Chapter 375: Pair of Beauties

Chapter 375: Pair of Beauties

Stalwart Star Island’s port was as lively as it had been previously. A great number of ships of all sizes scuttled about, either heading out to sea or docking on land. Occasionally, brilliant lights of various colors would flash from the sky, revealing the cultivators that were flying about. The mortals on the ground didn’t view it to be odd; they were long accustomed to such sights.

But today, a streak of white light flew into the island at the speed of lightning. After pausing for a short moment at the harbor, it flew straight into the depths of the island.

If someone close to the white light were to see through it, they would notice the faint silhouette of two people: Han Li with magic power at the peak of Foundation Establishment due to completing the first revolution of the Three Essence Revolutions Technique and Crooked Soul, whose cultivation was about the same as Han Li as a result of the huge quantities of medicinal pills used during cultivation.

Having compressed his true essence for over twenty years, Han Li’s cultivation was purer and deeper than other cultivators of similar rank. As for Crooked Soul, Han Li was extremely happy to find that his cultivation had nearly caught up to his own.

If Crooked Soul didn’t require certain particular secondary ingredients to form his fiend core and Han Li wasn't required to perform preparations before attempting to form his own core, he wouldn’t have left his Immortal’s cave at Minor Expanse Island.

For this outing, apart from collecting on Master Gu’s promise of spirit stones and handling his previously mentioned affairs, Han Li would return straight to Minor Expanse Island. As he was at a crucial point in his cultivation, he couldn’t allow any distractions.

With that in mind, Han Li and Crooked Soul flew deeper into the island towards “Stalwart Star City”.

Since he still had quite a few spirit stones, he had no need to rush towards the Gu Estate. He would first buy a few things before visiting there on the way back.

Many hours later, Han Li could faintly see the tall walls of a huge city. Although he hadn’t been to “Stalwart Star City” before, the markings on the map and the majestic, imposing aura of the city left no room for doubt.

Han Li suddenly stamped his foot on the Divine Wind boat, wishing to descend. However, Han Li was surprised to have run across an obviously placed restriction.

This city truly deserved to be called the greatest city in Stalwart Star Island. It’s large-scale sky restriction could even cover such a large area.

In truth, with Han Li’s peak Foundation Establishment cultivation, he could easily break through the restrictions and continue on his way, at most using up only a bit more magic power. However, Han Li didn’t wish to attract attention. Instead, he stepped on the front end of his Divine Wind Boat, causing it to slowly descend.

Han Li and Crooked Soul calmly disembarked from the Divine Wind Boat. After putting away the Divine Wind Boat in his storage pouch, Han Li looked at the huge city from a distance and couldn’t help but leisurely walk towards it with an unconcealed smile.

“Stalwart Star City” was at least four times larger than East Stone City!

As Han Li was walking on some street in Stalwart Star City, he noticed that the roads were wide enough to fit several carriages side by side and felt somewhat impressed by their size.

Soon after, Han Li asked a mortal for the location of the “Sky Capital Market”. The two then headed towards the northern part of the city without delay.

‘This is the so-called Sky Capital Market?’ Han Li looked at the scene before him with surprise.

He saw a huge misty barrier covering the entire northern section of Stalwart Star City. There were at least over a hundred streets there, which was completely incongruous with his mental image of an isolated street.

But what surprised Han Li the most was that at the center of the northern district, there was a huge pavilion floating over a hundred meters in the air. The pavilion was an alluring emerald-green, and it released a faint glimmer, seemingly made of an enormous piece of jade; it was extremely eye-catching.

Han Li stared blankly at the sparkling reflections of sunlight that shined off of the pavilion. Although he didn’t know how this pavilion came to be or why it was floating, Han Li truly felt that it was an extremely rare sight.

At this moment, Han Li’s expression changed. He suddenly restrained his Spiritual Qi, maintaining the external appearance of an eighth layer Qi Condensation cultivator.

Soon after, Han Li heard footsteps from behind him, followed by a pleasant female voice, “Is this Senior’s and Fellow Daoist’s first time at Sky Capital Market? Cultivators that see the Dreamcloud Pavilion for the first time usually remain stunned for quite a long time!”

The woman’s voice was as pleasant as an oriole’s chirp. Han Li turned around to see a group of three male cultivators and two female cultivators standing about a dozen steps away.

The two women were quite charming, beautiful, and dressed quite boldly. Their simple garments not only revealed their pure white arms and their flawless lower legs, but they also didn’t wear any shoes or socks, revealing their beautiful feet.

But what was even more eye-catching were the shining, exquisite golden bands that they wore on their foreheads and wrists, giving them an even more provocative presence.

The three men had rather ordinary appearances, and one of them even had a face full of pockmarks, appearing quite unsightly.

These five were Qi Condensation cultivators of about the tenth layer. It seemed they were also going to enter the light barrier.

After taking a few more glances at these world shocking women, Han Li bewilderedly asked, “You Fellow Daoists are?”

“I am Yan Li and this is my good friend, Yuan Yao. We are rogue cultivators from a nearby island. We heard that rare materials from other islands would be sold here today. These three are Fellow Daoists that we’ve met on the way here. We all came together to take a look!” The one who spoke was a pleasant, dainty round-faced woman. She sized up Han Li and Crooked Soul with great curiosity and smiled as she spoke. Judging from her voice, she was the one who had previously asked the question.

The woman by her side was an astonishing beauty at the prime of her youth. Not only did her skin appear beyond soft and purer than snow, her skintight clothes revealed her graceful, well-endowed body, causing men who saw her to involuntarily swallow. She truly was a beauty capable of wrecking a country.

However, this woman didn’t look at Han Li. Her bright and beautiful eyes were stuck onto Crooked Soul with an astonished expression on her dainty face.

Han Li inwardly frowned upon seeing this.

Although Han Li had concealed his true cultivation with a Qi Condensation technique, Crooked Soul’s late Foundation Establishment cultivation was completely out in the open. According to Han Li, by having a late Foundation Establishment cultivator accompanying him, he would be able to avoid most trouble and prevent any other cultivators from maliciously targeting him. Admittedly, having an expert with awesome strength such as Crooked Soul was truly a bit too eye-catching.

With that in mind, Han Li calmly said, “We’ve let our Fellow Daoists see a funny sight! I am Han Li and this is my Martial Uncle Crooked Soul. This is our first time at the Sky Capital Market.”

The dainty woman named Yan Li replied with a charming giggle, “It was like I said! This was definitely Senior Crooked Soul’s and Fellow Daoist Han’s first time seeing the Dreamcloud Pavilion; otherwise, why else would they stand still? How about we go in together? Senior Martial Sister and I can introduce you two to the many shops of the Sky Capital Market. Although we aren’t natives to Stalwart Star Island, we have visited the Sky Capital Market several times before and know it like the back of our hands.”

The peerless beauty, Yuan Yao, then spoke with an enthusiastic gaze and a charming smile that men couldn’t refuse, “Yes! If Senior Crooked Soul doesn’t find it undesirable, us two Martial Sisters can act as a guide for Senior so that he may spend less time finding the things he wishes to buy.”

Upon hearing this, the three male cultivators who were travelling together with them couldn’t help revealing unsightly expressions. But in the face of Crooked Soul, a Foundation Establishment “Senior”, they could only silently sulk.

Han Li felt stunned!

This was the first time he had encountered beautiful women who took the initiative to accompany him. However, it seemed that the two were most interested in the “Senior” Crooked Soul with his deep cultivation; Han Li was merely an incidental addition.

Although he didn’t know what the two women had in mind, Han Li had no intention of accompanying such provocatively beautiful women.

As such, Han Li controlled the previously silent Crooked Soul to hoarsely speak, “There is no need! I don’t like keeping company in large numbers. Martial Nephew Han, let us go on our way!” Crooked Soul then grabbed the somewhat apologetic Han Li and made large strides toward the light barrier, revealing no intention of conversing with the two women.

Crooked Soul’s stiff demeanor left the two women stunned. While they appeared very disappointed, the three male cultivators’ spirits were strongly roused, and they inwardly felt great joy.

“Let it be, young ladies! That Senior Crooked is a man with a strange temperament. We’d better go in too!” The pockmarked man said, attempting to curry favor with the two women.

The two peerless beauties took a look at each other and agreed with a forced smile, entering the light barrier with light steps.

By this time, Han Li and Crooked Soul had long disappeared into the market streets without a trace.

When the two women saw this, they wore a helpless expression and entered a randomly chosen store.