Chapter 381: Rare Treasures Conquer the Demon

Chapter 381: Rare Treasures Conquer the Demon

“Initiate the spell formation!” Feng Sanniang loudly yelled as she waved the blue banner in her hands, causing blue circular ripples to suddenly flow from the banner.

The others followed suit, silently waving their formation flags. In an instant, a blue brilliance enveloped all of them. After several flashes of light, they all disappeared without a trace. From a distance, only an empty sea could be seen where they once were.

A moment later, two streaks of light flew past this area without any intention of slowing down as if they were truly fleeing for their lives. The white mist behind them closely followed after them without a single shred of doubt.

As soon as the white mist flew into range of the magic formation, it was surrounded by a drizzle of blue radiance and a huge barrier of blue light appeared out of nowhere, trapping it within. At this moment, Feng Sanniang and the others all appeared around the barrier.

They all had their flags lifted high and pointed at the light barrier, shooting out blue light beams with the thickness of a bowl. As the huge light barrier absorbed the beams, its shine became increasingly brighter and its color became deeper.

After this occurred, the yellow and golden streaks of light immediately flew to above the light barrier. The light then faded away to reveal Elder Miao and burly man with long, messy hair.

“Good, well done! Next, you must withstand the beast’s counterattack and allow us to use this opportunity to take it out with our rare treasures!” Elder Miao shouted out with a joyful expression.

After a mutual glance with Elder Gu, the two each reached for their chest and took out a pair of ancient, worn copper longspears. Other than their dull, shineless tips, there was nothing else of note.

The two Core Formation elders of the Six United Palaces grew solemn and started muttering to themselves. The longspears then floated away from their grasps and released a yellow glow that gradually grew brighter.

At that moment, the Infant Carp Beast seemed to realize it was trapped. After a series of mournful infant cries, the huge, three-hundred-meter wide white mist suddenly shrank back towards its center. In the blink of an eye, it shrank to about forty meters, forming a milky-white barrier of mist.

At the same time, thunderous wails came from the mist and momentously turned into a single cry, deafening the cultivators surrounding the formation and causing them to feel alarmed.

After the infant’s wails suddenly stopped, countless, fist-sized spheres of blue light shot out from the mist, launching an overbearing assault against the blue light barrier. The fierce momentum of the attack caused everyone’s heart to skip a beat!

When the light spheres were thirty meters away from the barrier, they released shining azure clouds. A fraction of the light spheres flashed within their clouds and faded away, only to appear again above the white mist. Afterwards, it struck down; a portion of these attacks had actually returned, dodging away from the formation spell.

However, the light spheres were truly great in number, and a majority of them managed to strike the blue barrier.

Suddenly, both the blue light barrier and the white mist violently erupted with white radiance, but the white mist’s light disappeared with a single flash. As for the light barrier, its walls were shaking. The blue and white light flickered, interweaving with one another as if the light barrier were about to collapse.

“Everyone, quickly use more magic power! This is one of the Infant Carp Beast’s killing moves, Divine Waterstar Thunder. We only have to persist for a few minutes more!” Feng Sanniang shouted out with a flustered expression. She then took the initiative to say an incantation and spurted out some blood essence towards the banner in her hand. Its blue light flourished, releasing a light beam several times thicker than its original which immediately steadied the light barrier.

When the others saw this, they could only perform their own techniques to draw the entirety of their body’s magic power to forcefully support the formation.

Han Li was somewhat surprised. He hadn’t expected that the infant carp beast would so quickly fight with all its might. This demon beast’s ferociousness was truly beyond reason!

Up above the magic formation, the two Core Formation cultivator’s copper spears began a strange transformation. As they were chanting a mysterious incantation with solemn expressions, the yellow light emitted from the spears grew larger inch by inch, and the long spears started to point down towards the center of the white mist.

The Infant Carp Beast within the white mist seemed to sense the danger that was above it and suddenly released a deafening cry.

The white mist gradually rotated at increasingly faster speeds. After a short moment, it had formed a huge whirlwind and swept up a huge torrent of water. The tempest also carried bits of blue radiance, extremely dangerous units of Divine Waterstar Thunder.

Qing Suanzi and company became aghast at the sight and couldn’t help but nervously glance at Feng Sanniang. However, she appeared equivalently terrified and didn’t seem to know what astonishing magic technique the Infant Carp Beast had used.

Han Li’s expression became gloomy as he silently ordered Crooked Soul to send the entirety of his magic power into the formation. Although he didn’t know what divine ability the Infant Carp Beast had used, it appeared that the attack would free the demon beast.

With that in mind, Han Li couldn’t help but look towards the sky and saw that the two long spears had already become about thirty meters long, faintly releasing a clear, pleasant ring.

The two Core Formation elders then formed a strange hand incantation while rigidly staring at the huge spears. Their initial incantation still continued on as their expressions became intense and their foreheads were faintly laden with sweat.

As the bewildering cries of the beast continued, the huge, white-blue tempest suddenly collided against the light barrier like an overbearing strike of lightning. As it was over a hundred meters tall, it carried an astonishing pressure.

The faces of the middle-aged Confucian scholar and the young woman by his side paled as if they were drained of blood. As the direction of this fearsome attack was towards his corner of the formation, he couldn’t help but inwardly complain without end.

He helplessly gritted his teeth and enveloped his body in a dazzling barrier interwoven with both yellow and blue radiance. Afterwards, he rigidly held onto the formation flag and poured the entirety of his spiritual power into the flagpole, causing the flag to shoot out a light beam that was many times thicker than before. Just as this happened, the huge tempest struck the barrier, losing its momentum and seeming to have no effect.

Suddenly, sounds of thunder, cries, and rupture suddenly rang out. The light barrier only managed to endure for a short moment before collapsing amongst the beast’s dreadful wails.

Crooked Soul and the other cultivators maintaining the formation all displayed shock and spit out a mouthful of blood.

When the middle-aged Confucian scholar had spit out blood, his Dao companion wordlessly dragged him off, escaping to an area about a hundred meters away.

Just as the great formation ruptured and the Foundation Establishment cultivators paled, a furious shout echoed from the skies, “Evil Beast, accept your death!”

Immediately after this was spoken, two huge yellow streaks of light struck down like bolts of lightning into the huge tempest. With a loud, mournful infant’s wail, the sea abruptly became deathly quiet, and the mist gradually dispersed to reveal the true body of the Infant Carp Beast. As for the two copper spears, they had returned to their original form, and their flashes of yellow light reflected against the sea as they were nailed into the beast’s body.

Han Li quickly had Crooked Soul take out a mid-grade spirit stone and recover his magic power without delay as he brought his attention to down below.

The Infant Carp Beast appeared extremely strange. It had the head of a young infant with the body and tail of a blue carp. There were also four smooth, white human arms growing from its lower body as well as two huge fins that seemed to act as wings.

But what was most strange was that its four arms each held a distinct item: a huge crabturtle, a meter long stick of coral, a white, egg-sized pearl, and a silver, shield-like clamshell. From a single glance at the items’ shining appearance, one could tell they were precious items.

The beast’s infant head appeared to have an expression of anguish as if it were still screaming. Once Han Li saw the lines of sharp teeth in its open mouth, he felt aghast.

As for its three-meter-long carp body, it continuously flailed about, wanting to escape from the two copper spears that pierced it.

However, the two copper spears seemed to be innately baneful to demon beasts. Regardless of how much it struggled, the spears remained rigidly nailed into the still water. It seemed almost as if they were eating away at the beast.

The two Core Formation elders that threw the copper spears appeared just as exhausted as Han Li and the others. It was obvious that releasing these two rare treasures had somewhat damaged their Origin Qi. However, they still flew over with an expression of intense ecstasy. The other Foundation Establishment cultivators couldn’t help but stare at the Infant Carp Beast with greed. But when they spotted Feng Sanniang eying them like a tiger watching its prey, they completely relinquished any intentions of greed, swallowing their mouthfuls of saliva, and glancing at the two spears that extinguished the beast.

The two Core Formation cultivators excitedly flew over. But when they were only about a hundred meters away from the Infant Carp Beast, an evil wind that was black as ink suddenly blew from underneath the demon beast. A kilometer of the sea’s surface condensed into a shining white ball of ice with the beast at its center before soaring towards the sky and pouncing downward onto the Core Formation cultivators. This abrupt and unexpected event left everyone stunned!