Chapter 540: Concubine

Chapter 540: Concubine

The island had several mountains that rose above three hundred meters, and were lush with verdant forestry and filled with many trees.

Han Li circled around the mountains before descending onto one of them with Wen Siyue in tow.

Under the woman’s astonished gaze, Han Li released his flying swords and carved a small cave residence into the mountain after a few hours. Although the cave residence was less than half the size of his cave residence in the misty island and was far more crude, it still had a bedroom, and seclusion room, along with a tool refinement room, medicinal garden and so on.

Han Li appeared quite satisfied and placed down several formation spells around it before bringing Wen Siyue inside.

Han Li brought Wen Siyue into the bedroom and sat on a hurriedly carved stone chair. After examining the woman, he leisurely said, “You will be living here from now on. I will tell you the incantations for the spell formations. This place is quite secluded. If you diligently cultivate, there is a chance you’ll enter Core Formation.”

“Many thanks, Senior Li!” Wen Siyue blushed underneath Han Li’s gaze, appearing to be at a complete loss about what to do.

Han Li smiled, “Senior Li?”

Wen Siyue hastily hung her pretty head and hesitantly said, “Sorry... Should I call you...?”

Having just become his concubine, she didn’t know how she should address him.

Han Li rubbed his nose and indifferently said, “You can call me Mister Li!” Han Li had yet to reveal his true appearance. He had still assumed the form of a middle-aged man.

After a moment of hesitation, Wen Siyue obediently replied, “Yes, Mister Li!”

Han Li nodded his head with satisfaction and thought about what he should say. He then softly asked, “When did Fellow Daoist Wen arrive at the Scattered Star Seas, and how did Lady Fan become the Exquisite Sound Sect’s Sect Leader? According to my knowledge, Fairy Violet Spirit should’ve been the sect leader.”

“Yi! Mister Li seems quite knowledgeable of the sect’s past.” Wen Siyue was quite amazed that Han Li had made inquiries about the Exquisite Sound Sect instead of hurriedly asking about the demon beast nest.

But after some thought, she opened her almond lips and explained, “The Exquisite Sound Sect was entirely managed by the Young Sect Master before we teleported to the Outer Star Seas. But while she was out at Heavenvoid Hall, a startling change occurred when we returned to the sect. The Envoy of the Left disappeared without a trace and all of the power in the sect fell into the hands of an outsider and the Envoy of the Right, Lady Fan. I later discovered that this cultivator was a Devil Dao cultivator and that the Exquisite Sound Sect had already become a vassal of the Devil Dao. In order to establish herself as sect master, Lady Fan immediately gathered together a large number of disciples and sent us through Heavenly Star City’s transportation formation. At the time, I had been coerced into travelling along. Since then, our sect has handled this hidden city. The disloyal female disciples have been mysteriously disappearing over the past few years and those that have been given away were never seen again. Were it not for Mister Li saving my life earlier, I fear I would’ve become a cultivation vessel.” Wen Siyue dimly said.

Han Li’s expression stirred. Hiding his intentions, he asked, “What did your Sect Master Fan do in the Outer Star Seas? It can’t be that she only managed the hidden city!”

“I am not too sure about this. However, Lady Fan and that Devil Dao cultivator surnamed Yun were gathering all sorts of information with the assistance of the hidden city as if they were looking for something.” Wen Siyue spoke with uncertainty and an expression of doubt appeared on her face.

When Han Li heard this, he ceased asking questions and started to mull over what she had said. It seemed a violent usurpation had occurred while he and Fairy Violet Spirit were trapped in Heavenvoid Hall.

With the successful usurpation of power, Lady Fan immediately brought large quantities of disciples to Wondrous Depths Island. Afterwards, the Starfall Coalition had launched an attack on Heavenly Star City. It seemed that regardless of how the Devil Dao took over the Exquisite Sound Sect, it was clear that the influence of the Starfall Coalition was immense. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to take over the sect at such an opportune time.

By the time Fairy Violet Spirit returned from Heavenvoid Hall, she would’ve discovered that her sect was gone.

As for the Devil Dao powers, they were drawing support from the Exquisite Sound Sect to find someone or something in the Outer Star Seas. This was yet another mysterious aspect that had nothing to do with Han Li. Hence, he was disinclined to further ask about it. Furthermore, he had already become irreconcilable enemies with Daoist Master Swift Crane, and it seemed the current Exquisite Sound Sect had a relationship with him. As such, Han Li was even more unwilling to be tied down by them and had refused Lady Fan’s proposal.

As for returning to the Inner Star Seas, Han Li wasn’t even considering the matter until after he broke through his bottleneck. While it was true that demon beasts were running amuck in this land, with the greatly desired Heavenvoid Cauldron in his hands, the Inner Star Seas might not necessarily be safer.

Han Li repeatedly mulled over Wen Siyue’s words in his mind after a short moment. He found nothing that sounded incorrect; to the best of his knowledge, she was telling the truth.

It was only natural for Han Li to be this careful, as he possessed the famed Heavenvoid Cauldron. Who knows how many Nascent Soul Eccentrics wanted to lay their hands on it. Even since ancient times, countless men had suffered from the wily tricks of beautiful women. Han Li didn’t wish to become one of them out of a moment of carelessness.

But of course, the odds of this woman attempting to deceive him were next to nothing. He had suddenly appeared before her as a person that nobody recognized and brought her to an unknown place. He was also under the effect of a secret technique that even early Nascent Soul cultivators couldn’t see through.

At that moment, Wen Siyue saw Han Li’s expression fluctuate, and she unconsciously revealed a trace of restlessness.

Having finally collected his thoughts, Han Li noticed the beautiful woman’s peculiarity. He faintly smiled and said, “I’ve already brought you away from the hidden city, and I’ve even arranged this location for you. How about you tell me about the location of the demon beast nest? After you tell me, I’ll immediately head off and you’ll never see me again.”

Wen Siyue blankly stared for a moment before revealing surprise, “Senior doesn’t intend on taking me in as a concubine?”

Han Li calmly said, “I am used to travelling alone. I don’t need anybody following after me.”

After a moment of silence, her beautiful face wore a complicated expression and she gently shook her head. After a strange emotion flickered within her eyes, she serenely said, “Many thanks for Mister Li’s kindness! But since I’ve already decided to become your concubine, I don’t have any thoughts of reneging on it. Senior, please be at ease, Siyue will keep her promise without complaint.”

Han Li clearly understood the woman’s apprehension, and he couldn’t help but mysterious smile, saying, “I don’t know what Fellow Daoist Wen intends, but my words hold firm. If Fellow Daoist truly wishes to settle the matter and become my wife, I won’t further decline. When that happens, Fellow Daoist Wen had better not regret it!”

He was certain that Wen Siyue didn’t want to become anybody’s concubine. The conditions raised in the hidden city were most likely raised out of helplessness.

Although being a concubine was far better than being a cultivation vessel, there weren’t any Foundation Establishment woman that would be willing to become someone else’s concubine. This only happened in desperate circumstances or under coercion.

Although Han Li felt quite tempted by Wen Siyue’s exceptional beauty, he clearly understood that he was at a crucial point in his cultivation. He couldn’t afford to keep a Foundation Establishment woman by his side. It would be far better to let her go free and drop the subject!

“I...” Doubts began to surface after Han Li explained his words. Hesitation appeared on her face.

A trace of amusement appeared within his eyes. Han Li softly said, “What? Don’t tell me that Fellow Daoist still wishes to become my concubine?”

“No!” Wen Siyue’s hurriedly refused and after a moment’s pause, she bit her lip and saluted Han Li, saying, “I... I must give many thanks to Mister Li! Junior Wen Siyue will never forget your kindness!” Her expression was filled with anxious fright.

“Since that is the case, let’s drop the matter of being a concubine. There is no need for Fellow Daoist Wen to take it seriously.” Han Li had no intentions of deliberately making this difficult.

“Many thanks, Mister Li!” Wen Siyue was joyfully surprised! Her expression relaxed and her flowery beauty blossomed, producing an emotionally stirring scene.

Upon seeing this, Han Li felt a ripple of emotion, but he quickly buried this emotion at the bottom of his heart.

After calming himself, Han Li serenely asked, “Fellow Daoist Wen, how about telling me about the Wind Breaker Beast!”

Wen Siyue’s smile disappeared. She said with a worried tone, “Mister Li, the Windbreaker Beast’s nest is somewhat dangerous. It is near the edge of the depths. Please clearly consider it for a moment before heading out to the nest.”

“The edge of the depths?” Han Li frowned. It seemed this would prove quite troublesome.

The current depths were beyond dangerous!

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