Chapter 468: Treasure Light Pavilion

Chapter 468: Treasure Light Pavilion

The cultivators that managed to arrive here were all unwilling to return empty handed after having braved those previous dangers. As such, there wasn’t much discussion to be had. A few of them even walked towards the stone passageways without a word. After a short moment they silently disappeared into the passageways. One by one, they gradually left the room.

After seeing Wan Tianming’s party enter a passage, the Devil Dao eccentrics coldly glanced at each other and displayed no haste to enter a passageway. As for Grandmaster Zenith Yin, he coldly looked at the two white clothed elders that were still sitting in meditation. After some hesitation, he pulled out a sparkling bright bracelet made of four thumb-sized beads that released faint azure light.

“This is the Matron Screen Pearl. It possesses the wondrous effects of steadying the mind and protecting the soul. With these beads, you will be able to keep your mind clear, even if the dangers of the Boundary of Fantastical Illusion increased by several fold.” After this was said, Zenith Yin handed the bracelet over to Han Li.

Han Li was delighted and accepted the bracelet while repeatedly saying thanks.

He had long since heard of the renowned Matron Screen Pearls. It was said that with a single pearl in your possession, one was far less likely to be interfered with by their inner demons during cultivation. Han Li found it truly surprising for Zenith to magnanimously give him a bracelet that strung these four of these grand treasures in order for him to make it through the last trial.

From Zenith Yin’s reluctant and hesitant appearance, Han Li reckoned that since it would be embarrassing to immediately reclaim it, Zenith Yin would be certain to take it back after the treasure hunt when there was no longer anything to be gained.

However, there were many sinister designs lurking inside Heavenvoid Hall. Even a Nascent Soul cultivator such as Grandmaster Zenith Yin was being secretly plotted against by the Bone Sage. Han Li had strong doubts about whether or not his in-name master would be able to leave Heavenvoid Hall alive.

Han Li wore the bracelet in front of Zenith Yin and carefully examined it.

The Matron Screen Pearls appeared to be made of wood and gold yet they weren’t. They also carried a heavy fragrance similar to that of sandalwood. When one smelled it, their mind grew clear and their spirits were roused. As expected, it was outstanding!

“It is reasonable to say that these Matron Screen Pearls should be enough to keep you safe. But to make sure of your safety, Young Friend Han should carry this as well. This is a treasure talisman that I refined from my Nightazure Needle, but its power is several times stronger than common magic treasures. Please use it to protect yourself.” The Confucian-robed old man took out an azure talisman and handed it over to Han Li with a smile.”

“A treasure talisman of the Nightazure Needle?” Han Li was initially stunned when he heard this but he soon grew excited. This was a treasure talisman from a Nascent Soul cultivator, fundamentally incomparable to common trash treasure talismans.

Although the Divine Devilbane Lightning from his Bamboo Cloudswarm swords was formidable, he couldn’t use it at every turn. With this item, his safety would be greatly increased.

Han Li took the item without any refusals and respectfully said his thanks.

At that moment, Man Huzi wordlessly took out a piece of black armor. It was covered in silver Qilin scales and appeared quite heavy.

When Zenith Yin saw this, his heart was moved and an expression of greed momentarily appeared on his face. He hastily said, “Brother Man is quite magnanimous, to give this distinguished treasure, the Royal Scale Plate, for the survival of my junior disciple. I, his master, and my junior disciple heavily thank you!”

Man Huzi glanced at Han Li and said with a malicious expression, “I acquired this treasured armor over a hundred years ago, and it still proves useful to me. But as my Heavenbearing Devil Arts have already reached the great success stage, I’ll lend this item to the youngster for protection. When the time comes, you had better not disappoint me, or else... hehe...”

Han Li was incapable of keeping his calm appearance after hearing him.

Zenith Yin appeared disappointed for a second when he heard the armor was only being lent but he soon wore a smile, saying, “Good! With these treasures, my junior disciple will surely remain safe regardless of what dangers he encounters. Let us go take our treasures. The passageways won’t remain open forever.”

Man Huzi and Layman Qing Yi had no objections to this, but they didn’t move to leave. Instead, they first took a deep look at Han Li.

Han Li was startled for a moment before bitterly smiling. It appeared they were fearful that he would turn back from fright, so they would watch him go through a passageway first instead.

As a result, Han Li walked into a passageway with a slight smile. Soon after, the three Devil Dao cultivators looked at each other with a smile, each walking into one of the three other passageways.

When the two white clothed old men were the only ones remaining in the stone hall, the harsh faced old man slowly spoke without opening his eyes, “Don’t you think the Devil Dao cultivators’ actions are a bit strange?” His tone felt slightly sinister.

The kindly faced old man frowned and agreed, “Although those old eccentrics used methods to interfere with our prying, it appeared from their expressions that they heavily value that early Core Formation cultivator youngster. Moreover, they even gave him several items for protection.”

After this exchange, silence resumed.

The harsh-faced old man asked with a grave expression, “What do you think?

“The only things those old eccentrics value are benefits! And the only thing that would move them so would be the Heavenvoid Cauldron in the Inner Halls. That Core Formation youngster should be able to assist them in seizing the treasure!” The kindly-faced old man hesitantly replied.

Had Han Li heard them, he would’ve been speechless. These two were truly cunning. With only a few sparse words, they managed to nearly guess the truth. This would’ve resulted in both Han Li’s fear and respect were he there.

“Seize the Heavenvoid Cauldron? They still daydream of this? Unless one possesses those spirit beasts long extinct from the Scattered Star Seas, any attempt would be made in vain. Otherwise, the Master Heavenly Star Sages would’ve seized it several generations ago!” The harsh-faced old man spoke with disdain.

“That could be the case! Perhaps there were some ambitious individuals who entered the wilderness, spending the time and effort for the sliver of a chance. After all, in the last occurrence of Heavenvoid Hall, the Heavenvoid Cauldron had nearly been seized. Although that person had only managed to barely open the lid at the last moment and even had their Heavenmend Pill robbed by others, Wan Tianming does stand to have a chance, given his Gold Threaded Silkworm.”

“Since its like that, we had best secretly follow them just in case. It would be best if they don’t acquire it. If they truly managed to acquire the treasure, we cannot allow the Heavenmend Pills to fall into their hands.”

“Of course!”

Han Li didn’t know that he had roused the attention of the two Star Palace enforcement elders. As of current, he was climbing up spiraling limestone stairs with an expression of amazement.

Not long after he had entered the passageway, he was met with an unending spiraling stone stairway. He still hadn’t reached the end even after walking for the time it took to finish a meal.

Han Li’s curiosity grew stronger. Just how far up did this place reach?

Calming the doubts in his heart, Han Li continued to calmly climb up the stairway.

After climbing up another four hundred meters, Han Li caught sight of a gleam of light. With newly roused spirits, he hastened his steps and eventually arrived at an exit.

Han Li’s heart stirred when he saw a faint glimpse of what lay past the exit. He hastily strided through.

He arrived underneath a gloomy, dark yellow sky. It was filled with grey clouds and lacked a sun. It was an unfathomably huge cylindrical world. Its area reached about four thousand meters. At first glance, it appeared rather narrow as the world’s borders were lined with thick fog walls that couldn’t be seen though.

He stood at an opening of the fog wall where a forty meter long bridge of white jade was floating in the air. The bridge was exquisite and was engraved with dragons and phoenixes. It led to a rectangular pavilion that floated at the center of the area.

The two story pavilion was over a hundred meters tall and was constructed entirely out of jade. It shone from the air as if it were a palace from the afterlife. A golden signboard hung from its entrance with the words “Treasure Light Pavilion” written in an ancient script.

Han Li didn’t move to hastily set foot on the bridge and instead carefully examined the pavilion.

Although the pavilion wasn’t large, unfathomably deep spiritual Qi fluctuations emitted from within, and a layer of white fluorescent enveloped the building. It appeared that an extremely formidable spell formation was set up there.

Han Li eventually started to move, slowly treading across the jade bridge and towards the Treasure Light Pavilion.

When Han Li reached the halfway point, he couldn’t help but take a glance below the bridge. The endless, black abyss that entered his view left his heart ice cold!