Chapter 992: The Triflame Fan’s Power

Within the tri-colored phoenix’s halos of light, the vast barrage of Ghostfiend Threads trembled before evaporating into wisps of grey smoke. 

At that moment, the tri-colored phoenix began to launch its true attacks and expanded its wings before turning into a huge fireball. The halos of light around it pulsed for a moment and suddenly surged in size all around it. 

A wheel of gold, red, and silver light took form within the giant surrounding net of Ghostfiend Threads. Talisman characters of various sizes roamed around it, each one incredibly profound and awe-inspiring.

This gorgeous scene captured Han Li’s and the Silver-winged Nightfiend’s attention.

Under the glow of colorful radiance, the giant wheel of light disappeared in a pulse.

Soon after, the hundred-meter-wide net of Ghostfiend Threads had disappeared as well.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend unconsciously fanned his wings with a blank expression of disbelief.

That giant net consisted of nearly all the Baleful Corpse Qi he had ever cultivated. Now, he only had barely enough to control his corpse incarnations, and they were no longer capable of any significant attacks.

A single wave of a fan had decimated countless years of dedicated cultivation. Given its immense power, if he were trapped in that tri-colored wheel of light, his death would be certain.

The wheel of light’s flames strangely also made no changes in temperature. It operated underneath other worldly laws, accessing cosmic power that should only belong to Deity Transformation cultivators.

Although he had never encountered cultivators on the same level as a true Gold-clad Lunar Corpse, he had experienced countless years in this world.

The recent strike contained a very slight amount of cosmic power, but it was enough to inspire fear in the Silver-winged Nightfiend.

‘What treasure is in his hand, and how can it be so fearsome?’

Given his cultivation, if he had a suitable top-grade treasures on hand, he wouldn’t be completely at this attack’s mercy. But ever since he gained awareness, he has been trapped in the spell formation and never had the opportunity to refine such a treasure.

Were it not for the cultivators that entered the cave, he wouldn’t have been able to turn them into corpse fiend incarnations and his actions would’ve been incredibly restricted.

Although he acquired a large assortment of treasures from the cultivators he killed, there were none that caught his eye apart from the Evil Moon Mirror. With only one treasure being of acceptable quality, he had invested great time and effort into it, resulting in many exclusive abilities requiring it. As such, Han Li’s destruction of the mirror that thrown the nightfiend into a rampage.

As of current, the endless strikes from the golden needles had destroyed nearly half of Han Li's ice wall. Under these circumstances, only one thing came to Han Li’s mind. He summoned a small bottle from a slap of his storage pouch and he poured a drop of Myriad Year Spirit Milk into his mouth.

With abundant magic power flowing through his meridians, Han Li put the bottle away and coldly glared at the distant nightfiend. He tightly grasped the fan once more and spun it in his hand.

Radiant light blossomed from the fan and shining talisman characters began to flicker.

This time, Han Li planned on exterminating him.

Fortunately, the Silver-winged Nightfiend was restrained to this area and couldn't escape. No matter how powerful the attack, it wouldn’t have mattered if it didn't land.

The nightfiend’s expression betrayed horror.

Given the scope of the fan’s recent attack and the limited area within the light barrier surrounding them, he had no choice but to resist the attack.

Cursing in his mind, the nightfiend gritted his teeth and pointed to the golden ball of light floating in the sky.

It immediately stopped releasing rays of light and shot into his body with a crackle. A layer of sparkling golden light then emerged around his body.

In that same moment, his mouth and spat out a cloud of black corpse Qi that strangely twinkled with an inky light, and soon merged with his golden light barrier.

When Han Li saw this, he coldly chuckled and began to pour the entirety of his body’s magic power into fan, but suddenly, the spell formation beneath them began to violently tremble. The entire light barrier fluctuated before disappearing in a brief flash of grey.

This sudden surprise forced Han Li to pause.

Before he realized what had happened, the earth around the spell formation began to break and release blinding light from underneath. There were nearly a hundred spirit stones embedded in the ground, and those began to fuse with the original formation to create an entirely new one!

“This is...”

Han Li recognized what had appeared after just a moment. A huge teleportation formation was activating.

This caused his heart to sink.

Who knew where this could take him? He flusteredly put away his wall of ice and thunder rang out, immediately moving to escape from the range of teleportation, but Han Li was clearly too late.

The formation suddenly began to drone and blinding white light covered hundreds of meters out, starting at the center of the spell formation. When the light faded away, there was nothing left behind. Han Li, the Silver-winged Nightfiend, and the other cultivators had completely disappeared.

No one could’ve known that this also happened in three other rarely-known places in the Great Jin, all trapping unknown and dangerous monsters.


The high-grade cultivators of the Ye Clan were all gathered above a small lake in Nanjiang, currently in a fluster.

The square-faced middle-aged cultivator had grabbed the clothes of an aging old man. With an ashen complexion, he shouted, “What’s going on!? Wasn’t the spell formations we placed supposed to conceal the spectacle of the seal’s destruction? Is there something wrong with them or did they just not activate? All cultivators within several thousands kilometers will be able to see what is happening. Countless cultivators will gather here, and it will result in the extermination of our entire clan!”

Behind him, the other Ye Clan cultivators were looking particularly grim.

At the heart of the small lake, there was a hundred-meter-wide white pillar shooting up to the sky as far as the eye could see. There were six other various-colored light surrounding it.

The white-haired old man, the spell formation grandmaster responsible for dissolving the seal, felt panicked and said, “I-I don’t know. I clearly examined the concealment formations yesterday and commanded my disciples to activate it this morning.”

“Second Brother, release Nephew Long! He had put meticulous effort into dissolving the seal. Quickly, activate the concealment spell formations if they are dormant. If there are any mistakes, immediately correct them. If we can repair the issues soon, at worse we can resolve this problem by killing all the cultivators in the surrounding thousand kilometers.” The one who spoke was a Confucian scholar in his thirties. He had white robes and flawless skin, but his words were completely ruthless.

As soon as that was said, the square-faced cultivator immediately let go of the old man. Then, the Confucian scholar pointed to the other Ye Clan elders, and they bowed, following his orders, “Yes, Grand Elder!” They promptly departed.

With the orders given, the scholar turned to the white-haired old man and asked, “The concealment spell formations have gone awry, but what about the seal destruction?”

The scholar’s emotionless voice caused the old man to tremble. He replied with a respectful tone, “Grand Elder, there should be no problems. The seal on Kunwu Mountain has already begun to crack and is only growing weaker. In about a year's time, the entire seal should disappear.

The young scholar indifferently said, “Yes, that will do. Immediately gather together the lower-grade disciples and prepare to depart. Conceal yourself where we planned. If anybody dares to show themselves in that year, they will be subject to the clan’s punishments.”

The old man’s heart trembled once more upon hearing this and he quickly acknowledged the order. Then, he dropped down to the ground and went out of sight.

The other cultivators had regained their calm at this point and were calmly floating in the air.

The location of the concealment spell formations wasn’t far away and given the speed of the Nascent Soul cultivators, it only took a short moment before they returned.

One of the Ye Clan elders that went to investigate had returned with expressions of furious alarm.

“Grand Elder! The concealment formations have all been destroyed, and the disciples that managed them have disappeared without a trace."

When this was said, the scholar’s expression sank and a cold glint flashed from his eyes.

When the other cultivators heard this, they were thrown into panic.