Chapter 1051: Broken Seal

The white fur grew from Master Scatterwind’s arm and withdrew all in an instant. Afterwards, he continued his discussion with the others as if nothing had happened, mostly everyone ignorant of what had happened.

Meanwhile, none had noticed Han Li sending a thread of spiritual sense into one of his spirit beast pouches. As he calmed his riled Soul Weeping Beast, thoughts quickly churned through his mind, but he still maintained his bearing and calm voice.

In the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Han Li and the others finished discussing their plan of action. Then they blurred quickly and set off, taking out their own sets of formation tools, and setting down spell formations to boost their offensive potential.

Han Li and Grand Immortal Xu were simultaneously setting down a grand attack formation known as the Windfire Dragon Formation. Although it can’t compare to other grand formations, it was the most powerful offensive-type they could place down on short notice.

It was said once the formation was activated, it could produce attacks on the level of a full powered strike of a late-Nascent Soul cultivator using a common magic treasure.

A half-hour later, the formations were finished being placed down one after another, and they began to take charge over them.

Han Li and the Grand Immortal Xu decided to take joint charge of the Windflame Dragon Formation.

It was a laughable situation. The two were irreconcilable enemies, but they were quickly forced into such a ragtag alliance.

Grand Immortal Xu stared at the grey mist barrier sealing them and raised his hand, releasing a ball of white light and pounding against the wall.  However, the ball didn’t rupture. It simply floated in the air and sparkled, indicating a clear marker.

He then bluntly said, “In a moment, everyone will attack this point!”

The others remained silent in tacit agreement.

Grand Immortal Xu then shot a glance at Han Li and nodded.

He gave a faint smile in response and cast an incantation gesture without another word. He flicked his fingers around him and began to launch spell seals. In the blink of an eye, several tens of spell formations began to light up and hum.

Grand Immortal Xu took a shallow breath and a fire-red light sparked from his hand. He pressed it against the ground, and in the glow of red light, he activated a few formation plates buried deep into the ground.

The space suddenly trembled before a dozen pillars of crimson flame shot up from the ground. Each pillar was a foot thick and emitted a scorching heat as if the very air was being lit aflame.

At the same time, Han Li flipped his hand and produced a faint azure formation plate.

He slapped his other hand on top of it and it began to flicker with light. The spell formation immediately glittered, releasing hums as a dozen flood dragons condensed from the blue winds inside. Following an incantation, they all charged towards a different pillar of flame.

Wind and fire merged together to form a dozen windflame flood dragons, combining the intensity of fire and momentum of wind.

As soon as the dragons took form, Grand Immortal Xu’s face lit up and he harshly shouted,  “Attack!”

Then, he spat out an azure pearl, and the Keen Spirit Peacock circling above its head flapped its wings, releasing a wave of rainbow light, bursting with astonishing speed.

The others then activated their contributing spell formations and released their own abilities and attacks in an unreadable sequence

World-shaking explosions shattered without end. Bursts of light repeatedly flared with gigantic momentum, causing the entire space to tremble.

Han Li flung his sleeve and released several tens of flying swords into the air. Soon after, they duplicated themselves to create a swarm of several hundred sword-lights. When the others saw the force that they carried, they were reminded of the sharpness his swords originally carried, and their expressions faintly shifted. Their fear towards him had grown a tad heavier.

Not caring of what the others thought, Han Li commanded the swordlights with a spell seal and they instantly condensed into a huge sword that was over thirty meters long. After it was struck with another spell seal, a layer of golden lightning arced from its surface and thunder rang out.

Despite the huge sword’s completion, Han Li didn’t immediately set off on his attack. With a soft shout, he flung the formation plate up into the air.

He clasped his hands in an incantation gesture and then pointed at several different spots on the plate, causing it to tremble each time before rapidly eroding in a muffled burst, raining down azure light that was quickly absorbed by the formation.

With the newfound power, the spell flags flared blindingly, and the dozen huge windflame flood dragons began to rage. With roaring cries, the dragons surged several times in size and charged forward with brandished claws and fangs.

The windflame flood dragons arranged themselves in a line during the charge and struck the seal wall in succession.

This time, the grey mist violently quivered from the attacks and soon began to warp.

When the last windflame dragon exploded against the wall, the residual energy of the attacks concentrated into a huge ball of wind and fire. In a crimson flash, it was stained red and transformed into a huge blade slicing at the same location.

The brittle sound of breaking glass filled the air.

A three-meter-long crack appeared in the wall that was a foot deep. But with its appearance, black light flashed from the wall intent on mending itself. When the other cultivators saw this, they immediately rained down a mad barrage of attacks, forcefully slowing down the rate of the wall’s recovery.

It was then that Han Li took action.

The huge golden sword struck down at the crack as a bolt of lightning.

Golden light ruptured from the breach as if a golden sun had been born within it. The fissure instantly expanded and sank several times deeper. The strike of this single attack produced several times more power than all their previous strikes combined.

Even Han Li was stunned by the outcome.

It appeared that the Divine Devilbane Lightning was able to restrain the wall for the moment. Could it be that the Black Wind Flag was a Devil Dao spirit treasure?

Although Han Li felt apprehensive, the light faded away to reveal a thin barrier of white light past the seal.

When they saw this, they rejoiced, but before anyone could launch an attack, an inch-large blade silently appeared in front of the crack and blurred out of sight. With one final bang, the thin white wall flickered with black light and shattered to pieces, producing a ten-meter-large hole that led to a familiar scene.

They felt instant relief at the sight and in a silver flash, a silhouette appeared in front of the opening in a strange fashion and passed through it first. It was Han Li’s human-like puppet.

The others that were originally hesitant turned flustered by this. Without much more thought, they used their various teleportation techniques to follow through.

A pair of silver wings also appeared behind Han Li, but he didn’t immediately follow through. Instead, a strange expression momentarily flashed from his face and his lips stirred.

Gui Ling came to a sudden stop with a bewildered expression on her face when she saw this. She had already arrived in front of the opening in a white-black streak.

In that short moment of delay,  Grand Immortal Xu and the others rushed through.

However, a crimson light suddenly flared from outside, and countless black threads ripped through the air as they tore into the opening. Grand Immortal Xu and Lin Yinping let out deafening shouts in their alarm. In a loud and abrupt explosion, dense blood Qi suddenly surrounded Master Scatterwind who was now wearing a sinister smile.


Han Li shouted without any hesitation and directly shot through the opening in a spark of silver lightning.

Gui Ling felt complete bewilderment but quickly followed him out regardless. As soon as he appeared outside the seal, his surroundings were completely engulfed in blood Qi, but as he was already prepared for this, arcs of golden lightning from his body kept the blood Qi at bay.

He then stopped and looked in the direction of the opening with a raised brow.

The breach in the seal was quickly shrinking, and there was a sea of dense blood Qi roiling around it, filling the air with a sour stench. There were also a few figures floating in the air above the seal: the Silver-winged Nightfiend, the Lion Hawk, and a giant white-furred monster.

The monster wore the same clothes as Master Scatterwind and his body stank of profuse corpse Qi. He turned his head to reveal eyes lit with a green blaze, sharp fangs, and a shriveled face covered in white fur.

At that moment, the monster was controlling the blood sea and his crimson blade to suppress a single person from escaping.

This person’s body had lost one of his arms and legs, and was desperately using an azure pearl and silver hook to block the crimson light and corrosive blood Qi surrounding him. He was Grand Immortal Xu who now wore a hateful expression.

Not far from him was the Keen Spirit Peacock. It was trapped by a purple mist that was rigidly produced by the Lion Hawk. It was fully occupied with preserving its own life.

As for Lin Yinping, she was caught in a barrage of countless Ghostfiend Threads by the Nightfiend. Were it not for the grand abilities of her embroidered silkworm scarf, matching thread for thread, she would’ve long been captured.

But it was only a matter of time before she would fall.

Because of Han Li’s warning, Gui Ling also managed to make it out. Then, her eyes focused on the white-furred monster and astonishedly shouted, “It’s him!”