Chapter 857: Detention

As the spatial dimension wasn’t very tall, Han Li quickly arrived at its top where he only saw grey mist. Then he floated in the air and channeled the entirety of his magic power into his eyes, causing them to twinkle with blue light.

With the Brightsight Spirit Eyes, the clouds turned a faint blue and Han Li was able to make out a faint silver screen motionlessly floating above the clouds.

‘Could that be the restriction placed down by the Spirit Realm cultivators?’ Han Li’s heart stirred and he raised his hand, releasing a ball of blue light into the clouds.

The ball of light was able to pass through the silver restrictions without resistance and continued to fly for another thirty meters before coming to a sudden stop as if having knocked against something and exploding.

Han Li’s expression relaxed and his body shined with azure light as he flew into the clouds. For some unknown reason, a strange thought flickered past Han Li’s mind.

Although Han Li had already tested it, he still felt very scared when he passed through the silver restriction. Fortunately, he passed through it without anything happening. As he had expected, the Spirit Ether Garden’s restrictions seemed to only affect Elder Devils. It was still unclear what relation the Elder Devils had with this fragmented medicine garden.

After he crossed the restriction, Han Li felt a wave of relief and made full use of his spiritual sense and Brightsight Spirit Eyes to sweep over every inch of the hundred meter wide ceiling, but discovered nothing.

Having calmed down from his joy of acquiring the medicinal herbs, Han Li knew that he had encountered a huge problem. He looked down at the sparkling silver screen restriction and hesitated before deciding to leave it alone for the time being. The overwhelming power of the silver flames were still fresh in his memory and he didn’t wish to provoke a life ending danger.

Han Li examined the sky two more times and sighed. With a faceful of disappointment, he eventually floated back down to the ground.


Han Li expressionlessly said, “I’ve discovered nothing. It seems the space is completely sealed off. There is no hole to take advantage of.”

Worry filled Silvermoon’s voice, “Then aren’t we trapped here? We would need the ability to tear through space, an ability only Deity Transformation stage cultivators possess.”

When Han Li heard this, his frown only grew tenser. Suddenly, his eyes flickered and he walked over to one of the space’s walls. Silvermoon blankly stared before following after him.

When Han Li arrived about ten meters away from the wall, his sleeves trembled without another word, releasing tens of flying swords in golden streaks. Then he struck them with spell seals and condensed them into a three-meter-long golden sword above his head.

He raised his hand and pointed at the sword. In a peal of thunder, golden lightning arced from the sword and struck the wall.

He opened his mouth and spat out a sliver of purple flame. It struck the sword’s body and purple flames and golden light intertwined, increasing its might with successive chains of thunder.

Han Li softly shouted and the huge sword began to revolve in the air. It turned into streak of gold and purple before chopping to the wall in a fierce strike. In a loud reverberation, a blinding ball of light erupted and the entire spatial dimension trembled.

Han Li hastily formed a hand incantation and the streak returned in front of him. Its magnificent faded away to reveal its original form as a huge sword.

The blinding radiance gradually faded away and Han Li squinted in close examination of the wall.

Behind him, Silvermoon revealed an expression of dejection. She saw that the strike hadn’t left the slightest mark on the wall.

Having seen this, Han Li’s gaze flickered as he sank in thought.

“Hehe! Youngster, that would’ve only worked in your dreams.” The Monarch of Soul Divergence said with a lazy tone.

“Oh! It seems Senior knows how to get out. I would appreciate your guidance.” Rather than anger, Han Li replied with a tone of happiness.

Monarch Soul Divergence scoffed and said, “If you want to get out, you must first think about how you entered this place. Do you truly believe that the strike between you and the Elder Devil was solely the reason that the spatial tear opened and brought you here?”

“Senior means to say...” With surprise, Han Li spoke hesitantly.

“It is very simple. This remnant spatial dimension only managed to barely continue to exist after being split apart from its original form. After so many years had passed, it has been brought on the edge of collapse. As you saw, your strike at the wall has shaken it. And from what I’ve read of ancient records, the yellow-grey color of the wall is a sign that the spatial dimension is unsteady. It is likely the collision between your attacks struck the weakest point of spatial dimension connection to the mortal world, splitting open a spatial tear to this place.”

“The weakest point? Silvermoon and I already searched every corner of the walls, but I saw nothing out of the ordinary.” 

Monarch Soul Divergence scoffed and said, “Fool, the weakest point of this space isn’t on the walls. It possible lies somewhere in between. And due to the spatial tear’s instability, it is likely that the weak point is continuously wandering. If you look for it properly, it shouldn’t be too hard to find.”

“Somewhere in between?” Han Li had a sudden revelation. As his cultivation was too low to comprehend spatial dimensions, his knowledge couldn’t compare to Monarch Soul Divergence’s. With that called to attention, he immediately began to search.

Han Li closed his eyes and spread out his spiritual sense, searching through every point within the space. After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, he found what he was looking for.

His body began to flash with light as he flew into the stone pavilion at the center of the pocket dimension. The light then faded away from his body and his eyes flashed blue as he looked up at an area twenty meters tall.

The place appeared completely empty, but Han Li was able to see a faint dot of blue light through his eyes. It was only the size of a grain of rice and he was able to sense nearly indiscernible spiritual Qi fluctuations from it.

Han Li appeared delighted and after a moment of thought, he flipped his hand and summoned a small crimson sword into his hand. 

“What, you want to use that sword?” Monarch Soul Divergence’s was filled with an odd tone.

“That’s right. I already knew that even if I found the weak point, a strike from my own magic treasures wouldn’t be enough to tear through it. With regards to destructive force, the Blood Devil Sword would be the most powerful, so I will be making an attempt with this.

Monarch Soul Divergence snorted and said, “I’d advise you not to waste your strength. It was only with the combined strike of your transformed self and the Elder Devil that you were able to open the tear. Do you believe the same could happen now? The only choice you have would be to hurriedly enter the mid Nascent Soul stage and use both the talisman and the Blood Devil Sword to tear open the weakest point.”

Han Li’s heart trembled and he spoke with shock, “Enter the mid Nascent Soul stage? That isn’t something that can be done in a short time. Even with the dense spiritual Qi here and the assistance of medicine pills, it should take thirty years of strenuous cultivation at the very least.”

Monarch Soul Divergence snorted in disapproval and said, “The spatial dimension won’t disappear after a mere twenty or thirty years. What are you so afraid of? If you cultivated on the outside world with your aptitude, you might not be able to reach the mid Nascent Soul stage even after a hundred years.”

Han Li’s expression wavered. Even with the Fuchsia Cloud Pill, it would take him at least twenty years of cultivation to reach the peak of the early Nascent Soul stage before he could tackle the bottleneck to the mid Nascent Soul stage. As one of the main ingredients couldn’t be replanted, he would be wasting all of that ingredient inside the garden.

As for strenuously cultivating here for several tens of years, Han Li had no objections with this. The dense spiritual Qi was several times greater than that released by the Spirit Well Tree in his cave residence. This was a seldom opportunity.

However, Han Li’s only worry was the Soulseal Curse that was placed on Nangong Wan. He wished to hurry and use the Ancient Flame Toad’s demon core to dissolve it. But Nangong Wan did mention that she would be able to delay the curse by over a hundred years in the jade slip she left behind. It shouldn’t prove to be too much of a problem if he was kept away for thirty years.

Having pondered about this for a while, he came to the conclusion that he was going to be trapped here for quite a while. With a bitter chuckle, he resigned himself to his fate.

Then with pursed lips, he spoke without hesitation, “Silvermoon, pluck all of the spirit medicines for me. We’ll be refining medicine pills for the next few days.”.

Silvermoon had listened to their conversation at the side and felt greatly relieved that there was truly a way out of this garden. She was already trapped once before and wasn’t interested in reliving the experience.

She acknowledged the order with a sweet smile and took a pile of bottles and boxes from Han Li’s hands before flying off to the garden. 

Han Li then sat down at the center of the stone pavilion and took out the jade slip that contained the ancient pill formulas, carefully reading through the refinement process for the Fuchsia Cloud Pill. The spiritual herbs available to him were limited so he didn’t dare to be sloppy.