Chapter 942: Spatial Pocket

“You can refine spatial tears into spatial pockets? How did this nature-defying technique come to be?” Han Li’s expression contorted in shocking disbelief.

Techniques that affected space were all heaven-breaking and beyond profound. That being said, the most common magic tool and the most commonly seen use of spatial techniques were actually storage pouches. The higher grade the storage pouch, the more items it would be able to hold; but no matter the quality, it would never be truly considered a spatial pocket. 

There are many cultivators that believe that high-grade spatial techniques didn’t exist in the mortal world and only those from higher realms have the abilities to perform such profound techniques. This belief was commonly held by cultivators of the Heavenly South.

As a result, Han Li was deeply shocked to hear Elder Wang mention that a technique to refine spatial tears had been discovered in the Great Jin over a thousand years ago.

Old Man Fu smiled and said, “Fellow Daoist Han doesn’t need to be so surprised. These so-called ‘spatial pockets’ are not as profound as you think. They are but a mere trick.”

Elder Wang let out a wry chuckle and said, “That’s right. To most people, spatial pockets are of little value to them. Not only are they extremely difficult to refine, but also have many restrictions in their usage as well. I’d say there are no more than a dozen places in the Great Jin that have artificial spatial pockets. My pavilion has perhaps the earliest spatial pocket created.”

“The earliest? You mean...” Han Li raised his brow in astonishment.

Elder Wang answered, “That’s right. This secret technique was originally produced by our pavilion’s two tool refinement grandmasters, perhaps the only people in the world capable of refining spatial tears. In truth, Hidden Fortune Rooms and Mansions were created with the spatial pocket refinement techniques that we’ve researched.”

Han Li chuckled and regained his composure. “So it was like that. Now I really want to see this mysterious spatial pocket.”

“Brother Wang, please go ahead. I’ve already seen this trick before. Since I have to deal with this Scarlet Essence Mushroom, I’ll take my leave.” Old Man Fu saluted the two after he said this.

Elder Wang returned the salute and said, “Since Brother Fu has pressing matters at hand, I won’t stop you. I’ll see you another day.”

Old Man Fu then reminded Han Li with a sound transmission that he mustn’t miss the last day of the underground trade fair. Han Li gave a casual nod before the old man left the hall with thumping steps.

Elder Wang then courteously said, “Brother Han, let’s go. The spatial pocket is at the back of the pavilion. We’ll be there in the blink of an eye.” Then, with a wave of his sleeve, the remaining jade box on the table disappeared without a trace.

Naturally, Han Li agreed and followed him past a dense layer of restrictions, arriving at a small area at the rear of the pavilion. It was empty apart from a strange teleportation formation at the center of the room. It was significantly larger and more complicated than ordinary spell formations.

Han Li faintly frowned in surprise.

Sensing his confusion, Elder Wang explained, “The only way to reach to the spatial pocket is through a teleportation formation.”

“You have to transfer there? Could it be that the spatial tear you refined is in a fixed location?” Though Han Li wore an astonished expression, it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to pry too deeply into secret refinement techniques.  Then, when he saw Elder Wang step into the teleportation formation, he hesitantly followed suit.

As he got closer to the formation, he discovered that there were eight mid-grade spirit stones surrounding it, signifying that it cost at least eight hundred low-grade spirit stones to use. If they needed to use a formation to return, the round trip would take over a thousand spirit stones, something ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to afford.

Just as Han Li’s mind wandered, white light flashed from below and the two disappeared without a trace.

In the blink of an eye, dazzling light surrounded them as they arrived at another formation placed on top a slope of shattered stone. 

After Han Li regained his bearings, he raised his head and looked around him.

He saw the space spanned over three kilometers in area and was made of pure white stone, with variously-sized holes littered throughout, varying in size from three meters to thirty meters in width.

He took a deep breath and felt his heart grow restless. Not the slightest trace of green could be found throughout the space, the existence of spiritual Qi was absent and the sky was grey; it was clear the world was without life.

After Elder Wang walked out from the formation, he said, “As Fellow Daoist Han should’ve seen, this is a place without life and lacks the existence of worldly spiritual veins. It isn’t comparable to the legendary Spirit Ether Gardens said to possess spiritual Qi that far exceeded the mortal world. Of all the spatial tears the Great Jin cultivation world discovered, only four of them possessed the presence of spirit veins, but their spiritual Qi wasn’t nearly as dense as what is found in the mortal world. However, the sects that discovered these spatial tears had all requested our services in creating a spatial pocket.”

Han Li stroked his chin with an odd expression and said, “From what you’re saying, these spatial pockets have no specific purpose apart from saving a bit of space and allowing for free movement. It is no wonder why I haven’t heard of them before.”

With a trace of embarrassment, Elder Wang quickly said, “That isn’t entirely true. If a sect wished to place a few large items in secret, store a large number of materials, or hide someone without fear of pursuit, these spatial pockets are an optimal choice. They could even use it for the same purpose we do: as a testing area for magic tools and treasures. The reason why spatial pockets are rare is more due to a lack of suitable tears. There are few known spatial tears that have a fixed position, and even fewer sects that are in a suitable position to use them. Additionally, refining these spatial tears requires an astonishing amount of resources... these are the reasons of why there are few spatial pockets.”

Han Li sighed with disappointment. “Even so, your spatial pockets are nothing like I had imagined. They cannot be carried on hand, and can only be entered with teleportation formations. It isn’t a guardian dimension by any means.”                                                                                 

Elder Wang chuckled. “How can someone carry a large spatial pocket on their body? I reckon only vastly powerful cultivators that ascended to the Spirit Realm or True Immortals in the Immortal Realm have such heaven-defying abilities. How could that exist in the mortal realm? It already takes an absurd quantity of rare materials to stabilize an existing spatial tear, and this is an impressive breakthrough in itself.”                                

When Han Li heard this, his heart trembled and something suddenly came to mind. “Can you stabilize a tear? Could one be damaged to near destruction and be strengthened afterwards?”

Elder Wang’s expression stirred and his tone revealed astonishment. “Of course. So long as the spatial tear isn’t completely collapsed, we can use materials to stabilize it. Could it be that Fellow Daoist have plans on doing so?”

Han Li chuckled and vaguely answered, “I know of one overseas, but it will soon collapse, I don't know if I’ll be able to enter it.”

When Elder Wang heard Han Li’s response to the matter, he tactfully kept silent. Then with a flip of his hand, he produced a jade box.

“I will now release the Hidden Fortune Mansion for you to inspect it. If you find it satisfactory, then we will further discuss trading for it.”

Han Li nodded. “Go ahead, Fellow Daoist.”

With his agreement, Elder Wang didn’t further hesitate and opened the jade box, revealing a pure-white spiritual light.

Before Han Li could clearly see what was inside, Elder Wang quickly uttered the incantation and the box began to tremble. Suddenly, a ball of white light shot out and instantly grew larger until it was a colorless cloud the size of several fields. One could faintly see buildings of white jade within it.

Elder Wang then formed an incantation gesture and pointed at the air, causing the white mist to tremble before suddenly dropping to the ground.

A huge explosion sounded out and light shined within from every direction. A residence constructed completely from fine jade suddenly appeared.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and examined the scene with his hands behind his back.

This exquisite residence was clearly smaller when compared to common cave residences, but it had a tower, a courtyard, and a mist barrier of white light, causing it to appear like an otherworldly illusion. 

After staring at it for a long while, Han Li’s figure blurred and he shot toward it in a streak of azure light.

When Elder Wang saw this, he quickly flipped his hand and took out a white jade medallion. He shook the medallion at the residence, vanishing the barrier that covered it. Han Li then disappeared into the residence without obstruction.