Chapter 174 - Martial Ancestor Li

Chapter 174 Martial Ancestor Li.

Chapter 174: Martial Ancestor Li

After they heard Sect Master Zhong Lingdao’s encouragements, two honored disciples entered the halls with trays in their hands.

One of the trays had a gold-threaded storage pouch. The other tray had a small pile of multicolored mid-grade spirit stones. It seemed it was time to fulfill what was previously agreed. This could be considered the encouragement to fight! Han Li thought this slightly maliciously.

The mid-grade spirit stones were basically free for everyone to choose. Han Li already had an earth attribute and a fire attribute mid-grade spirit stone, so he picked a blue, water attribute spirit stone. Nobody fought him over this.

However, when spiritual tools were extracted from the storage pouch, the disciples gave cautious glances.

This storage pouch was unlike common storage pouches. It only required spiritual sense to store items instead of spiritual power. In addition, any spiritual power that was injected could later be absorbed by the items stored within. This bag also interrupted a cultivator’s spiritual sense inspection. So long as one extended their hand, they would be able to take out any stored spiritual tool. As for what item they would take out in the end, it would be hard to say. They could only determine it with the feel of their hand.

This storage pouch was specialized to extract spiritual tools and had been refined precisely for this purpose. Otherwise its practicality couldn’t be compared to that of common storage pouches, of which case who would use it!?

Although it was completely filled with high-quality magic tools, defensive magic tools were rarer than offensive magic tools. Furthermore, as high-quality defensive and offensive magic tools, their characteristics were greatly different.

If one could take out a suitable magic tool, their odds of surviving the Trial by Blood and Fire were sure to slightly increase. For those disciples lacking magic tools, they would be even more meticulous.

However, Han Li did not care.

On his previous trip to the city market, he swept clean the entire treasure collection that the Ten Thousand Treasures Store had accumulated for many years and was able to obtain two magic tools of the finest quality. Not to mention the Azure Flood Dragon Banner as well as other high-quality magic tools he acquired afterwards.

To receive just another high-quality magic tool did not excite him.

When it was Han Li’s turn to step forward, most of the people had already drawn a magic tool from the bag. As for what magic tool they drew, they naturally did not say and did not take them out for others to see.

Han Li extended his hand toward the pouch and randomly made a blind grab, acquiring a peculiar-looking object. His heart grew excited, and he instantly put it into his storage pouch while taking a stealthy glance. After moment of slight distraction, he immediately put it away.

At this moment, the person behind him already impatiently moved forward. When Han Li saw this, he tactfully left and returned to the place where he originally stood.

With the magic tool selection concluded, a few people came in from outside the hall. They were the many stewards Han Li saw when he first entered the sect. Martial Uncle Wang and that Old Man Ye whom Han Li truly despised were included among them.

These people all had an unusual expression. They all respectfully escorted a square-faced old man at their center. There wasn’t even a single person who dared to whisper to one another.

The old man appeared fifty to sixty years old with his hair somewhat gray. However, he had a healthy red face and a spirited complexion with a pair of naturally imposing tiger eyes. With a single look, one could tell that this person was of a resolute disposition.

After his gaze swept past the disciples, Han Li immediately felt that his five viscera and six bowels had been clearly seen by this person, causing him to be overwhelmed with amazement.

The moment Great Sect Master Zhong saw this man walk in, he hastily welcomed him as “Martial Uncle Li” with a faint trace of flattery. Seeing this, the disciples were greatly stunned.

However, the other stewards’ expressions were as usual. Not only did they lack any contempt but they also showed great envy when they saw this elder respond to Zhong Lingdao with a few words. It seemed that to have this elder respond to the words “Martial Uncle” was a seldom held honor.

As Han Li and the other unknowing young disciples were astonished at the sight before them, Sect Master Zhang introduced this elder to the crowd of disciples. The name of this “Martial Uncle Li” was a name Han Li and company had long heard of. He was one of the Core Formation Martial Ancestors that they had never seen, Martial Ancestor Li.

This trip to the forbidden area would be led by Martial Ancestor Li along with a squad of stewards, including Martial Uncle Wang.

After Sect Master Zhong’s introduction, Martial Ancestor Li very clearly and concisely said the two words “Set off”, concluding Han Li’s and the other juniors’ first encounter with him. Then he took the lead, departing from the hall.

Han Li and company were completely dumbfounded. However, they hurriedly followed closely at the stewards’ urging.

As the disciples left the hall, they inhaled a breath of cold air.

Just as they left the hall, they saw a huge brilliant silver monster over twenty Zhang long, suspended in midair. Its enormous body produced an oppressive grandeur, bringing about a feeling of suffocation. That Martial Ancestor Li was standing on top of the head of the monster and watching them with indifference.

Han Li rubbed his eyes and then carefully looked several times as his heart continued to jump. What he clearly saw was unexpectedly a seldom seen Silver Python. However, this python was truly extraordinary. Its head had an additional jet-black horn, causing it to appear ever more terrifying and malevolent.

“This is the strength of a Core Formation Expert. He’s even able to cause this demonic beast to yield and follow his orders as he pleases. This is far too incredible!” Han Li was completely convinced by this Martial Ancestor’s method.

If he were to reach Core Formation, then he would also hold such great magic power. Han Li felt all the blood in his body flow backwards from excitement.

Before he saw Martial Ancestor Li, Han Li felt that his vague and muddled path of cultivation was not clear.

But after this moment of shock, the might of this Martial Ancestor’s profoundly amazing magic gave him a clear figure to pursue on the path of cultivation, greatly securing his confidence to cultivate the path of immortality.

“Everyone, come up and stand well-behaved! My Horned Silver Python’s flight speed is far faster than your magic tools. It will only require two days to reach the destination!”

It was as if Martial Ancestor Li did not see the chaotic circumstances below him. After he lightly stroked the Silver Python’s huge horn, he gave this instruction with a tranquil expression.

Like that, Han Li and company stood on the python with fear and trepidation and rushed through their journey for two days and two nights. Eventually they arrived at some nameless desert mountain.

This Martial Ancestor truly did not speak falsely. The speed of this monster’s flight was truly astonishing, far greater than what the disciple’s flying tools were capable of. It was only natural, as none of them had a good flying tool.

When they arrived, the crowd of disciples received a few bits of information from the stewards. This was where the sects agreed to assemble. The Seven Great Sects would assemble there and set off together to the forbidden area since the power of a sole sect or clan was not enough to enter the forbidden area.

The appointed time was tomorrow morning. However, because the forbidden area was within the borders of the Jing Province, Yellow Maple Valley was considered to be half a host. As a result, the sect arrived a day earlier and would wait for the other sects at this mountain.

Right now, the crowd of disciples could freely move. Tomorrow, they would have to meet together and move in an orderly fashion.

Since the stewards have said as such, Han Li and the others naturally dispersed. They went about the mountain doing their own things, making a few final preparations on the eve of a great battle.

Thus, among the twenty-plus yellow-clothed disciples, there were those who sat cross-legged and honed their spirit, and others who took out their magic tools and continuously wiped them clean. There were also those who were blankly lost in thought with an appearance of deep worry.

But there were even several people who chatted as usual, filled with ease. They were completely relaxed, as if they were on a sightseeing trip. Han Li paid particular attention to these few people.

At this moment, Han Li heard the sounds of footsteps behind him, and he slightly wrinkled his brow. In order to remain inconspicuous, he deliberately chose to sit alone at an unremarkable corner. Why would someone come here?

“Junior Martial Brother Han! My humble self named Xiang salutes you! I wish to speak to Junior Martial Disciple about tomorrow’s early trip to the forbidden area! This concerns Junior Martial Brother’s life or death. Could we have a chat?”

The aged but smooth voice caused Han Li’s brows to became even more tense.

Although Han Li had not yet seen the voice’s owner, Han Li could already tell that this man was crafty and could be considered untrustworthy. He immediately assumed that trouble had come to find him!

However, Han Li understood that it would be better to offend a gentleman than to offend a villain. Although he was completely unwilling, he reluctantly turned around and saw two people behind him, one old and one short.