Chapter 140 - Determination to Win

Chapter 140 Determination to Win.

Chapter 140: Determination to Win

“You…” The man seemed to be extremely angry. His two hands formed fists, and he advanced a step.

“What? Could it be that you’re thinking of forcing the trade? Those of our Ye Clan aren’t good targets to bully!” The vendor turned his eyes and said without a trace of politeness.

“Humph! The Ye Clan is quite impressive!” Although the dark man did not apologize, he released his fists. He was clearly afraid of retaliation from the Ye Clan.

The man was suppressed by the mere mention of the Ye Clan and was exceptionally angry. He was a tenth layer expert and was accustomed to others speaking highly of him. Currently he had accepted this embarrassment and had planned to brush his sleeve then ago. However, in his heart, he would truly hate to part with this “Returning Winds Alms Bowl” as this magic tool was well-suited with his cultivation art. If he were able to acquire it, his strength would increase greatly. However as of current, apart from the destroyed magic treasure fragment, his other possessions were quite useful, and his spirit stones had been used up over the past several days, leaving him in his current predicament.

“Brother, sell your treasure fragment to me, I will give ten spirit stones.” A grey-clothed man that was watching emerged from the crowd. He sincerely said, cupping his fist in front of the man.

“I won’t sell it! If you want to buy it, then give me thirty spirit stones.” The dark man shook his head as if he were beating a drum with it. That price was fundamentally unacceptable.

Sigh. Your esteemed self’s destroyed magic treasure fragment, if it were only a slightly great price, then it would be worth it. Unfortunately, it is truly too small. The amount of goods it can conceal is too few!” The grey-clothed man, having been rejected by the man, exposed an expression of regret and returned into the crowd without further negotiation.

“Would you sell it for twelve spirit stones?”



Cultivators from all directions were looking at the destroyed magic treasure fragment with great interest. Even if they couldn’t use this item, they could slowly study it! Who knows what they would be able to achieve enlightenment in!

Like that, the price rose to twenty after a moment,bidded by a naive-looking, round-faced youth.

In face of such a high price, others no longer spoke out. They all felt this price was quite high. If the were to grow any higher, it would be far too damaging! After all, to these low level cultivators, having ten spirit stones would be regarded as quite well-off. In addition, the man from a moment ago was most likely the disciple of a clan. Only they could possibly be that rich!

“Twenty?” The dark man’s expression changed. The bid had reached his minimum! If he were to pair it with a few other objects, he would be able to exchange with the vendor for the “Returning Wind Alms Bowl.”

“You want to pay twenty spirit stones?” The man amiably said toward the round-faced youth.

Although nobody knew why, after a moment, the youth’s face was red. Then after another moment, his face turned white, and he became extremely frantic.

“I…. don’t…. have that many spirit stones!” After the round-faced youth stammered these words with frustration and unease, the surrounding spectators were shocked.

“You don’t! They why did you just yell that? Could it be you said it to deliberately amuse me!” When the dark man heard this, the man’s belly full of anger erupted out from his body, rigidly pressing down onto the youth with formidable grandeur.

“I simply saw everyone shouting out prices for fun! Without thinking, I also opened my mouth! Brother, please forgive me!” The round-faced youth hastily apologized to absolve himself. His brow was beaded with sweat, and soybean-sized sweatdrops tumbled down. He was merely a fifth layer cultivator; how could he resist such spiritual pressure!

“Who just shouted nineteen? I am willing to freely give a spirit stone to allow your esteemed self to purchase this item!” The youth resourcefully yelled at once.  

Unfortunately, those all around were extremely quiet. It seemed that person had already changed their mind!

“How about the brother who shouted eighteen!” When the youth say the dark man’s increasingly scornful face, he nearly wept. He was an insignificant, young cultivator. He only had two spirit stones on him, acquired from a year of bitter labor.

Just as the people thought they were about to see quite a good show, “Wait a moment!”, a relaxed voice suddenly sounded out. A person entered the stage, calling out to the dark man.

“What do you want?” The black man looked at the person with a gloomy face. His temper had already been ground to dust. If this person wanted to have a feud, he wouldn’t mind taking them both out. Although this person was not weak, he was only of the ninth layer!

“This person has taken an interest in this item and desires it!”  That individual pointed at that “cloth” and said with a smile.

The one the dark man had mistaken to be a cultivator looking for a fight was not a bystander, but Han Li.

Originally when Han Li heard this person say that this destroyed magic treasure fragment could turn things invisible and conceal Spiritual Qi, his heart was stirred, and his mind formed a vague opinion.

By the time the dark man had concealed the knife, Han Li’s opinion in his mind grew clear. He became determined to possess this destroyed treasure fragment.

“How much will you purchase for it?” The dark man was surprised, but a moment later, his expression eased as he asked this question.

“This person does not plan to purchase it, but rather use this object to exchange for it.” Han Li calmly took out a talisman from his sleeve, allowing those surrounding the stall to clearly see it.

“A flight talisman!” A few knowledgeable people cried out in alarm!

“It’s an elementary high-grade spiritual talisman!” The other cultivators were awed. After all, elementary high-grade talismans had only appeared five or six times since the beginning of this Great South Meeting. In addition, each and every one of them had been sold at astonishing prices!