cultivator couldn’t help but pause, an ominous glint soon flickering across his eyes as he stared at where he had struck Han Li. The tears in his clothes revealed silver white scales. A majority of them were shattered from the strike, revealing a twinkling, jet-black cloth underneath.

“Inner armor?” Feng Xi was greatly surprised, but he soon scoffed and wordlessly turned into wind once more, disappearing without a trace.

The inner armor was clearly an extremely fine treasure for it to be able to withstand one of his strikes. However, the armor wouldn’t be able to save his life a second time.

Han Li also recognized his previous survival to only be a result of luck. He was sure that strike should’ve been able to kill him. Man Huzi’s Royal Scale Plate was truly an extraordinary treasure to be able to ward off a strike from a grade nine demon beast.

With the precious time the armor had bought, Han Li firmly regained his footing. Golden lightning surged throughout his body without the slightest thought, accompanied by a blinding flourish of azure light that took the form of a huge azure essence swordshield. He also raised his arms and summoned twenty-four azure swords from within his body, instantly forming a barrier around him.

Just as Han Li finished doing this, Feng Xi’s tall stature appeared in front of Han Li yet again. With a sinister glare, he opened his mouth and revealed a blinding white light.

Han Li’s expression abruptly changed as he inwardly cursed in helplessness. He was fundamentally incapable of surviving if the old demon was going to use his demon core in a direct attack.

As Han Li felt his heart freeze, Feng Xi suddenly closed his mouth and his body swayed. His face wore an unsightly expression as he lost his footing.

Han Li was immediately roused from his shock, noticing that the demon cultivator had started to tremble. Moreover, his abdomen began to show protrusions. Although this old demon had a much deeper cultivation than the other two, the effects of the green liquid had eventually taken hold.

Han Li was overjoyed and pointed at him without the slightest hesitation. The twenty-four Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords surged towards Feng Xi and began to wildly strike at him from every angle.

After only a short moment, Han Li’s smile grew rigid.

Although the Windbreaker Beast was painfully on his knees and his hands where tightly gripping his abdomen, he had managed to envelop his body in a layer of faint white light. The flying swords alone weren’t able to break through the light barrier in even the slightest. Additionally, the demon cultivator was still able to force his head up to fiercely glare at Han Li. Although he couldn’t speak, his eyes were full of malice.

With a single glance, Han Li felt his heart drop. Pondering for a short moment, Han Li concluded there should be some sort of treasure protecting Feng Xi. Otherwise, he definitely would’ve been able slay Han Li with even the slightest control over his magic power, given his immense hatred for Han Li.

Han Li’s heart grew calm at the thought and he quickly formed an incantation gesture with his hands. The flying swords merged together, forming two balls of blinding azure lights. The two balls of light faded away to reveal two azure swords about ten meters long; they glowed with an imposingly cold light.

With a strange expression flickering within his eyes, Han Li silently opened his mouth and spouted a cloud of azure Qi onto each sword, causing them to flourish with splendor. With a series of light hums, they then chopped down towards the Windbreaker Beast.

The huge swords fiercely struck the white light with a bang. Azure and white light intertwined, but in the end, the two swords were only able to cut several inches into the white light before they were forcefully repelled.

Han Li blankly stared at the scene, but Feng Xi wore a trace of a sneer.

Han Li couldn’t help but tremble upon seeing his expression. Although Feng Xi was crippled, Han Li had no method of harming him. Apart from the throbbing in Feng Xi’s swollen abdomen, there wasn’t much of a change to his limbs or head. The demon cultivator seemed to be forcefully suppressing the effects of the green liquid.

Han Li’s expression changed as he suddenly through of something. He hastily turned his gaze to the other demons and felt his heart tremble.

The flood dragon and demon tortoise still had inflated bodies. However, their heads and limbs had started to shrink. It appeared that their bodies were releasing the spiritual Qi without restraint. It was clear that they were suppressing the green liquid, but at a much slower rate than the Windbreaker Beast due to their lower cultivation.

Han Li instantly pointed to the two huge swords, causing them to strike the two demons as streaks of azure light. Since the swords couldn’t deal with the Windbreaker Beast, it would be better to first deal with the other two demons!

Afterwards, Han Li steeled his mind and slapped the spirit beast pouch at his waist. Countless Gold Devouring Beetles filled the room. With a low-pitch whistle, Han Li directed them towards Feng Xi.

Feng Xi’s eyes revealed astonishment upon seeing the beetles appear. In the following moment, the countless beetles enveloped the white light in layers and started gnawing at the white light.

At that moment, the two huge swords chopped down upon the demon tortoise and flood dragon. Although their eyes widened, they couldn’t move in the slightest. They could only watch as the azure swords struck their body. Two violent clangs were produced from the strike, but not the slightest damage was done.

Han Li was left stunned by the result. “How could this be? The Windbreaker Beast has a treasure protecting his body that is able to block the flying swords. But these demons were able to repel the swords with their bodies alone without receiving even the slightest damage! How could the bodies of these grade eight demon beasts be so hard?”

Of course, Han Li wasn’t about to give up after just this.

He pointed to the two huge swords and caused them to release arm-thick bolts of lightning onto the two demons.

The two demons appeared quite pained upon receiving the lightning, but they remained uninjured. However, their expressions only grew most hostile as a result. Presumably, their first thoughts after regaining control of their bodies would be to tear Han Li apart.

Han Li felt a slight pang of fear at the thought and then turned his head over to look at his Gold Devouring Beetles. After some thought, he had the Gold Devouring Beetles float into the air and reveal the demon cultivator underneath.

Although the white light had somewhat dimmed, the demon beast was still safe and sound underneath the white light. It was truly proving difficult for Han Li to deal with. Even after the simultaneous feasting of tens of thousands of Gold Devouring Beetles, they had only managed to slightly weaken it. The power of Feng Xi’s protective treasure was truly beyond reason.

Just as Han Li hesitated on whether he wanted the Gold Devouring Beetles to continue swarming around Feng Xi, Feng Xi regained the ability to speak.

The demon wore a vicious expression as he strenuously spoke, “Human! Do you believe that a trifling Core Formation cultivator is somehow capable of dealing with metamorphosis stage demons? In a moment, we will give you a taste of what it means to desire death.” Although his tone was calm, his words were staunch and threatening.

When Han Li heard those words, he regained clarity of mind. “Humph! Is that so?”

Without further hesitation, he pointed to the Gold Devouring Beetles in the air, causing them to change direction towards the other two demons with a ferocious buzz.

The two huge swords then made their way towards the rainbow light barrier.

Fenx Xi saw Han Li’s actions and started to panic. He hurriedly yelled at him with a fearful expression, “Stop! What folly are you up to? Do you wish to be pursued by all the flood dragons in these seas? And the Thunderstorm Wings have yet to be completed. If you take them out now all will be lost. Furthermore, those spirit wings can only be controlled using both spirit and lightning power. What use is there in you taking it?”

Han Li sneered and showed no sign of stopping. The insect swarms fell upon the two demons in an instant, and the two huge swords’ strikes had nearly collapsed the rainbow refinement barrier. After all, the barrier’s purpose was to refine magic tools; it wasn’t made with defensive capabilities in mind.

Feng Xi’s green eyes grew crimson upon see this, but the strange ailment that affected his body continued to prevent him from taking any action.

In the following moment, the Venomous Flood dragon released a heaven-shaking screech.

Scarlet bloodlight ruptured from within the beetles. Upon touching the bloodlight, the beetles immediately turned into drops of black liquid and released yellow smoke.

The scarlet mist was amazingly toxic.

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