Chapter 492: Divine Devilbane Lightning vs. the Sacred Asura Flame

Chapter 492: Divine Devilbane Lightning vs. the Sacred Asura Flame

“Restrict!” Han Li clutched his hands in an incantation gesture and sent an order to the ancient treasure.

The five copper bands suddenly tightened and firmly locked onto his limbs.

The Bone Sage revealed pain upon the clasp of the ancient treasures, but a derisive expression soon appeared on his face. “Hehe! The Five Element Bands! Although they’re rather famous ancient magic treasure, they’re entirely useless on anyone possessing mutated spiritual roots, those possessing far greater cultivation than the wielder, or fallen cultivators - like me.”

He then raised his hand without the slightest obstruction and slapped the orb of light in front of him. The orb sparkled and cracked open in a huge burst of fluttering blue flame.

A long ribbon of blue flame shot out from the orb and lightly swept past the Bone Sage’s limbs and neck, condensing a thick layer of ice on the tightly locked copper bands.

Afterwards, the Bone Sage’s body underwent a series of inconceivable twists and distortions. With a series of crisp clanks, the frozen copper bands then fell to the ground.

Han Li’s heart dropped. Without any further thought, he opened his mouth and spat out nine small azure swords. They merged into one huge sword in the air before ruthlessly cleaving towards the Bone Sage.

The Bone Sage’s face became stern upon seeing this.

He lifted the orb of light in his hands causing the tear to grow larger, causing it to spurt out a large jet of ice blue flame.

The jet of flame transformed into a five clawed dragon of translucent ice, whose entire body shined with a cold blue light. It used its two front claws to block the huge azure sword and viciously unleashed a breath of blue flame onto the sword.

After only a moment, the huge sword’s brilliance greatly dimmed and a thin layer of transparent frost began to form on the sword’s surface, causing the sword’s movements to become sluggish.

With a roar of thunder, several arcs of golden lightning shot out from the sword, fiercely striking the ice dragon’s body. The dragon was knocked back, freeing the huge sword from its constraint for the time being.

“You still want to run? Your set of Golden Lightning Bamboo swords shouldn’t have much Divine Devilbane Lightning left. Let’s see just how many more times you can keep it up.” The Bone Sage sinisterly grinned and pointed at the ice dragon, causing it to charge at Han Li’s swords once more.

Han Li’s heart stirred. Although the Bone Sage appeared unworried, Han Li could faintly perceive that the Bone Sage held some fear towards the Divine Devilbane Lightning.

Following that line of reasoning, Han Li launched a magic seal towards the huge sword. He then pointed at the sword and ordered it to intensely sway into a blur, forming an identical copy of the huge sword. This was the Azure Essence Sword Art’s Swordshadow Phantasm Technique. Both of the swords simultaneously released a dense stream of faint gold lightning. One was aimed at the ice dragon with the other targeting the Bone Sage.

“Yi!” The Bone Sage cried out in amazement.

The Bone Sage was astonished. Not only did Han Li still have the strength to release such strong bolts of Devilbane Lightning, he was able of creating another huge sword.

However, this astonishment only lasted for a moment before disappearing. The Bone Sage then calmly slapped the light orb, spouting out another jet of blue flame.

This time, the ice flames wavered several times and transformed into a triangular shield of ice. The blue mist emitted from the surface of the ice shield blocked the dense bolt of Devilbane Lightning, resulting in a deadlock for a short while.

Rather than panic, Han Li rejoiced at the sight.

Although the Devilbane Lightning was unable to restrain the Celestial Ice Flames’ glacial Qi, it was mutual for the flames as well. The victor of the conflict would be the side that contained the most power.

Having thought that, Han Li patted the storage pouch at his waist. A blood-red cloak appeared on his body. Although he hadn’t yet reached a state of desperation, he thought it was best to be prepared for any contingencies.

Afterwards, Han Li hurriedly clasped his hands together and his expression became increasingly grave.

With rolls of thunder, an orb of faint gold lightning appeared at the center of his hands. Tiny arcs of lightning continuously sparked from its surface.

The orb of lightning was only several inches thick, but Han Li didn’t stopped there. Emitting the hum of electric current, the orb gradually expanded, growing several inches in the blink of an eye.

The Bone Sage controlled the Celestial Ice Flame and planned to attack the two huge azure swords, but his face paled in complete disbelief when he saw Han Li.

He could hardly believe what he was seeing. Han Li was still able to produce such a large sphere of lightning. Just how many swords of Golden Lightning Bamboo did he have?

Apprehension surged through him!

The only reason he had turned hostile was because he believed he would be able to kill Han Li without much effort, given the profound might of his newly acquired Celestial Ice Flames.

Although he had had yet to refine the ice flames into Sacred Asura Flames, he was able to barely control it with the use of his Profound Soul Yin Flames along with his own Divine Devilbane Lightning.

The Bone Sage knew that the Devilbane Lightning was able to block the glacial Qi of the Celestial Ice Flames and that Han Li possessed the ability to use it. But he hadn’t expected that he would be unable to kill Han Li during this time.

The Bone Sage assessed that Han Li should’ve already spent a majority of his Divine Devilbane Lightning to ward off his earlier ambush during their capture of the Ninecurl Ginseng. As a result, Han Li should of been unable to block his Celestial Ice flames. After all, there wasn’t enough Gold Lightning Bamboo in the world to make that many magic treasures out of it.

But that was exactly why the Bone Sage felt such disbelief at the quantity of Gold Lightning Bamboo swords that Han Li possessed!

Divine Devilbane Lightning was something that was sparingly used as it took quite some time to recover. As Han Li shouldn’t have had much Devilbane Lightning in reserve, the Bone Sage took the opportunity to eliminate him!

Although he felt particularly full of loathing towards his traitorous disciple Zenith Yin, his ambitions soared after he acquired the Celestial Ice Flame. So long as he refined the Sacred Asura Flames, it was possible for him to become the hegemon of the Scattered Star Seas.

As Devilbane Lightning was the bane of Ghost Dao cultivators such as himself, Han Li, the possessor the Gold Lightning Bamboo swords, became his first target of elimination. And later, with the assistance of Man Huzi, the Bone Sage would be able to easily exterminate Zenith Yin.

The powerful streams of lightning that Han Li had released from his two swords had already been enough to surprise the Bone Sage. As for the appearance of the large sphere of golden lightning in Han Li’s hands, that had left him dumbfounded.

This was entirely beyond what he had predicted!

A mere early Core Formation cultivator actually possessed countless Gold Lightning Bamboo treasures in his body. The Bone Sage felt regret, but even stronger sensations of shock and disbelief.

Just how many magic treasures of Gold Lightning Bamboo did he actually have? These swirling, inexplicable doubts formed an immense, massive weight upon his heart.

As the Bone Sage gazed on in astonishment, the sphere of lightning in Han Li’s hands grew to the size of about a meter and now floated a meter above his head. A deafening current of electricity could be heard from it.

The Bone Sage regained his bearings but his face still remained pale. His previous quantity of Divine Devilbane Lightning was nothing in comparison to this.

The Bone Sage furiously gritted his teeth and said, “Good! Very good! Although I don’t know how you managed to acquire so many Gold Lightning Bamboo magic treasures, you were doomed to become the nemesis of all Ghost Dao cultivators the day they came into your possession. Today, I will have you witness the might of the Ghost Dao’s Sacred Asura Flames!”

It was already too already too late for him to withdraw, so he prepared to combine the three energies to create the legendary Sacred Asura Flames. He hoped the flame would be able to break through Han Li’s Divine Devilbane Lightning in a single strike and still the disturbance in his heart.

Of course, forcefully creating these sacred flames in such a short period of time was extremely dangerous. The possibility of a backlash could occur at any moment, but the Bone Sage currently had no choice.

While he had other methods for slowly whittling away at Han Li’s divine methods and the ability to use both his techniques and abilities to avoid it, he didn’t have the time to use them. That would either allow Han Li to escape or cause enough of a delay for the others to return.

As a result, he could only clench his teeth and revolve his hands around the orb of light. Streaks of all sorts of magic seals continuously flew into it.

At that moment, the light orb seemed alive. The blue flame at its center started to quickly rotate as the outer shell of Profound Soul Yin Flames and Black Devilbane Lightning revolved in the opposite direction.

A short moment later, the entire orb released a blinding radiance. In the following moment, countless gray embers of astonishingly cold flame wildly rushed towards Han Li with overwhelming speed.

After a moment of surprise, Han Li’s face grew stern. Although he hadn’t heard of this Sacred Asura Flame before, he knew it would be no less powerful than the Celestial Ice Flames.

With a grave expression, Han Li ceased pouring more lightning into the huge sphere and used his fingers to quickly form many incantation gestures as he began to mutter an incantation.

The golden ball of lightning began to stretch, transforming into a web of lightning around him.

Soon after, the embers of grey flame ruthlessly struck the gold lightning. In that instant, gold light and white flames intertwined, releasing both rolls of thunder and screeching whistles.