Chapter 847: Two Devils Meet

Han Li kept the Sovereign Devil Corpse and his puppets at his side, and even released a dozen huge tortoise puppets at his side as he flew towards the battle.

As Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman followed after them, they were both surprised and felt a bit of relief. Although the puppets didn’t amount to much alone, when combined in the numbers of several tens and expertly used, they could forcefully distract an ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator.

While they both felt a bit more relieved at the sight of this, Ancestor Linghu felt a pang of envy and the white-clothed woman was intimidated. ‘To think that Han Li still has even more moves hidden. What a profoundly mysterious character.’

In the blink of an eye, Han Li quickly closed the five kilometer distance from the battle. He then slowly came to a stop when he arrived about three hundred meters away and examined what happening.

Now that he was nearby, he discovered that there were countless tentacles formed from black-purple devilish radiance and were wildly fluttering about. There were also a devil that appeared at the center of the purple light, the source of the devilish Qi. 

The devil had a malevolent face anda horn growing out of its forehead, bearing a striking resemblance to the two-headed four-armed devil. However, his body appeared to be purely human, and his skin appeared to be smooth and translucent as finely carved jade.

At that moment, the devil had his eyes closed and displayed no trace of emotion as if were asleep. But what was strange was how thunderous roars occasionally escaped from his abdomen despite clearly have his mouth shut. From this sound along, it appeared as if the devil was furious, but his face was completely still.

The devil’s arms were mechanically flinging balls of of pitch-black flames down to the green cloud below. The balls of flame moved stiffly as if they were slowed down.

But in contrast to their unremarkable appearance, these black fireballs released thirty-meter-wide waves of flame upon rupturing, scattering away most of the green clouds that were nearby.

However, Wei Wuya’s green cloud of poison wasn’t to be underestimated. It trembled several times before launching a counterattack to eliminate the black fireballs, a continuous barrage of countless snakes made from green poisonous Qi. However, this was done in vain as they all ruptured in midair before they could reach the devil within the purple light.

As a result, green clouds, weird radiance, and black devilish flames intertwined and occasionally released explosions in the air.

Soon, Ancestor Linghu arrived at Han Li’s side and saw the devil in the air. With an expression of surprise, he happily said, “What’s going on here? The devil seems to have not yet awaken, or maybe the body is under some sort of restriction? Anyways, this a great opportunity.”

Han Li shook his head. As he continued to survey his surroundings, he said, “If it were so easy, Fellow Daoist Wei would’ve already have killed him rather than painstakingly remain hidden within the poison cloud. There seems to be more something profound happening. It also stands to mention from this devil’s much more powerful devilish Qi that there is some sort of relationship to the devil that had flown away, not forgetting that it is also much more powerful.”

Puzzled, he wasn’t able to find any trace of the devilfied Marquis Nanlong. But suddenly, his gaze focused on Senior Martial Brother Cheng’s party. When they arrived, they appeared even more surprised.

When Senior Martial Brother Cheng saw Han Li, delight appeared on his face, but for some unknown reason, he simply nodded to Han Li with a smile.

When Han Li saw this, he wryly smiled and reluctantly him the first voice transmission, “Senior Martial Brother Cheng, you’ve come at a bad time. This devil is extremely dangerous. Even Wei Wuya might not prove to be his opponent. There is also a different devil nearby, with two heads and four arms.”

Alarmed, Senior Martial Brother Cheng quickly replied through a voice transmission, “What? That cloud belongs to Fellow Daoist Wei Wuya, and there is another monster? Since you are aware of what is happening, could it be you’ve already fought?”

“I’ve already exchanged blows with the other devil. Although I don’t know its true strength, it shouldn’t be below a late Nascent Soul cultivator. If we join hands, we may be able to barely deal with it. Additionally, this devil is capable of consuming Nascent Souls, is adept in concealment techniques, and can move with immense speed. Take care! We should join hands if it does attack us. That way, we’ll have a better chance.” 

“I got it. I’ll discuss it with the two Fellow Daoists at my side.” Senior Martial Brother Cheng heart sank and he turned around to speak with the two cultivators at his side, informing them of what Han Li had told him.

Daoist Heavencrystal has already recognized Han Li and appeared shocked when he saw the thirty tiger demon and tortoise puppets at his side. At that moment, he smiled at Han Li before starting a discussion with Senior Martial Brother Cheng.

As for the wrinkly old man at their side, he glanced in Han Li’s direction with an astonished expression when heard Han LI’s name. Although he was a Nascent Soul eccentric that had remained isolated from the outside world for many years, even he had heard of Han Li’s new and grand rise to fame, not to mention that Han Li was the Junior Martial Brother of his good friend. Curiosity in his heart, he nodded towards Han Li with a calm expression.

As for Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman, they weren’t particularly famous nor did they have any relationship with the other party of cultivators, but they were allied to Han Li. As such, they all agreed to join hands in the fight against these fearsome devils.

Then, Wei Wuya spoke with a sullen and hoarse voice, “Fellow Daoist Han? It is great that you were able to arrive in time. This monster is an Elder Devil that had invaded our mortal realm during the age of antiquity. They are an arch enemy of all human cultivators. I didn’t expect that there was one sealed inside Devilfall Valley. It was unintentionally released by Fellow Daoists Wang Tiansheng and Wang Tiangu, and they perished in the spatial tear collapse when the devil was unsealed. I was only able to to survive from luck, but I greatly injured my vitality in the process; I won’t be able to hold him off for long. Fortunately, the ancient cultivators placed a seal on his body, but he is currently dissolving it with devilfire. Fellow Daoists, you must stop him or this devilish monster will slay everyone inside Devilfall Valley without resistance.”

Wei Wuya’s voice was filled with worry and anxiousness, as if his injuries were severe. Afterwards, the green cloud roiled at its center to reveal Wei Wuya with a deathly pale complexion and dim eyes.

When Han Li heard this, he cursed in his heart. He originally intended to provide assistance to Wei Wuya, but it seemed they were the main force in this attack. This was trouble!

Ancestor Linghu and the others each looked at each other with dismay, all knowing that things were far from good. Since even Wei Wuya didn’t prove to be a match for the devil, how would they be any different? But if they fled, Wei Wuya could plummet their standing in the cultivation world of the Heavenly South once he made the information known they had abandoned a righteous cause. After all, this wasn’t a fight between cultivators where one could flee without blame, but one against Elder Devils.

As if seeing the awkwardness of this situation, Wei Wuya’s voice softened and he said, “Don’t worry, I’ve already scanned my spiritual sense into the difference. So long as you delay this devil, other Fellow Daoists will quickly come. And not long before, I’ve already sent a voice transmission talisman to the Moulan. Given how they wish to position themselves in the Heavenly South, there is no way they won’t come.”

Han Li and the others were relieved to hear this. Although they might not be the Elder Devil’s match, delaying him for a moment should be possible.

However, the devil that was floating in the black devilish Qi seemed to understand what they were saying. His half-closed eyes trembled and an icy glint flashed by. His hands ceased as he slowly raised his head to examine his surroundings.

The devil’s eyes brushed by then and black-purple radiance continuously shined around him, raising a chill down the cultivator’s backs. They felt their heart’s drop as if they were being glared at like prey.

However, Han Li cultivated the Great Development Technique and was able to resist most of this effect with his vast spiritual sense. Although he felt unwell, he was still able to look at the Elder Devil with the Brightsight Spirit Eyes. If he deliberately avoided his gaze, he feared that a show would remain in his heart and cause him to hesitate in his battle against the devil.

When the Elder Devil saw Han Li’s defiant gaze, he felt somewhat surprised and his icy gaze examined Han Li once through as Han Li continued to silently stare back.

Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman originally stood at Han Li’s side, but when the Elder Devil’s gaze fell upon Han Li, they unconsciously took several steps back as if suppressed by the Elder Devil’s spiritual sense. When the others saw this, their expressions changed and they began to raise their guard.

Then the devil raised his arm and black flame flickered. A black fireball quickly expanded and grew to the size of a head in the blink of an eye. Then it disappeared without a trace with a wave of his arm.

Han Li’s heart trembled and soon after, he was shocked. The black fireball didn’t head for any of them, but instead went for an empty area in the sky. The fireball then ruptured, covering everything in a thirty meter radius.

In Han Li’s shock, he discovered a silhouette had appeared in the black flames, a two-headed four-armed monster. The monster’s arms were glowing with purple light and waved, gathering together the black devilflames into a single arm and reforming it back into a fireball.

The two-headed Elder Devil swallowed it and then he raised his head to look at the devil up above.

“So it was you. You’ve finally found me.” The Elder Devil with the devilish face sighed.

The two-headed Elder Devil sinister smiled and spoke with a hostile tone, “You’ve quite brave to dare attack me. It seems you wish to become the master soul. I wonder whether it was a mistake in the past to send you after those cultivators.”