Chapter 917: Waging Battle

King Glorious Blaze looked at Han Li and addressed the yellow-robed man’s threats by saying, “Fellow Daoist, do not be coerced by them. Soon, my reinforcements will arrive. So long as you protect me for a short while, you will have nothing to worry about.”

Han Li’s appearance was the surprise factor that could tip the scales in the favor of either side.

At the moment, Han Li had his arms crossed with a pensive expression.

When Master Wild Sand heard King Glorious Blaze, an ominous glint appeared in his eyes, but he forced himself to remain still. Although this youth hadn’t fully displayed his abilities, Master Wild Sand didn’t dare to underestimate after the golden lightning he displayed earlier.

Under these circumstances, he could no longer continue to hide his plan and spoke bluntly, “Brother Glorious Blaze, could it be you haven’t discovered the Seven Devilwind Seeds and three Yellow Earthfiends? In the instant you left your tomb, Fellow Daoist Heavenwind and I placed a spell formation outside of it. Your reinforcements should still be trapped in the tomb.

Although it’s possible they’ll be able to break through it, they’re going to be stalled for at least half a day. Besides... hehe!” With that said, he began to let out a cold laugh.

“Besides what?” King Glorious Blaze’s heart grew sullen and he glared at the large man while clenching his fists.

Master Wild Sand looked up at the sky and sneered, “Besides, it’s currently almost noon and the eruption of Yin Qi in the earth veins will soon arrive. Brother Glorious Blaze, your Heavenly Corpse Arts will suffer a great loss in power as a result.”

King Glorious Blaze’s expression froze and a faint layer of black Qi appeared around him. With a fierce smile on his face, he furiously said, “Good, very good! I didn’t think that you knew about both my Heavenly Corpse Arts and the earth vein’s Yin Qi. However, these are mere superficial details. I’ll have you personally witness the might of my Heavenly Corpse Arts.”

With no hope of reinforcements, he flew into a fury and began to unleash his strength, unresigned to just sit there and wait for death. Of course, unless he did this much he wouldn’t be able to win over Han Li.

King Glorious Blaze promptly spat out a ball of black blood that formed a fist-sized black talisman character before shooting onto his forehead and leaving a distinct mark behind. The talisman character released a black demonic light, causing the old man’s body to release roiling grey corpse Qi while he began to savagely roar.

Although Master Wild Sand didn’t know what ability he was trying to use, he wouldn’t allow him to easily finish. He immediately shouted, “Attack! We don’t need to hold this off any longer.” 

After shouting, he stomped on the giant gourd beneath him. The gourd faintly trembled and spouted yellow sand, condensing into a ten-meter-tall flood dragon in the blink of an eye that fiercely pounced towards King Glorious Blaze.

When the other two saw this, they took action as well. A white gale suddenly roared and released over a hundred foot-long wind blades. Each blade shone with dazzling white light and let out astonishing shrieks.

As for the cloud of devilish Qi, it released over ten flying sabers. Each of them glowed profusely with jet-black light, and quickly grew from only an inch in size to three meters as they streaked through the air. Under the concealment of the wind blades, the sabers were nearly undetectable.

Just as these attacks were about to strike King Glorious Blaze, he finished casting his technique.

He howled in rage and his crown flew into the air, hair wildly blowing in the wind as it instantly grew several times longer and turned black-purple. In addition, he crossed his arms as he grew a meter taller, as a thick three-inch-long layer of green fur appeared on his body and viciously sharp, purple-black claws extended from his fingertips. His face quickly turned shriveled and he revealed inch-long fangs, completing his frightful transformation.

King Glorious Blaze had fully revealed his appearance as a ten-thousand-year-old corpse monarch.

At the same time he finished his transformation, the sand flood dragon, wind blades, and black streaks had arrived. King Glorious Blaze’s face warped into a fierce expression upon seeing them appear before him and he spat out a fist-sized golden pearl. The pearl spun in the air before turning into a large golden hand that grabbed the sand flood dragon.

He then held out his claws in violent opposition to the other attacks.

The wind blades and black streaks directly struck the claws and King Glorious Blaze was enveloped in overflowing black and white light from the impact.

A huge explosion sounded out and green light surged around King Glorious Blaze, repelling the wind blades and black streaks with great force.

King Glorious Blaze brandished claws that had strength far beyond steel, displaying a hardness superior to magic treasures. In a single blow, he was able to blow away the combined attacks of the wind blades and flying sabers.


Meanwhile, the large golden hand was grabbing onto the neck of the struggling flood dragon, restraining it for the time being.

As Han Li calmly watched all of this, his expression stirred in surprise. He hadn’t expected that King Glorious Blaze would still be able to muster this much strength despite being so heavily injured.

But when Master Wild Sand saw that the sand flood dragon was being restrained, he smiled and pointed at it. The sand flood dragon began to glow with yellow light and suddenly grew still before escaping from the golden hand as scattered sand. The scattered sand then condensed into a ball, trapping the large golden hand at its center.

He didn’t stop there and coldly glanced at King Glorious Blaze and Han Li before silently forming two incantation gestures. The yellow sand in the distance began to stir and rushed towards both of them in waves of sand that were over thirty meters tall. The waves of sand would occasionally release echoing ghostly wails as they surged onward.

He had activated the grand formation around them, drawing assistance from its restrictions to kill King Glorious Blaze and Han Li.

In the instant Han Li saw Master Wild Sand looking at him, he immediately came to the conclusion that Master Wildsand planned on dealing with them both in the same move. If he continued to hesitate, he would be killed alongside King Glorious Blaze once the spell formation closed in.

Cursing in furious alarm, Han Li no longer remained idle and took action as well.

With a wave of his sleeve, several tens of golden flying swords flew out and circled around him before transforming into a huge mass of sword streaks and striking at the nearest wave of sand. Then with his other hand, he summoned an ancient purple mirror and began to pour magic power into it, releasing a beam of purple light to strike the sand.

Then a strange scene occurred. The purple light was particularly effective against mist-type creations, but it completely went through the sand without a trace. 

Han Li frowned and wore a vigilant expression. The giant swordstreak condensed from his flying swords chopped through the huge wave of sand, leaving a giant hole in it.

As King Glorious Blaze was being attacked by several magic treasures, he saw Han Li move to break the formation and rejoiced. But then he hurriedly shouted a warning, “Be careful, Soulfall Sand is specialized in corrupting magic treasures.”

“Corrupting magic treasures?” Han Li was stunned when he heard this.

Just as the sword streak cut open a hole through the sand, a Yin wind blew out from it, carrying specks of black sand all around the huge swordstreak. Then, strands of black Qi shot out from each of the grains of sand, wrapping around each and every one of his flying swords.

As soon as the black strands touched the swords, Han Li felt his connection to the flying swords grow dim as his spiritual sense strands were being forcefully pushed out from them, causing him to gradually lose control.

Han Li’s complexion turned cold and he pointed at his flying swords, uttering, “Burst.”

Pangs of thunder repeatedly rang out and countless arcs of lightning shot out from the swords. They ripped the black threads apart and even opened a large empty space in the cloud of sand.

Han Li narrowed his eyes and stared deeply into the cloud before wearing an unsightly expression.

At the center of the cloud, there was a dense mass of sand floating in the air. It appeared to be unremarkable, but it was immensely large and wasn’t something that could be destroyed in a short amount of time.

During his hesitation, his expression grew sullen and a pair of silver wings appeared on his back. As thunder rang out around him, he suddenly disappeared and blurred over thirty meters away. A scarlet halberd then swept past where he originally stood.

Although he was now a safe distance away, Han Li still sensed its scorching heat and was enraged by the attack. After missing its attack the halberd began return to the devilish cloud in spin.

Han Li raised his head to coldly look at the devilish cloud, and his eyes flickered with blue light. Although the devilish cloud was extremely dense, his Brightsight Spirit Eyes were able to clearly see through it. 

The azure-robed old man inside of the cloud returned Han Li’s gaze with an alarmed expression. He was greatly surprised by Han Li’s use of lightning movement.

Without another word, Han Li flapped his wings and disappeared in a ring of thunder.

The old azure-robed old man was yet again stunned by the sight of this, but as someone who had experienced many battles, he slapped his storage pouch out of reflex and released an azure shield from it.

In the instant the shield moved to protect him, silver light flashed from the side of the devilish cloud, followed by Han Li’s appearance. His hands were held in a fist and golden lightning flickered all around him. In a series of thunderous explosions, a layer of golden lightning condensed on his body.

Then with a blur, Han Li once again disappeared from view.

This time, the old man felt his heart drop and instantly opened his mouth, spitting out a sparkling green sword. As soon as it appeared, it flew circles around him in a green streak to protect him.

Still feeling ill at ease, the old man thought to release several more magic treasures, but he suddenly heard thunder ring from his side.