Chapter 944: Threaten

At that moment, the surrounding Core Formation and Foundation Establishment cultivators took note of the incoming fight and the cultivation of those participating in it. They immediately scattered in alarm, none of them daring to stay and watch. In a battle between Nascent Soul-stage cultivators, they were simply insects likely to die in the resulting crossfire.

In the blink of an eye, all the bystanders had left and the nearby buildings began to each employ their protective restrictions. Han Li’s cheek twitched at the sight of this and a layer of sparkling azure light rose up from his face, followed by an ominous glint shining from his eyes.

When the four surrounding Nascent Soul cultivators saw this, they began to circulate their magic power in response and the magic treasures in their bodies restlessly stirred.

Han Li thought of something and sneered. The azure light vanished from his face and he calmly said, “If I remember correctly, the West Jin Market strictly prohibits fights between cultivators. Violating this will have three of the great Daoist sects and four of the great Buddhist sects pursue you. Do you want to find out what it feels like to be chased for thousands upon thousands of kilometers? Or do you feel like they are beneath your consideration, given your backing with the Yin Sifting Sect?”

Just as Han Li finished speaking, an overbearing voice echoed from a distance, “Hmph! Who dares ignore our rules? This humble Daoist is curious to meet them!”

Then, two balls of light streaked from a building at the other end of the street, one silver and one gold. They quickly circled in the air before dropping down to reveal an old Daoist with a rosy complexion and greying hair beside an ugly middle-aged Buddhist monk with a large flat nose.

The old Daoist glared at Han Li and the Saintess’ party with fury. “I know you... So it was esteemed cultivators of the Yin Sifting Sect. Does your sect plan on breaking our rules and having a battle in our West Jin Market?” 

The Buddhist monk didn’t appear to have anything to say, but he was far from pleased. He coldly stared at the Yin Sifting Sect members, but when he caught sight of Han Li and the Endless Sky Saintess, he revealed a trace of surprise.

Although there were a number of unknown Nascent Soul cultivators in the Great Jin, it was quite rare to see an unknown mid-stage eccentric in particular. With the sight of two of those unknown eccentrics in front of him, it was no wonder he felt shocked.

Ge Tianhao coldly said after hearing the old Daoist’s words, “Wu Bi! I only wished to have this Fellow Daoist verify a few things. Do you plan on meddling?”

Wu Bi then imposingly said, “I don’t care what you do, but none may break the rules of this market. If you truly wish to take action, then move to another place, or I won’t keep being this polite.”

Enraged by his words, Ge Tianhao harshly said, “Could you wait until after we take action? I was thinking of experiencing the abilities of your Grand Truths Sect.”

The Buddhist monk grinned and said, “Fellow Daoist Ge, there is no need to be angry. So long as nobody uses magic power, we will not interfere. These two Daoist also appear quite unfamiliar. Might you grant me your names?”

“I am the Endless Sky Saintess, Lin Yinping. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. The matter is quite simple: I suspect this Fellow Daoist is actually a great enemy of our Endless Sky Temple, and I wish him to undo the bundle on his back and verify his identity. If I am mistaken, I will offer my deepest apologies and will bother him no further.” With that said, she then turned to look at Han Li with her bright eyes.

“That’s funny,” Han Li calmly said, “ Who do you think I am? My surname is simply Li. Why do you want to verify my identity?”

Lin Yinping curled her lips and a trace of killing intent flourished from her eyes. She said with an icy tone, “If Fellow Daoist is unwilling, then it is possible you truly are our irreconcilable foe. As the Endless Sky Saintess, I cannot allow you to run free.”

Wu Bi’s heart stirred and he frowned, asking, “The Endless Sky Saintess? You’re the Saintess of the Soaring Tribes?” As for the Buddhist monk, astonishment appeared on his face.

Lin Yinping calmly nodded, “I’ve made a poor showing of myself. Yes, I am indeed appointed as the tribe’s Saintess.”

Wu Bi ceased his angry appearance and spoke with a more relaxed tone, “Your noble tribe’s Immortal Xu possesses heavenly talents, and had entered mid-Nascent Soul stage before the age of four hundred. I had met him several times in the past. How is he doing?”

“Immortal Xu is doing well. Around thirty years ago, he had entered late-Nascent Soul stage and became one of the tribe’s Grand Immortals.” Lin Yinping inwardly rejoiced at the fact that this old Daoist had a friendship with one of her tribe’s Grand Immortals.

“As I had anticipated, Fellow Daoist Xu had already entered late-Nascent Soul stage. It may be possible for him to ascend to an entirely greater stage, given his young age.” Wu Bi’s expression grew peculiar as emotion began to show in his voice.

Faintly feeling that this matter was turning for the worse, Han Li’s mind began to quickly churn. Could it be that he would have to face off against these many Nascent Soul enemies? Or would he have to escape using Bloodshadow Evasion?

During his hesitation, he received a sound transmission of Monarch Soul Divergence. Those few words had completely freed his heart of worry.

Wu Bi had then finished speaking with the Endless Sky Saintess about Immortal Xi. He swept his eyes towards Han Li and with some hesitation, he asked, “Fellow Daoist, your cultivation is quite unordinary. Might I ask where you’re from? Perhaps I can mediate in your dispute.” Although he wasn’t sure of his identity, Han Li was still a genuine mid-Nascent Soul cultivator. Vagrant cultivator or not, he was not someone to take lightly.

“I’ve never heard that I’d have to give my identity and origins to enter the West Jin Market. If your market truly has such a rule, I will naturally comply. But if there isn’t, I would prefer not to answer.” Han Li’s expression had remained stiff but he spoke with an obviously sarcastic tone.

Wu Bi’s expression grew sullen and was annoyed by his answer, but before he could give a reply, the Buddhist monk at his side chuckled and took the initiative to speak, “Our market has no such rules of course. Fellow Daoist Wu Bi only wished to use your identity to help you resolve this misunderstanding. If you are unwilling to explain yourself, then all we can do is make sure nothing happens within the market boundaries. But if Fellow Daoist Lin and company were to wait at the market’s entrance which isn’t within the scope of our protection...”

These words were spoken with a smile but their meaning was clear.

Han Li coldly laughed in his mind. He swept his gaze past Ge Tianhao and the Endless Sky Saintess and saw their eyes flickering. It was obvious that they were intent on attacking him for the possibility of acquiring the Ghost Sifting Banner and the Holy Beast’s incarnation.

Just as he thought this, Han Li stared at the Endless Sky Saintess and gloomily ask, “So you will leave the matter be so long as you see what I have in my bundle? While you might not have any grievances with me, do you think my resentment is so easily dissolved with an apology?”

“Are you threatening us?” Ge Tianhao’s cold voice dripped with hostility.

Han Li bellowed with laughter and continued with a grim tone, “It was nothing but a jest. But if you truly are mistaken and forced me to reveal my bundle for nothing, do you feel that I won’t do anything to right this wrong? While I might not have great abilities, I have quite a bit of mastery over my evasion techniques. Even if you were to attack me all at once, I am quite confident I’ll be able to escape. Don’t blame me for what happens to your sects afterwards. As a lone cultivator, I don’t fear retaliation.”

With that said, Ge Tianhao and the others had changed expressions. Even the Buddhist monk and old Daoist Wu Bi felt a bit of apprehension.

Not only was Han Li a mid-Nascent Soul stage cultivator, but his attitude and words displayed him as a troublesome and vengeful character that all large sects make an effort to avoid.

After all, with his cultivation and a lack of responsibility tying him down, he could act against the sect’s various disciple and cause irreparable harm. It would be even more troublesome if this person was truly skilled in evasion techniques. Even a late-Nascent Soul cultivator might not be enough to catch him. So long as this person was ruthless enough, even the entire ten great devilish sects would find him difficult to manage.

And as a vagrant mid-Nascent Soul cultivator, the great sects would attempt to draw him in with all their effort and would avoid offending him at all cost. If it was truly too late to stop him from becoming an enemy, then it would be better to hunt him down as soon as possible.

Ge Tianhao and his sect members had decided to forcefully verify Han Li’s identity on the behalf of reacquiring his sect’s Ghost Sifting Banner, but immense problem would afflict his sect if he was mistaken, provoking vengeance upon nothing.

With that thought, he couldn’t help but take a glance at the Endless Sky Saintess.

She frowned, feeling quite a headache over the matter. If this man was a truly vengeful character, he would later wreak havoc in the Endless Sky Plains.

Then, she blinked with bright eyes and wore a charming smile. “Why is Fellow Daoist Li speaking with such a grave tone over a minor affair? We only wish to see what is inside the bundle on your back. If I have truly made a mistake, you can list a fair condition to make up for our error. Do you feel that is fair?”