Chapter 152 - Two Years Later

Chapter 152 Two Years Later.

Chapter 152: Two Years Later

This was the first time Han Li had seen mid-grade spirit stones. One was a fire attribute spirit stone with a sparkling red light. Another was a dark-yellow earth attribute spirit stone. These were the most commonly seen mid-grade spirit stones.

They looked to be entirely different from the faint attributes of those low-grade spirit stones. It wasn’t their luster that was different, but rather that their spiritual ripples were much stronger. It was impossible for one to be mistaken as low-grade.

In addition, those three magic tools were quite good. Naturally, the goods refined by a Foundation Establishment expert did not lose to the low quality goods Han Li had seen at the Great South Meeting.  Indeed, they were far more powerful.

One of them seemed to be a ring made of fine steel. When casting it, it would automatically fly out and bind an enemy. Within a certain distance, it could freely change its size. Han Li became interested in it and poured all the magic power in his body into the ring. The ring actually emitted a faint yellow light and expanded to the size of the inside of the cottage, causing Han Li to be speechless.

Another magic tool was a pitch-black pole with a small triangular flag. This magic tool was not simple to use. So long as spiritual power was poured into the flag, with a wave, it would immediately turn into a cloud of black fog, causing the enemy’s spiritual sight to fail and conceal the tracks of the user. It was a great defensive magic tool.

These two magic tools were first-rate goods rarely seen in the outside world. Although this caused Han Li to initially be wild with joy, he still had the final auxiliary-type magic tool. It was a brass bottle that prevented the spiritual power of any object it stored from dissipating

When Han Li held this bottle magic tool, he immediately thought of his problem with preserving the mysterious green liquid.

Ever since Han Li found out about the existence of spiritual power, he had long suspected that the small bottle absorbed and condensed the natural Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth during the night. Previously, he hadn’t any appropriate means to confirm this, so he could only bury these assumptions in the depths of his heart.  

With the appearance of this yellow bottle magic tool, he could finally had a method of confirming is assumptions. As a result, on that evening, he stored the condensed green liquid into the brass bottle to test whether the brass bottle could retain the green liquid.

However, the result left him greatly disappointed.

The brass bottle could only preserve the green liquid for a time, extending its use from its original quarter hour to a full day.  Past this time limit, the green liquid in the bottle would disappear without a trace. It seemed this liquid was not at all so simple as Spiritual Qi condensed from Heavens and Earth. There was certain to be something more complicated mixed within.

After this test, Han Li knew more about his present situation, but he was unable to easily answer this riddle at his current stage stage. Thus, he no longer troubled himself to think of this question and intended to drift with the waves in the future, letting nature take its course. In any case, the present function of this small bottle would give Han Li endless benefits.

Having let go of the matter that was gnawing at his mind, Han Li began to efficiently use the green liquid and produced batches of Yellow Dragon Pellets and Gold Essence Pills. He prepared these medicine pills, which had previously lost much of their effectiveness, while trying to find the recipes of more spiritually potent medicine pills within the valley.

However, Han Li clearly understood that this matter was not urgent.

If a new disciple that had just entered the sect were to go asking about for medicine pill recipes so conspicuously, he would undoubtedly be telling others that he was hiding something! He mustn’t arouse the suspicions of others, thereby bringing about his own misfortune.

As a result, Han Li prepared to take a true, years-long secluded cultivation until he thoroughly understood the inner affairs of the sect. When he was no longer a newcomer to Yellow Maple Valley and no would would pay notice of him, he would reconsider the problem of acquiring recipes.

As for the medicine ingredients Han Li must hand over regularly, he need not worry. With the assistance of the diluted green liquid, how could the medicinal herbs not ripen overnight? This was a completely trivial matter. He had already intended to live in the medicine garden for a long time. Surely that Martial Elder Ma wouldn’t have anything against it.

Thus, every day, Han Li busily attended his regular affairs.

During the day, after he finished looking through the small old man’s notes, he would diligently run towards the cultivation guidance disciple, Wu Feng, and learn quite a few incantations for practical elementary magic techniques.

In addition, Han Li would eat large amounts of those Yellow Dragon Pellets and Gold Essence Pills on a daily basis as if they were sweets. According to Han Li’s thoughts, since quality is out of the question, he would have to offset this by relying on quantity! If these medicinal pills were like little drops creating an ocean, there would be results.

Like that, time passed by! Unwittingly, Han Li became a member of one of the Seven Great Cultivator Sects, Yellow Maple Valley, and remained there for two years.

Within these two years, many things had happened. The sect’s ten-year recruitment period began not long after Han Li’s secluded cultivation. From noteworthy cultivator clans if all sizes, over a thousand youths with acceptable spiritual roots entered the Yellow Maple Valley Sect. There were even two siblings among them that both possessed mutated spiritual roots. In addition these mutated spiritual roots were thunder spiritual roots, which were widely known for their destructive power.

When these two brothers appeared, they greatly attracted the attention of the valley’s upper echelon. Even a Core Formation expert who had long secluded himself made an exception to leave and observe their bones. He publically declared that so long as these two were capable of reached Foundation Establishment, he would stop his seclusion to personally instruct these two brothers.

When this was stated, their fellow martial brothers were greatly envious. However, aside from those two, there were also several other disciples who were geniuses with rare aptitudes.

For example, a youth from a small clan surnamed Li had unexpectedly reached the peak of the ninth layer in his foundation cultivation technique at the age of twelve without having previously taking any medicine pills. It could be said he improved surprisingly fast. He wasn’t at all inferior to those who possessed mutated spiritual roots.

A different, eight year-old boy surnamed Wang was even more extreme.  Not only was he a direct descendant of the great Wang Clan, his innate “Profound Yin Eyes” could actually cultivate the long lost “Eyes Imposing Deity’s Light”. It could restrain all ghosts and phantoms in the entire world.

Of course, apart from those two, there were also several other outstanding talents that were far greater than ordinary disciples. With the recruitment of these top disciples, it could be considered a grand harvest, causing Sect Master Zhong to be unable to conceal his happiness for several days. Many individuals believed that the sect had caught the Heavens’ attention and was being placed above the other sects!

However when others came to the valley, they found that the strongest of the Seven Great Sects, the “Masked Moon Sect” had actually received a young woman with heavenly spiritual roots. This caused the recently proud Great Sect Master Zhong to become speechless for half a day.

However, regardless of what was said, this batch of newly accepted disciples attracted the attention of many within the sect. The low-level disciples who had been accepted slightly earlier talked about their talented Martial Juniors every day. When their foundation cultivation technique improved, who knew what they were capable of!

Thus, underneath these many dazzling rays of light, Han Li, who entered the sect with the Writ of Immortal Ascension,  was thoroughly forgotten by Sect Master Zhong and all the other stewards.

Having also spent his entire day running around the medicine garden without going out of his way to see others, a pitifully few amount of disciples recognized him. Perhaps only that cultivation guidance disciple Wu Feng and the Hundred Opportunities Hall’s Honored Disciple Yu occasionally remembered Han Li. After all, those two met him when he asked for guidance toward cultivation techniques or when he received spirit stones each month.

Regardless of how others regarded him, Han Li was currently very satisfied with cultivating in half seclusion. In addition, the small old man who collected medicine ingredients every several months was very pleased! After all, Han Li was able to hand over the required goods on time. Where else could he find a garden caretaker that wouldn’t fall behind on his payments?

Thus, in order to hold onto this genius garden caretaker Han Li, the old man gave greater and greater spirit stone rewards. From the original two low-grade spirit stones, he eventually rose to a monthly five spirit stones, causing Han Li to become a large earner among low-level disciples. It should be known that the average income of ordinary disciples was only three spirit stones per month. This further greatened Han Li’s impression of Martial Senior Ma.

As for that reneging Great Hall Master Ye, who embezzled more than half of his goods, rumors had it that the grandnephew whom he put his hopes into was not able to achieve Foundation Establishment after taking the Foundation Establishment Pill. His grandnephew helplessly stayed at the peak of Qi Condensation, greatly vexing him. When Han Li heard of this, he inwardly laughed and immediately felt his mood improve considerably.

Furthermore, after pushing down countless medicine pills, Han Li’s Eternal Spring Arts tenaciously broke through two layers in succession, finally entering the eleventh layer and causing him to obtain a medium rank among low-level disciples in the valley. Also, the Yellow Dragon Pellet and Gold Essence Pill had completely lost their effectiveness. Although he consumed many of them, there were no more results!  

With this, Han Li had no choice but to advance his plan and find other medicine pills.

Fortunately at this moment, there wasn’t anybody in the valley that was interested in a nobody like him. So long as he was a bit careful, his actions would not attract attention.