Chapter 798: The Monarch of Soul Divergence

Having heard Cultivator Song’s careful words, Han Li nodded and didn’t ask any further questions about the matter.

“It is good that Martial Niece Song and Lady Mei don’t go. There are undoubtedly villains lurking in the Myriad Link Mountains. Even if I enter Devilfall Valley, I may not return alive. Lady Violet Spirit, are you still set on entering the valley?” Han Li asked with a casual tone.

With a smile, Violet Spirit calmly said, “So long as Brother Han is willing to enter the valley, I am willing to brave the risk. I hold Fellow Daoist Han in complete confidence.”

Han Li stared at Violet Spirit and said, “Since Fellow Daoist Violet Spirit has said this, I won’t try to persuade you otherwise. But before we enter the valley, there are several matters I must first make clear.”

Violet Spirit replied without surprise, “This is as it should be. If Brother Han has any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.”

“First of all, I need to confirm whether or not the matter of the Spirit Kindle Fruit is true.” Han Li’s expression grew solemn. “I don’t want to enter Devilfall Valley in high hopes only to discover that it didn’t exist. I hope Lady Violet Spirit can confirm this for me?”

Violet Spirit was already prepared for Han Li’s question and she immediately fished out a green jade slip and handed it over to Han Li. “The Spirit Kindle Fruit is real. The Ghost Spirit Sect’s Nascent Soul that managed to escape from Devilfall Valley by a fluke had spoken of its existence. Why else would a Ghost Spirit Sect Nascent Soul elder strive their hardest to brave the danger of Devilfall Valley?”

Han Li took the jade slip and submerged his spiritual sense into it and silently looked through it. A moment later, he withdrew his spiritual sense and expressionlessly returned the jade slip. Han Li frowned and hesitantly said, “According to what is said, the Spirit Kindle Fruit does exist. However, it is located deep in the depths of Devilfall Valley and its precise location is somewhat unclear. It will be difficult to find the Spirit Kindle Fruit with this information alone.” 

Violet Spirit explained as if in fear that Han Li would back down, “Because the Ghost Spirit Elder had accidentally stumbled across the Spirit Kindle Fruit after manifesting his Nascent Soul, he couldn’t remember its precise location. However, he also noted several notable facts about its location. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem to find it.”

When Han Li recalled the details inside the jade slip, he pondered, weighing the potential risks and gains.

A moment later, Han Li raised his head and calmly asked, “Even if we find the Spirit Kindle Fruit, won’t we need to refine it inside the valley because it would quickly lose its medicinal power? Has Lady Violet Spirit finished preparing the supplementary pill ingredients?”

Violet Spirit was overjoyed at his response, but she promptly suppressed her excitement. With a bright expression, she said, “The supplementary ingredients for the Nature Origin Pill aren’t easy to find, but I’ve managed to piece them together over the past few years. So long as we have the Spirit Kindle Fruit and our luck doesn’t take a turn for the worse, there shouldn’t be a problem with refining the Nature Origin Pills.”

Han Li’s face turned grim and he emotionlessly said, “Since it shouldn’t be difficult to find, I will make an attempt. But Lady Violet Spirit, you should know of the dangers of Devilfall Valley. I will make an effort to protect you inside, but be warned that if I encounter a danger that even I cannot withstand, you must be prepared to defend yourself.”

“This is natural. If something truly happens to me, I will not hold it against Brother Han. Besides, I am quite confident in my ability to survive.” Violet Spirit replied without any hesitation, the soft lines of her face replaced with staunch resolution.

Han Li’s expression relaxed as these words were much to his satisfaction. “Can you three Fellow Daoists inquire on how the Ghost Spirit Sect will be entering the valley? When I arrived, I heard that the Ghost Spirit Sect are issuing Devilfall Medallions to restrict the number of people that can enter the valley. It seems strange. Under such circumstances, there is no difference whether a few hundred or a few thousand cultivators enter the valley. Yet there seems to be a limitation on how many people may enter. Otherwise, the Ghost Spirit Sect would definitely capitalize on this opportunity as they’re selling each Devilfall Medallion for several tens of thousands of spirit stones.”

After a moment of surprise, Violet Spirit smiled and said, “As expected, Brother Han is quite discerning. You’ve just about guessed the truth. Although Mei Ning and I haven’t managed to acquire the specifics of the method to enter the valley, we’ve faintly discovered from our source, that Ghost Spirit Sect disciple, the method of entry requires the power of many Ghost Spirit Sect disciples as well as a large quantity of spirit stones to enter to valley at a specific time. It does seem that the number of people that can enter the valley is limited.”

“Regardless of the method to enter the valley, our Drifting Cloud Sect has been given three Devilfall Medallions and I acquired one when I had returned to the sect. There should be no problem entering the valley for me, but the depths are a different matter. I have no certainty of making it out safely. I believe that the majority of cultivators will be staying on the outer reaches of the valley and search for their treasure there. Only Nascent Soul cultivators would dare to enter the depths. Naturally, there will be Core Formation cultivators that will wish to fight one another, but there shouldn’t be too many. Fellow Daoist Violet Spirit shouldn’t experience too many dangers in the outer valley and should be able to handle herself there. As for when we enter the inner valley...” Han Li’s eyes flickered and he continued speaking to her through voice transmissions.

When Cultivator Song and Mei Ning saw this, they showed no dissatisfaction. Given the immense danger, it was only expected for them to be more careful.

When Han Li finished speaking, Violet Spirit hesitated for a moment before nodding. “It is all as Brother Han says.”

“Then I will see you again inside Devilfall Valley. Ah yes, Martial Niece Song, I’ve heard from the sect disciples that Senior Martial Brother Cheng has already arrived. Do you know where he is?”

Cultivator Song paused before hastily responding, “I do not know. Martial Senior Cheng had arrived here with a group of his close friends. I haven’t seen him yet.” 

“So it was like that. It seems Senior Martial Brother Cheng wishes to enter the valley before he reaches the end of his lifespan.” Han Li muttered as if speaking to himself.

After a moment of silence, Han Li frowned and asked, “I’ve also heard that the Moulan will be entering Devilfall Valley as well. Is this true? Do you have any information on this?”

As if feeling a slight headache over the matter, Cultivator Song could only helplessly respond, “We’ve also heard rumors of this, but the matter is unclear. We don’t know if it is true.”

Han Li stroked his chin and remained silent. A moment later, his expression faintly changed and he bid them farewell. As a result, the three women in the room looked at each other with dismay.

“What’s going on? Why was Brother Han in such a hurry to leave?” Violet Spirit’s eyes flickered with bewilderment.

Mei Ning frowned, appearing slightly disappointed. “I don’t know, but it seems Senior Han has other business to attend to.”

Cultivator Song glanced at the room’s door and muttered to herself for a moment.


At that moment, Han Li was walking down a remote street in a calm and methodical manner. But in truth, he was harshly scolding someone in his mind, “Were you trying to scare me out of my mind!?”

An aged voice carelessly replied within Han Li’s mind, “Hehe! I was merely thinking that girl named Violet Spirit was deathly beautiful. Stirring a few of your thoughts is only natural.”

Han Li snorted and angrily continued, “Don’t tell me you forgot how you affected the emotions of my second Nascent Soul when you used the Seven Passions Art on it? You can feel whatever you wish, but don’t involve me. After all, my second Nascent Soul is linked with my consciousness. Besides, Violet Spirit’s current appearance isn’t anything special; you’ve yet to see her true appearance. And your concubine in the past, Ruyun, was said to be a beauty peerless in this world. How can a woman with an appearance like that drive you out of control? You aren’t trying to trick me, are you?”

“I originally thought to use the Seven Passions Art in order to deal with your primal soul, but who could’ve thought that a trifling early Nascent Soul cultivator possessed a second Nascent Soul and was able to resist calamity. How else would I have met my end here? Although the Seven Passions Art cannot control a cultivator’s consciousness, it can still control their emotions. Likewise, it can reduce one’s will to live in a fight and one’s resolution to kill. As for the girl, although she is using some sort of secret technique to hide her true face, I am able to see through it with my spiritual sense.” The old man’s voice slowed near the end as if somewhat resentful.

“Even if your Seven Passions Art was more powerful, you will have little luck in leading me astray from my objectives. Although I do share some sensation with my second Nascent Soul, your Seven Passions Art won’t prove to be anything more than a minor hindrance. However, I completely didn’t expect that the Core Founder of the Thousand Bamboo School and the creator of the Great Development Technique, the Monarch of Soul Divergence, had survived until now by possessing a puppet. Were it not for your inconceivably powerful spiritual sense and your complete knowledge of the Great Development Technique, I wouldn’t have believed it. But regardless, if you casually stir my emotions over a female cultivator again don’t blame me for being impolite.” Han Li’s tone turned harsh at the end.

The old man snorted and disdainfully said, “Youngster Han, you should know that even with the assistance of the Soul Nurturing Wood my soul would last only several tens of years more before it disappears. Were if not for the fact that I had mostly finished my final puppet, I would’ve gladly passed on and reincarnated. After spending countless years inside a sensationless puppet, I’ve felt I’ve lived long enough. And if you hadn’t seen a woman for as long as I had, you’d be the same as well.”

When Han Li heard him, he rubbed his nose and felt his head deeply ache.

The true body of the old eccentric was actually hidden in the tube behind his back. Were it not for his agreement to teach Han Li the final three layers of the Great Development Technique and his willingness to impart several powerful puppet designs onto him that had never been published, Han Li would’ve dealt with him with several methods and exterminated him. 

But most annoying of all was the old eccentric’s unfathomably powerful spiritual sense. Even as he was currently, his soul searching techniques still had no effect on the defenseless eccentric. Rather, the old eccentric was nearly given the opportunity to control Han Li’s soul, scaring Han Li away from using such a method again.

When faced against the Monarch of Soul Divergence, an eccentric that had lived over ten thousand years, Han Li found himself feeling completely powerless.