Chapter 815: Greatnorth Essence Lights

When Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying saw Han Li taking out the Yin Yang Ring, they immediately blurred and appeared close behind him wearing solemn expressions. It appeared they wanted Han Li to take the lead.

Han Li held the ring in his hand and blew a mist of azure essence Qi onto it. In a flicker of black light, the azure Qi was cleanly absorbed by the ring. Afterwards, it flew above Han Li’s head and remained still as it floated above him.

Han Li raised his hand and struck the ring with a spell seal. The Yin Yang Ring trembled and it began to fluctuate in size before growing to about twenty meters wide.

“Go!” Han Li pointed at the ring and uttered the command. Releasing a strange hum, the huge ring began to spring forward.

Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying gazed at the following scene with a solemn expression. As the huge ring came across the countless lines of light floating in the air, an inconceivable scene occurred.

The lines of light rippled like disturbed water. In the instant that the huge ring tread across the lights, it flickered with black light and caused the lines of light to distort around it, creating a passageway through them.

When the party saw this, they all smiled with relief.

However, Han Li was still curious about the might of the Greatnorth Essence Lights. After some thought, he slapped his storage pouch and took out a blue fist-sized pearl, a top grade defensive magic tool that he had acquired in the past. 

Holding it in his hand, Han Li poured a bit of spiritual power into it causing a blue light barrier to surge around it. With a flip of his hand, the pearl shot forward. As soon as the pearl of blue light entered the Greatnorth Essence Lights, the silver lines flocked towards it as if they had seen prey.

These fine lines penetrated through the blue light pearl from every angle as if nothing were there. A short moment later, the silver lines sparked and the pearl combusted, leaving behind a beautiful sparkle that eventually faded away to reveal the silver lines that remained.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and his fellow party members turned sullen at the sight.

Han Li’s expression remained normal and he waved his hand. The huge ring flew back above them and silently dropped down, covering them on all sides. Afterwards, a barrier of black light emerged from the ring and enveloped the three cultivators.

“Let’s go!” With that said, Han Li walked forward and began to move the Yin Yang Ring.

Marquis Nanlong and Lu Weiying didn’t dare to delay the slightest bit while inside the barrier and closely followed after Han Li. Although the ring did offer protection against the Greatnorth Essence Lights, they didn’t dare to raise any additional defenses and risk provoking them. As for Han Li, he maintained a calm appearance, but he still felt somewhat worried.

Once the huge ring entered the Greatnorth Essence Lights, the lights parted away as expected and they made way for the black light barrier. Han Li felt relief at the sight of this and turned around to see that his party members had also relaxed.

Han Li smiled and slowly moved forward with the Yin Yang Ring.


In an area of Devilfall Valley covered in snow and ice, there was a group of black-clothed Ghost Spirit Sect cultivators that were using their various magic treasures to fight against a giant lizard.

Floating closeby was the old man with a pale complexion surnamed Zhong. He was floating in the air as he watched the Core Formation cultivators fighting in a frenzy.

Seeing that the seven sect disciples weren’t able to dispatch the ancient beast after some time, he frowned and personally took action.

Elder Zhong formed an incantation gesture with his hands and countless strands of pitch-black Qi emerged from his body. They then condensed together to form a jet-black flood dragon that charged at the lizard with overbearing force.

Soon after, a huge net of dark green light glowed from behind it and enveloped both of the flood dragon and the lizard. Countless green fist-sized fireballs then condensed from the net and rained down upon the lizard beast with a thunderous explosion. Black light intertwined with green flames illuminated the area and then faded away a moment later to reveal a charred lizard corpse. 

Elder Zhong swept his sleeve and blew the ancient beast over thirty meters away in a gale, revealing a crack in the ice beneath it. The crack led downward, revealing a passage underneath it that shined with a faint white light.

“Go!” Elder Zhong gloomily commanded. Then he shot into the passage in a black blur and the other Ghost Spirit Sect cultivators followed after him without hesitation.

Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan were amongst the group of disciples, but Wang Tiangu and the Ghost Spirit Sect Sect Master were nowhere to be seen. 

Soon, the Ghost Spirit Sect cultivators all entered the crack in the ice and the scene above ground became calm once more. However, snow continued to fall down and a sheet of ice froze over the ancient beast’s body, turning it into an unremarkable snow mound. 


In the forest the Ghost Spirit Sect had first visited, Violet Spirit looked at what appeared to be a small familiar mound

After spending the time it took to finish a cup of tea lost in thought, she raised her head to look for any huge trees around her. Then, she lowered her head to look at the earth mound below her before shooting a streak of white light at the mound with a flick of her finger.

With a muffled peng, a three meter wide hole appeared in the earth in front of her. Grey ash scattered from the hole, revealing a damp hole with scorched tree roots.

With a smile on her face, Violet Spirit muttered, “This should be it. The Ghost Spirit Sect was able to find it much quicker than I did. However, they didn’t expect that someone would be looking for their tracks. They left in such a hurry that they left a trail behind.”

With a wave of her sleeve, the earth pit was reburied and she took out an azure talisman. After that she walked once around the large trees nearby and stuck it onto one of them. Then in a flicker of azure light, the talisman sank into the tree and disappeared without a trace. Finished with the talisman, she flew off after confirming her direction.


In a huge canyon, an old Daoist was looking down at the various-colored restriction in front of him and muttered to himself. There were two puppets with fiendish appearances standing motionlessly behind him.

At the other edge of the canyon, there was a mass of crimson light that continuously wavered. It was one of the passageways into the valley depths. The path was short but it was filled with several formidable ancient restrictions. Although the old Daoist was skilled with spell formations, it was likely he wouldn't be able to dissolve the restrictions in a short amount of time.

Perhaps lacking the time to find another entrance or due to an immediate need to enter the valley depths, he began to test the restrictions but remained hesitant.

“What? Does Daoist Heavencrystal feel that he can't take on the restrictions alone? How about I help?” Suddenly, the old Daoist heard a gloomy voice speak from behind him.

The old man was Daoist Heavencrystal who had exchanged the soul stones with Han Li at Soaring Heavens City. As for the two fiendish puppets standing behind him, they were two of the ancient puppets that he had repaired, each possessing the power of an early Nascent Soul cultivator. When he had tested their power, it took great effort for him to subdue one of them. With these servants under him, he had gathered the courage to enter Devilfall Valley in search of treasure.

At that moment, Daoist Heavencrystal quickly turned around, startled from hearing a voice speak from behind. About two hundred meters behind him, there were several green-robed cultivators silently floating in the air. The one who spoke was the leading green-robed man that had a gloomy expression and long facial hair. 

When Daoist Heavencrystal examined them he felt his heart drop. These men were all Nascent Soul cultivators.

Difficulty suppressing the amazement in his heart, he wryly smiled and said, “So it was the Controlling Spirit Sect’s Fellow Daoist Dongmen. I do not recognize these other Fellow Daoists. Are they also elders from your sect?” 

The Controlling Spirit Sect Master Dongmen Tu glanced at the two fiendish puppets and said, “You should consider them as such for the time being. Moreover, those two puppets behind you seem exceptional. Their power can’t be underestimated.”

Daoist Heavencrystal cautiously said, “Fellow Daoist Dongmen must be joking. How can these meager puppets draw your attention? Nevertheless, how do you plan on comparing with me?”

Dongmen Tu stared at the old Daoist and said, “Although I’ve resided in the Controlling Spirit Sect for long, I didn’t make much outside contact. Despite this, I’ve heard of your reputation as a spell formation master. As lacking as I may be, I’ve also studied something of spell formations. Alone, it would take us too long to break through the restrictions, but together, the odds will be far greater.”

When Daoist Heavencrystal heard him, he frowned in thought and still appeared hesitant.

Dongmen Tu’s expression turned gloomy but he remained patient as he said, “What? Does Fellow Daoist Heavencrystal believe that I will be a liability? How about this? Let’s have our cooperation be limited to dissolving the restrictions. After that we’ll go our separate ways and I won’t make things difficult for you without reason. And don’t forget that even if you can break the restrictions alone, it will take up too much of your time. The valley depths are where one is most likely to find treasures, but I fear they will be swept away by the others by the time you get inside. According to my knowledge, this path to enter the valley depths has been well studied by other spell formation masters.”

When Daoist Heavencrystal heard this, his heart stirred and he raised his head to look at the other five green-robed cultivators standing behind him. 

He eventually nodded and said, “Since you made the offer, I will accept. We will work together to break the restrictions, but after we enter the valley depths, we will go about our own business.”

Dongmen Tu immediately smiled and quickly said, “Hehe! That will do. Fellow Daoist Heavencrystal please rest assured. Given the power of your two puppets, how could I force you to do anything? After we enter the depths, we’ll rely on luck in our search for treasures!”