Chapter 1008: Master Sable

Deep underground in Nanjiang, there were several hundreds of cultivators gathered around the opening of the seal to Kunwu Mountain.

Because of the illusion formation’s explosion, the ten-meter opening was rendered unstable. Silver light continuously flowed from it as if waves were wandering across everything around it.

There were many vagrants and those from minor sects that were watching what was happening from a distance, but more importantly were several groups that had gathered near the opening in a deadlock.

Among them were a party of women who had youthful and beautiful appearances. Their emerald-green robes and adornments revealed them to be natives to Nanjiang. One of their elders possessed mid-Nascent Soul cultivation with an ordinary appearance, and their other elder possessed early-Nascent Soul cultivation though younger and more beautiful.

The women were facing a group of men that appeared in their thirties. Strangely enough, a portion of them wore black robes and the other white ones.

Leading them were a group of five Nascent Soul cultivators. Ge Tianhao and the Endless Sky Saintess Lin Yinping were among them. But the most notable of all was an elegant youth that stood at the saintess’ side. From his spiritual Qi fluctuations, he was clearly a late-Nascent Soul cultivator. He was the Endless Sky Plains’ Grand Immortal Xu.

As for the last group, they were the smallest, consisting of three azure-robed cultivators, headed by an old white-haired Daoist with an otherworldly bearing. He was a late-Nascent Soul cultivator known as Master Sable.

Master Sable looked at the green-robed mid-Nascent Soul woman with a stern expression and said, “Lady Mu, there is no need for your esteemed sect to join the fray. I don’t hold you in contempt, rather I fear your Immortal Form Sect would be greatly damaged if anything were to happen during this dangerous trip. Due to our past friendship, I am doing my best to dissuade you.”

It was clear from his tone that he was rather affectionate of the woman.

Lady Mu indifferently replied, “Master Sable, even if the High Zenith Sect is the top sect of the Righteous Dao, you can’t be this overbearing. The seal is clearly within the range of my sect’s authority. How can you prevent me from entering? My sect cares not for the danger either.”

The group of women belonged to the largest sect nearest to the seal, the Immortal Form Sect.

Their fame was even greater than that of the Sacred Poison Sects. A majority of its disciples were women. But most of its fame came from the resounding, sinister power of its unblockable curses. It is said that they were capable of killing someone thousands of kilometers away.

There would often be news of the death of someone who offended their sect, no matter how far they fled. This inspired fear in the cultivation world and none dared to rashly offend them.

One of their famous figures was Lady Mu, who was said to have killed three similarly-ranked cultivators in a single day, all at different locations. From actions of the past, she also had a mutual grudge of sorts against Master Sable.

Even so, Master Sable had no choice but to act with the utmost politeness despite being amongst the most powerful figures in the Great Jin.

After this was said, Ge Tianhao then interjected, “Fellow Daoist Sable, I won’t mention the circumstances of others, but our Yin Sifting Sect will be heading in.”

Ge Tianhao accompanied the cultivators from the Endless Sky Plains and had the company of two elders from his own sects. When he found out about the matter of the seal, he had hurried over. Now that he understood that the strength of his own party rivaled that of the High Zenith Sects, he wasn’t about to easily back down.

Master Sable wasn’t angered by their words, and instead turned to look at the silver light emitting from the seal’s opening. He then nonchalantly said, “If Fellow Daoist Ge wishes to head in, I will not block you. In truth, I had acquired secret information that the opening of this seal was man-made. Although I don’t know what’s inside, I can’t imagine it to be good. Besides, even without me blocking the way, the opening has become unstable.”

Lady Mu and Ge Tianhao turned silent. This problem wouldn’t be easily solved.

The violent fluctuations of energy at the opening would make it extremely dangerous to enter.

Lady Mu swept away a strand of hair from her forehand and slowly said, “Our Immortal Form Sect had acquired a Sun Moon Shuttle recently. It can be considered a rare treasure that can be used in both attack and defense. My Junior Martial Sister and I are willing to join hands and make an attempt.”

Master Sable spoke with surprise, “You actually acquired the Sun Moon Shuttle? It’s one of the three great shuttle treasures.”

“It was only something we acquired in passing,” Lady Mu said with indifference, “I was thinking of having it become a legacy treasure of our sect.”

Master Sable nodded and said, “In that case, I won’t say anything further. You are free to do as you wish. As for me, I will wait another two days before entering.”

“Two days? Didn’t you say you weren’t going to enter?” Ge Tianhao asked with a trace of doubt.

Master Sable twirled his beard and said, “I said no such thing. In two days time, the Heavenly Devil Sect’s Brother Sevenwonders will come. With his Spirit Tortoise Carriage, we won’t have trouble entering the seal.”

“Daoist Sevenwonders is on his way?” Ge Tianhao spoke with alarm. 

Master Sable leisurely said, “Correct. I’ve received a secret report that this matter involves both the Righteous and Devilish Dao. Fellow Daoist Sevenwonders and I have taken charge and we’ve investigated separate matters near Nanjiang. I’ve managed to find clues and have requested Brother Sevenwonders to give me some assistance. If the report is true, I believe it will be far too dangerous for me to tackle this alone. “

When he heard that Daoist Sevenwonders was coming personally, his expression turned unsightly. After a moment of gloomy silence, his lips stirred as he sent a voice transmission to the Endless Sky Saintess and Grand Immortal Xu. 

Grand Immortal Xu’s expression remained unchanged but the Endless Sky Saintess tensely frowned.

When Ge Tianhao saw this, he hastily sent a few more messages and Immortal Xu eventually nodded. As for the Endless Sky Saintess, she hesitated for a moment before deciding to remain silent.

Ge Tianhao’s expression relaxed and he decisively said, “From Fellow Daoist Sable’s tone, there seems to be a significant problem with the seal. However, the grand elder of my sect has already entered, I cannot stand idle. Although I don’t have treasures on the level of the Sun Moon Shuttle and the Spirit Tortoise Carriage, I will have to make an attempt.”

Master Sable glanced at the Grand Immortal Xu for a moment and chuckled with a calm face, “I can understand that you are confident and am I not so classless as to obstruct you. If you have the ability to pass through, then please go ahead.”

It seemed the old Daoist knew the identity of the Endless Sky cultivators in their party.

“In that case, I won’t refuse.” Ge Tianhao chuckled and turned to his side, “Fellow Daoist Xu, I’ll have to trouble you.”

“Since Brother Ge made the request, I’ll give it a try.” Immortal Xu slapped the spirit beast pouch at his waist and light swept out from it to reveal a rainbow peacock. It was a meter tall and had rings of light spread out across its feathers, making for a dazzling sight.

“A Keen Spirit Peacock!” Master Sable narrowed his eyes with a trace of surprise.

“That’s right. Its innate rainbow light is capable of isolating worldly spiritual Qi. We’ll be using that to enter. If you would excuse us, we’ll be heading in first.” 

The peacock let out a clear cry and charged into the silver light released from the seal’s opening. Then, the party each released their own protective magic treasures and rushed in without any hesitation.

In the blink of an eye, all that remained behind were the low-grade attainers and disciples.

After witnessing that they all entered without a problem, the rest of their group quickly left, following the orders they were previously given.

A short moment later, all that remained were Master Sable’s group and the Immortal Form Sect.

Lady Mu pondered for a moment and turned around to give a few commands. The female disciples then scattered.

After they departed, Lady Mu turned to her junior martial sister and nodded, “Release the Sun Moon Shuttle!”

“Understood!” The young woman slapped her storage pouch and tossed a dazzling silver shuttle into the air.

During that same time, Lady Mu waved her sleeve and released a golden streak.

Suddenly, the silver and golden streaks flew out and interweaved through the air before fusing as one, turning into a huge three-meter-tall gold-silver shuttle that possessed an astonishing aura. 

“Go!” She let out a shout and soon after, the two women streaked forward and disappeared into the huge shuttle.

It then glowed and twirled through the air before shooting into the seal opening.

Master Sable wore an odd expression after seeing them enter and muttered, “Despite what I’ve said, you still insist on entering. Don’t blame me if anything happens to you!” 

Soon after, he waved his arm to the two Core Formation cultivators standing behind him, and the three sat down to rest.

With a late-Nascent Soul cultivator guarding the opening, the others in the distance wore an expression of dismay.


At the top of Kunwu Mountain in the gloomy air, an incredibly huge object floated motionlessly in the air. There were countless restriction talismans slapped on top of it in addition the dense coils of chains restraining it.

These talismans all glowed with great radiance, revealing themselves to all be vastly powerful. As for the chains, they shined with a black light and faintly seeped traces of blood.