Chapter 914: Entering the Secret Cave

“How about it? Do you have any certainty of restraining King Glorious Blaze’s incarnations? If they manage to escape, we’ll end up scaring them all away.” One of the two figures sent a voice transmission to the other, speaking with a sharp voice. 

The other figure snorted and gloomily said, “King Glorious Blaze’s so-called incarnations are created from soul mending techniques, forcefully refining them until they are obedient puppets. Their intelligence is greatly reduced as a result. Although they possess Nascent Soul cultivation, they are easily handled by cultivators of equivalent strength. It won’t be difficult to take them on together. But now that the old devil is releasing his own incarnations by themselves, it will benefit us greatly. Killing them would be the same as cutting off his arms.” The voice was deep and low.

“Brother Heavenwind’s words are very sensible,” the sharp voice said, “However, I am quite curious about the person those incarnations are chasing. It was enough to make the old devil send men away from the tomb at a crucial moment and lose sight of his objective.”

“Who knows? Regardless of who it is, they have no influence over our plans. King Glorious Blaze’s cultivation will greatly decrease when he leaves his tomb. This is an extremely rare opportunity. That old devil is extremely sly and never leaves his tomb for more than a moment at a time. If it wasn’t for the trap I set, I fear we wouldn’t have any opportunities in the slightest. After all, his abilities are no lesser than a late-Nascent Soul cultivator while he is in his tomb.”

The sharp voice sinisterly chuckled and said, “If King Devil Glorious Blaze knew that we have already leaked this plan to the other two noble clans, I wonder what expression he would make. The clans have already invited their sect backers and are waiting for him to take the bait. Besides, even if he manages to escape them through a fluke, we’ll be waiting outside his tomb. It will be impossible for him to escape.”

“That’s right. Us brothers schemed over ten years for this plot. Furthermore, ever since we laid out the trap, we’ve always been outside, keeping an eye on his actions and allowing us to move at an opportune time. With him gone, his beloved concubine and his child won’t be able to stand against us three. Then, the treasures he’s accumulated for countless years and the thousands of corpse soldiers inside the tomb will be ours. And I’ve heard that his Heavenly Corpse Body will soon be completed. From his cautious nature, the Heavenly Corpse Pearl for the body should be hidden somewhere in the tomb. So long as we can find it and rid it of his soul, we can also make use of the body to cultivate body hardening and strengthening techniques. It is the ideal treasure for that type of cultivation.” The deep voice of ‘Brother Heavenwind’ spoke with a greedy tone.

The sharp voice said, “Hehe! My cultivation technique doesn’t emphasize cultivating body strengthening techniques so I have no interest in the pearl. I only want the thousands of corpse soldiers his tomb contains. With those soldiers, I could become a faction of power without leaving seclusion.”

When ‘Brother Heavenwind’ heard this, he spoke with excitement, “But I know what Fellow Daoist Yin would say. He’d only want the Corpse Spirit Arts so that he will be able to control the corpse soldiers with ease. Otherwise, he would have to go and ask us for help to use them!”

“That sounds right.” The owner of the sharp voice then examined the green silhouettes from a distance and proposed, “Now should be time to act. Since Brother Wild Sand is closely following after the old devil, there should be no problems. We should take action before something unexpected occurs. Let’s quickly get rid of the old devil’s incarnations and then returning to the tomb to lie in ambush. If we let the old devil make it back, things will turn for the worse.”

“Yes, it is nearly time. The old devil should’ve left the Snowmound Mountains. Let’s set off.”

Heavenwind paused for a moment before nodding in agreement.

At that moment, the two green incarnations were violently howling, but soon, they suddenly felt astonishing spiritual Qi fluctuations from behind them. They couldn’t help but to turn around to look.

As a result, they saw a large black mist and an astonishing storm of wind chasing after them. It filled up the entire sky and appeared almost as if it aimed to envelop the two.


Han Li was currently standing in front of a stone door behind the waterfall, completely ignorant of the great problem that another party had unintentionally resolved. Although he would’ve been able to easily dispatch of the two incarnations, it would consume the last opportunity for him to lift the Soullock Seal.

His eyes were focused on a corner of the stone door and there was a slight protrusion there with an inch large hole on top of it.

He reached for his storage pouch and took a sparkling silver key into his hand. He flicked his finger and shot it into the hole in a silver streak.

The key smoothly entered, leaving the outer half outside of the hole.

He smiled when he saw this and pointed his finger at the key, shooting out a streak of azure light towards it. Then, the key slowly turned a half circle and the stone white gate begin to glow in a layer of white light. With a faint tremble, the stone doors slowly opened, leaving a small opening for someone to walk through.

Han Li glanced at the opening before calmly heading in.

After walking over thirty meters inside, there was a three-meter-large transportation formation in front of him. There were eight grooves around the spell formation that were completely empty.

When he saw this, he let out a faint smile.

If one didn’t have deep knowledge of formations, they would put their spirit stones on all the grooves, resulting in the formation’s spatial power to completely disintegrate them. Whoever designed this hidden storage was quite shrewd.

He walked up to the spell formation and his eyes flickered several times. His sleeve trembled and five low-grade spirit stones shot into five separate grooves. Then, he struck the spell formation with a spell seal and the transportation formation began to hum.

With Han Li’s attainments in spell formations, he could see if there was anything amiss with the formation. He was able to quickly tell that it was safe and then walked into the center of the formation.

White light then wrapped around him and he disappeared from sight.

The distance he was teleported was quite short. As expected, he didn’t feel much of a headache from the teleportation due to his strong spiritual sense. Then in a flash of white light, he appeared in a large hall.

He swept his gaze across it and took the entire scene in.

It only spanned about sixty meters long and was made completely out of cleanly cut Warmstone. There weren’t many things in the hall: two rows of green shelves and three meter-long silver chests.

To Han Li’s surprise, the Feng Clan’s secret cave was quite small.

The wooden shelves were made of precious wood. Its color hadn’t changed despite its vast age and it still possessed some sort of fragrance.

An arrangement of over thirty magic tools were placed in one of the shelves, all of them at mid-grade quality or higher. There were several unknown magic treasures mixed amongst them and they appeared exceptionally eye-catching. On the other shelf, there were over a hundred various jade slips that were densely arranged.

He didn’t take another look at the magic tools and treasures, nor did he pay any attention to the silver chests. Instead, he walked over to the jade slips.

He swept his gaze past them and casually took one into his hand before quickly sweeping his spiritual sense through it.

His powerful spiritual sense allowed him to look through the jade slips in the time it took to finish a meal. To his surprise, none of them contained anything that was related to Buddhist techniques.

‘Could it be that Feng Yue had lied?’

Han Li shook his head and tossed the thought to the back of his mind. He had used the Dreamtear Technique to make sure that Feng Yue had been telling the truth. It was impossible for him to deceive him.

After some further thought, his eyes dropped down to three silver chests. Pondering to himself for a moment, he walked over and opened each of them with a wave of his sleeve.

One of the chests were filled with several hundreds of mid-grade spirit stones. Another one was filled with jade boxes of varying size.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense past them and discovered that they contained rare materials and pills. At a first glance, it was about as valuable as the chest of spirit stones.

After looking through these two chests and failing to find what he wanted, he unconsciously wore a gloomy expression.

After he looked into the final chest, he found various talismans sparkling with light. He immediately expressed disappoint after seeing this, but regardless, he carefully swept his spiritual sense through the chest. Then, his expression stirred and he reached his hand out towards it.

In a gust of wind, an object underneath the talismans flew into his grasp.

It was a scarlet wooden box that was a half-foot long. It had a faint yellow talisman sealing it and the surface of the box was engraved with Buddhist talisman characters.

He glanced at the talisman on the box and saw that it was a common Qi concealing talisman. He tore it off without hesitation and opened the box.

As a result, he saw seven-colored light shoot out from the box. The source of the light was a milky-white thumb-sized pearl.

“A crystal relic!” Han Li yelped in joy. The crystal relic wasn’t the only thing inside of the box. There was also two Buddhist Sect magic tools and a yellow jade slip.

The magic tools were a dharma wheel and a bracelet of golden prayer beads. They both glowed with faith spiritual light. As for the jade slip, it appeared unremarkable but Han Li’s interest was completely captured by it.

With a sweep of his hand, he took the jade slip and impatiently shank his spiritual sense into it.