Chapter 963: Secret Talisman

Han Li stayed in the Heavenly Talisman Sect’s record hall for three days and read through the jade slips related to talisman refinement. There were quite a few secret techniques, and he nonchalantly duplicated some of their contents so he could further research them at a later time.

Shockingly, a few records had even elaborated a bit on the other two secret talismans of the Heavenly Talisman Sect. 

The Spiritform Talisman was peculiar in  that it entered one’s body. It would then be tempered inside the Dantian and could be used endlessly. If one nurtured it to a stage, not only will it become limitlessly sharp, but one would be able to use Devil Dao Techniques like ‘Cataclysmic Graft’ without the sacrifice of a limb.

[Chapter 573 - During Han Li's battle with the Disciple of Archsaint Sixpaths in the Scattered Star Seas, the disciple used a technique called Cataclysmic Graft. It allowed him to sacrifice a limb and some vitality in order to completely avoid the damage of an otherwise lethal attack.]

The other talisman was the Sixpeak Armor Talisman. It condenses the nearby spiritual Qi into a six-layered shield. If given an endless source, the six-layered shield would endlessly reform itself. It was one of the few incredible techniques that could control worldly spiritual Qi that didn’t involve Deity Transformation cultivation.

Of the sect’s three secret talismans, the Spiritform Talisman was the easiest to grasp. After a cultivator entered Core Formation stage, they would be able to nurture it in their Dantian. He reckoned that successive cultivators of the sect used this ability. However, the might of the talisman not only depended on the cultivation of the user and the time it was nurtured, but also the quality of the materials used to refine it, very much like a magic treasure.

The Sixpeak Armor Talisman was different. So long as it was refined, anyone could use it. The might of this talisman depended on the concentration of worldly spiritual Qi in its surroundings. Under ideal circumstances, it would display astonishing might.

According to the records of a past Sect Elder, the Sixpeak Armor Talisman refinement method was lost when Master Heaven Talisman passed away. Back when the Heavenly Talisman Sect was at its peak, they were alarmed by this disappearance and made its recovery the sect’s top priority for many generations after. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to find the slightest clue of its whereabouts and the search came to an end.

As for the Soul Subjugation Talisman, it hadn’t been refined ever since the founding of the sect. As a result, only the Spiritform Talisman truly had any practical use.

Han Li was greatly interested in the other two talismans. The Spiritform Talisman in particular was an optimal life-saving measure as it would allow him to use sacrificial techniques.

Three days later, Han Li read through the last talisman of interest to him and had finally stood up. He swept his spiritual sense down below and found that Old Man Xiang was still there.

He frowned and mulled with worry. In these past few days, the old man had remained in peaceful cultivation and hadn’t taken a step outside of the building.

As for the circumstances outside, Han Li had found it to be quite laughable. Fearing that he would depart without warning,, the sect’s Foundation Establishment cultivators had taken turns waiting outside.

After some further thought, he descended to the ground floor.

“Senior, are you finished reading?” When the old man saw Han Li appear, he immediately put away the jade slip in his hand and grinned.

Han Li smiled and said, “Yes, I’ve seen everything I wanted to. You may do as you please!” Afterwards, he made his way out.

A bright glint flashed from the old man's eyes as he watched Han Li depart, but his expression soon returned to normal.

When he left the building, he caught sight of the middle-aged man who brought him here. When the man saw Han Li, he hastily greeted him and respectfully requested that he make a trip to the main hall.

After perusing through their collection of records, Han Li agreed as it would be inappropriate for him to refuse. The middle-aged man happily sent a voice transmission talisman to the main hall.

Waiting there was the upper echelon of the Heavenly Talisman Sect and two unfamiliar middle-aged Core Formation cultivators, a man and a woman.

When the Heavenly Talisman Sect members saw Han Li, they saluted him. The Sect Elder Wen then gave an introduction, “These two are Fellow Daoist Chang of Gold Mist Mountain and Fellow Daoist Xie of Bright Yang Valley. When these two Fellow Daoist heard that Senior had graced us with his presence, they had come here to pay their respects and have been waiting ever since.”

Ah! You two are quite considerate to have waited while I had spent the past few days researching talisman refinement techniques.” Han Li wore an indifferent expression that betrayed no emotion.

“Hardly, it is our honor to be able to see you.” After the two made certain of Han Li’s cultivation, they both saluted him. In truth, when the Heavenly Talisman Sect requested them to arrive, the two had doubted if they truly had a visitor who possessed Nascent Soul cultivation.

After all, the two were well aware of the Heavenly Talisman Sect’s current circumstances. Although they were all classified as small sects, the Heavenly Talisman Sect was the weakest of the three in their alliance, so it was rather surprising for a Nascent Soul cultivator to visit them. The benefits were obvious if it were true.

The two hadn’t remained idle when they heard this and rushed over to the sect overnight to verify this matter. Their doubts were now dispelled after personally witnessing Han Li’s profound cultivation.

It was only after Han Li took a seat that the others dared to follow suit. Apart from the Heavenly Talisman Sect Master, the other Foundation Establishment cultivators simply stood at the side.

The woman surnamed Xie said with a pleasant voice, “Has Senior gained anything from his stay in the records hall? If Senior is interested, we do have a few records on the matter as well, although our valley isn’t particularly adept in talisman refinement techniques.” 

Han Li smiled at the woman and said, “There is no need to trouble you. I have some urgent business at hand and will need to soon depart to the Linjiang Province.”

The man surnamed Chang yelped out in surprise. “Does Senior mean to deal with those fierce flood dragons?” 

“Oh, you know about it?” Han Li asked with a changed expression.

With a hesitant tone, Cultivator Chang said, “The cultivators journeying to the Linjiang Province are all going for the fierce flood dragons. I’m afraid Senior’s information isn’t very new.”

Han Li’s expression sank and he slowly said, “I acquired this news half a year ago at a market. Since the flood dragons are around grade seven, they shouldn’t have been so quickly hunted by other cultivators.”

“Not at all,” Old Man Wen hastily explained, “In fact, not long ago they managed to kill a flood dragon in an ambush. But the flood dragons fiercely retaliated and killed many cultivators in return. There was even a Nascent Soul cultivator that was gravely injured.”

“How was the Nascent Soul cultivator injured?” Han Li asked with surprise.

Old Man Wen answered, “A transformed grade-eight blue flood dragon had appeared amongst them. The cultivators who lied in ambush had suffered heavy losses since they hadn’t expected it. While the South Seas Sect had dispatched many elders, they were only able to repel the group of flood dragons. The flood dragons had made their way to the many islands by the shore and hid there, frequently attacking lone cultivators and mortal ships in the vicinity. If Nascent Soul cultivators grouped and attacked them together, the flood dragons would immediately flee deep into the ocean using ice evasion techniques. Their attacks have become increasingly vicious recently and far more troublesome. I heard that the South Seas Sect have already invited many high-grade cultivators to gather at Jade Blossom Island in preparation of a hunt as grade-eight flood dragons are rarely ever seen.”

“A grade-eight flood dragon...” Han Li muttered to himself with a calm expression. He was reminded of the grade-eight Venomous Flood Dragon he had killed in the past.

Although the demon beast was only grade eight, they had a true strength that was beyond that of a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator. On top of this, it was particularly difficult to deal with when it was at sea.

However, Han Li had no interest in the blue flood dragon. He then asked, “I recall that there was a red fire-attribute flood dragon among them, a Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon in partiuclar. Is this true?”

Cultivator Chang seemed to know much about the matter and quickly answered, “There does seem to be a red flood dragon among them, but I’m not too sure if it is a Scarlet Flame Flood Dragon.” 

“That will do.” Han Li nodded with satisfaction.

When the others in the hall saw that Han Li’s face had relaxed, they all sighed with relief.

At that moment, Old Man Wen and the other two exchanged a glance. Then he probingly asked, “Senior Han’s cultivation is quite vast. Surely you must be an elder of a great sect?”

Han Li glanced at the three and wore a mysterious smile. “Hehe, I came from a rather remote region. I am not the elder of any sect in the Great Jin.”

Han Li’s sharp gaze had startled the group, but upon hearing his words, they couldn’t help but rejoice.

After a moment of hesitation, Old Man Wen then cautiously asked, “Since Senior has already researched the Spirit Subjugation Talisman, what does he think of it? Is it worthy of your notice?”

Han Li sighed and bluntly said, “If you have anything to say, state it. There is no point in beating around the bush. Could it be you wish to have me enter your sect?”

After hearing Han Li’s unhappy tone, Old Man Wen as alarmed and quickly explained, “Please don’t misunderstand, Senior. I wouldn’t dare to have such an extravagant request. I only wished to ask if Senior is willing to become a joint guest elder of our three sects.”

“A guest elder?” Han Li soon narrowed his eyes.

Small and mid-grade sects in the Great Jin would often have a sect position for high-grade vagrant cultivators. Although the position sounded the same as an ordinary elder, in truth there were quite a few differences.

To small sects, guest elders were only that in name. Guest elders couldn’t be restricted by the sect and wouldn’t be bound to their orders either. Typically, they would only find the need to take action when their sects were subjected to mishaps.

However, even this assistance wasn’t mandatory and depended on the mood of the elder. Guest elders were even paid appropriately of their position and sometimes were paid even more than ordinary elders.

The reason why the position of guest elder was widespread in the Great Jin was due to the vast number of small sects and lacking number of Nascent Soul cultivators in comparison. Let alone small sets, even mid-grade sects would find themselves lacking a Nascent Soul cultivator at times. Under such circumstances, it would only be natural for them to strive their hardest for the support of a vagrant Nascent Soul cultivator.

But usually vagrant high-grade cultivators found it disdainful to enter the restrictions of a sect, but were tempted by the compensation. As a result, the position of guest elder came to be.