Chapter 849: The Battle Begins

‘What’s going on?’ Han Li wasn’t able to find any trace of the two-headed devil, causing his heart to sink. He deeply sighed and forcibly pushed down the worry in his heart. Then with azure light wildly flashing from his body, he poured the entirety of his spiritual power into his Brightsight Spirit Eyes. Suddenly, a cold blue light shined from his eyes. 

Han Li swept his eyes around him and eventually found something. With a changed expression, the dozen huge tortoise suddenly began to shine with spiritual light, launching a barrage of over a thousand ice spikes shot out and enveloping a small area.

Black Qi suddenly appeared from where the barrage of icicles was heading, revealing the astonished two-headed devil with a spell flag, ring, and a small sword held in three of his arms. As the barrage head towards him, he waved these three arms. The spell flag released a black wave of light which swept over him; the small sword waved several times and released incisive streaks of black sword Qi; and the recently acquired ring blurred, shooting countless copies of itself with astonishing momentum.

The icicles were all shattered by the treasures’ might before they had the chance to land, filling the nearby thirty meters with icy Qi. As a result, the temperature suddenly dropped. The two-headed devil didn’t care about this and he sinisterly smiled instead, disappearing once more in a flash of devilish light. Han Li’s expression turned unsightly when he saw this and he licked his lips.

The Elder Devil was perhaps the most fearsome enemy he had yet to face on his path of cultivation; a single moment of carelessness would result in death.

Although he was currently using his Brightsight Spirit Eyes to their greatest level, the devil’s appearance within the devilish light was extremely blurry. His movements were so quick that Han Li wasn’t able to stay on his location for long. He was only able to see his blurry image come in and out of his line of sight. It was only when the Elder Devil slowed down or stopped that Han Li was able to barely see him.

As a result, Han Li immediately found himself in the disadvantaged. With the Brightsight Spirit Eyes at full power, he placed a heavy burden on his eyes and found that he wasn’t able to persist in using this ability. With the Brightsight Spirit Eyes weakened, Han Li wasn’t able to find any trace of the devil.

Han Li felt a wave of gloominess over him. His only option now was to either break the devil’s concealment or force him to abandon it, having believed that there was no use in remaining hidden inside the devilish light. Or else Han Li will have no method to attack him.

With that thought, Han Li’s expression stirred and he slapped his storage pouch. A large cloud of Gold Devouring Beetles swarmed around him. With a simple whistle, Han Li ordered the insect cloud to scatter all around.

In the blink of an eye, the beetles covered a hundred meter wide perimeter with Han Li at their center.

As a result, even if Han Li wasn’t able to use the Brightsight Spirit Eyes to spot the devil, he could immediately sense him once he entered the beetle’s perimeter, leaving him safe from sneak attacks.

With the insect cloud released, a cold snort sounded out from not far away. The in a flash of black light, the two-headed devil appeared, looking at the sparkling Gold Devouring Beetles with an unsightly expression. But immediately after, the devil’s human head tensely furrowed his brow and his heads exchanged places. The malevolent ghost head was now facing Han Li with an icy smile on his face.

Han Li felt his heart tremble and he suddenly became vigilant. He saw the ghost head open his mouth and spit out silent black waves.

When the black waves arrived nearby, they rippled past the Gold Devouring Beetles and caused them to sway before falling to the ground. As a result, a majority of the beetles that stood in the devil’s way to Han Li had fallen, leaving an empty passage forward.

The ghost head savagely smiled in Han Li’s direction and his body flew forward in a blur. Han Li’s expression grew sullen and he raised his hand, launching a walnut-sized ball of golden light forward with a flick of his finger.

Its speed was incredibly fast and arrived in front of the devil’s ghost head in an instant. This was a method of lightning control that Han Li comprehended after entering the illusory realm that the Nature Origin Pill had induced. With the Divine Devilbane Lightning compressed into a ball, it could be used as a surprise attack, sacrificing a small portion of its power for a vast increase in speed.

The devil was caught by surprise and felt greatly shocked. The ball of lightning was incredibly fast, denying him the opportunity to use his movement techniques and other abilities. Helpless, he could only open his mouth and spit out purple shadow that was reminiscent of a snake to intercept the ball of golden lightning.

Boom. Golden light flashed and ruptured, bouncing the purple shadow back and filling the air with the scent of something burning. The ghost head groaned in pain and then looked at Han Li with a hostile expression.

The purple shadow had fearlessly confronted the Divine Devilbane Lightning with the tip of its sharp and incredibly long tongue, and suffered quite a bit of damage as a result.

Han Li didn’t reveal the slightest surprise upon seeing that his surprise attack had failed. Instead, he coldly smiled and whistled, calling for the fallen Gold Devouring Beetles to fly off from the ground and return their original positions around him.

When the devil saw this, a trace of amazement appeared on his face and he looked at the Gold Devouring Beetles with a grave expression. To the side, Senior martial brother Cheng’s party saw Han Li’s exchange with the devil and they all released their own treasures to attack. A white flying sword, a blue jade ruler, and a set of three white weaver shuttles. They all rushed at the Edler Devil in an overbearing charge.

The Elder Devil coldly glanced at these treasures and he waved his own three magic treasures, suddenly engulfing them in black light and obstructing their assault. The one controlling these devilfied treasures was the rear head.

Then through some unknown technique, the devilfied treasures suddenly shined with radiance several times brighter and their resulting light completely trapped the cultivators’ treasures in a barrier of light. Within the barrier, the treasure’s magic power was absorbed, denying them the ability to escape.

It appeared the devil wished to deal with Han Li, the most troublesome problem first before taking his time with the others.

Han Li frowned when he saw this and the devil’s rear head suddenly said, “Those insects are actually unafraid of my Devilish Vibration Art. According to my knowledge, there are only a few insects in this world that are capable of resisting its might and from their golden shells, these insects are most likely Gold Devouring Beetles. These Gold Devouring Beetles must not be at their legendary stage of maturation given that they were still affected by their attacks. In that case, I would’ve been at their mercy. It is a pity that I am not using my true body so that I could allow you to witness the ferocity of the Holy Realm’s Devil Butterflies. These still immature spirit insects are a most optimal nourishment for them.”

After this was said, the rear head looked at the Elder Devil that was being slowly suppressed by Wei Wuya and revealed a strange expression.

Han Li slightly raised his lips but showed no other change in expression. Then he released several tens of golden swords from his sleeve and they began to spiral around him.

He launched a successive series of spell seals towards the swords and they twinkled with golden light. He intended to place down the Aureate Sword Formation.

The ghost head’s two eyes suddenly glinted with an ominous light. “Since you’re deliberately seeking death, I won’t tangle with you for much longer. I’ll devour your Nascent Soul and end this battle soon. This body won’t last long, so I’ll have you experience the true ferocity of the Holy Realm’s devilish arts. Obediently perish!”

The devil felt threatened by the flying swords for some unknown reason and wasn’t about to grant Han Li the opportunity to place down the sword formation. With howling laughing coming from his mouth, his body blurred and he charged forward with an empty first towards the Gold Devouring Beetles.

Han Li’s heart sank. Unable to continue placing down the sword formation, he mentally commanded the beetles. Although the beetles were somewhat fearful of this devil, they were suddenly roused by Han Li’s forceful command and furiously pounced forward to meet the devil’s charge.

As for the tiger demon puppets that were escorting Han Li, they nimbly pounced forward as well in a blur of white light. The Sovereign Devil Corpse took large strides forward and blocked Han Li’s front. As for the tortoise puppets behind Han Li, they opened their mouths and shot thick beams of blue light.

In the blink of an eye, the two-headed devil was immersed in a barrage of attacks.

Han Li didn’t hope on these things being able to truly block the devil. He only needed the opportunity to place down the sword formation. With that in mind, he believed these attacks should be able to slow him down at the very least and buy him enough time. However, Han Li had grossly underestimated the true might of the two-headed devil.

The ghost head opened his mouth and emit sounds of clattering metal and he waved his arms in a blur. All of his fingers warped in a blur to form strange incantation gestures in succession. Then a black radiance suddenly shot out from the devil, shining with an intensity that couldn’t be seen directly.

Then, waves upon waves of black Qi suddenly ruptured around him, forcefully pushing away the Gold Devouring Beetles and tiger demon puppets and nullifying the dozen beams of blue light.

At that moment, the devil’s second head opened his mouth and released three reverberating screeches and continuously shook the surrounding Qi, causing trembles to shake the very world nearby.

Afterwards, the wave of Qi disappeared and the black radiance dimmed. A shining black shell covered in long spikes appeared on the devil’s body as if belonging a malevolent god of war, emitting a pressure that was beyond this world.

Then, the ghost head lowered his head and looked at Han Li with a savage expression.

Han Li was completely dumbstruck.