Chapter 170 - Spoils of the Battle

Chapter 170 Spoils of the Battle.

Chapter 170: Spoils of the Battle

Han Li raised his hand and beckoned to the sky. That huge sword immediately turned its point and flew back. When it was in front of Han Li, it returned to its original talisman form and fell toward his hand like a light feather.

Just as Han Li reached out his hand to the treasure talisman, Zila, it turned to flames. A short moment later, it turned into a pile of ash and disappeared with the mountain wind.

Seeing this, Han Li stood there, expressionless. A moment later, he bitterly smiled.

This “treasure talisman” could be considered utter scrap. Even at the start of the fight, it no longer had much power remaining. Too much time had passed in the close struggle, eventually consuming all of its power. This caused Han Li, who deeply knew of its value, to feel great heartache, but he could do nothing about it.

After all, being able to kill a formidable enemy such as Senior Martial Brother Lu did not come without cost! Regardless, the opponent’s Azure Flood Dragon Banner was actually quite an impressive loot. It was sufficient enough to make up for the loss of this treasure talisman. Not to mention the two Foundation Establishment Pills he had yet to plunder!

With this thought, Han Li could not help but burst with joy, feeling that this fierce battle had actually been worth something.

If he could take these pills and succeed in reaching Foundation Establishment, he wouldn’t need to participate in braving the strange and dangerous “Trial of Blood and Fire”. After all, the number of cultivations as strong as “Senior Martial Brother Lu” was sure to be substantial! He feared there would be even quite a few cultivators who were even more troublesome.

A moment later, Han Li was absorbing a spirit stone in his hand. After he recovered his magic power to some degree, he stood up, wanting to pick up the Azure Flood Dragon Banner not far away from him.

Just as Han Li straightened his back, an acute stab of pain came from his Dantian, making it feel as if countless steel needles were suddenly stabbing into it. Han Li doubled over from the pain. His complexion was incomparably pale as he grimaced in pain.

Han Li was motionless. After the time it took to brew a cup of tea, he took a deep breath and felt the pain slightly weaken.

Han Li’s expression was somewhat gloomy; the corner of his mouth twitched several times.

As for why this was happening, he was well aware. The reason was the great amount of aged medicine herbs he had swallowed a moment ago. Although he was able to promptly absorb some of the herbs’ spiritual power, much of it gathered at his Dantian as foreign rejection. Mixed among this were many unclear medical impurities. If he didn’t purify them in time, they were certain to cause no end of trouble.

Although Han Li fully knew that swallowing the spiritual herbs was undesirable and certain to harm himself, he had done so to preserve his life. He had no better option but to take the risk and try. Sure enough, this method of forcefully absorbing Spiritual Qi had been of great help during the prolonged battle.

However, just devouring medicine herbs was not enough to allow Han Li to persevere to the end. Apart from replenishing his spiritual power with the mid-grade spiritual stone to defeat the opponent, there was another crucial point contributing to his victory: the cancellation of his defensive magic technique, the “Water Barrier Technique”.

In the previous two years that he spent studying and practicing basic magic techniques, Han Li unexpectedly learned from Wu Feng that a majority of the low-level disciples had a misunderstanding over the use of talismans: they believed that apart from the spiritual power they used to activate the talisman, talismans did not further consume any of the user’s power.

In reality, the moment the talisman was activated, it continued to use a sliver of magic power from its connection to its user, allowing the user to conveniently control the magic technique. If the magic technique did not disappear, the user would continue to be drained of magic power to preserve the spiritual connection.

Because Qi Condensation disciples were unable to see or interact with these sorts of spiritual threads, in addition to the minuscule amount of magic power used in the short term, a majority of the disciples overlooked this, resulting in false understandings.

Although there were several disciples who knew the truth, they felt that this matter was insignificant. As a result, this information was not actively spread among low-level disciples. Wu Feng was one of those few who knew. When he told Han Li this during a casual chat, Han Li deliberately kept it in mind. After several personal tests later, he verified it to be true.

As a result, in the middle of that fierce battle of attrition, Han Li remembered this and decisively revoked his defensive magic technique, saving quite a bit of magic power. Although it seemed to be a negligent amount at first, the magic power it would consume was not insignificant after a long period of time.

Like that, Han Li relied on this bit of preserved magic power to persevere a bit longer against the opponent. Had he not relied on those two advantages, he might’ve not been the one who lasted longer .

Thus, Han Li undoubtedly felt that this victory had been exceedingly dangerous to have exhausted all of his means simply to save his life. The opponent’s strength was truly greater than his own!

However, regardless of how the story was told, the one left alive was him.

After Han Li felt this pain slightly lessen, he forced himself to stand and started to slowly move, eventually reaching where the Azure Flood Dragon Banner had fallen down. He forced himself to to pick up the magic tool and delightfully examined it before finally putting it away in his storage pouch.

Then, he walked over to “Senior Martial Brother Lu’s” corpse. After he looked at the extremely bloody scene with slight disgust, he waddled around to look for loot.

His storage pouch was easily found on the upper half of the corpse.

Han Li impolitely took out the items from the storage pouch and emptied them all out. Soon enough, he saw the case and bottle containing the Foundation Establishment Pills.

Feeling elated, he could not help but look at these items. He hastily lowered his body to pick up the case and bottle. Then he opened them, finding a lustrous blue medicine pill in each container. Although the scent was somewhat pungent, the pills contained formidable spiritual power.

Han Li wore a strong smile on his face. He was immediately certain that the Foundation Establishment Pills were genuine. Even so, he currently had no mind to look through the other goods. After all, this place was where a battle had just occurred. He did not stay there for long and hurried to slip away.

Han Li swiftly put away the items and carefully concealed Senior Martial Brother Lu’s storage pouch. He felt a bit of relief and could not help but straighten out and stretch his body.

At this moment, he heard the sound of wind behind him, as if something was charging over. Han Li was startled and immediately thought to escape, but he suddenly felt a violent burst of pain from his Dantian, causing his body to suddenly become sluggish. Then a fragrant, smooth woman’s body energetically embraced him from behind.

Han Li was stunned and struggled to get free. However because of the stabbing pain from his Dantian and the fact that his limbs were lacking strength from having just fought, he could not free himself.

Under these circumstances, although Han Li already faintly guessed the identity of the person behind him, he could not help but glance behind him. But just as he turned his head halfway, a beautiful and gentle face was already intimately pressed up against him and was incessantly using her sweet lips to madly kiss Han Li. As expected, it was “Junior Martial Sister Chen” who originally could not move a single step.

It turned out that this Junior Martial Sister Chen previously couldn’t move because of the Wind Binding Technique. However, Han Li and Senior Martial Brother Lu’s battle didn’t reach her location, so she was able to entirely avoid the battle while lying down. After the fight, she actually hadn’t the slightest injury.

Before the battle started, the effects of the Joyful Meeting Pill had already flared out, causing “Junior Martial Sister Chen” to be delirious with a burning passion. Her eyes were filled with delusion, completely wanting to join together with another person. However, she was bound by a magic technique and was unable to budge in the slightest, still appearing quite innocent. But deep in her heart, she was tormented by greater and greater lustful desires.    

A moment ago, the Wind Binding Technique’s effects expired and “Junior Martial Sister Chen”, who had just obtained her freedom, was brimming with the excitement of lust. Thus she instantly charged toward the sole male nearby, Han Li, and tensely embraced him. From above, this appeared to be an extremely romantic scene.

However, Han Li was a genuine virgin. After the frenzy of kisses from Junior Martial Sister Chen, Han Li felt his mind shake as a peculiar feeling surged forth. Since Han Li had never flaunted himself as a gentleman of honor, Han Li did not feel it beneath him to experience having this woman in his lap. As a result, the passionate Han Li with no trace of politeness reached out from behind him and embraced Junior Martial Sister Chen.   

Feeling Han Li’s response, “Junior Martial Sister Chen” felt even more unbearable. Although she never experienced the affair between males and females, her natural carnal instincts still caused her to begin to tear away at Han Li’s clothes.

Junior Martial Sister Chen’s actions caused the infatuated Han Li to sober up. He didn’t dare to tangle with fire once more and hastily felt for a Soul-Lock Talisman with his right hand. Then, with some difficulty, he aroused the few strands of magic power he had just recovered and used the Soul-Lock Technique to restrain Junior Martial Sister Chen.

Afterwards, he softly struggled to free himself of Junior Martial Sister Chen’s alluring bosom and gently placed the woman on the ground.