Chapter 183 - Harmonic Spiritual Talisman

Chapter 183 Harmonic Spiritual Talisman.

Chapter 183: Harmonic Spiritual Talisman

Han Li tasted some bitterness from his mouth. He did not think that as greatly careful and tremendously cautious as he was, he would still be ambushed. Furthermore, it was one of the worst possible circumstances, between two people!

Currently, he was in a zone called the “Skyline”. Its environment was extremely dangerous. If one did not use flying magic tools, the entire region only had a narrow small path that led to the central area.

Lining the two sides of the small path were incomparably steep cliffs. Although Han Li was not weak in the light body martial arts of the mortal world, he would not dare to rashly climb them!

As for flying directly over with flying magic tools, the idea was even more absurd. It would be a suicidal action, openly allowing others to launch an attack. Why even think of it!? None of the sects’ disciples would ever perform such folly! Furthermore, the bitter experiences of his predecessors taught him that flying was an absolutely prohibited action in the forbidden area, else one would leave a corpse.

When Han Li entered the vicinity, he hesitated for quite a while. However, he ultimately didn’t dare to take the shortcut by flying over the mountain peak. As a result, he was forced to openly follow the small road on foot.  

Naturally, Han Li was completely wary of the dangers in this area. On the entire way, his nerves were tightly strung. But even so, just when he had walked through the path opening, his path was blocked from the front and back by two people without even the slightest warning.

When Han Li saw the bearded man’s fierce expression, he knew that to talk arrogantly at this moment was of no use at all! First he slapped the defensive Water Barrier Talisman on his body, and then he brought out the Flying Dark-Iron Shield. Additionally, he took out the magic tool “Gold Beetle Swarm Blades” and his few elementary high-grade “Earth Prison Technique” talismans.

The fully bearded man and the person behind him looked at Han Li’s actions with cold eyes without the slightest intention of stopping or attacking him. It seemed the two were completely confident; they felt entirely certain that they could handle Han Li and appeared calm.

This was no surprise! The person behind him was already at the peak of the twelfth layer. Not to mention the fully bearded man had already cultivated to the thirteenth layer. Facing an eleventh layer fledgeling such as Han Li, they naturally felt that it would be a trivial matter!

When Han Li saw this, he licked his dry lips and inwardly sneered to himself. Since his opponents were so negligent, he would naturally exploit this opportunity.

Thus, remaining completely calm, Han Li faced his body to the side so that his enemies were to his right and left, as if they were horns, to avoid being attacked in the back. As expected, these two did not take the opportunity to attack jointly.

These were the strongest enemies he had ever faced since he entered the world of cultivation. Even so, Han Li wasn’t fearful of them in the least.  

Although he did his utmost to avoid fighting with others, it wasn’t because he had no confidence in himself. Even though Han Li’s magic power was greatly lacking and would be a disadvantage in a battle of attrition, the top quality magic tools and the treasure talisman he possessed were enough to make up for this deficiency.

Furthermore, if it truly did not work out, he could take out the “Heaven’s Lightning Child” and eliminate a person. Was that not an easy matter?

But whether or not he was willing to use it was an entirely different matter.

However, Han Li had a bit of doubt. Why would the fully bearded man and the Heavenly Imperial Fortress disciple not fight one another and instead team up? If they were disciples from the same sect, it would be an ordinary matter. However, these two were obviously not from the same sect!

“Boy, your courage isn’t small! Outside the forbidden area, you actually dared to mock me and exchange flirting glances with that sl*t. Now I will take your life as an apology!” The fully bearded man said fiendishly.  

Then he turned to the Heavenly Imperial Fortress disciple and said, “Brother Yan, I have a grudge against this fellow. Hand this person over to me. I want to treat him properly and let him know that you can’t be so reckless in the cultivation world! Before you offend someone in your next life, first remember this before you speak!”  

When the Heavenly Imperial Fortress disciple heard this, he shrugged his shoulders without care and said, “Do as you like. I’ll just stand to the side. However, don’t be like last time and throw him off the edge! Otherwise, you’ll owe me a life-saving favor!”

“Haha, that time was a complete accident! This time I’m handling a fledgeling. If I use half my strength, I’ll have enough to spare!” The fully bearded man’s face was red, but soon after he slanted his mouth and said this with disdain.

“Ke, you should do your best! I truly don’t wish for there to be a day I hear of your death. After all, we’ve been good friends for many years. To find a person of agreeable temperament is truly difficult!”

The Heavenly Imperial Fortress disciple shook his head. It seemed the fully bearded man’s arrogance gave him great headaches, but he did not believe that the opponent before him posed any threat to his old friend. Besides, he was attentively watching from the side!

At the side, Han Li did not shut out the two’s dialog and heard it clearly. From the words he heard, the doubts in his heart were cleared.

Unexpectedly, these two were originally friends. Furthermore, their relationship was rather good.

This was rather troublesome! These two were certain to coordinate together against enemies far better than common temporary alliances. Hearing their words, it seemed they had cooperated on more than one occasion!

Han Li couldn’t help but feel greatly depressed!

‘It seems I can only use the Lightning Child. But first, it’s important that I dispose of one of them. Then I will be able to handle the remaining one much more easily! However, this is too strange! Originally, each sect’s disciples were randomly transported. How could they happen be transported to the same area and happen to meet? This is truly incredible!’ Han Li hatefully thought. He felt greatly indignant toward their luck.

Han Li did not know that the Heavenly Imperial Fortress disciple had also joyfully thought this in his heart.

When this person saw the fully bearded man walk toward Han Li, his mind couldn’t help but think that he was able to meet his good friend due to the great work of the “Harmonic Spiritual Talisman”.

‘High-grade Harmonic Spiritual Talisman, this item is truly useful. So long as we enter the forbidden area during the same moment and use the talisman at the same time, our Spiritual Qi will temporarily bind together, and the restriction formation will transport us to the same area. Although I heard the odds of success is fifty percent, the price of the talisman was exceptionally more expensive than ordinary elementary high-grade talismans. But in the end, we were able to wait in that location and successfully ambush several disciples who passed through. It was a great harvest!’

‘Besides, I, Yan, am not foolish! Spending such a large price to brave the strange dangers of the forbidden area, was it not in order to openly kill and plunder the many individuals who were covetously gazing at those spiritual medicines? There will be great harvests without any repercussions. This one is convinced that so long as us two join hands and don’t come across those fierce experts, our objective will be easily and effortlessly accomplished. Then, when it is near the end, we will pull back and find a place to hide. We’ll stay there until it’s time and safely leave! This is truly a flawless plan. Only I could have thought of it!’ The Heavenly Imperial Fortress disciple thought of his future prospects after he left and could not help but think beautiful narcissistic thoughts. His mind naturally did not think of the great battle that was about to occur.

At this moment the fully bearded man took out a green leather pouch and sent Han Li an evil grin as he approached. It seemed he wanted to dispose of him.

However, it was unknown if it was because of his good friend’s warning, but he used a talisman halfway,. He became covered in a green-colored light barrier that increased his defense.

Seeing these circumstances, Han Li wrinkled his brow. He had a bit of a headache!

He was originally going to act fearful of the Spirit Beast Mountain disciple’s actions and prepare to make use of this person’s negligence, getting rid of this person first. But now that his opponent released a defensive magic technique, this was no longer something he could do in a short amount of time.

Naturally, if he used “Heaven’s Lightning Child”, this person wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he had other methods. However, this was a one time use consumable. If it wasn’t a crucial moment of life or death, Han Li would not use it!

Since using it was out of the question, Han Li naturally planned to attack the the Heavenly Imperial Fortress disciple instead.

He saw that the person had both hands behind his back with his head raised to the sky. He was currently pondering about something, not taking note of anything happening at all. Han Li was exalted; he knew there was an opportunity to exploit!

Without taking the time to think, he used the “Earth Prison Technique” talisman in his hand, throwing it toward the fully bearded man.

As a result, the talisman turned into a stream of yellow light in midair, fiercely shooting toward his opponent. It actually covered the barrier of the fully bearded man’s defensive magic technique. It took the shape of a larger yellow barrier and firmly trapped him within, not allowing him to move an inch forward.