Chapter 532: Cultivation Vessel

Chapter 532: Cultivation Vessel

Woosh. A huge ape emerged from the light barrier, and walked several steps towards the kneeling young woman before halting.

The expressions of the others changed upon seeing this, watching the puppet with worry. The yellow-robed woman opened her bright, reddish eyes and vacantly stared at the huge ape.

“Regardless of the truth of what you said, you still are quite pitiful. However, I have never done anything without profit. I sense that you are still a virgin, and I have cultivated to a bottleneck. Perhaps, I could break through it with the assistance of pair cultivation. If you are willing to become my cultivation vessel, enter the spell formation and I will give your companions a bottle of three Vital Essence Pills. It should be more than enough to save your father. I will not force you, nor will I take advantage of the weak. If you are unwilling, then you may leave. Just act as if you never met me.” The man’s voice was ice-cold, containing not the slightest emotion.

At that moment, the huge ape puppet extended its arms, revealing a small bottle of sparkling white jade. It presented the bottle to the kneeling woman before it.

The young woman’s mind grew blank after hearing this. Although she was young, she still knew about the meaning of pair cultivation and cultivation vessels. Her originally pale-white face, unconsciously blushed. Still, she unhesitatingly replied, “Good. So long as my father can recover, Junior is willing to become Senior’s cultivation vessel.” With that said, the young woman reached out and took the bottle into her hands before slowly standing up.

The middle-aged man was greatly shocked by the young woman’s words and panickedly shouted, “Xian’er! How could you do this? What will I tell your father?”

The others’ expressions also greatly changed upon hearing her, and they each attempted to dissuade her.

The young woman didn’t respond to the old man’s outburst. Instead, she offered the jade bottle to him and calmly asked, “Martial Uncle, can you please check the medicine pills in the bottle and see whether or not they will be of use towards my father?”

“You…!” Sigh! The middle-aged cultivator took and jade bottle and glanced at the young woman’s tender, expressionless face before letting out a long sigh. Knowing that he couldn’t change her mind, he could only sullenly take the jade bottle and examine the faint blue medicine pills within.

A peculiar scent slowly spread throughout the air surrounding. All those who smelled it would feel their minds and bodies become free of burden.

The middle-aged cultivator lost focus after smelling the pills’ medicinal scent. After taking another whiff, he shouted out in surprise, “These are medicine pills refined from demon cores!”

The young woman remained calm and thoroughly asked, “They were refined with demon cores? Will these Vital Essence Pills heal my father?”

The middle-aged cultivator’s expression grew complicated. After hesitating for a moment, he truthfully said, “Although I don’t know the specific effects of this pill, it is an exceptionally rare item. It is unlikely to be fake.”

“Many thanks for Martial Uncle’s answer. Xian’er now feels relieved, but I’m afraid I must trouble Martial Uncle to bring it back and tell my father what happened. If only this unfilial daughter had never been born.” The young woman sighed. With reddened eyes, she turned around and headed into the light barrier.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed several times. He opened his mouth but couldn’t bring himself to say anything. All he could do was take the jade bottle into his hands.

At that moment, the huge ape puppet soon returned into the light barrier. The opening had begun to slowly close.

With an anxious expression, the burly youth couldn’t help but loudly ask, “Martial Uncle, will you truly allow Junior Martial Sister Gongsun to become a cultivation vessel?” The expressions of the other two women had also darkened.

Wearing a gloomy expression, the middle-aged man softly said, “Didn’t you see it? Your Junior Martial Sister had already came to a decision. I am no longer able to stop her. Moreover, these medicine pills can truly cure the sect master. I cannot block her in consideration of the Azure Spirit Sect’s wellbeing as well.”

Blood flushed the youth’s face. He contended with all his might, “But you still can’t allow Junior Martial Sister to become a cultivation vessel! Will this not damn Junior Martial Sister to ruin?”

The middle-aged man’s cheek twitched and he wore a resigned expression. “Marital Nephew Li, you’ve grown up with Xing’er and are as close as true siblings. However, it is too late to change anything.”

The blue-clothed woman suddenly shouted out, “Martial Uncle, Junior Martial Sister Gongsun is about to disappear.”

When the middle-aged man and the burly youth heard this, they hastily turned around to see the light barrier brightly shine. The young woman then gradually faded away in a pulse of brilliance. After a short moment, the light disappeared along with any trace of the young woman. Only layers of withered leaves remained.

Like a ball of deflated air, the burly youth fell onto his knees and held his head in his hands without uttering a single word.

The middle-aged man patted the youth’s shoulder and consoled him. An hour later, the remaining four left the small island and flew out of the mist.

After the yellow-clothed woman was wrapped up by the radiance, she was dizzyingly teleported away. By the time she recovered her bearings, she found herself standing inside an unfamiliar valley with steep walls. There was a ten-meter-tall gate of grey stone in front of her.

The young woman glanced around with hesitation lingering in her heart. While she was uncertain of what she should do, an ape puppet appeared behind her with a flash of light.

The puppet ignored the young woman and walked towards the stone gate with large strides. After placing its arms on the gate, it was able to push it open with ease.

“Your name is Gongsun Xing? Follow my puppet into the cave residence. I will be leaving seclusion in two days.” The man’s voice momentarily appeared before disappearing once more.

When the yellow-clothed young woman heard him, she entered the stone gates as she bit on her lip. After following the huge ape for several turns, the young woman was brought into a stone room that was about ten meters wide.

Apart from a stone bed covered in unknown fur, a stone table, and two stone chairs, there was nothing else in the room.

After leading her here, the puppet left the room without a care, leaving the young woman in a complete daze. She was at a loss of what to do.

She examined the room and looked outside to see that the door wasn’t shut as if she was free to move around. But after some thought, she slowly sat down on top of the bed and began to blankly ponder as she held her cheeks.

Although she had already made preparations to surrender herself, she naturally held some fear towards living the rest of her days as a rumored pair-cultivation vessel. Furthermore, she had found herself in an unfamiliar environment completely alone, causing her heart to swell with further misery.

Two hours later, she ceased her wild wandering thoughts and looked to the hallway outside the room with some hesitation.

After a short moment, she stood up and quietly walked out of the stone room. She followed the hallway for a short distance and turned several corners before finding herself inside a large hall with many arched doors. This was one of the places she had passed through when she had entered.

However, the young woman particularly took notice of an arched door that had an ape puppet posted outside. It stood motionless as if it were dead.

The young woman blinked, revealing her long eyelashes. She thought to peek through the arched door but before she approached it, the ape puppet at the side suddenly appeared in front of her and barred her way.

The young woman recoiled in fear and the ape puppet indifferently returned to its original position. Its jet-black eyes were wandering around as if wanting to stop anyone from approaching.

At that moment, Gongsun Xing clearly understood that the room in front of her wasn’t somewhere she could go. Instead, she headed in the direction of another door.

This time, the ape puppet didn’t stop her, much to her relief. She directly walked through the doors and entered a rather peculiar medicine garden. There was a sealed stone room on the other side of the garden.

The youth woman approached the door and curiously pushed it open with her slim hand. The door was easily opened, allowing Xing’er to clearly see what was within.

There was a stone table with piles of various colored jade slips arranged at the center of the room. To the side, there was a circular short stone block that had several pots filled with strange green plants on top of it. It made for a peaceful scene.

The young woman pursed her adorable small lips and entered the room without further thought.

She arrived in front of the stone table and casually picked up a red jade slip, immersing her spiritual sense into it.

It was a jade slip that provided an introduction towards formation spells, something the young woman was completely uninterested with. She withdrew her spiritual sense and placed the jade slip back onto the table.

She then casually picked up a white jade slip and looked through it with her spiritual sense. This time, the jade sade slip provided an introduction towards tool refinement. The young woman was once again disinterested and withdrew her spiritual sense.

However, as both of the jade slips held completely different information, the young woman became curious and began to scan through each of the jade slips on the table.

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