Chapter 1022: Reappearance of Essence Light

The black wolf head glanced at the eccentric, “Your words are quite forthcoming and bold. Since you have already resolved yourself, if you assist in my escape, I will infuse devilish Qi into your body. I’ll get the ugly talk out of the way, you will only have a fifty percent chance of success with your aptitude. But even then, the infusion of devilish Qi should extend your lifespan greatly, as our race’s longevity is far superior to a mere humans. This will grant you another opportunity to ascend to Deity Transformation stage.”

The large-headed eccentric let out a wild roar of laughter, “Only fifty percent? I’d still take the risk if it was only a tenth. Go ahead and tell me what it will take to free you.”

“I will get straight to the point. At my current stage of the spiritfuse, I will be unable to resist the rejoining of our souls once the other soul re-enters my body. The only way to stop this is to exterminate it. It is located in a Grand Execution Formation that the Three Kunwu Masters had personally placed down, consisting of eighty-one devil executing sabers. If devilish Qi approaches, the blades will create a formation of overwhelming power. Bloodflame will not be able to break through. Although your cultivation art isn’t Righteous or Buddhist, it isn’t devilish either. We must leave the extermination of the wolf soul over to you. So long as you fulfill this task, the matter of your devil infusion will be taken care of.” The head’s voice completely changed and was now filled with an enticing tone, causing the eccentric’s expression to waver.

A moment later, he grit his teeth, giving up any intention of negotiation, and asked, “Where is it located?”

“Fellow Daoist Ye is quite smart! There should’ve been two formations from where you came. The other one will lead you to the wolf soul.

“The Sacred Poison Sect Elders should’ve already been there. This will be troublesome. However, if I were to catch them unaware, it should be easy to deal with them. I will hurry and return.” He clasped his hands in an incantation gesture and disappeared with a flash from the formation.

Only the Elder Devil Bloodflame had remained.

After the eccentric disappeared, wolf’s eyes grew dim and an eerie aura emitted from its body. The chains around it began to hum as countless beams of black began to shine through them. With an entirely indifferent manner, the head said, “In the presence of the cultivator, I found it inappropriate to ask about the artifacts you managed to recover.”

The Elder Devil bowed and respectfully said, “Sacred Ancestor, I’ve already found five that our race left behind in the mortal realm.”

The wolf head sinisterly said, “That will have to make do. Immediately take them out. Although I can only control half of the magic power in this body, I will be able to break free of the Blackwind Flag’s restrictions if I struggle. Even with a Divine Spirit Treasure, it cannot restrain me without a master.”

“Yes,” the Elder Devil hastily waved his arms, summoning a black devilish artifact into each of his hands: a black mirror, a blood-red authority token, a jade lotus, and a grey and jade band.

For the fifth, he widely opened his mouth and spat a small bottle.

The five artifacts immediately spun around his head ceaselessly.

The Elder Devil let out a long whistle and black light wildly shone from his body. The artifacts trembled and rapidly shot into the air.

The restrictions immediately sensed this and bright light brilliantly filled the air with life.


Han Li stood at the gates of Kunwu Hall and was looking past it with a curious face.

“Greatnorth Essence Lights... Who could’ve thought that they’d appear here,” Han Li muttered. The dense mass of winding silver strings was certainly the same as what he saw in Devilfall Valley. However, these lights weren’t connected to any rocks and instead emerged from the dense pillars of the hall. It appeared to hide the interior from sight.

Han Li could hear wild and furious laughter from behind.

“Brother Han, do you plan on taking the initiative to plunge into the Greatnorth Essence Light, or will you wait and have us greet you with our weapons?” It was the voice of Old Devil Qian.

Han Li frowned and turned around.

He saw that only a dozen trees remained from the columns of Goldweight Spirit Trees leading up to the gate. Old Devil Qian and the others had nearly caught up.

As they were using their treasures to chop down the last of the trees, they watched Han Li with various expressions.

The demons had known about the Greatnorth Essence Lights from the very start, and the others had immediately recognized what they were from a distance.

The atmosphere was a mix of worry and joy.

On one hand, Han Li wouldn’t be able to progress further. But on the other, it would be an equally impossible task for them as well. 

Nevertheless, Old Devil Qian’s intermittent voice was howling with erratically.

The Greatnorth Essence Light would prove a dead end to cultivators caught unprepared. It was no wonder the old devil was basking in schadenfreude.

Han Li scoffed and turned around, slapping his storage pouch to produce a jet-black ring. It revolved once around him before expanding to three meters wide.

Talisman characters roamed across the surface. It was none other than one of the Heaven-Earth Rings[1].

[1] Previously known as the Yin Yang Rings. Han Li used one to move through Devilfall Valley with Marquis Nanlong.

Han Li pointed at the huge ring and willed it forward. At the same time, he quickly struck it with a spell seal and had it cover him in a black barrier.

When this happened, Old Devil Qian’s wild laughter came to an abrupt stop and all the others wore an expression of disbelief.

‘How could he possibly have a method to travel through the Greatnorth Essence Light!’ As the thought flashed through their minds, they continued to strike at the Goldweight Spirit Trees with renewed vigor.

Then, they witnessed his figure blur as he rushed through the dense bundle of silver light, which twisted around him.

Those present all looked at each other with dismay.

“Faster, we can’t have him take the treasure!” The Silver-winged Nightfiend was roused with shock and yelled with an ugly grimace.

“Even if we act faster, what is the point? The light is blocking our way,” Ge Tianhao spoke with an ashen complexion.

Old Devil Qian scoffed, “Greatnorth Essence Lights won’t block me!” The five cinque devils converged into one huge white figure and suddenly leapt forward without any mind of the remaining trees.

“Grand Elder, you...” Ge Tianhao and the others gasped.

Just as the white silhouette entered the range of the trees, a huge pressure suddenly pressed down on it and slowed it in its tracks.

HAH!” The thundering roar sounded out from the white silhouette, and all of its light faded away before a crimson copy suddenly shot out. It had only fallen to the ground after flying over thirty meters. 

The crimson silhouette trembled as it walked towards the hall at a leisurely pace.

The scene left the others bewildered.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend sent a voice transmission to the horned woman, “Now that we’ve arrived, it is time for Fellow Daoist Gui to make use of her abilities. Let’s take action now. We cannot allow those medallions to fall into their hands!”

The horned woman nodded and her entire body flashed with white light as she leaped into the air. Then in alternating pulses of black and white, she took the form of a ten-meter-tall tortoise and charged forward.

The Lion Hawk and the Silver-winged Nightfiend simultaneously flew on top of her shell. Then, the tortoise entered the range of the trees.

As a result, the two on top were fully suppressed and found themselves incapable of moving. However, light continued to shine from the tortoise and she tenaciously crawled forward as if completely unaffected.

Meanwhile, the Goldweight Spirit Trees began to strangely shine with golden talisman characters. They floated into the air and quickly sank into the bodies of the three.

They attempted to protect themselves with blinding light, but the talisman characters continued to enter their bodies without resistance. It didn’t appear to have much of an effect on the tortoise, but the other two immediately grew despondent as if put under a restriction.

Fortunately, the range of the remaining trees wasn’t far and the tortoise was able to escape after a short while.

The demons immediately let out a long sigh of relief as their minds were restored to their original state.