Chapter 806: One-Way Transportation Formation

The Ghost Spirit Sect’s Daoist Shattered Soul hadn’t come, to Han Li’s surprise. This unfamiliar old man came in his place.

However, mobilizing three Nascent Soul cultivators was quite a show of force even from a sect as large as the Ghost Spirit Sect. But considering that they were trying to oversee an area as dangerous as Devilfall Valley, it was still somewhat lacking. Could it be that the Ghost Spirit Sect had made other preparations?

Just as Han Li pondered this, the Ghost Spirit Sect cultivators hurriedly scattered around the valley entrance, appearing to set up a huge spell formation. The nearby cultivators didn’t disturb them and simply watched from the side. As for the Moulan spell warriors, they were also gather together. Their leaders, the scholarly man surnamed Zhong and Spell Warrior Le, were currently discussing something with soft voices.

Han Li stared at the spell formation with clear eyes and a calm expression. But a short moment later, Han Li’s expression stirred and he looked to the sky with bewilderment.

At that moment, light flashed from the distance and a blinding streak of white light suddenly shot across the sky like a bolt of lightning, scattering any clouds that came across its path in a display of astonishing momentum. By then, the other cultivators also saw this shocking occurrence. 

In an instant, the white light suddenly arrived above the valley entrance, fading away to reveal an azure-robed old man with an expressionless face.

“Wei Wuya!”

“He’s also come.”

“Could it be that the Nine Nations Union are also determined to acquire the treasures in Devilfall Valley?”

An uproar surged amongst the nearby cultivators when they clearly saw the old man’s face. But what was cause for even greater surprise was how Wei Wuya slowly descended in front of the Ghost Spirit Sect.

When the middle-aged Ghost Spirit Sect Elder with the unfriendly face saw this, he smiled and saluted Wei Wuya. “Brother Wei, you’ve finally arrived. I believed you had been delayed by other affairs. If that were the case, we would’ve had no choice but to postpone entering the valley.”

“Since I’ve made an agreement with Fellow Daoist Wang, I won’t rashly change my mind. But it will be best if you spoke honestly. If the valley doesn’t have the items that you’ve described, don’t blame me if I become hostile.” Wei Wuya ignored the middle-aged man’s smile. It came as no surprise; the Nine Nations Union didn’t have a good relationship with the Devil Dao.

“Be at ease Fellow Daoist. I wouldn’t dare to trick you.” The middle-aged man ignored Wei Wuya’s bold words and continued to welcome him.

The scene caused the nearby cultivators to watch with astonishment. Wei Wuya was the grand elder of the Nine Nations Union and apparently was now working with the Devil Dao. If one didn’t see it with their own eyes, how could they possibly believe it?

Han Li frowned at the sight of this. Now if he were to clash with the Ghost Spirit Sect inside Devilfall Valley, his only choice would be to flee given that Wei Wuya was sided with them. This was something beyond his expectations.

As Han Li pondered this, he couldn’t help but glance at the scholarly man surnamed Zhong. If no other late Nascent Soul cultivators were going to enter Devilfall Valley, then these two would have the strongest cultivations.

The Moulan Divine Sage was calmly staring at Wei Wuya with his arms held behind his back, and it was unknown what he was thinking. As for Spell Warrior Le, she seemed surprised to see Wei Wuya appear here.

Although Wei Wuya’s presence had come as a shock to many, the cultivators present were still watching the Ghost Spirit Sect disciples as they finished laying down their spell formation.

After half a day’s time, the spell formation had now reached over three hundred meters in width as it was being constructed. As Han Li saw it being set up, he slowly became completely bewildered. 

The spell formation appeared to be a portion of an ancient transportation formation that he had studied once before, but there were a few minute differences where portions were either simplified or more complex. It had clearly been altered greatly. 

Han Li squinted his eyes and stared at the spell formation in silence. Although his attainments in spell formations were great, he wasn’t unable to unravel the secrets of the spell formation in a short amount of time. He could only frown in thought.

Two hours later, the spell formation was finally complete and the Ghost Spirit Sect disciples began to place various mid-grade spirit stones around it. Originally standing to the side, Wang Tiangu suddenly stood at the center of the spell formation in a blur. He then slapped his storage pouch and took out a jade box.

The other two Ghost Spirit Sect elders didn’t appear surprised in the slightest by Wang Tiangu’s actions.

Wang Tiangu opened the jade box and revealed a golden-yellow spirit stone. The spirit stone shined magnificently and immediately released a wave of astonishing spiritual Qi upon leaving the jade box.

“A high-grade spirit stone!” Someone suddenly shouted with alarm, much to the surprise of the cultivators who heard this. Han Li’s expression changed upon hearing this as well. 

The spiritual power of a high-grade spirit stone was only equivalent to about a hundred mid-grade spirit stones. But in truth, a hundred mid-grade spirit stones were far less valuable than a high-grade spirit stone. A high-grade spirit stone cost at least a thousand mid-grade spirit stones and were hardly ever purchased.

The reason for this was because high-grade spirit stone mines were easily detected. As a result, there were few that still existed. As of current, these spirit stones were only rarely found deep at the end of a mid-grade spirit stone mine.

Unfortunately, many ancient and formidable spell formations and restrictions all required the use of high-grade spirit stones. Even common spell formations were enhanced when activated with the power of these spirit stones. Additionally, a high-grade spirit stone is able to supply a Nascent Soul cultivator with a great amount of spiritual power. As a result, the price of high-grade spirit stones is incredibly high, and they only become rarer with the passage of time, nearly vanishing from the Heavenly South.

As for the peak-grade spirit stones from legend, they had already disappeared before the times of antiquity had come to an end. They now only remained in legends. 

Han Li couldn’t help but grow fervent as he saw Wang Tiangu solemnly place the gold attribute high-grade spirit stone at the center of the spell formation. Han Li had killed many cultivators but never once had he acquired a high-grade spirit stone.

Even if he attempted to find one at a market city or such, it would be a hopeless affair. After all, high-grade spirit stones were all stored away by few large sects in the cultivation world in case there was ever a need for them.

Now that the Ghost Spirit Sect had taken out a high-grade spirit stone, it appeared they viewed this matter with the utmost importance. Of course, it now made sense why they were selling Devilfall Medallions at such an incredible price. 

After placing the high-grade spirit stone in the proper location, Wang Tiangu returned to the side of the middle-aged elder and whispered a few words. The middle-aged cultivator nodded and then gave the command for the Ghost Spirit Sect disciples to withdraw from the spell formation. The disciples each took out a faint yellow formation flag after withdrawing from the formation.

With great familiarity, they immediately raised the flags into the air and quickly assumed a strange formation. At that moment, the spell formation began to glow as if it were accumulating power. 

‘Could it be that this person was the true sect lord? Why else would Wang Tiangu treat him with such respect despite their similarities in cultivation?’ Han Li stared at the middle-aged cultivator and his mind began to ponder as he examined the fierce looking man.

At that moment, black Qi suddenly wrapped around the middle-aged cultivator’s body and he slowly rose into the air. He swept his eyes across the ground and said, “I am the Ghost Spirit Sect’s Wang Tiansheng, the Ghost Spirit Sect’s master. I won’t speak any nonsense. The path to enter Devilfall Valley has already been established. With the spatial tears already shrunken and stabilized, we can now enter the valley. Our sect’s many spell formation masters have thought long and hard as to how to create a particular transportation formation that allows us to easily enter the valley.  

“However, this transportation is somewhat unusual. It requires the use of a metal-attribute high-grade spirit stone in order to activate. It is only with great generosity and a heavy heart that we were able to bring out such a spirit stone, but as a result, there is a limit to the number of people that we can bring. So long as you possess a Devilfall Medallion, you will be allowed to use the spell formation to enter the valley, regardless of your affiliation. I hope Fellow Daoists won’t blame me.”

“There are other matters that I must first make clear. This is a one-way transportation formation. Because the teleportation location isn’t set, there is a very small possibility of teleporting people into a spatial tear. If this occurs, then we can only say that your luck wasn’t enough and we cannot take the blame. After all, the transportation method isn’t fully researched and was something produced in a rush so there is a certain amount of danger. Those that are unwilling to brave the danger shouldn’t use my sect’s transportation formation.” With that said, the middle-aged cultivator boldly folded his arms and immediately added, “If you do not have a Devilfall Medallion, don’t think you can sneak in. When everyone with a medallion is teleported, the spell formation will be destroyed.”

Although those words weren’t spoken loudly, they were clearly heard by everyone in the valley’s entrance. For a time, cultivators began to whisper or use voice transmissions to discuss the matter. 

A young voice suddenly spoke from within the forest with a puzzled tone, “Since we are using the transportation formation to enter, how will we get out? Will your esteemed sect be placing down another spell formation inside?”

As soon as this was asked, many nodded in agreement. As for Han Li, he coldly smiled upon hearing this question.

Wang Tiansheng emotionlessly replied, “There is no need for this Fellow Daoist to worry. From what I know, Devilfall Valley has many ancient restrictions that may prevent you from entering the valley, but there should be little resistance in preventing you from leaving. There may even be ancient transportation formations that are intact inside the valley. If so, it should be a simple matter to use them to leave.”