Chapter 497: Myriad Year Spirit Milk and Soul Nurturing Tree

Chapter 497: Myriad Year Spirit Milk and Soul Nurturing Tree

The screen of white mist thinned and Han Li looked at the woman with restored calm.

Han Li muttered, “It is truly a pity that I can no longer enjoy such a view.”

When Yuan Yao heard this, she blushed before delicately chuckling, “Didn’t Brother Han go to the fifth floor with those masters? How did you arrive here?” After she said that, she caressed her wet hair and it dried in an instant with a flicker of white light. A few strands of dark hair fell in front of her face, a stark contrast against her snow-white skin that served to illuminate her beauty.

Han Li enjoyed the sight as this woman was among the greatest beauties he had ever seen. Each and every one of her movements were enough to ensnare any man.

After taking several glances at her graceful appearance, he calmly said, “I merely triggered a restriction and ended up teleporting here. I wish to ask for guidance from Lady Yuan. What is this place?”

“Triggered a restriction?” Yuan Yao’s eyes shifted and she wore a mysterious smile. It was clear she didn’t believe Han Li, but Han Li paid her doubt no mind. He merely chuckled and indifferently stared at her in silence.

Yuan Yao’s face slightly reddened. This pest Han Li was truly giving her a headache, as she was keenly aware of her inability to deal with him. Not only had she witnessed the fearsomeness of Han Li’s insects, but even the charming techniques of an expert such as herself had little effect against him.

She furrowed her slender brow and could only helplessly respond, “This is a secret room on the second floor. You came out of such a shabby transportation formation? Had I known this were possible, I would’ve smashed it to pieces and prevented myself from having to deal with you.” With that said, Yuan Yao glared at Han Li with obvious annoyance. It appeared she still felt aggrieved at having her naked body seen.

Han Li remained completely unperturbed as if he hadn’t heard her. Instead, he lazily stretched his back and emerged from the water before putting his shoes back on. In the short time he had spent in the water, he had restored a portion of his magic power. Although he wished to spend more time there, he felt it would be in his best interest to leave Heavenvoid Hall as soon as possible.

As a result, Han Li no longer paid any attention to Yuan Yao and walked towards the south exit of the room.

When he arrived at the exit, he saw a mess. There was large stone room with a completely fragmented puppet lying on the ground, surrounded by holes. It was clear that Yuan Yao had fought a bitter battle here.

There was a gate on the other side of the room. A familiar white light sparkled from it, appearing to be exactly the same as the other gates from the Inner Halls.

Han Li hesitated for a moment before walking towards it. After looking at it for a moment, he took out his Heavenvoid map fragment and poured spiritual power into it before slapping it onto the door. As a result, the door flickered with white light, but did nothing else.

Han Li sighed. As expected, using the map fragment to leave wasn’t possible. He wondered whether or not he possessed the skill to break open the restriction. As he was unable to come up with a solution, he started heading towards the north exit.

Yuan Yao’s gaze fell upon Han Li. After a moment of thought, she coldly said, “What are you doing? That gate has a formidable formation spell. It isn’t something that an ordinary cultivator can destroy. Could it be you wish to break it and seize the treasure within?”

Just as Han Li arrived at the other exit, without turning his head, he asked, “I wish to leave Heavenvoid Hall! Does Fellow Daoist Yuan have a better method?”

Yuan Yao’s eyes brightly flickered in thought before a peculiar expression appeared on her face. “None! However, this young woman fancies the treasure here. Would Fellow Daoist Han be interested in going treasure hunting with me?”

As he stared at the colorful mist surrounding the exit, he bluntly said, “Hunt treasure? It seems Fellow Daoist Yuan has already spent some time here. If you are truly able to break through the restrictions here, then wouldn’t you have done so earlier?”

Yuan Yao blushed, but her expression soon grew serious as she adopted a stubborn attitude, “I’ve already spent the day researching it. In about four days, I will be certain to break through the formation!”

When Han Li heard this, he turned around with astonishment and looked at the woman with narrowed eyes.

Yuan Yao felt restless. After some time, she eventually conceded, “Fine! I’ll admit that if I were to attempt to break the formation spell alone, it is possible that the Heavenvoid Hall would close before I succeeded. However, if Fellow Daoist Han were to aid me, it would take far less time.”

Han Li silently stood in place without a change of expression and waited for her to continue, confident that the beauty still had more to say.

As Yuan Yao stared at Han Li, she slowly said, “However, before the formation is broken, this young woman would like to reach an agreement with you.”

“What agreement? Tell me.” Han Li crossed his arms and attentively gazed at her.

“So long as Brother Han is willing to renounce the treasure inside, I will be willing to compensate you!”

“Compensate?” Han Li remained expressionless as he continued to watch her.

Yuan Yao revealed hesitation. After lowering her head and muttering to herself for a moment, she raised her head with a resolute expression. She solemnly said, “I am willing to hand over a bit of Myriad Year Spirit Milk as compensation. What does Brother Han think?”

Han Li’s expression stirred. “Myriad Year Spirit Milk? Legend says that only a small mouthful would be able to restore one’s magic power in an instant. It is said that even ten thousand spirit stones cannot buy even a single drop of it. That spirit milk?”

Yuan Yao stared at Han Li with bright eyes and slowly said, “That’s right. Since I trust you, I’ve taken the risk to tell you. There is no way that Brother Han would kill this young lady over treasure, yes?”

After traveling together with Han Li through the ghost mist and the Paths of Fire and Ice, Yuan Yao recognized that while Han Li wasn’t an upright gentleman, neither was he a ruthless and vicious wretch. Of course, if she possessed any other treasures that could entice Han Li, she would have mentioned them instead.

Although she thought it wasn’t likely for Han Li to attack her, her hands still casually fell to the storage pouches at her waist. Although she knew she wasn’t Han Li’s match, she still had a few mighty life-saving treasures that could protect her against any foul intentions Han Li might have. This was precisely why she had dared to mention the spirit milk in the first place.

Han Li rubbed his nose and remained silent. Then, he turned his head towards the dragon head statue with a contemplative expression.

Yuan Yao’s tone turned soft as she said, “It seems Brother Han has figured it out. My Myriad Year Spirit Milk was something that had been accumulated in the spirit spring for over ten thousand years. But with this, Fellow Daoist Han should know that I am not deceiving him!”

Han Li calmly nodded his head. “That’s right. With such a large spirit spring being so cleverly hidden, it’s reasonable that a bit of spirit milk was produced.”

Yuan Yao’s expression blossomed and her eyes brightly shined. “So what does Fellow Daoist Han think?”

Han Li looked at Yuan Yao with a chilling, ice-cold gaze and asked, “Could Young Lady Yuan tell me what treasure is concealed within? Since Fellow Daoist Yuan is so willing to pay me such an exorbitant price, then the treasure must be worth even more.”

When Yuan Yao saw Han Li’s expression, for some unknown reason, she felt a chill run down her spine and she began to panic.

“Brother Han is quite funny! This is the first time this young woman has been here, so how could I know what lies inside? Brother Han is quite suspicious! ... Fine, fine! I’ll tell the truth. I know what the treasure inside is. Although its worth is about equivalent to the Myriad Year Spirit Milk, it is far more important to me. That is why I was willing to give the spirit milk to you. The treasure is an unrefined Soul Nurturing Tree!” Yuan Yao had initially attempted to play it off as a joke, but when she saw Han Li’s gaze grow colder, she hastily revealed the truth. For some unknown reason, she felt trepidation and fear at the thought of their relations turning hostile.

Han Li was stunned for quite some time before asking in amazement, “One of the three divine woods, capable of being worn on the body and nourishing the primal spirit to slowly strengthen one’s spiritual sense?”

After some thought, her expression sank and she softly said, “That’s the one. However, I am not interested in the soul nurturing effects, but rather its ability to preserve and house one’s soul, preventing their spiritual sense from scattering.”

“Spirit Nurturing Wood and Myriad Year Spirit Milk!” Han Li stared at the ceiling as he muttered to himself.