Chapter 845: Two Heads, Four Arms

Han Li’s heart stirred upon hearing the Monarch of Soul Divergence’s warning and he asked, “From your tone, it seems you’ve had personal experiences dealing with Elder Devils. I thought you never entered Devilfall Valley.” 

Monarch Soul Divergence snorted several times and annoyedly said, “Oh? Could it be you didn’t hear me before? I had several good friends who enter the valley. Although they all possessed exceptional abilities, only one of them was able to escape alive with their combined powers. Surely this displays the power of the Elder Devils.”

Han Li smiled and thought to ask him another question when he heard a loud roar from the ball of black Qi scuttling in the distance. Afterwards, a storm of wind was suddenly scattered away from the black Qi, revealing Marquis Nanlong.

When Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman saw this, their expressions suddenly changed and they felt their blood run cold.

‘Is that human?’ They saw Marquis Nanlong emerge with two heads: one head in the front of the neck and the other smaller in the back, both of them possessing a malevolent appearance.  They saw four devilish arms from his shoulders, all of them long enough to reach below his knees.

The head in front had purple scales covering its face and a several inches long white horn jutting out from its forehead. However, his nose, eyes, and other facial features were the same as before. The smaller head on his back appeared completely like that of a demon ghost.

Although this head was also horned and scaled, it had a fearsome appearance, and when it opened its jet-black lips, a foot-long black-red pointed tongue unfolded itself. It then pulled back as if it were the tongue of a snake.

But what was even more frightening was how the head’s eyes had become narrow slits that glowed with silver light. Whenever its eyes moved, it gave an inhuman feeling of unease.

Not only his head but the rest of his body was also densely covered in purple scales. His four long arms also had long, bone-like nails jutting out from each of his fingertips. When he brought them together, they all shined with silver light and appeared incredibly sharp.

Although Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman felt their hearts tremble at the sight of this new fearsome form, given their rich experience as Nascent Soul cultivators, they didn’t allow themselves to be overwhelmed with fear. Instead, when they saw the Elder Devil remain still in place, they both pointed at their treasures and commanded them to attack.

A beam of rainbow light flashed out and enveloped the Elder Devil inside of it. Delighted, Ancestor Linghu took this chance to order his huge white ring to also cover him.

When the Elder Devil saw this, the expression of his front head remained blank as if it were dead, but the expression of his rear head sneered. The huge ring flashed and directly fell onto the Elder Devil’s head. The devil’s four arms then glowed with purple light and rose from the rainbow light, firmly grabbing the huge ring before it managed to trap him, preventing it from moving an inch further.

Ancestor Linghu was shocked and he hastily cast a spell technique. The ring brilliantly shined with light and attempted to break free but the four arms held firm as if they were made of metal.

The Elder Devil’s rear head sneered and it opened its mouth, spitting out a ball of pitch-black liquid at the huge ring. When the ring was drenched in the black liquid, it suddenly cried out and its spiritual light scattered and flickered with demonic black light.

“My Yangfused Ring?!” Ancestor Linghu shouted out in alarm. In the instant the ring lost its light, he felt his mental connection with the treasure severed and his complexion grew pale.

The Elder Devil had a method to corrupt and destroy ancient treasures. 

At that moment, three of the Elder Devil’s arms released their grip on the ring, and he waved the ring with its remaining arm, creating countless afterimages as it spun. The smaller head then wore a satisfied expression and spoke using his front head, “Not bad, not bad! I was worried about how I didn’t have any treasures on hand. This will do for now.” At that same time, his two other arms swept past his body and took out a pair of black flags. He also spat out a small black sword that floated in the air. As for his fourth arm, it formed a bare fist.

“Hehe! Although I only have a few devilfied cultivator treasures, they will to do for now.” The Elder Devil sinisterly smiled.

Because Han Li was distracted placing down his sword formation, the golden lightning and the fireball slowed down and lagged behind. As for the Gold Devouring Beetles, they had closely pursued the Elder Devil, but after the transformation had finished, they fearfully ceased their pursuit and began to spiral in place.

Han Li was shocked with bewilderment. This was the first time he had ever sensed fear from his mental connection with the Gold Devouring Beetles.

Not to mention that this two-headed four-armed devil transformation reminded him of the image of the Sacred Provenance Plate as well as the three-headed, six-armed on Master Cang Kun’s offerings table. Han Li couldn’t understand what relation these three things shared. 

As for the flags in the Elder Devil’s hands, they were the wind commanding flags that had belonged to Lu Weiying. As for that familiar small sword, Han Li recognized it to be one of the treasures that were found from the ancient cultivator remains. He had actually managed to corrupt it and make use of it as well.

But regardless of this, now was not the time to think about it. He needed to provoke the Elder Devil and draw him into the Aureate Sword Formation.

With that thought, Han Li commanded the Gold Devouring Beetles forward and hastened the speed of the Divine Devilbane Lightning and the purple fireball.

Both of the heads simultaneously laughed when they saw this and the Elder Devil’s neck trembled as it suddenly warped and shifted the positions of the heads. The smaller head then stretched out its black-red tongue without end in a strange display.

The Elder Devil stared at Han Li’s incoming attacks and didn’t display the slightest intention of dodging. He waved his arms and raised his three treasures in the air. At that moment, the small sword, spell flags and ring brightly shined with black light.

The battle between the Elder Devil and Han Li now begun again. But suddenly, a series of monstrous roars erupted from a distance like bellows of thunder, containing such fury and violent intent that even Ancestor Linghu and white-clothed woman felt their mind tremble from a distance.

Han Li was shocked when he heard this astonishing roar and so was the two-headed Elder Devil. Then the Elder Devil withdrew all of his treasures and instantly flew off in a streak of black, releasing a shriek of his own as he shot into the distance like a bolt of thunder.

The direction that he flew in was where the roar had originated.

In his amazement, Han Li hesitated and extended his finger, ordering the golden lightning, beetles and purple flames to halt for the time being. He then glanced at the Elder Devil far in the distance with various changed expressions.

If he remembered correctly, this roar along with the astonishing wave of Qi not long before originated in the direction of a location marked on the map of Devilfall Valley. Could it be that something massive had occurred there? The Elder Devil even flew away so quickly and emitted a shriek in response. Could it be that another Elder Devil has appeared?

As these thoughts all surged in Han Li’s mind, he remained still in place with a pensive expression.

Ancestor Linghu and the white-robed woman were greatly relieved to see that the Elder Devil had taken off and their attitudes relaxed.

Ever since the white-clothed woman saw that her Statis Light Mirror was no longer capable of restraining the transformed Elder Devil, she had been filled with dread. 

Although Ancestor Linghu felt some regret over his lost magic treasure, he was still able to preserve his life and felt quite lucky as a result. If it weren’t for Han Li’s timely appearance, he and the great elder of the Masked Moon Sect would’ve faced destruction.

Originally, they had entered the valley with a good friend of their, but the possessed “Marquis Nanlong” had drawn out his Nascent Soul and consumed it.

Now that the Elder Devil had flown far away and wouldn’t return, Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed man exchanged glances before eventually deciding to draw closer to Han Li. As his recent display of magnificent abilities had left them speechless, they found it inappropriate to leave without having a word with him.

Ancestor Linghu saluted him and respectfully said, “Fellow Daoist Han, I must thank you for saving me, or I would’ve perished.” He then turned his eyes to the tiger puppets at his side and the Sovereign Devil Corpse which was emitting icy Qi. He then inwardly sighed and felt a trace of envy.

Han Li was so young but he managed to acquire so many treasures and abilities. His future path of cultivation was immeasurable. His past agreement with Han Li to assist Yellow Maple Valley was now proven to be correct. So long as he takes action, Yellow Maple Valley will be safe from calamity for the next thousand of years.

As for Nangong Wan’s Senior Martial Sister, she forced a smile despite their previous quarrel and said, “Many thanks for Fellow Daoist’s kindness.” In contrast to her expression, her tone was indifferent.

As for any thoughts of revenge, they were completely eradicated, having just witnessed Han Li’s current abilities.

With a wave of his arm, Han Li recalled the golden lightning and other items into his body and sleeve. Then he calmly said, “I didn’t save your lives out of kindness; I was only defending myself. Now, what do you plan to do? Would you be interested in taking a look over there?” 

Ancestor Linghu immediately shook his head and said, “Fellow Daoist Han must be joking. That thing is so formidable, only a late Nascent Soul stage cultivator could contend against it. We will not be following it.” As for the white-clothed woman, she didn’t say anything, but she also shook her head.

“Since that’s the case, then so be it. Although I am curious, it is too dangerous for me to go by myself. Let’s part here.” Han Li felt somewhat disappointed. If these two Nascent Soul cultivators agreed to accompany him, he would’ve truly go through to investigate what was going on. However, he wasn’t curious enough to risk the danger if he were alone.

With that thought, Han Li turned to stare in the direction of the howl, and a short while later, his expression suddenly grew heavy. When Ancestor Linghu saw this, he hastily asked with alarm, “Has something happened?”