Chapter 1020: Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha

“It would be good for it to go that smoothly. However, we can only take it one step at a time,” Han Li replied with an indifference.

At that moment, a huge explosion sounded out from behind. He instantly knew that it was the sound of a felled Goldweight Spirit Tree, but he wasn’t nervous in the slightest as he was only a hundred meters away from Kunwu Hall now.

At the very top of its giant gate, he could already see a strange board made from neither metal nor wood. In bold calligraphy and ancient golden script, ‘Kunwu Hall’ proudly stood on it.

Han Li sighed and hesitated before taking out a jade bottle from his sleeve and pouring a drop of Myriad Year Spirit Milk into his mouth.

Resisting the Goldweight Gravity left his body drained. With the spirit milk, his power was replenished in an instant, causing the azure light, golden lightning, and purple flames to flourish.

Soon after, he quickened his pace towards the palace gate.


On the seventh floor of the Devil Suppressing Pagoda, a clear eruption sounded out. The crystal wall blocking the large-headed eccentric’s party had finally fell following their relentless attacks. The fragments that had erupted from it slowly faded away.

“The wall is worthy of being the Buddhist Sanctuary Sect’s signature treasure. It has stalled us for quite some time. Let’s move.” With that said, the eccentric waved his hand and recalled a sparkling small silver sword back into his garments.

The old Ye Clan Elder put away his white jade ruler and anxiously said, “After so long, could the Sacred Poison Sect have acquired the treasure already?”

“Don’t worry,” the Elder Devil calmly reassured, “Even if they did, they can’t use it immediately. We can seize it away from them.”

“Exactly. That’s exactly what I plan on doing.” The large-headed eccentric heartily laughed and then led the way through the seventh floor.

The old Ye Clan Elder nodded and dryly smiled as he followed after them.

In the blink of an eye, the three travelled down the stone steps and arrived at a stone room with the two formations.

They saw a black and a white short-range teleportation formation. The three were just as surprised as the Sacred Poison Sect Elders had been. But when the Elder Devil focused his gaze on the black one, a trace of pleasant surprise emerged on his face.

The old man muttered, “How can there be two teleportation formations? Which one leads to the eighth floor?” As the recent use of the white formation had left remnant spiritual Qi fluctuations behind, his gaze was focused on that one.

The Elder Devil stared at the black formation and said with an odd tone, “There is no need to choose. Use this one.”

“That one? But the Sacred Poison Sect Elders...”

Just as the old man thought to interject, the Elder Devil suddenly waved his sleeve without any hesitation. A jet-black devil arm emerged from it in an instant, grabbing a hold of the old man’s head before he even realized what had happened.

“Ahhh!” The old man shouted in fright before his head was obliterated, spilling blood and brains around them like a smashed watermelon.

However, that was not the end of his attacks. Next, he spat a stream of pitch-black devil flames, covering the headless body before the sounds of its crackles could even burn, turning it into threads of smoke.

With the old man’s body turned to ash, a white Nascent Soul emerged from the flames. It was carrying a white jade ruler and wore terror on its face.

“Seventh Uncle, save me!” The Nascent Soul channeled the entirety of its spiritual power into the ruler as it cried out to the large-headed eccentric. The black flames engulfing it was preventing instant movement.

However, a strange scene occurred. The eccentric just expressionlessly examined the old man’s Nascent Soul bitterly struggle against the flames and didn’t move in the slightest.

As a result, the Nascent Soul was only able to endure for a moment more before the flames began to fracture it.

Screams wrenched out of the old man’s Nascent Soul, consumed by the devilfire.

Unfortunately, he had been in denial of his death until the very last moment and passed with complete resentment.

Eventually, the eccentric calmly spoke with a trace of annoyance, “Why now? Didn’t you say that you would attack at the very last level?” 

The Elder Devil shot a glance at the eccentric and replied, “I originally believed she would be at the final floor, but I already sense her aura. The old man’s presence would be an insult. Could it be you feel sorry over him?”

After a moment of silence, the eccentric betrayed a complex expression, “What is there to regret over a single junior?”

“Ah, Fellow Daoist’s line of thinking is very good. So long as we are able to rescue the incarnation of the sacred ancestor, the ancestor will use a secret technique to infuse devilish Qi into your body. With your aptitude, there is a very high chance of raising to Deity Transformation stage.”

The eccentric snorted and his gaze flickered, “If it weren’t for the fact that the end of my lifespan is approaching, I wouldn’t be betraying my clan for a devil like you.”

The Elder Devil curled his lips and contemptuously said, “Devil? If the infusion is successful, you will later become a member of our holy race yourself. In our realm, there are many humans that have turned. There is no need for hesitation.”

“Enough nonsense, let’s hurry. Best not to allow any chance for mishap!” The eccentric then stood inside the teleportation formation.

The Elder Devil scoffed and walked in beside him as well.

Then in a flash, the two disappeared without a trace.

Soon, they arrived in an identical formation, but were in an area with flashing black light and dim surroundings.

“This is...?” When the eccentric recovered from the vertigo, he looked around with bewilderment.

“Fellow Daoist should also look up at the sky,” the Elder Devil rang with an excited tone.

The eccentric quickly turned his head up when he heard him and was shocked as a result.

Three hundred meters above him, there were various restrictions densely shining with spiritual light. At the very center, there was something resembling a small mountain floating there. Thick black chains coiled around it and countless restraints had been placed on top.

There were mirrors shining yellow nearby, forming a huge net around the black mass.

The eccentric sharply gasped when his eyes landed on a black figure in there.

He saw a two-headed wolf over three hundred meters long. Although its body was surrounded by restrictions, silver light twinkled from its fur as if it was silver. To a mere mortal, the wolf would appear to be a god.

But it was quite strange that one of its heads was silver-white in color, but the other was a glossy black with a layer of faint inky Qi enveloping it and its purple horn arrogantly placed atop its head.

As of now, the two heads were completely dormant as if in eternal slumber.

“ the sacred ancestor incarnation you mentioned?”

“Yes, this is the incarnation of the Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha, among the top five in strength in the holy realm. Of course, this isn’t the ancestor’s true form, but a soul fragment possessing a demon wolf from the spirit realm. Even so, she far exceeds the abilities of common Deity Transformation cultivators. So long as there is no intervention from the spirit realm, she would be an unrivaled existence in the mortal realm. Of course, it stands to mention that Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha was one of the three commanders of our invasion of the mortal realm.”

“Sacred Ancestor Yuan Cha!” The eccentric muttered her name.

The Elder Devil turned his head to the eccentric, “Protect me for a moment, Brother Ye. I will use a technique to communicate with the ancestor’s soul.”

“Go ahead,” the eccentric discarded his misgivings and readily agreed.

The Elder Devil was assured by his response and promptly held his hands in an incantation gesture as faint black Qi surged from his body and engulfed him.

Soon after, a low roar sounded out and a two-headed four-armed figure made an appearance from within. His body was ten meters tall and emitted a shocking quantity of baleful Qi, enough to make the eccentric take a few steps back.

Closely after, the Elder Devil let out a gloomy incantation and his four scaled arms formed a spell gesture, causing the black Qi to shift around him like a devil god.

The eccentric carefully watched his surroundings before focusing his gaze on the two-headed wolf. 

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, the Elder Devil ceased his incantations and spat out a ball of black-red blood essence. At that same moment, he raised his arms and released four black spell seals into it.

The blood essence took the shape of some strange pattern before disappearing.

In a short moment, the blood pattern curiously warped in front of the black wolf head and the horn flashed with light. Then, the head’s eyes began to stir and slowly open to reveal dazzling purple light. It was as if it had two blazing stars for eyes.

Unbeknownst to them both, at this same moment, a silver box shined inside the palace in a nearby sealed space. It seemed to have been awakened. Above it, there was a half foot tall emerald-green ruler slowly revolving in the air. It emitted a spiritual light that covered the box down below.