Chapter 1044: Protection

Han Li now witnessed winds as fierce as blades overturning both heaven and earth.

Although this was only a fraction of what the Black Wind Flag was capable of, his senses were completely overwhelmed. All he could hear were whistling shrieks; his vision was flooded with yellow mist; his spiritual sense couldn't see a half-foot past him. All that was between him and evisceration was a single barrier.

The Triflame Fan was modeled after one of the weakest Divine Spirit Treasures, but was still capable of display forty percent of the Sevenflame Fan’s power. However, the power that the Black Wind Flag displayed was immensely different.

Fortunately, with his Brightsight Spirit Eyes, he was able to grasp a vague image of his surroundings thirty meters around him. 

He had no idea how the Ninetruths Devil Surpression Formation was dealing with this massive attack. He could only see various tremors and sense an intense struggle taking place.

When he raised his head to the sky, all he saw were overwhelming chaotic winds that blinded him.

The barrier protecting him then began to hum even louder, forcing a pained expression from him. It was taking even more magic power to sustain.

The might of the Black Wind Flag actually increased as time passed.

Han Li took a deep breath and began to look down below him as if he were considering burrowing in the ground.

But just as the idea sprang in his mind, a foot-wide pillar of black wind suddenly surged forth from below, spinning with ceaseless momentum.

With the sudden appearance of this huge attractive force, Han Li was quickly devoured by it.

Frightened, he quickly condensed the magic power in his body and his barrier grew even brighter, forcibly halting the absorption for the time being.

Soon after, a dozen golden sword-lights shot out from the barrier and spiraled around the newly formed pillar of wind, breaking it apart into black Qi. However, it immediately condensed back together in a spiral and reformed the tornado in the blink of an eye.

He could only sullenly call out to Silvermoon and fly backwards.

It seemed these wind pillars were truly nefarious. He wouldn’t even be safe if he burrowed underground.

After the two carefully avoided several tornadoes, they arrived at the edge of the area, to find a dim grey barrier.

As he had expected, he found some brief respite. The winds were far weaker here, much to their relief. 

However, the seriousness on his face had yet to disappear and he looked in the direction of the palace hall for a moment before a glint flashed from his eye. He shook his hand, and a foot-long golden blade cleaved through the grey wall.

A crackle resulted from the impact along with a meter-deep slash into the wall, but in a twinkle of white light, the damage was mended as fast as it was dealt.

The barrier didn’t appear very sturdy and was easily cut by his flying sword. But it was unknown how thick it was or if it was able to mend damage inexhaustably. If he couldn't break through in a single strike, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

With that thought, Han Li began to move his arm and pressed it against his storage pouch.

In a flash of light, the Triflame Fan appeared in his hand.

As he carefully channeled spiritual power into it, the fan emitted a halo of tri-colored light.

He took a deep breath, then gently waved it towards the wall with a single hand.

A cloud of tri-colored flame rushed out from the fan and silently melted the wall, leaving a deep meter-wide hole.

However, his expression was far from happy.

Although the strike cut over thirty meters deep, the flames had been extinguished and the entirety of the damage had been mended just as fast as before.

While he hadn’t made use of the full power of the Triflame Fan, the thickness of the wall caused him to pause.

Despite the attack’s power, the strike had little effect. Even with a stronger ability, he doubted it would be able to break through the wall.

The full power of the Triflame Fan would likely cause a great scene and attract the attention of those ancient monsters. And if that still didn’t break through the wall, he would find himself in a perilous situation.

Furthermore, he suspected it contained other restrictions lying in wait. If he were to break through and other restrictions were to lash out, he might as well have died right now.

With those considerations, Han Li relaxed his grip on the fan and his expression wavered.

Having remained somewhat dazed after seeing Long Meng, Silvermoon finally collected herself and said, “This place isn’t so simple. It’d be best if Master didn’t take such risks!”

Han Li smiled and moved to ask her something when his expression suddenly sank. He quickly turned around to face the raging winds and coldly said, “What are you doing sneaking around? Don’t blame me if I decide to attack.”

With that said, he tightened his grasp on the Triflame Fan and a glowing light began to crawl across its surface.

“Fellow Daoist Han, please wait. I know of your fan’s power and I don’t wish to receive such a strike without reason.” A man’s voice sounded out and two white silhouettes appeared from the raging yellow winds: Grand Immortal Xu and Endless Sky Saintess Lin Yinping.

Han Li raised his brow and made no effort to conceal his surprise. But with an apathetic tone, he said, “Oh? You want me to believe that you didn’t come here with the intent of pursuing me?”

With that said, he took a casual glance in the direction of the palace.

Storms of wind and black tornados had gathered around there, but there were cracks of thunder that could be faintly heard amidst the howling wind. Golden flashes also occasionally broke through the yellow winds.

It seemed the Ninetruths Devil Suppression Formation was as formidable as one would expect. Even under the relentless assault of the Black Wind Flag, it still managed to persevere. It was also unknown if the Eight Spirit Ruler would participated in the battle. But when he saw that the black-robed woman wasn’t looking in their direction, he felt somewhat more at ease and turned his attention back to the two in front of him.

Having already anticipated his hostility, she opened a soundproofing barrier and calmly stated, “There is no need to be like this. We didn’t come here this time to find trouble, but to discuss a plan for survival.” 

“What’s your plan?” Han Li’s heart stirred, but his face remained blank.

“Why ask a question you already know the answer to? That flag isn’t something that we would be able to compete with even if we all joined hands. Wouldn’t it be better for us to escape while they’re distracted?” Because time was short, Lin Yinping cut to the chase.

Han Li narrowed his eyes, “So you don’t intend on acquiring that Divine Spirit Treasure?”

“You must be joking.” Grand Immortal Xu firmly stated, “What’s the worth of a treasure if you don’t have a body to use it? The Elder Devil Sacred Ancestor has been trapped in the pagoda for countless years and it should be weakened from captivity. Our Nascent Souls will be the ideal treat for restoring its strength. With only a casual attack, she will capture us without fail.”

“Then what do you suggest?” Han Li had a faint guess on what they were going to say.

Grand Immortal Xu bluntly said, “We will join hands, of course, and ambush the Elder Devil guarding the teleportation formation. Then we will make our escape.”

“With just us?” Han Li scoffed, “Do you know how fearsome that two-headed Elder Devil is?” 

Lin Yinping smiled in surprise and asked, “Could it be that we won’t be enough to take the devil down?”

Stroking the fan in his hand, Han Li slowly said, “In the past, three grand cultivators and a dozen more Nascent Soul cultivators pursued it, and it still managed to escape. Are you still confident after hearing that?”

“This Elder Devil was the one that escaped from your Heavenly South?” Grand Immortal Xu spoke with alarm.

“That’s correct.”

Grand Immortal Xu and Lin Yinping exchanged a glance before sharing a trace of hesitation.

“Then we will join in. That should be enough to push that devil back.” A cold voice suddenly spoke from above them and the three’s expressions vastly changed. Then, two flashes lit up from the yellow winds to reveal the Silver-winged Nightfiend and the Lion Hawk.

The two demon’s spiritual light wrapped around them, completely protecting them from the harmful winds. Their wind movement abilities allowed them to move as smoothly as a fish in the water through this raging storm..

“So it's you. That means you wish to join?” After clearly seeing them, Han Li regained his calm.

The nightfiend bluntly said, “Of course! We may not be of the same race, but the Elder Devil Sacred Ancestor won’t care about that. It will be disastrous if we do not escape!”

“Good, with your assistance, we should be completely safe. There is no time to lose. Let’s set off! Who knows how much time the spell formation and the Eight Spirit Ruler will buy us.” Grand Immortal Xu then turned his head to look at Han Li with grimace. The two demons had done the same.

It was clear their alliance would only succeed with Han Li’s agreement.

He silently bit his lip as he pondered, and eventually nodded. The two demons then took the opportunity to land at their side.

Having come to a decision, Han Li no longer hesitated and immediately held his hands in an incantation gesture. Then, Gui Ling’s Life-soul Tile began to tremble within him before shining with weak light.

A short moment later, a bright yellow light flashed at his side and Gui Ling emerged from the ground.