Chapter 874: Exploring the Whirlpool

“Your sect originated from the Great Jin?” Han Li couldn’t help but ask in surprise.

“That’s right,” Master Sunreach sighed, “However, this was something that had occurred countless years ago. Apart from a few particular ancient cultivation arts, our sect has no connection to our originating sect. This would’ve remained hidden but because of our current situation, I unintentionally discovered an ancient record mentioning this inside our sect’s hidden area.”

Han Li pensively asked, “Fellow Daoist Sunreach, does the ancient record mention the ancient sealing formation or the method to destroy the calamity that lies beneath it?” 

Master Sunreach solemnly said, “Although the record mentioned that the seal was extremely important and was our eternal responsibility to guard it, the record didn’t mention any specific details. Fortunately, it did mention the rough composition of the sealing formation. After we gathered a small group of spell formation masters and spent several years in research, we found a method to restore the spell formation.” 

Wei Wuya then added on, “But not only does this method require a large number of high-grade cultivators, it also requires a single person to enter the depths of the devilish Qi and place a formation plate at a certain place. This was why we wished to find Fellow Daoist Han. Only Fellow Daoist Han’s Divine Devilbane Lightning will be able to prevent the devilish Qi from corrupting your body.”

When Han Li heard this, he frowned. But after a moment, he asked with a relaxed expression, “It seems you’ve been researching this method for a while, but I’ve only recently returned to the Drifting Cloud Sect. How did you plan on placing down the formation plate in the depths of the devilish Qi while I was still missing?”

When Wei Wuya and Master Sunreach heard this, they couldn’t help but exchange a glance.

“It seems we can’t conceal anything from you,” Master Sunreach said with a smile, “We did originally gather many mighty devil-warding treasures and had them placed on a cultivator who practiced an evil-warding technique. But when we had this cultivator probe the devilish Qi, it was far too formidable and the chances of failure were far too large. There was less than a fifty percent chance of succeeding. However, it will be different with Fellow Daoist Han’s Divine Devilbane Lightning. Since the lightning is renown to be able to restrain devilish Qi, this task should prove easy to you.”

“So it was like that!” Han Li faintly smiled and then with bright eyes, he said, “It is true that this task should prove to be easiest for me out of everyone in the Heavenly South, but before that, I’d like to take a look at the fearsomeness of the endless devilish Qi. I don’t wish to do something that is bound to fail.”

“This is only natural. As of current, Devil Concord is keeping watch over the devilish Qi beneath the giant whirlpool. It would be better for you to take a look now. After all, the sooner the devilish Qi can be sealed, the better it will be.” Master Sunreach agreed without thought. Wei Wuya also nodded and raised no objections.

When Han Li saw this, he felt somewhat at ease. Since this matter didn’t seem to be a trap, there most likely shouldn’t be a problem. The three then immediately departed from Master Sunreach’s cave residence and directly headed west towards the direction of the giant whirlpool.

After flying for over fifty kilometers, they eventually arrived over an area of sea covered in a mist of white light that have a large cloud of rainbow light swirling above it in the sky, appearing like an upside-down whirlpool. There was an almost indiscernible and odd connection between the white mist and rainbow cloud.

When Han Li saw this, a trace of astonishment appeared on his face. With his spiritual sense, he was able to sense that both the mist and rainbow light contained large quantities of pure spiritual Qi. This exceeded what a top grade spirit vein could produce.

“So this is the giant whirlpool!” Han Li muttered.

Master Sunreach pointed to an area and said, “That’s right. Devil Concord should currently be on a nearby reef. Let’s go and talk to him.” Then Han Li swept his spiritual sense in that direction to find a large black-robed man sitting five kilometers away.

When Han Li released his spiritual sense, Devil Concord suddenly opened his eyes and coldly looked in Han Li’s direction before standing up. Then his body blurred and he appeared in the air.

At that moment, Han Li and the others were already flying over.

When Master Sunreach grew closer, he stopped and happily called out, “Fellow Daoist Concord! Fellow Daoist Han has arrived. It seems we’ll be able to soon restore the sealing spell formation.” 

“Oh! It is good that Fellow Daoist Han has agreed to help us. With the Divine Devilbane Lightning, he will be sure to instantly succeed.” Devil Concord didn’t smile and simply looked at Han Li with a cold disregard. Han Li was a bit surprised to see this, but when he thought about the matter, he couldn’t help but smile.

As the Divine Devilbane Lightning was specialized in restraining devilish Qi, it would also prove devastating to cultivators practicing devilish arts. Given that Devil Concord was the top cultivator of the Devil Dao, this wasn’t a matter that could be happily accepted. Master Sunreach’s amiable meeting with him was most likely to prevent Devil Concord from showing him any hostility.

Han Li inwardly shook his head. Although he felt somewhat gloomy over the matter, he didn’t take it to heart. With his current cultivation, even if Devil Concord attempted to kill him, he’ll have more than enough power to defend himself. However, Han Li strongly believed that Devil Concord wouldn’t be prone to do something so foolish in the first place.

When Wei Wuya informed Devil Concord that Han Li was going to take a look at the devilish Qi, Devil Concord simply frowned before nodding in agreement. Then under the guidance of the three, Han Li headed towards the giant whirlpool.

A short moment later, the giant whirlpool clearly entered Han Li’s view.

The whirlpool was about a kilometer wide. And strangely enough, it didn’t splash with sea water, but rather emitted strands of pure white spirit Qi. The resulting spiritual Qi gathered into a mist above it and underneath the shining sunlight, making for a beautiful sight.

Han Li took a deep breath of the damp sea air and felt his heart shake when he sensed the nearby pure spiritual Qi. If it releases this much spiritual Qi for each day it existed, it must possess a truly astonishing quantity.

Because he wasn’t able to see the depths of the whirlpool from up above, Han Li’s body glowed with light and he flew to the center of the whirlpool, hoping to take a closer look.

But when Han Li arrived above it, he felt a huge attractive force weighing down on his body, forcefully pulling him inside the whirlpool.

In his alarm, he had light violently flashed from his body, immediately covering it in a layer of azure light. By relying on his profound cultivation, he was able to immediately stabilize himself. Then with relief, he looked downward with blue light shining from his eyes.

At that moment, the three great cultivators watching Han Li wore an expression of alarm.

Wei Wuya turned his head to the side and spoke with a heavy tone, “Brother Sunreach, I recall that my sect’s mid-Nascent Soul Elder Ma also flew above the whirlpool, but he dropped over thirty meters before he was able to stabilize himself.”

“That was reported to me as well,” Master Sunreach said with a shocked expression, “The attractive force of the whirlpool is quite strong; even we were caught off guard and were swayed by it.”

Wei Wuya clicked his tongue and revealed a trace of admiration. “That’s right. In the past, I sensed that Fellow Daoist Han’s cultivation was a bit strange since it was clearly deeper than ordinary cultivators. Now that he entered mid-Nascent Soul stage, his magic power has become even purer. I truly don’t know what is his primary cultivation art. It is truly fascinating.”

“This is quite unclear,” Master Sunreach hesitantly said, “Although there are top grade cultivation arts that can greatly increase a cultivator’s magic power, they are either incredibly difficult to cultivate or contains some major flaw. It is unknown which kind of cultivation art Fellow Daoist Han practices.” 

Devil Concord remained silent, but his expression turned gloomy.

At that moment, Han Li’s figure blurred and in flash of azure light, he reappeared at the side of the three great cultivators.

Han Li calmly said, “This whirlpool obviously possesses an astonishing spiritual Qi and an immensely powerful attractive power. I don’t know how deep it is nor what danger lies within.”

“Because of the huge distance and dense spiritual Qi, our spiritual sense isn’t able to delve deeply. If we wish to monitor the devilish Qi, we can only enter its depths to take a look. Although we’ll be able to resist the attractive force with some deliberation, it would be best for Fellow Daoist Han to use some treasures when we descend. Additionally, there are many small whirlpools down below that will be dangerous if you’re dragged inside. How about I go down below with you?” Master Sunreach proposed.

Delighted by his offer, Han Li’s apprehension completely disappeared. “Then I will have to trouble you. It would be great for you to accompany me.”

Han Li and Master Sunreach promptly turned into an azure and a white streak of light respectively, disappearing into the whirlpool without a trace. Only Wei Wuya and Devil Concord remained and the two silently stared at the whirlpool in complete silence.

After some time had passed, Devil Concord turned his head and asked, “Brother Wei, what do you think about the Drifting Cloud Sect’s Fellow Daoist Han?”

Wei Wuya faintly smiled and slowly replied, “What do I think of him? What do you mean?”