Chapter 843: Battle with the Devil Soul

Han Li nodded to Ancestor Linghu and turned to Violet Spirit and said, “Your cultivation is too low for you to be of any help. Rather, you should escape with your life while you can. Don’t worry, since we’re all fighting this beast, he shouldn’t have the chance to attack you.” As a result of their friendship, Han Li immediately told Violet Spirit to leave as he couldn’t afford to look after her in the coming battle.

Violet Spirit hesitated for a moment before obediently nodding. “Very well. Then I shall be taking my leave. Brother Han take care of yourself!” Violet Spirit spoke softly and took a glance at “Marquis Nanlong” down below and a deep look at Ancestor Linghu’s before flying off.

At that moment, Marquis Nanlong simply glanced at her in the distance before refocusing his gaze on Han Li. It was unknown whether he simply felt Violet Spirit to be too unworthy of an opponent or that he felt that three Nascent Soul cultivators were troublesome to deal with.

Seeing that Marquis Nanlong was glaring at him, Han Li’s expression sank and he raised his hand, summoning several dense arcs of golden lightning around his arm. Thunder repeatedly clapped as lightning lit up around his arm in a brilliant display.

Given the fearsome of this Elder Devil, Han Li had no intention of probing his abilities and decided to immediately attack with the Divine Devilbane Lightning, legendary for its ability to suppress all things wicked and evil. In truth, Han Li was somewhat disappointed that he never had the chance to test its effectiveness against a devil’s wicked technique. Although this Elder Devil may be formidable, Han Li was confident in the lightning’s ability to suppress him.

When Marquis Nanlong saw the golden lightning bouncing off Han Li’s arm, his eyes narrowed.

As he stared at Han Li, he eventually spoke with an icy tone, “I recognize you from the remnant memories of this body’s previous owner. Although I don’t know the specific details, this body’s previous owner had a particularly fearsome impression of you. I now see that impression was correct. Not only did you evade my ambush, but you are able to control the Divine Devilbane Lightning that had caused us to suffer so much in the past. It seems like I’ll have to expend quite a bit of effort to deal with you.”

When Han Li heard this, a trace of a cold smile appeared on his lips and the arcs of golden light on his arm surged with greater power. At that same time, he flung his sleeve and a small blue shield appeared in front of him. It revolved around him before transforming into a barrier of blue light.

Seeing that Han Li took the initiative to act first and defend himself against Marquis Nanlong, Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman glanced at each other with joy. Han Li’s current reputation was quite great and he was an existence on par with late Nascent Soul cultivators. As a result, they each sent a voice transmission to each other and slowly moved forward in preparation to provide Han Li assistance.

When Marquis Nanlong saw that Han Li remained steadfast and unaffected by his provocation, he frowned and a fearsome expression appeared on his face. He silently stamped down and his entire body trembled, only to leave behind an afterimage.

Han Li’s expression remained calm, but he felt a chill shake his heart and his mind grew wary. He swept his spiritual sense around him but wasn’t able to find any trace of the Elder Devil, as expected. His concealment technique alone was enough to kill ordinary cultivators.

With that thought, Han Li narrowed his eyes and blue light flickered from his eyes, activating the Brightsight Spirit Eyes with practiced ease. Then, he suddenly raised his arm and released a bolt of golden lightning. It was targeted at an empty area and transformed into a net of rumbling lightning just before it struck.

As a result, a strange scene occurred. Black light flickered from the empty area, revealing Marquis Nanlong. He felt alarm when he saw the net of golden lightning falling down upon him., but soon, his expression grew sullen as his body blurred, and the net only fell down on an afterimage. Marquis Nanlong’s body had disappeared without a trace.

Han Li pressed his lips tightly together when he saw this. With blue light continuing to shine from his eyes, he looked to his side and raised other arm before pointing it in a completely different direction. Peals of thunder ringing out, a dense bolt of golden lightning shot out from his hand, striking at an empty space twenty meters away.

Just as the golden lightning traveled through the air, Marquis Nanlong’s figure reformed right in its path. He could only blankly stare as he met its thunderous path.

Marquis Nanlong was greatly shocked once more. It may just be a matter of luck if Han Li was able to predict his location once, but it couldn’t be a coincidence for this to happen a second time. Han Li was truly able to see his movements.

This time, the timing of Han Li’s attack was superb; Marquis Nanlong wasn’t able to avoid it. He could only open his mouth and spit out a ball of black-red Devilflame to meet the golden lightning head on.

With a light clap, the black-red flames and golden lightning flashed, dissipating into smoke like fire and ice.

“Yi!” It was Han Li’s turn to be shocked. The Elder Devil actually had a method to block the Divine Devilbane Lightning, a fearsome black-red devilflame.

But under Han Li’s careful watch, he noticed that Marquis Nanlong’s complexion had paled in the instant the ball of Devilflame was combusted. Although he had been able to recover in an instant, it was clear that this black-red devilflame most likely had some sort of connection to his vitality or soul essence.

Before Han Li could think about how to best take advantage of this, Marquis Nanlong suddenly lowered his body and strangely lengthened and shot forward as if his body were boneless. He arrived in front of Han Li and sinisterly smiled, preparing to fiercely pummel Han Li with his devil Qi clad fists.

Han Li watched this with an unchanged expression and calmly took half a step back. With lightning ringing from his back, a pair of silver-white wings appeared. Then with another ring of thunder, he disappeared in a silver flash.

When Marquis Nanlong saw this, he paused before coldly smiling. “Lightning Movement! I see you know quite a bit. But it is a pity, hehe...” He sneered and turned into black mist before disappearing as well.

The two attacks and simultaneous disappearances happened all in a mere instant.

When Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman saw this exchange, they had immediately planned on assisting Han Li with their magic treasures, but they weren’t able to find a good chance to interject themselves into the battle. And with Marquis Nanlong and Han Li now out of sight, Ancestor Linghu and the white-clothed woman couldn’t help but look at each other in dismay. Then, they hastily released their protective treasures around them out of increased wariness, protecting themselves from any chance encounters with Marquis Nanlong. After all, the two didn’t have Han Li’s abilities and weren’t able to see through Marquis Nanlong’s concealment.

At that moment, thunder rang out and Han Li appeared over sixty meters away from his original location. And immediately after, black Qi appeared behind Han Li, followed by Marquis Nanlong’s appearance. Wearing a savage expression on his face, he fiercely pounded his fists down upon Han Li.

Without even turning around, Han Li instantly sensed what had happened with his spiritual sense, but the strike occurred too fast; he wasn’t able to teleport away in time. He was only able to pour the entirety of his spiritual sense into the Bluelight Shield surrounding him a to block the attack. 

Han Li’s haphazard decision to teleport away had given Marquis Nanlong quite the opportunity. With shock resonating through his mind, Han Li felt perplexed when he was caught off guard; he hadn’t expected Marquis Nanlong to act so quickly. 

BangBang. Han Li now tasted what Ancestor Linghu had just recently experienced. The blue light barrier around Han Li’s body trembled and he was struck back. A majority of the magic power he had condensed was scattered by Marquis Nanlong’s two fists, preventing him from further using Lightning Movement.

Marquis Nanlong wildly howled in laughter and his body turned into a fierce gale as he pursued Han Li, preparing to land a rain of blows with his fists.

While Han Li was shooting through the air, incapable of controlling his body, his face was unexpectedly emotionless. Having seen what Ancestor Linghu suffered, he had prepared himself. Although he wasn’t able to condense his magic power, he had other methods of contending against the Elder Devil.

Although his body had become numb and powerless, he was soon able to feel his arms once more and released a spirit beast pouch from his waist towards Marquis Nanlong.

Before Marquis Nanlong realized what had happened, he heard a sudden wave of buzzing from the bag. Several thousand of Gold Devouring Beetles swarmed out to form a cloud and they all surrounded him as he charged onward. Although he didn’t recognize these Gold Devouring Beetles, he was able to sense an aura of ancient exotic insects, arousing fear in his heart. He didn’t dare to be negligent and swiped his hand in the air towards them, summoning a glowing green ghost claw covered in grey-white flames to sweep away the Gold Devouring Beetles.

In an instant, a majority of the Gold Devouring Beetles were grabbed by the ghost claw, and soon after, the grey-white flames burned a meter tall. The other beetles that hadn’t been grabbed by the claw were now caught in the flames. Marquis Nanlong sneered at the sight and began to move towards Han Li once more.

But at that moment, the white-clothed woman saw an opportunity to finally strike. She activated her mirror and a beam of rainbow light enveloped Marquis Nanlong. Additionally, Ancestor Linghu pointed to a milky-white ring floating above his head. The ring flickered before shooting towards Marquis Nanlong as well.

Marquis Nanlong was enraged at the sight of this and easily dodged the beam of rainbow light with a blur of his body. Although the rainbow light was difficult to deal with, it had no effect on him so long as it didn’t touch him. As for the white ring, it was clearly a treasure focused on restriction. It also had no effect on him unless it touched his body.

As Marquis Nanlong thought this, he turned his sight on Han Li once more and made his way towards him. To him, Han Li and his Divine Devilbane Lightning posed the greatest threat.

However, Han Li didn’t remain idle while inside his light barrier. He slapped another spirit beast pouch at his waist, and summoned over ten puppets that blocked Marquis Nanlong’s way with a single command.

Each of the puppets was six meters long and had human bodies with tiger heads. With a tremble of their hands, ten several-inch-long streaks of light glowed their claws.