Chapter 474: The Mantis and the Oriole

Chapter 474: The Mantis and the Oriole[1. Old Chinese Idiom: The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the Oriole behind it.]

hen Zenith Yin heard Wan Tianming call his words nonsense, a sinister expression appeared on his face, but after hearing what he said after, Zenith Yin forcefully suppressed his fury. He then turned his head to Man Huzi and Layman Qi, and spoke to them in voice transmission.

Not longer after, their discussion was finished. Zenith Yin coldly said, “As per your esteemed suggestion, we will cease fighting for now. We will wait until after the treasure is seized.”

Wan Tianming chuckled, “Good! You’ve made a wise decision. Let us enter together.”

He then walked towards the huge limestone gate closely followed by Tian Wuzi and the old farmer closely.

“Humph!” Man Huzi couldn’t help but snort at their grandiose mannerisms. His gaze then suddenly swept to Yuan Yao and the Core Formation cultivator that Han Li didn’t recognize with an ominous glint in his eyes.

At that same moment, the two paled under Man Huzi’s malicious gaze. They turned into a streak of yellow and red light, rushing towards the stone pagoda.

Man Huzi evilly grinned, “Where do you two think you’re going?”

He rubbed his hands and then waved towards them, shooting out two streaks of gold light in an instant, striking at them from behind.

The male cultivator in the yellow light released a miserable shriek before he tumbled to the ground. He was then swept up by the golden light and was split apart, scattering across the ground as a dismembered corpse.

As for when the golden light neared Yuan Yao’s red light, several bursts of blinding green flames temporarily scattered the golden light. As if spurred on by this, her red light transformed into a scarlet-red bird and became even faster. After shooting past the golden light in a blur, she passed through the stone pagoda’s entrance and disappeared.

“Yi! That’s odd.” Layman Qing Yi softly said with a frown.

Layman Qing Yi and Zenith Yin didn’t care about Man Huzi’s actions, but upon seeing Yuan Yao escape Man Huzi’s attack, they couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Man Huzi, what is the meaning of this? Why did you attack the innocent?” Tian Wuzi turned around and spoke with an angry expression.

Man Huzi gazed at the old Daoist with an uncaring expression and callously said, “I wasn’t in a good mood. What does it matter to you if I kill a few strangers? Could it be that you wish to seek justice on their behalf ,or do you just want to personally test my Heavenbearing Devil Arts?”


Without turning his head, Wan Tianming shouted, “Enough, Tian Wuzi! Those two weren’t members of the Righteous Dao. Leave them be! We have more important matters to attend to!”

Tian Wuzi could only hatefully glance at Man Huzi after hearing this and begrudgingly turned around.

Not long after this event, the Righteous Dao walked through the stone gate and entered the Inner Hall.

Zenith Yin glanced at the Righteous Dao cultivators as they left and applauded Man Huzi with a sinister smile, “Brother Man did well in attacking them! We don’t want any annoying rats scurrying around us before the big event. Those two Core Formation cultivators actually wished to enter the Inner Hall and take advantage of the chaos for their own gain. The living are always so impatient. Unfortunately, there is still one person here who Brother Man hasn’t killed.” Having said this, his gaze fell upon the Bone Sage.

The Bone Sage was calm and indifferent, appearing as if Zenith Yin was talking about someone else entirely.

Man Huzi expressionlessly said, “This person has somewhat of a connection with me. As he had done me a favor, it is natural that I do not attack him. You two are also forbidden from disposing of him.”

Zenith Yin narrowed his eyes and carefully examined the Bone Sage, confirming whether or not he recognized this person. He then ambiguously said, “Since he is a junior with relation to Brother Man, it is only natural that we won’t dispose of him. Although, it is quite surprising that Brother Man would accept a favor from someone.”

Man Huzi’s face grew cold and he intensely glared at Zenith Yin, “Hehe! Zenith Yin, you dare to interrogate me?”

“How could I possibly? I was merely a bit curious! If Brother Man doesn’t wish to answer, then so be it. But, it seemed the black robed woman who escaped should have significant origins. Brother Man has best be careful!” Zenith Yin conceded the matter with a chuckle, but his last words seemed to carry a heavy meaning.

Man Huzi was silent for a moment before gloomily saying, “I am not blind. Did you think I didn’t see her use Old Devil Three Yang’s Azure Flameblast? Apart from his most intimate disciples, no other disciples of the Azure Yang Sect could possibly acquire such an item. How else could that young woman have possibly escaped death?”

“Hehe, it seems I was needlessly meddling!” Seeing that Man Huzi’s expression was far from good, Zenith Yin tactfully said nothing else.

“It is no matter. Even if that woman is important to Old Devil Three Yang, Brother Man has nothing to fear, given his cultivation. However, it is currently a crucial period of conflict in the Scattered Star Seas between the Star Palace and both the Righteous and Devil Daos. The Old Devil’s abilities are significant, and despite originating from the Devil Dao, he isn’t aligned to either of the sides involved. As such, we had best avoid having this man become our enemy. Let’s spare the girl!” The Confucian-robed old man smoothed the matter over from the side.

Man Huzi stiffly nodded his head and said no more. It was clear from his actions that he held great fear in his heart towards Old Devil Three Yang.

The stream of events left Han Li with heavy, complicated feelings. All sorts of distracting thoughts began to flood his mind.

A Core Formation cultivator had been killed right in front of him as easily as one would step on an ant, yet how did Yuan Yao manage to avoid such a fate?

Since when did the Bone Sage force a relationship between him and Man Huzi, one of the top figures among the Devil Dao? It was no wonder why he was so calm.

As for Yuan Yao, she seemed to have some sort of relationship with that Old Devil Three Yang, someone who could inspire fear in a hegemon such as Man Huzi.

These thoughts simultaneously bounced around in his head and he was unable to clearly arrange them for the time being.

He could only wordlessly pay attention to what Man Huzi and the others were saying in that hopes that he could gather some information that would allow him to form a dependable plan.

But unfortunately, Layman Qing Yi next words ended the conversation.

“Let’s quickly enter the Inner Hall! The Righteous Dao fellows won’t wait for us. We can’t let them stealthily leave us behind.” Layman Qing Yi glanced at the huge passage beyond the stone gate and wrinkled his brow.

Man Huzi glanced in the direction of the stone gate and sunk into thought for a moment before silently setting off.

Zenith Yin and Qing Yi glanced at each before following after them with relaxed expressions.

Han Li, Wu Chou, and the Bone Sage naturally followed behind.

Han Li and the others slowly entered the passage until they eventually disappeared from sight.


Three hours later, the darkened transportation formation suddenly shone with dazzling light, followed by the emergence of two silhouettes from the formation.

They were the Star Palace elders!

At that moment, the two were cautiously looking around. After they saw that no one was around, they wore looks of relief.

One of them spoke with a slight smile, “It appears that they’ve all entered. As cunning as these old eccentrics may be, they couldn’t imagine that our Star Palace had already unraveled this transportation restriction a thousand years ago. We can arrive at this place anytime we want.”

The other spoke with a cold voice, “Let’s go. We must be careful at all times. We cannot allow this secret to be easily revealed, unless they actually manage to extract the Heavenvoid Cauldron.”

“Of course!” The first to speak nodded his head in approval.

With that said, the two shot towards the stone gate as two streaks of white light.


Han Li was walking behind Zenith Yin and was unexpectedly beside Wu Chou, much to Han Li’s displeasure.

Possibly due to what Zenith Yin had said to Wu Chou before, Wu Chou acted very cordially to Han Li on the way. He would on occasion talk about some trivial matters with Han Li as to avoid treating Han Li coldly. It was as if his hateful gaze from before had come from an entirely different person.

But the further this fake act continued, the gloomier Han Li felt.

Han Li couldn’t help but bitterly laugh to himself in his mind, “Did Zenith Yin hint to Wu Chou that they would kill me after they acquire the treasure? Is that why Wu Chou is acting so differently?”

Although he was very much worried underneath, Han Li spoke to Wu Chou with a smile, producing a fake atmosphere between the two. Even those over thirty meters away could clearly make it out.

Still, Zenith Yin and the others turned a blind eye to the two as they continued forward. Ever since the three Nascent Soul eccentrics had entered the Inner Hall, they had become solemn in contrast to their relaxed, easy attitude from before.

But what baffled Han Li the most was that even after such a long period of time had passed, nothing had occurred. They had neither encountered any restrictions nor dangers.

Could it be that they had triggered some sort of restriction after entering the stone gate?

With that thought, Han Li couldn’t help but further examine his surroundings.