Chapter 889: The Vast Essence Pill

Han Li flipped the small bottle and dropped a fire-red almond-sized medicine pill into his hand.

A trace of sorrow appeared on Han Li’s face. This was a medicine pill refined from a high-grade demon core and was used to increase the spiritual power of Core Formation stage cultivators. It was a bit of a waste to use it on a Foundation Establishment cultivator. If his magic power wasn’t sealed and Silvermoon wasn’t injured, he’d be able to use a soul searching technique instead of going through all this trouble.

He held Feng Yue’s chin in one hand and opened his mouth wide with a flip of his wrist. Then with his other hand, he wrapped the pill in azure Qi and flicked it into Feng Yue’s mouth. 

Han Li let go of him and reached his waist to take out a sparkling silver needle. It shined with a cold light as he stabbed various places on Feng Yue’s body in a blur. Suddenly, all the stabbed areas spurted with black blood, releasing a foul stench into the air.

Han Li stood up and held his hands behind his back as he waited for Feng Yue to awaken.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, the black poisoned blood formed a large pool around Feng Yue’s body and he eventually began to softly groan as if he were about to awaken.

Han Li’s gaze wandered and he flicked his fingers, launching a wind that immediately stopped the flow of poisoned blood. Then with a tremble of his shoulder, his second Nascent Soul transformed into a black cloud and disappeared into the forest.

“It’s you...” Feng Yue eventually opened his eyes and clearly saw Han Li standing in front of him. He then let out a yelp of alarm and struggled to sit up.

Han Li gave Feng Yue a glance and asked, “What? Is it a surprise to see me?”

“Was it you who saved me? Where is that traitor Feng Zhen?” Although Feng Yue’s voice was weak, it was filled with vigilance.

Han Li looked to the side and carelessly said, “You mean that purple-robed man? He’s dead.”

Feng Yue turned his head with great effort before finally spotting the remains of the purple-robed old man. An expression of shock and resentment appeared on his face. Then his gaze turned back to Han Li with an odd expression.

“Could it be that Fellow Daoist Han was the one to kill that old traitor? It seems your abilities are truly profound. I will remember your kindness and reward you in the future.”  He then took out a medicine pill from his waist and brought it to his mouth before attempting to stand up.

When he stood up halfway, his lost the strength in his legs and fell back onto the ground.

“What’s going on? I can’t muster any strength.” Feng Yue’s face then betrayed a trace of panic.

“You’re going to give me a reward? It seems you don’t know about your current situation.” Han Li spoke indifferently, showing no intention of helping him.

“What does that mean? What has happened to me? Have you placed a restriction on me?” Feng Yue glared at Han Li and his face revealed furious alarm.

Han Li smirked and said, “You think too highly of me. If I wanted to restrain you, why would I need to place a restriction on you? How about you take a look for yourself?” He then raised his hand and flicked a small object in his direction, a common mirror.

Feng Yue was completely bewildered by Han Li’s actions, but gritted his teeth and took a look at the mirror.

“Ah! How can this be? My face... When was I so deeply poisoned? Could it be that old traitor used...?” When Feng Yue saw his condition, he felt great fright and couldn’t help but yell in shock. He then hastily reached for his storage pouch and took out a large pile of bottles in a flash of white light. He hastily searched through the bottles and began stuffing his mouth with medicine pills without any regard for the consequences.

Han Li watched him with indifference and didn’t say a word, allowing him to scarf himself with medicine.

With that done, Feng Yue said little else to Han Li and closed his eyes in meditation, focusing on channeling the medicinal power to dissolve the poison. But after a while, he opened his eyes and appeared to be on the verge of panic.

“How can this be? The many antidotes I’ve taken have no effect? What kind of strange poison is this?” 

Han Li leisurely said, “Although I haven’t seen it before, it appears to be the Agony Poison of the Ten Absolute Poisons.” 

Feng Yue’s complexion turned deathly pale and he couldn’t help but shout, “Agony Poison?! To think they would use that against me... That old traitor is clearly relying on the Kong Clan. It was rumored the Kong Clan possessed that poison.”

“The Kong Clan?” Han Li’s brow momentarily stirred.

“Wait.” Feng Yue suddenly thought of something and managed to gather the strength to turn himself in Han Li’s direction, asking, “The Agony Poison should’ve immediately killed me. How was I able to reawaken?”

Han Li’s expression sank and he snorted, “It seems you are unaware of my act of kindness. If it weren’t for the questions I had for you, I wouldn’t have wasted the Vast Essence Pill on you. You merely had a temporary stay on life because of that thing on your neck blocking the poison. It would’ve immediately killed you otherwise, preventing any miraculous medicine from reawakening you.”

“You touched it?” When Feng Yue heard Han Li mentioning the silver key, he looked down at his chest in alarm before quickly calming down. 

“I was quite curious about how a Foundation Establishment cultivator was able to resist Agony Poison for such a long period of time. Naturally, I wanted to investigate the matter. However, the Vast Essence Pill is only temporarily blocking the poison. One day, the poison will continue its attack on your heart and you will surely die.”

With some thought, Feng Yue then nervously asked, “The Vast Essence Pill? I heard that it was an incredibly rare medicine pill. If I had another one of those pills, would I be able to continue suppressing the poison?” 

Han Li was surprised by his question and coldly replied, “It would be able to preserve your life temporarily, but do you understand the materials used to refine it? It isn’t a medicine pill for dissolving poison, but something used for Core Formation cultivators to break through bottlenecks. It isn’t something that can be bought on a market.”

Although Han Li didn’t say it outright, it was clear what he had meant.

“It is a cultivation progression pill for Core Formation cultivators?” Although Feng Yue anticipated the pill would be precious, he couldn’t help but be dumbstruck.

“However, there is a way for you to live.” Han Li said with a smile.

“What is it? So long as you save my life, I am willing to agree to any conditions.” Feng Yue’s mind was roused and he quickly spoke with eagerness.

Han Li chuckled and said, “I don’t want any reward from you, just a few answers to my questions.”

“That’s fine. I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge.” Feng Yue replied without hesitation.

Han Li explained, “The method is quite simple. Since the Agony Poison has already set your body on the path of ruin, you simply have to exchange your body. In the past, cultivators that are afflicted with the Ten Absolute Poisons used possession to escape with their lives.”

“Possession?” Feng Yue bitterly smiled, much to Han Li’s surprise.

Han Li raised his brow and asked, “What? Do you find this method unacceptable?”

After a moment of hesitation, Feng Yue muttered, “Many thanks for Brother Han’s kindness. While possession might work for others, I can’t use this method.”

Something then came to Han Li’s mind and he asked, “You can’t use this method? Could it be you already...”

“I won’t conceal this from you,” Feng Yue said with a bitter smile, “I already used possession once before. This isn’t my original body.”

Han Li sighed and shrugged. “In that case, there is nothing left for you. There is no cure for the Ten Absolute Poisons.”

Feng Yue revealed an expression of alarm and bitterly pleaded, “There is truly no other way? Brother Han has much knowledge. Can I trouble you to give it more thought?” 

“There is nothing to think about,” Han Li shook his head, “Since the fame of the Ten Absolute Poisons had lasted through the cultivation world for so long, there truly is no method of dissolving them, earning them the reputation of being the Ten Absolute Poisons.”

“Then you mean to say that I will soon pass away?” Feng Yue said with a deathly complexion.

“That’s right,” Han Li replied emotionlessly, “Even if you continued to take Vast Essence Pills, you will eventually become resistant to its effects and perish regardless.”

Grasping at his final straw of life, Feng Yue recollected himself and rigidly stared at Han Li, asking, “How many Vast Essence Pills does Brother Han possess? Can he sell them all to me?” 

Han Li frowned and then calmly asked, “What? Fellow Daoist Feng wishes to purchase them from me? While I am willing to sell them, I don’t have too many. How about we talk about the matter after you answer my questions?”

“Please don’t hesitate to ask. Now that I’ve reached this far, there is nothing I won’t answer.” Feng Yue gloomily replied.

“Good, very good. How about you state your identity? You aren’t from the Soaring Tribes but from a noble family from the Great Jin, is that right?” 

Feng Yue looked at the jade pendant that had fallen to the ground and the silver key on his neck. Then he gritted his teeth and said, “Since you’ve already guessed it, was there a need to ask that question?”

Han Li wore a faint smile and aloofly said, “Which Ning is the Feng of Ning from? And how powerful is the Feng Clan?”