Chapter 145 - TheUnexpected Guest

Chapter 145 The Unexpected Guest.

Chapter 145: The Unexpected Guest

“That’s right! Senior Martial Brother Wu truly has a good idea!” The old man surnamed Ye’s two eyes shined with excitement.

Then he turned his head to Zhong Lingdao and expectantly requested, “Sect Master, could I see the owner of the Writ of Immortal Ascension? I wish to do business with him and exchange something for his voluntary renouncement of the Foundation Establishment Pill!”

When Zhong Lingdao heard this, he muttered to himself hesitantly before nodding. However, he reminded the old man that he mustn’t overstep his boundaries and force the transaction before letting Junior Martial Brother Wang see the uninvited guest.

The old man and Junior Martial Brother Wang exited the main hall. After stepping on a leaf-shaped magic tool, they immediately soared into the sky toward Yellow Maple Valley’s guest-welcoming building.

In a room of the Yellow Maple Valley’s guest-welcoming building, a youth was lying on a bed, looking at the roof while lost in thought. He was precisely Han Li who followed them to Yellow Maple Valley after the Great Immortal Ascension Assembly’s conclusion.

After Han Li had killed the two cultivators who ambushed him, with no further external encounters, he hurried to some hidden mountain peak in the Lan Province to participate in the Great Immortal Ascension Assembly that was soon to convene and compare what he saw with the desperately fought tournaments described by Hu Pinggu.

After the life-and-death contests, with each stage having a final victor, the Seven Great Sects’ representatives finally emerged. Yellow Maple Valley’s representative was that Junior Martial Brother Wang.

After having seen Yellow Maple Valley’s representative and taking a moment of careful deliberation, he still resolved himself to take the risk and hand over the Writ of Immortal Ascension for this man to see, causing the representative to be startled.

The representative immediately stated that he could bring Han Li back to the sect. As for the specifics towards him and the Writ of Immortal Ascension, it would be the decision of their Sect Master. After all, regaining the Writ of Immortal Ascension was a matter four to five hundred years overdue!   

Han Li was naturally unopposed, otherwise he would have to find Yellow Maple Valley’s mountain entrance by himself. It would be far too exhausting for him.

Like that, the other cultivators looked at Han Li with gazes of amazement. He sat on an immense boat-shaped magic tool with ten victors from the tournament and the representative Junior Martial Brother Wang. When he returned to Yellow Maple Valley, he was brought here to wait for a reply. As for the other ten, they had parted. It was unknown where they had gone.

Han Li waited here for three to four days and did not leave his room. Aside from an eleven to twelve year-old male servant delivering him food every day on schedule, he did not see anyone else.  

It wasn’t that Han Li was actually obedient and sincere, but after that representative surnamed Wang arranged his living conditions and tested his spiritual root attributes, he immediately told him that because he still wasn’t a disciple of Yellow Maple Valley, the room would have a few restrictive techniques. For the time being, he would be unable to leave the room, otherwise he would trigger the restrictive techniques, causing him to be restrained.

Having heard the representative surnamed Wang, Han Li naturally did not bring embarrassment upon himself. In addition, after having become aware that he possessed four attribute false spiritual roots, Han Li mood took a turn for the worse.

Although Han Li already knew that his own cultivation aptitude was rather poor, after hearing it with his own ears, he became sad and dispirited for an entire day. It seemed that if he wished to remain on his path of cultivation, he would have to rely on the external power of medicine pills and such.

However, after he ascended to the ninth layer of the Eternal Spring Arts, he felt the effectiveness of “Yellow Dragon Pellet” and “Golden Essence Pill” greatly lessening. They did not aid him as greatly as before. It seemed he must find several other spiritual medicine recipes and concoct some medicine pills truly fit for a cultivator, else the pace of his cultivation would be delayed.

Just as Han Li was immersed in thought, the sound of footsteps came from outside the door. In addition, it was the sound of not just one person. Han Li roused his spirit. It seemed that after suffering through several days, the information he was waiting for had come.

“Young Friend, have you become accustomed to living here?”

The room’s door softly opened, and the voice of the representative named Wang spoke. This man soon entered the room, followed by a blushing old man.

“Greetings, Immortal Wang!” Han Li immediately jumped from the bed and respectfully greeted him. He was fully aware that nobody would find fault with extra courtesy. Were he to humble his attitude a bit, he would only receive benefit and no detriments.

“This is…?” Han Li glanced at the old man and asked, puzzled.

“This is my Senior Martial Brother, surnamed Ye.” Junior Martial Brother Wang smiled and then explained.

Surnamed Ye? Han Li was startled. Could it be that the matter of having taken the writ after killing Monk Golden Light was revealed? Was it the Ye Clan member who sought him? However, although this old man’s complexion wasn’t too good, he did not have the appearance of great anger. It seemed he had some other mysterious reason. Han Li felt apprehensive, though this was not expressed in the slightest on his face. With the same respectful tone, he said, “So it was Immortal Ye!”

The old man sized up Han Li once through. How could Han Li look and feel so terribly ordinary? There wasn’t anything the slightest bit out of the ordinary. He couldn’t help but feel uncertain toward his purpose coming here.

As a result, after he heard Han Li’s greeting, he put on a gracious face and smiled, saying, “Hehe! Young Friend Han need not be overly courteous. Since Young Friend Han arrived to our Yellow Maple Valley holding the Writ of Immortal Ascension, Young Friend is already a sect disciple. Calling me Martial Uncle Ye will suffice; you need not regard yourself as an outsider!”

After Han Li heard the old man’s words, his heart greatly lightened. However, his mind was still somewhat unconvinced.

Since the other party had spoken so politely, it seems he did not have a vendetta against him. Though, wasn’t this level of politely a bit too excessive? How could he be said to not be an outsider! Han Li was at a loss.

“Young Friend Han, Senior Martial Brother Ye did not speak wrongly! The current Sect Master had already agreed to allow Young Friend to become a sect disciple. In addition, a Foundation Establishment Pill has been prepared for Young Friend!” Junior Martial Brother Wang said with a light smile.

“Truly?” When the always steady and calm Han Li heard those words, he could not help but grow excited. He wished he could dance for joy and vent his feelings.

Seeing Han Li act in such a manner, Junior Martial Brother Wang smiled. He did not feel very surprised; it seemed he had already predicted Han Li’s reaction!

“Junior Martial Brother Wang, I wish to speak with Martial Nephew Han alone. Could you withdraw for a moment?” The old man had grown somewhat impatient and finally spoke what he wanted to ever since he entered the room.

“Of course, this Junior Martial Brother will return to sect master first. After Senior Martial Brother and Martial Nephew Han finish speaking, come back together!” Junior Martial Brother Wang inwardly sighed. After giving Han Li a faint glance, he left the room.

At this moment, the only two remaining in the room were  old man Ye and Han Li.

Han Li was stunned at what had happened before him. How could this one surnamed Wang just walk away after being told? The one left along with him, the fellow calling himself Martial Uncle, what matter does he have to speak with him! Although he didn’t know what this Senior Martial Brother Ye was up to, Han Li had a faintly bad premonition.

The old man saw that Han Li was uneasy, but he didn’t care in the slightest. He was convinced the things he could put forward were certain to cause this youth inexperienced with the world to widely open his eyes and smoothly complete the transaction.

“Martial Nephew Han, Martial Uncle is a straightforward person, therefore I will not beat around the bush and openly say it! My business is related to your given Foundation Establishment Pill. I wish to purchase it from Martial Nephew. What does Martial Nephew think about it?” The old man got right to the point.

‘He actually wants to purchase my Foundation Establishment Pill! Did he not mishear? How could he sell it to someone else!’ When Han Li heard this, he was shocked. However soon after, his complexion greatly changed and became unsightly.

“Martial Nephew Han, do not hesitate to be at ease. I will not offer nothing in exchange for Martial Nephew’s Foundation Establishment Pill. Seven or Eight mid-grade spirit stones, a few elementary mid to high grade spiritual talismans, and several kinds of first-rate magic tools. Martial Uncle still can bring out more things. If these truly won’t do, Martial Uncle still has a few magic power progressing medicine pills. Although they are incapable of being compared to a Foundation Establishment Pill, they are spiritual medicines hard to come by even in the sect.” The old man hastily explained after clearly seeing Han Li’s complexion change.

After Han Li heard these words, his complexion was much better. He heard the sincerity in the other party’s words. It seemed this Martial Uncle had no intention of harshly and unreasonably scramble to rob him. Indeed, he truly wished to buy his Foundation Establishment Pill.